Spickard School Receives Grant

Date 2013/10/15 4:38:13 | Topic: News

A presentation is scheduled Thursday morning at the Spickard School in recognition of Spickard R-2 receiving a ten thousand dollar grant through America's Farmers Grow Rural Education.

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The money is to be used by Spickard school to purchase 15 iPAD MINIs. Officials say the devices will strengthen instruction in all core curriculum classes and allow teachers to customize lessons for each student. The presentation is at 12 noon Thursday.

America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, offers farmers the chance to nominate a local public school district and compete for a grant to enhance math and/or science education. More than 1,150 nominated school districts submitted applications. The Monsanto Fund will invest $2.3 million through America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education grants this year.

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