Elks Hoop Shoot Results

Date 2013/12/16 10:04:35 | Topic: Sports

In the Area Elks Hoop Shoot competition Saturday held at Trenton Middle School, the results are as follows.

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1st place finishers included Chandler Lynch of Laredo in the girls ages 8 and 9 division. She hit 5 of 25 shots, then won after 2 shoot-offs to break a tie.

The other divisions were settled with 25 shots.

Corbin Axtell of Grundy R-5 was 1st in boys ages 8 and 9 by hitting 12.

Lacy Lewis of Princeton won the girls ages 10 and 11 division. She sank 15.

Camden Hartley of Mercer was 1st in boys ages 10 and 11 by making 18.

The girls ages 12 and 13 winner was Ainsley Tolson of Trenton with 20.

Placing 1st in boys ages 12 and 13 was Hunter Shipley of Mercer with 13 of 25 shots made.

The first place finishers advance to District Elks Hoop Shoot January 4th at Cameron High School.

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