Trenton Awarded #1 Seeds At Gallatin Tournament

Date 2013/11/21 15:05:54 | Topic: Sports

Trenton High School has the #1 seeds, with Gallatin High School receiving the #2 seeds, for the annual Gallatin Invitational Basketball Tournament, running from Monday, December 2nd to Saturday, December 7th at the Gallatin High School gymnasium.

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Trenton's teams will face quarterfinal tests from #8 seeds out of the HDC Conference, with the Lady Bulldogs taking on Tri-County on Tuesday, December 3rd at 4:30, and the Trenton boys battling Gilman City on Monday, December 2nd at 5:45.

Here is the tournament schedule from Gallatin:

Monday, 12/2/13: (3) Maysville girls vs. (6) Gilman City at 4:30 PM, (1) Trenton boys vs. (8) Gilman City at 5:45 PM, (4) Braymer girls vs. (5) Winston at 7:00 PM, (2) Gallatin boys vs. (7) Tri-County at 8:15 PM
Tuesday, 12/3/13: (1) Trenton girls vs. (8) Tri-County at 4:30 PM, (3) Braymer boys vs. (6) Newtown-Harris at 5:45 PM, (2) Gallatin girls vs. (7) Newtown-Harris at 7:00 PM, (4) Winston boys vs. (5) Maysville at 8:15 PM

Wednesday, 12/4/13: Trenton/Tri-County loser vs. Braymer/Winston loser (Girls) at 4:30 PM, Gallatin/Tri-County loser vs. Braymer/Newtown-Harris loser (Boys) at 5:45 PM, Gallatin/Newtown-Harris loser vs. Maysville/Gilman City loser (Girls) at 7:00 PM, Trenton/Gilman City loser vs. Winston/Maysville loser (Boys) at 8:15 PM

Thursday, 12/5/13: Gallatin/Newtown-Harris winner vs. Maysville/Gilman City winner (Girls) at 4:30 PM, Gallatin/Tri-County winner vs. Braymer/Newtown-Harris winner (Boys) at 5:45 PM, Trenton/Tri-County winner vs. Braymer/Winston winner (Girls) at 7:00 PM, Trenton/Gilman City winner vs. Winston/Maysville winner (Boys) at 8:15 PM

Friday, 12/6/13: Girls 7th Place at 4:30 PM, Boys 7th Place at 5:45 PM, Girls 5th Place at 7:00 PM, Boys 5th Place at 8:15 PM

Saturday, 12/17/13: Girls 3rd Place Game at 12:00 PM, Boys 3rd Place Game at 1:30 PM, Girls Championship game at 3:00 PM, Boys Championship Game at 4:30 PM

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