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News by the same author Tom

2015/6/24 8:42:41Dump Truck Collides With Train, Injuring Carrollton Man123
2015/6/11 10:36:02Highway 116 Accident Injures Two114
2015/6/8 9:36:32Two Milan Residents Injured After Vehicle Hits Cow197
2015/6/8 9:33:47Milan Accident Injures Seven192
2015/6/8 9:28:36Harrison County Accident Injures Two140
2015/6/5 10:01:09Gallatin Woman Injured In Thursday Morning Accident312
2015/6/5 9:50:00Injury Accident Reported In DeKalb County163
2015/6/4 13:45:54Rainy Weather Contributes to I-35 Accident105
2015/6/4 13:36:13Wednesday Morning Accident Injures Maysville Man134
2015/6/4 7:34:48Fatal UTV Accident Reported Near Cameron514
2015/6/3 7:29:46Sullivan County Accident Injures Two161
2015/6/2 7:21:29Monday Accident Reported West Of Trenton220
2015/6/1 11:13:50Sunday Accident Injures Ridgeway Residents111
2015/6/1 8:02:49Accident Injures Kidder Woman111
2015/5/27 15:53:30Chillicothe Man Injured After Car Strikes Deer524
2015/5/27 15:37:24Truck/SUV Collision Injures 19-Year Old360
2015/5/27 15:32:55ATV Accident Sends Marceline Man To Hospital248
2015/5/27 15:28:16Wednesday Morning Accident Kills Novinger Man472
2015/5/21 10:10:04Kansas Truck Driver Injured In U.S. 36 Accident339
2015/5/21 10:07:54Putnam County Teens Injured In Late Night Accident337
2015/5/19 9:07:36ATV Accident Injures Unionville Girl558
2015/5/18 8:40:00Grundy County Commissioners Plan News Release On Proposed Hog Farm129
2015/5/15 7:40:17Rural Sullivan County Accident Injures Two439
2015/5/13 7:30:33Jameson Woman Injured In Daviess County Accident240
2015/5/12 13:00:00Escaped Monkey Found In Livingston County386
2015/5/12 8:22:57Polo Building Damaged By Monday Morning Fire177
2015/5/11 8:00:31Motorcycle Accident Reported In Rural Carroll County145
2015/5/11 7:57:43SUV Rolls Over Bosworth Man123
2015/5/11 7:44:34Sullivan County Accident Injures Marceline Teen131
2015/5/8 9:42:23Two-Vehicle Crash Injures Trenton Man796
2015/5/7 9:30:00Accident Injures Maysville Man169
2015/5/6 16:15:17Fatal Accident Reported In Nodaway County229
2015/5/5 14:40:29Trenton Coach Announces Youth Tennis Camp103
2015/5/5 7:59:52U.S. 36 Accident Injures One195
2015/5/4 7:50:36Hamilton Man Injured In Polo Parking Lot236
2015/5/4 7:47:24Accident Injures Pattonsburg Teen242
2015/5/4 7:45:06Injury Accident Reported Near Green City133
2015/5/1 23:12:29Accident Near Jamesport Injures Four838
2015/5/1 9:00:47Daviess County Accident Injures Cameron Woman217
2015/4/27 9:00:00Weekend Accidents Reported Across The Region136
2015/4/22 7:33:15Maryville Teen Passes Away After Monday Night Wreck211
2015/4/22 7:30:00Maysville Woman Dies In Gentry County Accident259
2015/4/21 9:20:00Putnam County Accident Injures Lucerne Man137
2015/4/21 9:10:00Linn County Accident Sends Two To Columbia Hospital131
2015/4/20 9:20:54Motorcycle Accident Injures Minnesota Man119
2015/4/20 9:12:14Weekend Accident Injures Carrollton Teen111
2015/4/15 7:55:09Accident Near Milan Injures Two338
2015/4/13 7:53:54Car-Train Collision Injures Princeton Woman742
2015/4/11 7:30:00Friday Morning Accident Injures Galt Teen922
2015/4/11 6:40:00Chariton County Accident Kills Brunswick Woman425
2015/4/10 8:32:39U.S. 69 Truck Accident Injures Two, South Of Bethany211
2015/4/10 8:30:29Jamesport Accident Injures Daviess County Men470
2015/4/6 10:14:20U.S. 36 Accident, At Wheeling, Injures Two192
2015/4/6 10:10:00Southern Livingston County Wreck Injures Chillicothe Man191
2015/4/6 7:50:00Injury Accidents Reported In Caldwell County133
2015/4/3 15:02:56Interstate 35 Accident Injures Arkansas Residents225
2015/4/3 7:54:11Thursday Accident, In Southern Livingston County, Injures Two309
2015/4/1 10:02:18Monday Night Accident Injures Cameron Woman224
2015/4/1 6:40:00Accidents Reported Near Green City And Carrollton89
2015/3/30 10:32:27Area Teens Injured In Truck Accident627
2015/3/28 5:50:29Harrison County Accident Injures Ridgeway Woman376
2015/3/27 11:32:48Highway 65 Accident Injures Three338
2015/3/27 7:33:16Chillicothe Accident Sends Elderly Woman To Liberty Hospital349
2015/3/27 7:29:47Two Vehicle Accident Injures Bogard Woman111
2015/3/26 13:40:00Livingston County SUV-Buggy Collision Kills 10 Year Old Boy1240
2015/3/26 7:58:05Accident Near King City Injures Four, Results In DWI Arrest352
2015/3/24 7:40:02ATV Crash Injures Browning Girls249
2015/3/23 8:22:30Norborne Resident Hurt In Accident, Charged With DWI206
2015/3/21 9:32:44Friday Afternoon Accident Injures DeWitt Boy164
2015/3/19 10:07:42Wednesday Accident Injures Maysville Woman104
2015/3/17 11:30:39Truck Crashes Near H&R Block Location In Trenton243
2015/3/17 9:36:16Iowa Dirt Bike Accident Injures Two318
2015/3/16 8:50:52Cameron Woman Injured In Weekend Accident116
2015/3/16 8:50:00Accident Near Cameron Kills Kansas City Man95
2015/3/14 5:14:10Friday Morning Accident Injures Meadville Woman138
2015/3/13 12:25:08Two Unionville Women Injured In Pickup Truck Crash165
2015/3/11 7:57:06Trenton Man In Iowa Hospital After Tuesday Night Accident2396
2015/3/5 7:37:19Tuesday Afternoon Wreck Injures King City Man112
2015/2/13 11:30:53Carroll County Accident Injures Woman207
2015/1/26 8:39:01Saturday Night Accident Near Salisbury Injures Four143
2015/1/26 8:33:49I-35 Accident, Involving A Deer, Injures Iowa Woman187
2015/1/23 21:01:17Gilman City Man Injured In Wreck East Of Bethany554
2015/1/23 20:58:23Friday Morning Accident Injures Richmond Man171
2015/1/15 9:41:07Toddler Killed In Car Accident In Centerville460
2014/12/30 15:30:00Linn County Accident Claims Life Of Callao Man172
2014/12/26 10:50:30Highway 65 Accident Injures Carrollton Man175
2014/12/24 10:34:28Iowa Man Injured In I-35 Wreck Near Cameron159
2014/12/24 10:32:01Truck Accident Kills Plattsburg Man182
2014/12/24 10:28:55Sullivan County Accident Injures Two147
2014/12/24 8:23:04Carrollton Woman Injured After Car Hits Deer118
2014/12/22 7:30:00Trenton Accident Injures Two Women329
2014/12/20 21:18:16Friday Accident Injures Browning Woman195
2014/12/20 21:15:27Traffic Accident Reported Near Mount Moriah210
2014/12/19 17:09:57Chillicothe Man Involved In I-435 Multi-Vehicle Accident262
2014/12/19 17:04:42Thursday Accident Near Newtown Injures Area Women204
2014/12/19 16:41:05Friday Morning Wreck Injures Cameron Man161
2014/12/18 14:26:33Thursday Morning Accident Injures Jamesport Man204
2014/12/17 7:34:10Adair County Collision Injures Green Castle Teen114
2014/12/16 10:56:01Northeast Missouri Woman Injured In Accident Near Trenton575
2014/12/16 8:52:00Weekend Accident Injures Winston Man98
2014/12/15 10:43:13Weekend Accident Injures Princeton Man278
2014/12/15 10:38:42I-35 Accident Injures Minnesota Man191
2014/12/11 13:09:43KC Royals Acquire Gustave In Rule 5 Draft169
2014/11/12 8:46:46U.S. 36 Accident Injures Chillicothe Woman233
2014/11/12 8:43:22Highway 13 Wreck Injures Gallatin Man222
2014/9/10 18:53:44Ray County Accident Kills One, Injures One327
2014/6/17 7:27:17I-35 Accident Injures Cameron Residents231
2014/6/17 7:21:42Daviess County Accident Injures Coffey Woman279
2014/6/16 11:13:19Monday Morning Accident Claims Polo Man's Life1233
2014/5/8 9:15:13Carrollton Teen Injured In ATV Accident578
2014/4/15 9:59:42Novinger Teen Injured In Monday Afternoon Accident507
2014/1/17 11:33:03I-35 Accident Kills Polo Man1377
2014/1/2 9:00:00New Year's Day Snow Brings Accidents636
2013/12/23 9:38:40Friday Afternoon Accident Injures Two308
2013/12/23 9:31:02U.S. 36 Wreck Injures Two345
2013/12/23 9:30:00Seven Injured After Accidents On I-70 Near Marshall563
2013/12/23 9:21:52Weekend Accident Injures Two Carrollton Residents413
2013/12/20 8:30:28Accident Near Chillicothe Injures Two497
2013/12/19 20:47:45Ray County Accident Injures Kingston Woman282
2013/11/28 6:00:00Elderly Purdin Woman Injured In Highway 5 Crash424
2013/11/28 6:00:00Cainsville Man Injured In Harrison County Wreck, Arrested On DWI Charges588
2013/11/25 9:50:00Friday Morning Accident Injures Four324
2013/11/1 10:12:38Halloween Morning Accident Near Osborn Injures Four567
2013/10/22 9:00:12Carroll County Accident Injures Bogard Woman361
2013/10/14 16:11:48Linn County Wreck Injures Purdin Man291
2013/10/14 16:04:32Friday Morning Accident Injures Brunswick Teen357
2013/9/10 11:50:00Texas Trucker Injured In I-35 wreck441
2013/9/6 14:44:48Friday Morning Accident Kills Albany Man415
2013/9/6 14:20:00Unionville Man Injured In Motorcycle Accident545
2013/8/26 10:40:00Collisions With Deer Injure Area Motorcyclists412
2013/5/31 9:23:15Accident near Green Castle injures Unionville man379
2013/5/31 9:19:11Laclede teen injured in Chariton County accident357
2013/5/31 9:14:45Portion of Sullivan County placed under boil advisory319
2013/5/17 9:52:47Princeton accident results in injuries, DWI arrest751
2013/5/6 9:47:27Highway 69 accident injures Cameron woman and two children419
2013/5/6 9:44:48Green Castle man injured in accident near Milan445
2013/5/6 9:30:27I-35 accident injures Wyoming couple427
2013/5/2 9:07:38Trenton man injured in overnight accident558
2013/5/1 10:31:06Weekend accident injures Kingston teenager329
2013/5/1 10:27:45Two injured in accident near Jamesport447
2013/4/27 6:20:57Two-car accident near Ravanna injures two442
2013/4/26 8:50:59Accident near Altamont injures three380
2013/4/26 8:47:07Trenton man passes away after Highway 65 accident341
2013/4/26 8:13:40Three-vehicle crash reported on Interstate 35409
2013/4/26 8:07:32Highway 36 accident injures two313
2013/4/23 8:29:56Caldwell County wreck injures Chillicothe man301
2013/4/19 8:53:25Wednesday morning accident injures Cameron teen309
2013/4/9 7:58:01Gallatin High School student injured in weekend accident409
2013/4/9 7:53:34Car-deer collision injures Independence man327
2013/4/3 9:57:36Princeton man injured in I-35 accident400
2013/3/30 5:41:55Chillicothe man injured in Livingston County wreck527
2013/3/27 7:23:52Adair County accident injures Green City and Trenton residents419
2013/3/26 11:08:09Highway 36 accident injures two430
2013/3/22 10:37:22Mid-week accident injures Braymer man466
2013/3/20 9:17:34I-35 truck collision injures Wisconsin man400
2013/3/15 9:33:52Thursday night accident injures Stanberry teen430
2013/3/12 15:24:16Highway 6 accident injures Novinger man515
2013/3/12 15:21:41Two car collision in Trenton injures one431
2013/3/7 7:46:03SUV wreck, caused by icy roads, injures Laredo woman466
2013/3/7 7:44:07Truck overturns, injures Kidder man396
2013/3/7 7:31:32Two-vehicle accident east of Chillicothe injures both drivers472
2013/3/7 7:28:47Monday afternoon accident injures Cameron man415
2013/3/4 8:37:00Randolph County accident injures Marceline residents416
2013/2/28 8:20:29Winston woman injured in Platte County accident446
2013/2/28 8:17:11I-35 accident, caused by slippery conditions, injures three from Texas431
2013/2/26 6:38:07Two teenage girls injured in weekend accident433
2013/2/22 7:35:55Interstate 35 accident injures Illinois man392
2013/2/19 8:20:52Saturday morning accident injures Chillicothe teen339
2013/2/19 8:17:52Pickup truck crash injures Cameron man371
2013/2/15 11:30:58Accident north of Bucklin injures Slater woman383
2013/2/14 14:44:03Harrison County accident injures three675
2013/2/14 14:34:57Princeton woman injured in Highway 136 accident570
2013/2/14 10:49:51Two Chillicotheans hurt in Highway 36 accident581
2013/2/7 16:21:36Accident near Galt injures young Milan woman401
2013/2/4 9:26:01Two-vehicle accident near Laclede injures three406
2013/2/4 9:22:15SUV crash injures four Hamilton residents435
2013/2/4 9:16:59Saturday morning wreck injures two from Brookfield325
2013/2/4 9:13:30SUV accident kills Novinger woman361
2013/2/2 11:32:59Mooresville teens injured in Livingston County accident385
2013/2/1 8:18:50I-35 accident injures SW Missouri man370
2013/2/1 8:16:20Unionvlle woman injured in Wednesday accident372
2013/1/30 15:14:11Tuesday accident injures Maysville woman370
2013/1/28 6:37:33Friday night accident on Highway 190 claims two lives1146
2013/1/25 14:36:11Thursday afternoon accident injures Cameron teenager508
2013/1/23 15:15:06Carrollton woman injured in Tuesday afternoon accident374
2013/1/21 8:28:21Grant City teen killed in Friday night accident550
2013/1/21 8:17:51Weekend accident injures four from Kidder399
2013/1/21 8:14:11Brookfield woman injured, accused of DWI, after weekend accident384
2013/1/21 8:10:30Weekend accident injures Carroll County man409
2013/1/21 8:10:00Highway 136 accident injures Iowa residents523
2013/1/21 8:05:28Highway 6 accident injures Unionville woman354
2013/1/18 11:09:43Accident near Wallace State Park injures Cameron woman428
2013/1/18 11:07:54Slick roads near Galt blamed for SUV accident373
2013/1/18 9:34:54Carrollton woman injured in rear-end accident438
2013/1/17 7:39:18Carrollton woman injured after deer hits car408
2013/1/17 7:37:30Accident near Dawn injures one678
2013/1/17 7:21:14Stewartsville man injured in Highway 36 wreck545
2013/1/7 13:31:08I-35 U-Haul accident injures Cameron man647
2013/1/7 10:35:40Grant City house damaged after being hit by a van419
2013/1/3 12:51:33Tennessee truck driver killed in New Year's Eve crash616
2012/12/31 7:31:06Accident near Utica injures Bosworth man410
2012/12/31 7:28:51Sunday morning accident kills Sumner woman555
2012/12/28 13:39:41Brookfield woman injured in Macon County accident421
2012/12/26 9:00:54Sunday morning accident injures three from Marceline443
2012/12/26 8:49:09U.S. 36 accident injures Browning man498
2012/12/21 5:49:17Marceline woman injured in Thursday morning accident485
2012/12/21 5:47:13Multi-vehicle crash injures Ludlow residents434
2012/12/18 13:40:42Monday morning accident injures Unionville woman561
2012/12/18 8:52:11Saturday night accident injures Norborne teen411
2012/12/18 8:48:33Weekend accident injures Milan brothers421
2012/12/17 6:37:56Thursday night wreck injures Illinois truck driver438
2012/12/14 9:36:04Kansas City man injured in I-35 wreck, just north of Eagleville2295
2012/12/14 9:32:08Putnam County accident injures Unionville teen465
2012/12/13 15:10:56Bucklin woman injured in Highway 129 accident502
2012/12/13 15:08:30Wednesday morning crash injures Tina woman502
2012/12/11 13:16:23Saturday night crash injures Stewartsville man425
2012/12/11 7:27:34Saturday morning incident closes southbound I-35414
2012/12/11 7:25:25Weekend accident on U.S. Highway 36 injures two453
2012/12/7 9:07:37Highway 6 accident injures St. Joseph men466
2012/12/3 16:57:58Fog blamed as one-vehicle accident injures Humphreys man419
2012/12/3 16:51:59Saturday morning accident injures Gallatin resident411
2012/12/3 16:48:29Saturday night accident near Utica injures three, driver charged with DWI542
2012/12/3 16:44:58Kearney teen injured in Interstate 35 wreck409
2012/12/3 16:39:49Saturday night accident injures Gallatin teen431
2012/11/29 8:30:00Lexington truck driver killed in Tuesday accident518
2012/11/29 8:27:12Tuesday morning accident injures three399
2012/11/27 21:12:00Pickup truck crash injures Albany man434
2012/11/27 8:15:40Highway 6 accident injures Weatherby man397
2012/11/27 8:12:54Weekend wreck injures Carrollton teen328
2012/11/27 8:01:40Green City woman injured in Sunday morning accident296
2012/11/27 7:54:18Osborn woman injured in Sunday night accident334
2012/11/21 7:45:35Tuesday night accident injures Mercer woman523
2012/11/20 7:34:26Pickup truck crash injures New Cambria man408
2012/11/20 7:31:29Weekend accident injures Milan boy440
2012/11/16 15:28:55Friday morning accident injures Unionville teen466
2012/11/13 8:31:19Highway 36 accident injures two men348
2012/11/13 8:01:21Arkansas woman injured in Interstate 35 accident495
2012/11/9 9:51:18Caldwell County accident injures Bates City man341
2012/11/9 9:46:15Gentry County rollover injures Stanberry woman2076
2012/11/9 9:43:45Princeton woman injured in car-deer accident675
2012/11/7 16:48:30Brunswick man injured in dump truck accident364
2012/11/7 16:46:26Car accident injures Princeton teens344
2012/11/7 16:43:34Highway 36 accident injures Breckenridge man416
2012/11/7 16:38:55Car-deer collision injures Eagleville woman418
2012/11/6 8:30:00Pickup truck fire in Sullivan County injures two from Galt314
2012/11/6 8:10:00Highway 190 rear-end collision injures two365
2012/11/6 8:08:31Accident north of Brunswick results in weekend injuries519
2012/11/6 7:56:30Weekend collision west of Chula results in injuries329
2012/10/23 7:50:00South Harrison bus driver injured in Monday morning accident513
2012/10/22 12:53:02Brookfield man injured in Saturday night accident, accused of DWI482
2012/10/22 8:09:31Lawson woman injured in Highway 69 accident454
2012/10/16 10:22:36Highway 6 accident injures two Green Castle residents428
2012/10/16 10:19:27Worth County accident injures southern Iowa teen410
2012/10/15 21:13:29I-35 accident injures two Illinois residents399
2012/10/15 21:10:58Chariton County accident injures Higbee woman416
2012/10/15 10:15:01Altamont accident injures three471
2012/10/15 9:49:38Unionville woman injured in truck collision525
2012/10/15 9:42:10Highway Patrol car damaged in collision with a deer461
2012/10/9 6:30:47Tina man injured in pickup truck accident517
2012/10/8 13:21:30Winston man injured in Friday morning wreck519
2012/10/1 20:10:05Head-on collision west of Polo injures five, all in serious condition663
2012/9/25 9:53:39Accident east of King City sends McFall woman to the hospital505
2012/9/19 17:50:03Tuesday afternoon accident injures McFall teenager731
2012/9/18 9:41:59Weekend accident injures young Gallatin man561
2012/9/18 9:39:18Linneus toddler injured in weekend accident378
2012/9/18 9:36:11Osborn teen injured in Sunday afternoon accident370
2012/9/17 9:33:45Ludlow woman injured in truck accident366
2012/9/17 9:19:36Trenton woman injured in northern Grundy County accident380
2012/9/12 17:55:35Rollover accident injures Norborne man322
2012/9/11 10:05:38Carrollton collision injures three people532
2012/9/6 5:50:00Accident west of Cameron injures Nebraska man408
2012/9/6 5:40:00SUV crash injures three Putnam County teens389
2012/9/5 12:40:37Daviess County accident injures Green Castle man438
2012/8/30 9:12:40SUV collision injures two Cameron women497
2012/8/30 9:09:51Chillicothe man injured in rural Livingston County412
2012/8/30 9:07:30Tuesday morning accident injures Galt woman505
2012/8/30 6:40:00Trenton accident injures four523
2012/8/23 8:22:37Four injured in Interstate 35 crash556
2012/8/17 9:07:46Mid-week accident injures Brookfield woman417
2012/8/11 8:13:15Cameron woman injured after car-animal collison569
2012/8/11 8:09:29Accident north of Harris injures Trenton teenager537
2012/8/11 8:04:35Friday afternoon accident injures Milan man617
2012/8/10 8:46:44Tuesday morning accident injures Bethany teens591
2012/8/2 11:33:41Overnight accident fatally injures Bucklin teen1058
2012/8/1 8:57:42Galt rollover accident injures three504
2012/7/30 10:12:51Keytesville man injured after ramming into Casey's General Store691
2012/7/30 10:10:30Albany woman injured in accident west of Maysville528
2012/7/28 5:58:34Brookfield man among three injured in U.S. 36 accident466
2012/7/27 12:20:55Highway 136 accident injures four area teenagers585
2012/7/26 11:29:34Bucklin man injured after being hit by a car456
2012/7/26 11:27:58Thursday morning accident north of Cameron injures two499
2012/7/16 13:19:30Novinger man charged with DWI after two-vehicle accident564
2012/7/16 13:15:32Maysville woman injured in DeKalb County accident586
2012/7/16 13:10:35Grundy County accident injures Cainsville teen607
2012/7/14 7:00:00Friday night accident kills Braymer woman592
2012/7/14 7:00:00Hay bale crashes into vehicle in Linn County, injuring Bucklin man640
2012/7/12 16:15:44Highway 36 accident injures Kirksville man517
2012/7/12 10:44:52Early morning accident injures Purdin woman450
2012/7/9 9:53:56Trenton man injured in two-vehicle accident389
2012/7/9 9:37:10SUV rollover accidents claims Chillicothe man's life461
2012/7/7 5:55:32Accident west of Novinger injures Kirksville woman551
2012/7/7 5:52:03Macon County accident injures Bevier teen607
2012/7/7 5:20:00Osborn woman involved in two-vehicle accident on Friday morning656
2012/7/6 15:46:09SUV rollover in Grundy County injures four548
2012/7/6 9:25:58I-35 accident injures two from Blue Springs335
2012/7/6 9:23:16Accident southwest of Kirksville injures area woman346
2012/7/3 10:37:32Accident west of Novinger injures Adair County man573
2012/7/3 10:35:08U.S 36 accident near Cameron injures two550
2012/7/3 9:10:00Harrison County crash injures six people406
2012/6/28 13:01:31Interstate 35 wreck injures Gladstone man567
2012/6/28 12:58:48Worth County rollover accident injures Iowa woman564
2012/6/25 8:28:32Milan woman injured in eastern Sullivan County accident362
2012/6/25 8:26:18Friday afternoon accident injures two Linn County residents517
2012/6/25 8:14:15I-29 rollover accident injures Cameron woman503
2012/6/25 8:10:23Marceline man injured after car strikes carriage380
2012/6/18 8:00:23I-35 accident injures Pattonsburg couple747
2012/6/18 7:57:08Highway 36 collision injures eastern Kansas man634
2012/6/18 7:52:04I-35 wreck injures Albany woman374
2012/6/16 5:50:43Friday afternoon accident injures Winston man652
2012/6/15 16:01:26Utica man injured after being run over by his van585
2012/6/15 15:51:03Caldwell County accident injures two370
2012/6/15 10:40:00Newtown woman injured after van hits deer356
2012/6/15 10:35:55Livingston County accident injures two373
2012/6/15 8:11:18Mid-week accident kills Novinger man445
2012/6/5 11:17:40Cameron man killed in Highway 190 rollover accident673
2012/6/4 11:30:00King City woman injured in Gentry County accident514
2012/6/4 11:30:00Livingston County accident injures Dawn man, charged with DWI729
2012/6/4 11:30:00Green City woman injured in Randolph County accident758
2012/6/4 7:29:38Clinton County accident injures five563
2012/5/30 8:38:44Browning teen injured in Sunday morning accident451
2012/5/30 8:35:38Mercer teenager injured in weekend accident428
2012/5/30 8:29:55Memorial Day accident injures Gallatin man476
2012/5/30 7:27:06Carroll County wreck injures Branson man370
2012/5/30 7:25:45Trenton woman injured in Clark County accident456
2012/5/29 13:29:02Car-bike collision injures Brunswick boy452
2012/5/25 7:30:40Tuesday morning wreck injures Green City teen387
2012/5/22 11:30:00Putnam County accident injures two531
2012/5/18 10:06:57Linn County car crash injures Bucklin man581
2012/5/18 10:04:32Daviess County accident injures Winston man549
2012/5/18 10:01:19Two-vehicle wreck injures Chula woman564
2012/5/18 9:57:59Highway 36 collision injures Jamesport woman535
2012/5/18 9:39:51Wednesday accident injures Winston man735
2012/5/15 8:16:49Saturday morning accident injures Gallatin teen589
2012/5/15 8:14:04Weekend accident injures Ridgeway resident538
2012/5/15 7:22:24Altamont accident injures three552
2012/5/10 8:00:36Three injured in Albany accident694
2012/5/7 9:51:03Rural Mercer County accident injures Princeton man586
2012/5/7 9:47:54Chillicothe man injured in Sunday evening wreck585
2012/5/7 9:41:11Thursday morning accident injures Chillicothe teen403
2012/5/4 8:57:00Cameron residents injured in DeKalb County accident686
2012/5/3 9:43:56Breckenridge man injured in Pettis County accident589
2012/5/2 9:01:15I-35 accident injures Kansas City man630
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2015/3/20 8:17:07Cameron Police Cancels Silver Advisory307
2015/3/18 11:25:33Chillicothe Man Arrested, Charged With Arson175
2015/2/6 14:20:00Trenton High School, Three Other Schools, Voted Into Grand River Conference1547
2015/1/16 21:10:00Public Warned To Be Alert For Iowa Shooting Suspect With Trenton Ties4144
2015/1/15 15:20:00Suspect In Grundy County Police Chase Identified5533
2015/1/15 15:00:00Trenton Schools Placed On Lockdown During Police Chase, Suspect Now In Custody2184
2015/1/9 22:00:00Bank Northwest In Polo Robbed784
2014/12/17 8:10:00AP Sources: US, Cuba Seek To Normalize Relations84
2014/8/15 15:40:00Kirksville Bank Robbed Friday Morning539
2013/12/18 10:50:00Judge Adkins Overrules Motion For Restraining Order967
Total of 10 articles 16264
2015/5/14 13:55:17Update : Missouri House Speaker Resigns253
2015/3/30 13:20:00Amber Alert Issued For 13-Year Old, Missing From Henry County319
2015/3/18 11:50:00Silver Advisory Issued For Michigan Man, Traveling To Cameron164
2015/3/18 11:22:11Burn Ban Issued In Trenton121
2015/1/20 13:24:12Water Outage Reported In Mercer118
2013/9/30 20:20:00New LOCATION And TIME Announced For Saturday's Trenton/Lincoln Prep Game552
2012/12/5 12:30:00Mercer experiences boil advisory504
2012/9/19 17:43:31Gilman City put under water advisory588
2012/8/30 11:06:03Tri-County, due to heat, to close at 12:30 today843
2012/6/18 8:05:02Endangered person advisory issued by Caldwell County authorities632
2012/5/29 13:35:16PAR Broadcast Group begins VIDEO streaming of local events1072
Total of 11 articles 5166
Closings And Cancellations
2015/1/6 14:20:00School Cancellations (10:00 PM Tuesday Update)415
2014/12/18 5:50:00School Announcements For Thursday (7:41 AM Update)724
2012/12/21 6:50:00School announcements: Friday, December 21, 2012705
2012/8/30 6:37:23Late August heat means shorter school day at Laredo639
2012/5/29 8:26:02Adair County accident injures Kirksville man421
Total of 5 articles 2904
2015/6/1 11:29:33Another Fire Reported In Spickard181
2015/5/13 7:46:13Trenton Fatal Fire Ruled Accidental390
2015/5/4 8:58:06Fire Destroys Buses In Chillicothe316
2015/5/4 7:50:00Weekend Fire Kills Four At Trenton Residence711
2015/4/7 11:10:00Spickard Fire Destroys Storage Shed412
2015/4/3 15:40:00Arson Suspected In Spickard Fires837
2015/4/2 11:30:00Trenton Fire Department Called To DPS Powder Coating808
2015/4/2 9:51:08Chillicothe Firefighters Battle 15 Acre Blaze120
2015/3/24 7:54:28Fire Damages House On Bryan Street In Chillicothe251
2015/3/17 11:20:44Grass Fire Blackens 35 Acres In Rural Grundy County172
2015/3/16 8:43:30Fire Destroys Spickard House142
2015/3/16 8:38:46Weekend House Fire Reported West Of Wheeling103
2015/3/12 10:31:31Dry Weather, Low Humidity Increasing Fire Danger250
2015/3/6 7:23:00Two Acres Burn In Utica Grass Fire142
2015/1/23 21:05:29Grundy County Grass Fire Burns Seven Acres560
2014/12/30 15:20:00Overnight Fire Destroys Spickard Home280
2014/12/20 21:24:25Trenton Fire Damages Rapid Removal Trash Truck174
2014/9/10 18:27:07Chillicothe Firemen Extinguish Fire On Broadway210
2013/11/25 10:07:51Overnight Fire Destroys Chillicothe House483
2013/11/2 13:45:50Overnight Fire Damages Buildings In Galt450
2013/4/24 10:18:11House fire reported in Livingston County435
2013/4/24 10:15:04Car fire slows traffic on U.S. Highway 36434
2013/2/4 9:32:54Saturday morning fire damages Chillicothe house402
2013/1/21 8:24:47Trenton home damaged in weekend fire473
2013/1/2 8:47:36Breckenridge houses damaged in Monday morning fire420
2012/12/26 8:47:03Saturday morning fire destroys Spickard residence473
2012/12/17 15:58:48Early morning blaze destroys two buildings in Carrollton523
2012/12/12 17:00:10Tuesday afternoon fire damages Trenton residence435
2012/12/11 13:10:07Items sought for victims of Chillicothe house fire450
2012/11/27 21:22:22Sunday night fire damages Chillicothe house503
2012/11/13 8:41:31Weekend fires destroy Chillicothe garage and car383
2012/11/13 8:28:18Cameron fire claims one life441
2012/10/1 20:00:00Fire destroys Spickard home507
2012/8/18 6:00:00Cameron fire claims three lives467
2012/7/28 5:52:25Grass fire blackens 10 acres in Grundy County515
2012/7/6 9:29:36Fire near Trenton burns brush and timber548
2012/6/4 11:40:00During demolition work, Chillicothe's Leeper Hotel catches fire889
Total of 37 articles 15290
2015/5/18 8:40:00Flooding Reported Along The Grand River122
2013/5/31 9:11:52Major highways across Carroll County threatened by floodwaters396
Total of 2 articles 518
Health Advisories
2015/5/8 10:39:06Water Tower Inspection Leaves Spickard Under Boil Advisory172
2015/5/7 9:44:34Water Outage/Boil Advisory Announced For Portion Of Trenton406
2015/4/14 9:31:21Area Northeast of Osgood Under Boil Advisory109
2015/3/17 9:30:00Boil Advisory Announced For Small Area Of Sullivan County67
2014/5/16 10:30:00Boil Advisory Issued For Chula345
2014/5/7 14:50:24Portion Of Sullivan County Under Boil Advisory285
2014/5/6 10:30:00Southwest Grundy County Advised To Boil Water241
2014/2/6 8:15:07Portion Of Sullivan County Under Precautionary Boil Advisory295
2013/12/19 20:51:25Portion of Humphreys Placed Under Boil Advisory332
2013/12/17 10:40:00Hamilton Placed Under Boil Advisory287
2013/11/28 5:05:17SW Grundy County Under Boil Water Advisory337
2013/11/1 10:10:00Southwestern Grundy County Under Boil Advisory475
2013/10/22 9:00:00Livingston County "Kids" Flu Shots Offered This Afternoon310
2013/10/3 14:10:00Mercer Placed Under Boil Water Advisory395
2013/7/30 8:20:00Milan reports water main break, boil order383
2013/4/26 8:52:28City of Milan placed under boil advisory358
2013/3/7 7:48:12Portion of Sullivan County, near Milan, placed under boil advisory413
2013/2/2 11:30:20Part of SOUTH Spickard under a boil advisory360
2013/1/2 12:01:25Portion of Sullivan County under boil water advisory696
2012/12/28 13:50:33Portion of Coleman Street, in Princeton, under a boil advisory485
2012/10/31 9:01:46Boil water order issued for portion of Sullivan County593
2012/10/16 7:35:55Gilman City placed under boil water advisory671
2012/9/28 7:40:33Area north of Browning placed under boil water advisory424
2012/9/21 12:20:00Water issues for rural Livingston County and Spickard634
2012/8/1 9:10:00TMU repairing water line Wednesday morning 754
2012/8/1 9:04:38Area north of Lock Springs under boil advisory668
2012/7/28 5:54:56Portion of NORTHERN Trenton placed under boil water advisory585
2012/7/27 12:28:20Portion of WESTERN Linn County under a boil water advisory653
2012/7/12 16:25:11Southeast Daviess County placed under boil advisory665
2012/7/3 9:02:20Lock Springs water customers placed under boil advisory408
Total of 30 articles 12806
2015/6/8 9:26:34Trenton Police Host "Cops and Bobbers" Event82
2015/6/5 10:50:11Area Youth To Travel To National 4-H Shooting Competition139
2015/6/5 10:35:45Princeton Superintendent Accepts St. Joseph Job299
2015/6/5 10:06:47Relay For Life Tonight Outside Trenton High School119
2015/6/4 15:44:35Walking Trail Construction To Resume140
2015/6/3 15:04:12Trenton To Seek Grant For 17th Street Bridge Replacement259
2015/6/3 7:34:10Ag Land Values Going Up140
2015/6/2 6:35:38Union Pacific Closes Two Crossings Tuesday125
2015/6/1 13:05:53Donations Sought For Trenton Fireworks Display105
2015/5/27 16:04:44NCMC Dean Retires After 27 Years445
2015/5/27 15:57:40Newtown-Harris Announces Teacher Resignation And Hire564
2015/5/27 15:50:42Bluegrass Festival Coming To Chillicothe In June210
2015/5/21 14:21:21NCMC Foundation Presents "Salute Awards"211
2015/5/21 11:35:05Marshall Man, Accused Of Shooting At Police, Captured In Alabama307
2015/5/21 11:25:26Police Surround Home Of Suspected Murderer In Sedalia534
2015/5/21 10:20:00Daily Room Rate At Sunnyview Increases By Eight Dollars275
2015/5/21 10:00:00Local Bank Purchases Tax Credits, In Hopes Of Improving Trenton's Downtown180
2015/5/21 10:00:00AP : Suddenlink Sold To European Company385
2015/5/21 9:47:51Efforts Underway To Repair Lawn Damage At Grundy County Courthouse356
2015/5/20 10:55:08Area Organizations Plan To Distribute Money-Saving Light Bulbs225
2015/5/20 10:47:05Gallatin Library Receives $5,628 Grant196
2015/5/20 9:10:00Trenton High School Announces "Underclassman Awards"368
2015/5/19 11:31:12Grundy County Commission Will Not Adopt Health Ordinance503
2015/5/19 11:27:03Trenton Middle School Announces End-Of-Year Awards/Honors297
2015/5/19 10:02:11Missouri Farm Bureau Sponsors Photo Contest244
2015/5/19 9:53:21Caldwell County Fairgrounds In Facebook Competition For Grant Money192
2015/5/19 9:44:00Special Olympics "Torch Runs" Planned For Area Communities214
2015/5/19 9:34:19Simpson Park To Host Darin Bryan Memorial Day Race263
2015/5/19 8:34:40Chillicothe Facility Hosts Weekend FFA Events139
2015/5/19 8:33:23Gallatin Man Promoted By Highway Patrol180
2015/5/19 8:31:39Spickard School Board Meets216
2015/5/18 8:40:00Grundy County Schools Hold Graduation Ceremonies147
2015/5/18 8:30:00Grundy County Circuit Court News203
2015/5/15 8:17:02Newtown-Harris To Graduate Six Seniors, Seven 8th Graders, Tonight222
2015/5/14 13:50:00Accused Murderer Fires Defense Attorney197
2015/5/14 13:35:20School Year's End Brings Retirement For Three R-9 Employees404
2015/5/14 12:59:23Busy Night For Wright Memorial Hospital Foundation220
2015/5/14 11:30:00Harding Facing Charges From February Burglary374
2015/5/14 11:30:00Trenton High School Graduation Set For 2 PM Sunday221
2015/5/14 11:30:00Grundy County Man Charged With Meth Possession831
2015/5/14 11:30:00Grundy R-5 Graduation To Be Held Sunday Afternoon391
2015/5/14 11:30:00North Mercer Board Attempting To Balance Fiscal Year Budget217
2015/5/14 11:20:00Princeton Board Of Education Meets, Class of '15 To Graduate Friday Night285
2015/5/14 10:46:41MO Legislature At Standstill, With Time Running Out In The Session71
2015/5/14 10:30:00House Speaker In Hot Water After Exchanging Sexually Charged Texts With Intern193
2015/5/14 9:03:07Ameren Missouri Monthly Charge To Drop By 2 Cents108
2015/5/14 8:58:44LDS Churches Plan Blood Drive, Boy Scout Luau74
2015/5/14 8:50:28Grundy County Commission, Facing Hog Decision, Visit Centralia Facility 216
2015/5/14 8:44:14Trenton Elks Donates $500 For Smoke Alarm Purchases106
2015/5/14 8:30:00Man Wanted After Shooting Incident In Marshall288
2015/5/14 8:16:53Deceased Identified In U.S. 36 Investigation527
2015/5/13 8:26:54Linn County High School Junior Chosen For Tour Of Washington, DC176
2015/5/13 7:58:22Chillicothe YMCA's CEO To Speak At Trenton Planning Meeting169
2015/5/13 7:39:14Grundy County Commissioners Tour Central Missouri Hog Facilities227
2015/5/12 13:41:55Green City Man Arrested After Sunday Night Incidents445
2015/5/12 12:16:20Discovery Of Body Closes U.S. 36 Near St. Joseph602
2015/5/12 11:40:00Trenton Middle School To Host End-Of-Year Award Assemblies158
2015/5/12 11:40:00Laredo Board Of Education Approves 3.5% Pay Raise161
2015/5/12 11:40:00Grundy County Postal Carriers Collect Nearly 6,000 Pounds Of Food167
2015/5/12 11:25:35Milan Man Found, Silver Advisory Cancelled275
2015/5/12 9:09:15Sobriety Checkpoint Held In Caldwell County98
2015/5/12 9:03:303rd Judicial Circuit Recognized With Two Awards136
2015/5/12 8:10:00Cameron Man Facing Murder Charges381
2015/5/12 7:52:12Chillicothe Warns Of "Meat Salesmen" Exploiting The Elderly476
2015/5/11 7:50:00NCMC Holds Graduation Ceremonies On Saturday101
2015/5/11 7:40:00Gallatin, Mercer, Meadville Announce Top-Graduating Students147
2015/5/8 11:20:00Cameron Teacher Wins National Award, $20,000259
2015/5/8 11:20:00Grundy County Nursing Home District Approves Employee Insurance Plan241
2015/5/8 10:21:48Crowder State Park Plans "Kids To Parks" Day Events164
2015/5/8 10:06:07U.S. 136, West Of Livonia, Re-Opens After Bridge Replacement136
2015/5/8 9:59:00NCMC Student Wins $350 Scholarship108
2015/5/8 9:51:55Senator Blunt Travels To Northern Missouri On Saturday184
2015/5/7 11:30:00Trenton Park Board Meets196
2015/5/7 9:52:22Jackson County Bridge Closes Due To Safety Concerns151
2015/5/7 9:40:00Trenton F.D. Offering Smoke Detectors To City Residents179
2015/5/7 9:31:00Princeton Students Honored At Spring Concert115
2015/5/6 12:30:00Princeton Music Concert Starts At 7:00 Tonight107
2015/5/6 12:30:00Trenton FBLA Holds End-Of-Year Awards Ceremony109
2015/5/6 12:30:00Trenton High School Announces Art Department Awards132
2015/5/6 12:23:28THS Senior Named Key Club "Member Of The Year"181
2015/5/6 12:18:16Chillicothe Arts Organization To Host Reception96
2015/5/6 12:11:00Missouri Lawmakers Override Governor Nixon's "Welfare Veto"114
2015/5/6 11:20:00NCMC Commencement Set For Saturday97
2015/5/6 11:20:00Trenton 2020 To Meet In One Week95
2015/5/6 11:20:00Princeton Announces City Clean-Up Plans169
2015/5/6 11:14:36Fire Deaths Blamed On Smoke Inhalation325
2015/5/5 14:27:42Area Students Elected as Club Officersā€¸326
2015/5/5 12:10:23"Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive Set For Saturday159
2015/5/5 12:10:00Breckenridge Plans Alumni Banquet92
2015/5/5 12:10:00Newtown-Harris Coach Accepts Princeton Job212
2015/5/5 12:10:00Grundy R-5 Principal Resigns279
2015/5/5 12:06:44IRS Announces Filing Numbers79
2015/5/5 11:28:21Trenton R-9 Announces Early Dismissal On Thursday192
2015/5/5 9:50:00Services Announced For Trenton Fire Victims397
2015/5/5 9:30:00All Clear Issued At MU, After Frat House Robbery/Assault188
2015/5/5 9:25:57Chillicothe Announces Cultural Luncheon On May 1275
2015/5/5 9:18:53Farm Management Class, In Bethany, Offered To Area Women76
2015/5/5 9:10:56Grundy And Daviess Counties Host Solid Waste Collection Events101
2015/5/5 9:04:21Grundy County Halts Union Pacific Traffic379
2015/5/5 9:00:00Drunk-Driving Saturation Results Announced235
2015/5/5 8:55:30Trenton Drivers Exam Station Announces Reduced Testing Times90
2015/5/4 7:55:50Bean-Bag Fundraiser Held Saturday In Trenton144
2015/5/1 8:51:48Princeton To Hold Kindergarten Screenings In Mid-May135
2015/5/1 8:50:00Trenton Key Club Holding End-Of-Year Fundraiser109
2015/5/1 8:49:05Livingston County Fair To Host "Singing" Auditions Saturday103
2015/4/28 8:00:00NCMC Honors Departing History Instructor With Brown-Pushkarsky Award107
2015/4/22 10:41:35Young Family Trusts To Benefit NCMC Students303
2015/4/22 8:34:10Hog Farm Dispute Brings Large Audience To Grundy County Courthouse1331
2015/4/22 8:12:56Applications Being Sought For Livestock-Related Honor145
2015/4/22 7:54:05Highway Patrol Sergeant Recognized For Life-Saving Efforts During September Flooding185
2015/4/22 7:44:27Oklahoma Rape Suspect Arrested Along I-35 In Northwest Missouri344
2015/4/22 7:38:43University Of Missouri Receives Bomb Threat, "All Clear" Issued138
2015/4/21 9:40:00Trenton's "City-Wide Garage Sales" Coming Saturday166
2015/4/21 9:30:00Animal Feeding Operation Proposed In Rural Grundy County327
2015/4/21 9:29:09New Date Set For Grundy County Murder Trial 780
2015/4/20 14:00:57Chillicothe Police Arrest Man On Marijuana Possession Charges276
2015/4/20 11:29:17Speed Limit For U.S. 65 In Trenton Drops To 45 MPH226
2015/4/20 9:17:39Trenton's Kasinger Places First In FFA Speaking Event, Advances To Nationals106
2015/4/17 11:00:00THS Senior Named Missouri's FFA President374
2015/4/17 8:20:00Phi Mu Epsilon Hosts 90th Anniversary Party At NCMC118
2015/4/17 8:10:00Daviess County Hosts Solid Waste Collection In May144
2015/4/17 8:05:44Grand River Tech Organization To Host Mock Accident88
2015/4/17 7:57:31Sullivan County Lifts Boil Advisory91
2015/4/17 7:40:00Area FFA Students Compete For State Awards207
2015/4/17 7:33:07Gallatin Hires New City Administrator185
2015/4/17 7:27:41Man Shot, Killed In MU Parking Garage148
2015/4/15 13:10:00Newtown-Harris Offers Contract To Principal Foster254
2015/4/15 13:10:00Laredo Board Approves Raise For Certified Staff219
2015/4/15 11:20:00Pleasant View District To Place New Sign In Front Of School256
2015/4/15 11:20:00Trenton Resident Charged With Marijuana Possession1184
2015/4/15 11:10:00Trenton R-9 Announces New Hirings For 2015-16 School Year966
2015/4/15 9:16:16Senator McCaskill Urges Senate To Postpone USPS Closings120
2015/4/15 8:20:00Grundy County Commission Approves Plastic Pipe Bids129
2015/4/15 8:10:00Cameron Man Charged With Rape746
2015/4/15 8:10:00FBI Seeking Individual To Help With ID Of Sexual Assault Victim249
2015/4/15 6:40:00Trenton Board Of Education Meets, Accepts Teacher Resignations637
2015/4/14 9:52:24Details Expected To Be Released On Missouri Auditor's Death157
2015/4/14 9:45:24Young Turkey Hunters Harvest 4,441 Birds During Youth Weekend99
2015/4/14 9:40:50Area Farm Bureau Students Visit State Capitol96
2015/4/14 7:20:00Trenton City Council Approves Abolishing Board Of Public Works168
2015/4/13 12:50:00Tri-County Board Of Education Meets, Elects Officers378
2015/4/13 12:47:54Two Arrested On Drug Charges In Milan790
2015/4/13 12:40:00FEMA Awards Laredo Money To Repair Flooding Damage134
2015/4/13 11:40:00Chillicothe FFA Has 14 Members To Receive State Degrees117
2015/4/13 11:32:56Chillicothe FFA Participates In Districts101
2015/4/13 11:20:00Chillicothe FFA Alumni Host Hog Sale85
2015/4/13 8:50:50LCSO Website Adds "Animal Feature"90
2015/4/13 8:45:43Trenton City Council To Discuss Lease For New Company162
2015/4/10 12:50:00Company Specializing In Pet Treats To Locate In Trenton579
2015/4/10 12:04:08Topeka Man Charged In Fort Riley Bomb Plot160
2015/4/10 10:00:46USDA Offers Financial Assistance In Efforts To Clean Water98
2015/4/10 9:53:58Spickard Hosts Preschool/Kindergarten Round-Up Next Friday94
2015/4/10 9:50:01Barnes-Baker Sponsors "Drive One" Event Saturday In Milan97
2015/4/10 9:45:08Conagra Leadership Team Aims To Continue Success At Trenton Plant144
2015/4/10 8:50:004-H Contest Day Events Start At 5:00 In Princeton67
2015/4/10 8:06:50Trenton R-9 Announces Summer School Plans111
2015/4/10 7:40:00Missouri Education Board Holds Public Hearings, Seeking Improvements61
2015/4/10 7:39:32Missouri Biologists Studying Deer Habits, Reproduction80
2015/4/10 7:32:49Linn County Republican Organization Plans Thursday Meeting98
2015/4/9 9:17:54Reward Offered In Burglary Case From February174
2015/4/8 13:35:19Trenton's Main Street To Close Friday Night150
2015/4/8 10:57:22Thirty-Two 4-H And FFA Members Awarded Scholarships125
2015/4/8 10:50:13Highway Patrol Announces Sobriety Checkpoint Plans157
2015/4/8 10:47:26MDC And Quail Forever Announce Informational Meeting80
2015/4/8 8:52:37Litter Clean-Up To Be Held Saturday, North Of Milan75
2015/4/8 8:39:48Hearing For Bradley Chapman Moved To May 7th106
2015/4/8 8:32:53With 68 Percent Support, Trenton Re-Elects Mayor McHargue218
2015/4/7 11:18:41Green Hills Wellness Challenge Wraps Up For 2015255
2015/4/7 10:48:38Historic Bakery Site In Chillicothe Changes Ownership179
2015/4/7 10:44:31Chillicothe Chamber's "Young Professionals" Become EPIC92
2015/4/7 10:36:41THS To Host Talent Show On Saturday Night130
2015/4/7 10:28:07"Chiefs Tea" Is Friday Morning At Trenton's 1st Christian Church87
2015/4/7 10:21:38Voters Head To The Polls Across North Missouri426
2015/4/3 8:38:28Driver Exam Station At Gallatin To Move For Election Day119
2015/4/3 8:35:35Registration And Rehearsals Start Tuesday For June 13th Concert112
2015/4/3 8:31:06Grundy County Senior Citizens Banquet To Be April 21st149
2015/4/3 8:22:54Mercer County Health Department Hosts "Spring Lab Fair" On April 1898
2015/4/3 8:13:43Wisconsin Man Pleads Guilty To Robbing Polo Bank174
2015/4/3 8:01:01Princeton Wins Grand River Conference "Academic Bowl" Title151
2015/4/2 14:50:004.0 Earthquake Shakes Missouri's Bootheel200
2015/4/2 11:20:00Trenton City Council Abolishes Trenton Board Of Public Works541
2015/4/2 11:10:00Trenton Park Department Revises Proposed Budget163
2015/4/2 10:11:35Watch Peregrine Falcon Nests Online Via MDC Partnerships181
2015/4/2 10:01:30Broeker Appointed Interim Director Of MoDOT107
2015/4/2 9:57:15Brookfield License Office Contract Up For Bid97
2015/4/1 16:32:22Shakespeare's Pizza Building At MU To Be Demolished249
2015/4/1 14:00:00Chillicothe PD Investigating Potential Case of Online Child Enticement324
2015/4/1 12:47:14Cameron Woman Among 13 Indicted For Filing False Tax Claims686
2015/4/1 11:08:56No Burn Order Issued For Sullivan County112
2015/4/1 10:00:00Silent Auction Basket Sale Underway At NCMC's Cross Hall81
2015/4/1 7:48:37Grundy County Absentee Balloting Open Saturday Morning50
2015/4/1 7:44:59Grundy County Seeks To Improve "Low-Water Crossings"63
2015/4/1 7:41:55Debris Falls On Power Line, Causing Trenton Power Failure100
2015/4/1 7:40:00Brookfield Catholic Organization To Host "Foot Care Clinic" Later This Month57
2015/4/1 7:25:09Chillicothe Police Department Announces New Hire463
2015/4/1 7:10:00Senator McCaskill In Chillicothe This Morning For "Senior Listening Tour"51
2015/3/30 12:00:00Trenton Municipal Utilities Sets Budget For Fiscal Year129
2015/3/30 11:50:34Princeton's Schoonover Receives High Score In Percussion Solo114
2015/3/30 11:00:00THS Vocalists Excel In Districts112
2015/3/30 11:00:00Trenton HS Instrumental Music Department Earns Ten "1's" At Districts134
2015/3/27 16:15:35Trenton Kiwanis To Host Easter Egg Hunt At Moberly Park249
2015/3/27 16:08:33Pershing Boyhood Home To Host Easter Egg Hunt150
2015/3/27 11:21:58Trenton Family Aquatics Center To Hold Lifeguarding Course100
2015/3/27 11:07:22Chillicothe City Council Scheduled To Meet Monday Night92
2015/3/27 8:40:00Trenton Residents Meet, Brainstorm Ideas To Improve City314
2015/3/27 8:37:34Health Center Hosts Open House To Kick Off Public Health Month91
2015/3/27 8:31:22Gun Show Coming To Marceline This Weekend110
2015/3/27 8:26:02State To Fully Fund A+ Program In Spring Term 85
2015/3/27 8:22:55Huffington Post Names NCMC As "Top Ten" Community College In U.S.121
2015/3/27 8:20:57Senator McCaskill To Host Senior Listening Session In Chillicothe127
2015/3/27 7:49:44MoDOT Warns Of Potential Bridge Closings, Without Financial Help186
2015/3/27 7:41:46Vehicle Reported Stolen In Chillicothe, Recovered In Springfield237
2015/3/27 7:38:22Chillicothe Police Arrest Two On Substance Possession Charges974
2015/3/27 7:24:41Discount Offered On May 2016 NCMC Group Trip To Europe87
2015/3/27 7:22:51NCMC Chooses Trenton Native As "Academic Excellence" Award Winner198
2015/3/26 13:35:45Grundy R-5 Hires New Vo-Ag Teacher173
2015/3/26 9:50:00Wright Memorial Highlights Donation In Hospital Improvement Efforts417
2015/3/26 9:28:22"Town Hall" Meeting To Be Held Tonight In Trenton169
2015/3/25 9:50:00Newtown-Harris To Host Benefit Basketball Game, Supper, And Auction186
2015/3/25 9:43:23Trenton Police Conduct Task Force Operation, Targeting Underage Drinking727
2015/3/25 9:33:01World-Class Pianist To Perform In Chillicothe This Weekend102
2015/3/25 9:13:00Trenton City Hall's Front Office Closed Through Rest Of Week161
2015/3/25 9:02:50Gallatin Purchases Water Plant Materials From Trenton149
2015/3/25 8:48:07MDC To Host Prescribed Burn Workshop At Crowder Park115
2015/3/25 8:43:39Fire Ban Lifted For Trenton111
2015/3/25 8:37:44Chillicothe Chamber Of Commerce Hires Hale Resident182
2015/3/24 8:18:34Three Area Students To Receive High School Diplomas, College Degrees This Spring1098
2015/3/24 8:06:14Livingston County Health Center Announces Spring Walking Challenge117
2015/3/24 7:46:38Chillicothe Announces Termination Of City Employee847
2015/3/24 7:44:21Tri-County District Places Teacher On Paid Leave1630
2015/3/24 7:31:54Tina-Avalon School Announces Preschool/Kindergarten Screenings114
2015/3/23 9:15:55Trenton Named A "Tree City USA"128
2015/3/23 9:09:08Chariton County Sheriff Nominated For Statewide Post142
2015/3/23 9:00:00Legislature Advances Truck Weight Limit Bill, Against Wishes Of MoDOT165
2015/3/23 8:36:39Green Hills Regional Planning Commission Supports Gas Tax Increase146
2015/3/21 9:29:05Linneus Site To Host MU Fescue School116
2015/3/20 8:38:01Trenton Solar Panel Farm To Be Discussed 108
2015/3/20 8:33:15Wallace State Park To Host Easter-Themed Events115
2015/3/20 8:27:08Wright Memorial CEO Announced As NCMC Commencement Speaker130
2015/3/20 8:23:36Plans To Renovate NCMC's Geyer Hall Coming Into Focus114
2015/3/20 7:45:52Princeton FFA Has Success At NCMC Agriculture Day130
2015/3/19 10:33:37Christian Motorcycle Events Planned For April In Chillicothe112
2015/3/19 10:27:45Trenton PD Warns Of Computer-Involved Scams123
2015/3/19 10:23:41Daviess County Health Department Offering Discounted Services94
2015/3/19 10:10:00Rep. Mike Lair Announces Events At Chillicothe, Trenton90
2015/3/18 11:33:01Gallatin Man Charged With Possession Of Child Porn211
2015/3/18 11:28:08Meetings Scheduled For Northeast Missouri90
2015/3/17 11:26:06THS Student Council Receives Award95
2015/3/17 11:24:05Smoking Banned On Sunnyview Property In Trenton183
2015/3/17 11:17:26NCMC To Host High School Ag Club Day This Thursday104
2015/3/17 11:15:36Spickard Board Of Education Meets110
2015/3/17 11:10:17Grundy County Commission Accepts Various Bids102
2015/3/17 11:10:00Two Arrested In Grundy County260
2015/3/17 10:08:28MO Department Of Agriculture Launches New Website90
2015/3/17 9:57:00Mercer County Plans Basketball "Showdown" As A Fundraiser169
2015/3/17 9:44:32Five NCMC Students Attend Agriculture Conference In Idaho100
2015/3/16 8:58:22Maryville Middle Schooler Wins Regional Spelling Bee128
2015/3/16 8:31:59Windy, Dry Conditions Bring Heightened Fire Danger73
2015/3/14 5:20:57Early Week Meetings Planned In Chillicothe106
2015/3/14 5:16:47Princeton's Parent-Teacher Conferences Begin Thursday122
2015/3/13 12:30:27Grundy County Man Wins Monsanto Funds, Donates To Princeton Schools193
2015/3/13 12:20:00Senator Blunt Announced As NCMC Commencement Speaker104
2015/3/12 11:20:00Princeton School District Moving Forward With Facility Improvements252
2015/3/12 11:16:38NCMC Hires Upward Bound Coordinator221
2015/3/12 10:15:17Chillicothe Hires Full-Time Firefighter/Paramedic281
2015/3/12 10:00:00Dinner And Auction Planned To Support Cancer-Stricken Man220
2015/3/12 9:55:46Gallatin's Water Treatment Project Experiencing Delays175
2015/3/12 7:29:21Trenton Senior Named State FFA Officer409
2015/3/11 9:00:00St. Louis Teen Banned From School Because Of Hair Color275
2015/3/11 8:38:14Lake Viking "Polar Plunge" Raises Over $30,000151
2015/3/11 8:26:15Princeton City Council Approves Mercer County Fair Contracts127
2015/3/11 8:20:04Newtown-Harris Board Split On Extending Principal's Contract294
2015/3/11 8:15:19NCMC Sophomore Receives Statewide Award136
2015/3/11 8:07:07Congressman Graves To Visit North-Central Missouri91
2015/3/10 12:00:42GEC Community Foundation Awards 17 Grants124
2015/3/10 11:52:17Princeton Chamber Announces Spring Events125
2015/3/10 11:24:14Trenton Man Sentenced To Prison On Felony Charges364
2015/3/10 11:20:00Reynolds Sentenced On Sodomy Charges289
2015/3/10 6:54:23ATM Theft Reported At Lakeview903
2015/3/9 10:54:48Area Couple Honored With Conservation Award123
2015/3/9 10:47:39Highway 136, East Of Unionville, To Be Detoured Until Mid-May139
2015/3/6 7:36:56Highway 10, West Of Carrollton, To Receive Speed Limit Increase155
2015/3/6 7:28:44Warnings Given Against "Lighning Rod" And "Asphalt" Schemes189
2015/3/6 7:19:18Newtown-Harris Hires New Superintendent309
2015/3/5 9:07:25Four Protesters Arrested Outside Ferguson Police Headquarters159
2015/3/5 8:03:14Chillicothe Coloring Contest Winners Announced100
2015/3/5 7:58:08Webb Resigns From Grundy R-5 Board630
2015/3/5 7:55:12Gallatin Sixth Graders Graduate From DARE Program108
2015/3/5 7:40:46"Guys And Dolls" To Be Performed In Gallatin101
2015/3/5 7:33:36Iowa Man Arrested In NW Missouri On Rape Accusations689
2015/2/27 16:50:00Trenton Superintendent Resigns To Take Maryville Job376
2015/2/24 7:10:00Missing Clinton County Teen Found In Belton440
2015/2/23 9:31:53Princeton 7th Grader Wins Mercer County Spelling Bee140
2015/2/20 10:38:17Recognitions To Be Announced For Dr. and Mrs. Jim Whitley179
2015/2/10 8:59:43American ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller Dead, Family Says175
2015/2/5 8:40:00Ohio Murder Suspect Arrested In Arizona257
2015/2/3 15:30:00Salisbury Man Promoted To Highway Patrol Corporal148
2015/2/3 11:07:07NCMC Reviews Protocol For Emergency Situations144
2015/2/3 8:50:00Armed Man, Wanted For Murder, Believed Spotted in St. Joseph609
2015/2/2 15:38:33NCMC Hires Marketing Specialist501
2015/2/2 14:10:00Man, After Walking 21 Miles To Work Each Day, Offered $37,000452
2015/2/2 11:56:06Whitney Houston's Daughter On Ventilator254
2015/2/2 11:10:00"Left Shark" Steals Super Bowl XLIV Headlines258
2015/1/30 21:38:30Mercer County 4-H/FFA Awards Day Planned For February 28148
2015/1/30 21:32:48Chula Man To Appear In Grundy County Court, On Change Of Venue761
2015/1/30 11:21:17NCMC's Ketcham Center Closed This Weekend154
2015/1/29 9:31:44Maryville Man Charged With Felony After Alleged Racial Slur502
2015/1/29 8:30:00Police: Woman Filmed Porn At College Library575
2015/1/29 8:20:00Teen Forced To Wear Winter Coat, Or Leave School Dance261
2015/1/28 13:00:00NASAā€™s Challenger Exploded 29 Years Ago Today162
2015/1/26 10:40:00Buchanan County Shooting Kills One, Injures Mid-Buchanan School Nurse307
2015/1/21 10:18:31Mizzou's Michael Sam To Keynote Kansas City Equality Brunch152
2015/1/20 13:30:00Law Enforcement Comments On Robert Graham's Pursuit And Capture3831
2015/1/20 8:40:00A Must Read: Green Bay Fan Writes Heart-Warming "Thank You" Note To Seattle253
2015/1/12 8:03:03High Speed Chase Moves Through Northwest Missouri226
2015/1/12 7:51:51Grundy R-5 Honors Students Of The Quarter67
2015/1/9 10:10:00Grieving Florida Mother Forgives 5 Year Old's Father For Alleged Murder332
2015/1/7 9:20:00Indian Artifacts Show Coming To Trenton This Saturday281
2015/1/7 8:50:00NCMC To Host Agricultural Conference87
2015/1/7 8:50:00Farm Bill Meeting Planned For Albany75
2014/12/31 8:03:09Livingston County Courthouse Celebrates 100th Birthday135
2014/12/31 7:40:00Exchange Between Intoxicated Man, Officer, Results In Arrest310
2014/12/30 17:02:14Gilman City Man Faces Assault Charges299
2014/12/30 17:00:03Grundy County Officers Given Oaths To Begin New Terms172
2014/12/30 16:57:40Chillicothe Announces Plans For "Christmas Tree" Removal108
2014/12/30 15:30:00Grain Explosion Reported in Southern Livingston County247
2014/12/26 14:40:00Taliban Leader Who Planned Pakistan School Attack Killed 159
2014/12/26 14:10:00Petition Filed To Legalize Marijuana In Missouri202
2014/12/26 13:17:28Highway Patrol Hires Four New Troopers For Northwest Missouri247
2014/12/26 10:47:46Trenton Walk To Show Support For Law Enforcement197
2014/12/24 11:21:13Jamesport Names Lighting Contest Winners143
2014/12/24 11:17:21Knox County Seeking Family Information On Recently Deceased Man214
2014/12/24 10:54:51Milan Elks Lodge To Host A Free Christmas Day Lunch144
2014/12/24 10:47:37Chillicothe Man Wins $100,000 Missouri Lottery Prize245
2014/12/24 10:40:12Governor Nixon Seeks Agricultural Opportunities With Cuba106
2014/12/24 8:50:38Area Gas Prices Fall Below $2.00/Gallon130
2014/12/24 8:39:26NCMC Offices Close Until January96
2014/12/24 8:20:31Grundy County Sheriff's Department Selling History Books129
2014/12/24 8:20:00Department Of Corrections Garden Program Sets New Record106
2014/12/24 8:10:00NCMC Upward Bound Coordinator To Resign135
2014/12/23 7:23:44McHargue To Run For Re-Election As Trenton Mayor169
2014/12/22 9:40:00Brookfield Woman Wins Missouri Lottery Cash Prize230
2014/12/22 9:33:22Ketcham Community Center Announces Special Holiday Hours169
2014/12/22 7:40:00Bethany Veterinarian Receives Agriculture Award143
2014/12/20 21:27:53Haney Refiles For Chillicothe's Mayoral Position134
2014/12/19 17:00:52Moore Files For Chillicothe Councilman-At-Large163
2014/12/19 16:56:56Trial for Trenton Man Accused Of Murder Begins In January335
2014/12/19 16:50:42Princeton Medical Clinic Adds X-Rays176
2014/12/19 16:46:25Unionville Man Wins Patrol Trooper Award199
2014/12/19 16:37:52Bethany Native Resigns Maryville Superintendent Position221
2014/12/18 15:10:26550 Million Year Old Fossils Provide New Clues about Fossil Formation153
2014/12/18 15:03:45Gallatin Man Organizing Regional Horticulture Conference107
2014/12/18 14:31:14Buchanan County Inmate Found Dead164
2014/12/18 12:30:00Ankle Bracelet Helps Police Catch Suspected Burglar128
2014/12/18 12:15:46U.S. Officials Blame North Korea For Sony Hack85
2014/12/18 12:06:48U.S. Kills Three ISIS Leaders in Iraq Strikes, Officials Say192
2014/12/18 11:21:10St. Joseph Truck Driver Convicted in Child Prostitution Case148
2014/12/17 13:10:28Waco, Texas Meteorologist Shot Outside TV Station203
2014/12/17 13:10:00St. Joseph Mom Accused Of Starving Baby To Death229
2014/12/17 10:16:4219th Century Worth County Court Cases Added To Statewide Database124
2014/12/17 10:10:30Livingston County Investigating Property Damage Reports161
2014/12/17 10:02:39Hamilton Woman Wins NCMC Scholarship114
2014/12/17 9:10:00Trenton Police Department Begins Body Camera Usage195
2014/12/17 8:43:30MCT Seeks Actors/Actresses To Perform "The Jungle Book"202
2014/12/17 8:30:00Young Ohio Woman Continues Public Battle With Brain Cancer158
2014/12/17 8:10:00Carrollton Hospital Hosts Ground-Breaking Ceremony83
2014/12/17 7:50:00Sunnyview Honors Gastineau As "Employee Of The Month"232
2014/12/17 7:48:25Show-Me-Select Heifers Set Record Price At Palmyra103
2014/12/17 7:31:41MDC Seeks Public Opinion On Shooting Ranges92
2014/12/17 7:25:47Spickard Board Approves Audit70
2014/12/17 7:18:37Grundy County Tax Collections Up For 201477
2014/12/16 11:30:00Robinson To Challenge McHargue For Trenton Mayor913
2014/12/16 11:20:00Bucklin Woman Named Farm Bureau Ambassador117
2014/12/16 11:15:47Paraprofessional To Resign At Laredo School151
2014/12/16 10:50:00Search Intensifies For Gunman Who Killed Six Near Philadelphia166
2014/12/16 10:19:03Taliban Kills 141 In Pakistani School Shooting177
2014/12/16 8:59:07Trenton Breakfast Raises Over $800 For Veterans138
2014/12/16 8:55:19Highway Patrol To "Graduate" 31 New Troopers108
2014/11/12 9:00:00Colorado Man Rescued From Department Store Walls253
2014/10/8 8:16:09NCMC To Receive Grant Of $663,000187
2014/9/10 10:36:23Laredo Board Of Education To Meet Thursday123
2014/9/10 10:33:08Princeton City Council Approves Water Sharing Agreement With Mercer143
2014/9/10 10:28:04Tri-County Board Purchases New Basketball Uniforms141
2014/9/10 10:20:00S.M. Rissler Announces Future "Parents As Teachers" Events117
2014/9/10 10:16:05Informational Meeting To Be Held Tonight In Laclede128
2014/9/10 10:12:20GRM Networks Announce Latest Grant Recipients153
2014/9/10 10:00:00Donut Eating Contest Added To Chili Cook-off On October 4th149
2014/9/10 9:33:36Chillicothe Police Department Announces New Hires172
2014/9/10 9:13:45Chillicothe To Host "Meet The Candidates" Event On September 16th225
2014/8/29 15:32:52Drive One For Your School Event To Raise Money For Three Area School Districts211
2014/8/29 15:27:34Princeton Chamber To Meet Concerning Cow Palace Repairs195
2014/6/18 9:20:00Manufacturer Considering Trenton, Seeks Interest From Job Seekers1886
2014/6/17 8:00:15Chillicothe Festival Attracts Good Weekend Crowds183
2014/6/17 7:52:05Grundy County To Participate In Red Cross Disaster Drill239
2014/5/16 14:50:54Chilli Bay Water Park To Open Memorial Day412
2014/5/16 11:09:52MOHealthWINs Participants Complete NCMC Courseworkā€¸266
2014/5/16 11:00:00NCMC Seeks "Distinguished Alumni" Nominations313
2014/5/6 11:34:49Novinger High School To Host Awards Banquet224
2014/5/6 10:20:00Gas Price Declines Predicted By Memorial Day Weekend351
2014/5/6 10:20:00Livingston County Fairgrounds To Host Jamboree Auditions514
2014/5/6 10:10:00Red Cross Training Offered In Chillicothe199
2014/5/6 9:40:00Adkison Pleads Not Guilty To Caldwell County Charges253
2014/5/6 9:00:00Trenton FBLA Hosts Awards Night324
2014/4/28 8:46:06NCMC Announces Speaker For Morning Ceremony260
2014/4/22 9:57:26NCMC Announces Speaker For Commencement Ceremony279
2014/4/16 16:20:00Trenton Students Participate In FBLA Leadership Conference345
2014/1/20 9:50:00THS Announces Courtwarming Candidates306
2014/1/2 9:10:00Get Those Light Bulbs in 20142488
2014/1/2 9:00:00Linn County Man Receives Prison Sentence761
2014/1/1 4:50:00Trenton business sells winning lottery ticket860
2013/12/31 9:50:00Another lottery-made millionaire 443
2013/12/31 9:50:00Twelve Week Wellness Challenge Announced 1646
2013/12/31 9:40:00First area bridge replacement in 2014363
2013/12/27 10:40:00Classes Offered To Help Build Muscular Strength753
2013/12/27 10:40:00Water Restrictions Lifted For Kidder District400
2013/12/27 10:20:04Trip To Washington, DC Available For High School Juniors389
2013/12/27 10:11:55GRM Makes Scholarships Available To High School Seniors340
2013/12/26 11:09:33Three Arrested Across Grundy County948
2013/12/24 9:59:01Auction And Gala Planned In Chillicothe685
2013/12/24 8:23:06Workshops To Cover Estate Planning For Farms And Small Businesses389
2013/12/24 8:00:00Region Readies For "Great Northwest Day" In February 2014426
2013/12/20 7:56:30NCMC Administrator Announces Retirement602
2013/12/19 13:06:53Bethany Farmer Named New Missouri Director of Agriculture422
2013/12/19 10:17:33Music And Puppet Show To Be Presented In Trenton330
2013/12/18 13:39:16Trenton Police Department Participates In "Shop With A Cop"342
2013/12/18 13:24:21NCMC Announces Holiday Hours, Closings327
2013/12/18 10:24:48Breckenridge Woman Earns NCMC Scholarship265
2013/12/18 10:00:00"Wizard Of Oz" To Be Performed In Chillicothe500
2013/12/18 10:00:00Gibson and Kiehl Named 2014 Missouri Farm Bureau Ambassadors313
2013/12/10 10:25:04Ketcham CC To Close For Maintenance255
2013/11/28 5:40:00Deer Numbers Down Across The Green Hills444
2013/11/25 10:15:28Highway 6 Accident Injures Princeton Woman515
2013/11/22 10:00:00New Breastfeeding Support Program Offered To NCMC Students and Employees409
2013/11/2 13:39:08Northwest MO Man Killed After Vehicle Pursuit518
2013/11/1 10:40:00Craig Sager Approved as New Green Hills GM708
2013/11/1 10:34:32NCMC Seeks Help In Theater Project596
2013/11/1 10:24:19Trenton Chamber Begins Planning For Christmas Activities441
2013/11/1 10:10:00Mercer County Health Fair Scheduled For Saturday Morning375
2013/11/1 10:06:49Unionville Man Sentenced On Sodomy Charges668
2013/10/22 9:13:23Missouri DNR Director Coming To Trenton536
2013/10/18 7:00:00Love's Brings New Store To Eagleville651
2013/10/3 14:41:30Princeton Crowns Lovett, Batson As 2013 Homecoming Royalty385
2013/10/3 14:40:00Longtime Pattonsburg Coach Dies at 55573
2013/9/12 9:05:532013 NCMC Gala Approaches503
2013/9/10 11:07:45Gallatin Board of Aldermen Considers Electric Rate Increases240
2013/9/6 14:30:00Dry Weather Brings Burn BANS to Trenton, Chillicothe294
2013/8/26 11:00:00NCMC To Host Blood Drive235
2013/7/30 9:00:00Casey's General Stores bans sales of energy shots to teens543
2013/7/30 8:40:00North Central Missouri Fair opens on Tuesday829
2013/6/6 10:21:35Meadville man re-elected to FEC Board of Directors351
2013/6/6 10:08:22Princeton to host "Community Betterment" program347
2013/6/6 10:05:28Unionville to host MoDOT open house373
2013/5/31 9:28:53LIvingston County deputy resigns714
2013/5/7 13:56:25Daviess County Health Department to offer health screenings347
2013/5/2 9:04:36GRM announces winners of Washington, DC tours367
2013/5/1 13:38:25NCMC picks Zora Mulligan to deliver commencement address406
2013/5/1 13:34:07Warren named Grundy County Special Prosecutor491
2013/5/1 13:30:47Chillicothe authorities investigate kidnapping case573
2013/5/1 13:28:54Trial begins for rural Bethany man charged with murder645
2013/5/1 13:26:45Livingston County authorities investigate methamphetamine lab in Ludlow340
2013/5/1 13:24:11Chillicothe authorizes purchase of new fire rescue unit310
2013/4/27 6:02:15Swan Lake Refuge seeks hunting program volunteers332
2013/4/27 5:56:10THS announces fundraiser for graduating seniors321
2013/4/26 8:44:20Applications may be taken for Kauffman scholarships, starting May 1st411
2013/4/24 10:21:10Body of dead female identified359
2013/4/23 8:58:28Chillicothe to host "Bluestem Cowboy Band" on Sunday afternoon343
2013/4/23 8:45:16Jameson announces plans for community fundraiser299
2013/4/23 8:34:14Meadville High School senior wins citizenship award317
2013/4/19 9:06:01Princeton hires principal for 2013-2014 school year425
2013/4/19 8:58:14Missouri Day Festival Parade announces 2013 theme378
2013/4/19 8:37:32Boil advisory lifted in Sullivan County294
2013/4/10 8:55:07Unionville building collapse destroys photography studio574
2013/4/10 8:51:57Blue Springs investigating death of northern Missouri woman1041
2013/4/9 15:40:00Newtown man arrested on sex charge419
2013/4/3 9:46:39Platte County judge makes ruling in Woodworth case513
2013/4/3 9:40:09Crime spree ends with two arrests in Macon1522
2013/4/3 9:35:08Gallatin man arrested in rape charges1145
2013/3/27 7:21:06Livingston County investigates livestock thefts405
2013/3/20 9:12:47Name announced of man found dead behind Milan hotel590
2013/3/15 9:47:11Trenton High School named "Army Strong Star School"885
2013/3/15 9:37:40Livingston County warns of phone scammers443
2013/3/15 9:31:38Area high schools participate in ag contests at NCMC501
2013/3/14 7:44:00Monsanto to award $2,500 to Newtown-Harris FFA429
2013/3/7 7:40:15Standoff outside Dawn ends with arrest of Jeffrey Griffith1001
2013/3/4 8:42:36Judicial commission nominates three to fill vacancy378
2013/2/28 8:26:57Fewer employees challenges Gallatin in snow removal460
2013/2/28 8:00:22Snow causes voter registration delays in Daviess County366
2013/2/28 7:45:16Hamilton and Trenton court dates moved due to weather379
2013/2/22 7:40:16Brookfield man indicted on 'child porn' charges565
2013/2/19 8:23:16NCMC closes offices Tuesday morning for "intruder training"352
2013/2/15 11:27:56Brookfield wins NCMC math contest430
2013/2/15 11:25:27Woodworth could be released from prison today395
2013/2/14 14:50:00Livingston County river searches look for stolen property356
2013/2/14 10:53:16Chillicothe hires Greever as Building Codes Enforcement officer372
2013/2/13 6:40:00Princeton Elementary School principal resigns659
2013/2/13 6:30:07North Mercer Board of Education holds meeting363
2013/2/12 8:17:07Grants announced for Princeton and Chillicothe libraries358
2013/2/12 8:12:00Holt man injured in ATV accident386
2013/2/12 8:09:05Weekend accident near Polo injures two411
2013/2/8 9:20:00Authorities seek man involved in multiple area robberies461
2013/2/8 9:12:04Livingston County authorities arrest local man on assault charges474
2013/2/8 8:58:47Area school districts announce temporary bus travel plans387
2013/2/7 16:23:40Nancy Anderson resigns from Spickard Board of Aldermen492
2013/2/7 15:55:30Cainsville High School awarded 500 dollars431
2013/2/7 15:51:29Livingston County authorities warn of 'suspicious' Facebook account, potential danger to children430
2013/2/7 15:45:40Trenton Police announce execution of two drug search warrants567
2013/2/7 15:41:56Casey's General Store in Cameron robbed498
2013/1/31 8:08:24SBA offers "Disaster Loans" to four area counties1169
2013/1/30 15:11:54Newtown-Harris to host "Financial Workshop" for juniors and seniors440
2013/1/30 6:34:23Tri-County announces new superintendent988
2013/1/25 14:39:28Jamesport dairy business has license reinstated427
2013/1/24 8:33:02Livingston County Health Center to host Adult Wellness clinic443
2013/1/24 8:19:59Livingston County investigates "mailbox bomb"392
2013/1/23 15:11:28Tri-County School announces cancellation of classes on Thursday and Friday370
2013/1/21 8:37:05Livingston County seeking answers to solve home burglary problem400
2013/1/21 8:32:35Two people now accused in last week's Clarence bank robbery478
2013/1/18 9:40:19Stevens sentenced to 17 years on burglary, firearm charges447
2013/1/17 7:32:41"Texas Hold 'Em" poker tournament to be held Saturday423
2013/1/17 7:20:00Breckenridge boy dies after accidental shooting521
2013/1/17 6:40:00"Barbershop Quartet" to perform Sunday in Chillicothe340
2013/1/15 12:57:44Missouri Milk Board investigates cheese from Jamesport business411
2013/1/14 10:14:17Advocacy Center to host "Champagne and Diamond" dinner431
2013/1/14 9:53:28Lake Viking "Polar Plunge" scheduled for Saturday, February 2nd528
2013/1/14 9:30:00Claypole promoted by Livingston County Sheriff's Department357
2013/1/8 13:37:18NCMC to host FFA conference on Wednesday365
2013/1/7 10:40:00Auditions for Chillicothe play to be held Monday afternoon751
2013/1/7 10:32:20Gallatin driver's exam station to move temporarily, starting Tuesday382
2013/1/4 11:12:38Missouri Highway Patrol announces first of the year promotions494
2013/1/4 10:50:00Brookfield woman named Linn County Circuit Clerk370
2013/1/3 12:08:00Mercer County Health Department announces "10 Week Wellness Program"347
2013/1/3 9:07:37Livingston County Jail reports more facility issues436
2013/1/3 8:18:43Green Hills area continues to show positive unemployment trends368
2013/1/3 8:09:46Green Hills "Wellness Challenge" to begin later this month467
2013/1/3 8:02:34Civil War historian to speak at Chillicothe meeting370
2013/1/2 20:39:01Grundy County authorities charge Mexican man with kidnapping, child endangerment399
2013/1/2 10:21:05Green Hills Animal Shelter seeks submissions to 2014 calendar476
2013/1/2 9:03:27Ketcham Community Center to have limited hours Wednesday and Thursday406
2012/12/28 13:50:00Spike strips credited with helping to end Livingston County police chase391
2012/12/28 13:42:49Murder case involving an Eagleville woman moved to Grundy County532
2012/12/26 8:55:05Foundation for Rural Service to award thirty $2,000 scholarships400
2012/12/19 11:29:42Ketcham Community Center announces "Holiday Hours"440
2012/12/17 6:34:58Premium Standard Farms announces name change to "Murphy Brown of Missouri LLC"909
2012/12/14 15:20:00Governor Nixon talks health care in Wright Memorial Hospital news conference399
2012/12/14 9:29:07Livingston County authorities investigate home burglaries508
2012/12/14 9:16:06Murder arrest made in Knox County512
2012/12/13 15:04:03Tuesday night shooting kills Powersville boy937
2012/12/11 13:25:44Congressman Graves nominates Brookfield student for admittance to U.S. Air Force Academy549
2012/12/11 13:20:00Eight incumbents file for re-election in Chillicothe470
2012/12/11 13:19:54Local Audubon Chapter to meet Wednesday night near Chillicothe506
2012/12/7 9:25:48Green Hills Animal Shelter announces "Adoption Day" on December 15th480
2012/12/7 9:20:00Livingston County Sheriff's Department to receive $9,000 grant396
2012/12/4 14:00:00Trenton Police seek person involved in hit and run incident near NCMC628
2012/12/4 13:42:55Chillicothe announces final "Mayor's Coffee" of 2012387
2012/12/4 13:39:53Area residents receive honors at Farm Bureau convention412
2012/12/3 17:00:00Truck runs into pedestrian at Casey's store in Brunswick424
2012/11/29 10:37:31House of Prayer to host "Celebrate Christmas" event421
2012/11/29 10:18:05GRM announces grant recipients429
2012/11/27 21:16:30Chillicothe H.S. student to compete in public speaking contest441
2012/11/27 21:14:32Christmas lighting contest announced for Mercer County546
2012/11/27 8:26:00Main Street Chillicothe to host "Kids Christmas" on Wednesday night286
2012/11/27 8:21:52Positive results described from DAWG's Festival of Trees346
2012/11/27 8:18:31Home burglary reported in Trenton320
2012/11/20 7:55:14Stacy Center to host "Winter Wonderland" on December 1st345
2012/11/20 7:49:29Chillicothe Arts Council's "Christmas Luncheon" to be December 6th355
2012/11/20 7:38:49Trenton P.D. to have increased enforcements this week419
2012/11/16 11:31:02Livingston County Health Center sponsors annual "Mitten Tree"473
2012/11/15 11:11:25Gallatin's cost to repair its pool: Half a million dollars509
2012/11/13 8:45:23Princeton Chamber continues planning for "Hometown Christmas" event336
2012/11/13 8:34:09Chillicothe Christmas lighting ceremony coming Friday night321
2012/11/13 7:54:44Fire destroys car just west of Trenton375
2012/11/10 5:45:41Mid-week farm accident kills Humphreys resident557
2012/11/10 5:42:50NCMC to host Veteran's program on Monday342
2012/11/9 9:56:50Share the Harvest offers deer processing services for interested hunters342
2012/11/7 16:54:09Spickard School to host Veteran's program this Friday299
2012/11/7 16:50:57Saturday morning breakfast to support local National Guard unit389
2012/11/7 9:18:01Chillicothe junior candidates named 2012 Barnwarming King and Queen333
2012/11/7 9:12:47Pleasant View R-6 to receive award from Monsanto375
2012/11/7 9:05:25Donaldson Company receives award, recognizing work done with NCMC420
2012/11/7 8:55:00DAWGS to host "Festival of Trees" on November 23rd475
2012/11/6 8:15:10North Mercer to host a "Vietnam focused" Veteran's Day program325
2012/11/6 8:12:24Seat belt and child restraint checks conducted in Chillicothe315
2012/11/6 7:49:39ATV accident injures Gilman City woman437
2012/11/6 7:45:38"Scouting For Food" drive nets 2,006 pounds across Trenton354
2012/10/31 9:20:00Election Day to relocate Gallatin driver's testing station368
2012/10/30 10:51:22Grundy County recycling trailer at Spickard328
2012/10/22 13:05:54Veterans Benefits Fair coming to Princeton on Saturday332
2012/10/22 12:57:02Tractor accident injures Breckenridge man445
2012/10/22 12:49:48Savannah Savages win "Sweepstakes Award" at Saturday's Missouri Day Band Festival627
2012/10/22 12:43:47NCMC hosts Presidential Trivia contest on Election Night486
2012/10/22 8:13:12Holt parents charged with second degree murder in death of four-year old boy501
2012/10/22 8:07:30Gilman City's boil advisory now cancelled366
2012/10/22 8:05:32Chula Fire Department announces annual meeting391
2012/10/17 9:32:12Federal authorities arrest Gallatin man532
2012/10/16 10:30:00Reigning State Fair queen to appear in Missouri Day Parade542
2012/10/16 10:11:57Livingston County authorities investigating thefts from cemeteries408
2012/10/15 10:52:32Gallatin Medicare enrollment/sign-up meeting continues until 3:00 today442
2012/10/15 10:49:40Stacy Center announces new operation hours392
2012/10/15 9:52:21Trenton's "Trick or Treat Night" will be October 29th at the Rock Barn415
2012/10/15 9:46:45"Family Fun Festival" planned at Wallace State Park this Saturday419
2012/10/8 18:03:11Woodworth seeks third trial in hopes of changing murder conviction582
2012/10/8 13:32:35Representative Mike Lair asked to assist Romney campaign in creating 'student-friendly' reforms446
2012/10/8 13:26:58MoDOT reopens rural Carroll County bridge300
2012/10/8 13:25:45Livingston County reports battery thefts from farm machinery335
2012/10/8 13:19:39NCMC to host "Distracted Driver Simulator" on Tuesday302
2012/10/8 13:17:36Two water notices lifted in Sullivan County322
2012/10/8 13:15:23Kauffman Scholarship Foundation rewards 37 Mercer County women attending Missouri universities653
2012/10/1 20:06:03ATV accident near Kidder injures Gladstone man556
2012/10/1 20:04:16Motorcycle accident injures Chillicothe boy413
2012/10/1 19:57:04Missing Brookfield man found safe in western Illinois369
2012/10/1 19:41:22Smoke from Sunday fire forces early school dismissal at Spickard346
2012/9/28 8:14:38Chillicothe FFA members available to work to raise money580
2012/9/28 8:11:11Talent show is tonight at North Daviess School371
2012/9/28 8:08:10Grundy R-5 nominates two students for community-based award475
2012/9/28 8:03:41Chillicothe choir to perform "Christmas" music on December 16th445
2012/9/28 7:57:47Flu shot clinic coming to Trenton on October 3rd439
2012/9/28 7:54:06Blood drive at Princeton's Stacy Center next Thursday452
2012/9/28 7:50:00New transfer agreement earns Princeton woman an NCMC degree490
2012/9/28 7:44:39Fall enrollment down slightly at North Central Missouri College372
2012/9/28 7:38:21United Way to host "Pancake Feed" at Trenton Hy-Vee 381
2012/9/25 10:29:06Autopsy rules that carbon monoxide killed three in Cameron fire599
2012/9/25 10:21:50Boil water order at Gilman City ended454
2012/9/25 10:15:41Grundy Electric Cooperative approved for loans to improve service lines509
2012/9/25 10:11:48Sullivan County Relay For Life hosts annual event in Milan439
2012/9/25 10:10:19"Turkey Trot" to raise funds for Chillicothe artillery unit726
2012/9/25 10:01:07Chillicothe "Mayor's Coffee" scheduled for Wednesday morning539
2012/9/25 9:56:42Motorcycle accident injures two from Gallatin463
2012/9/21 12:40:00Trenton classes to dismiss early for 2012 Homecoming Parade658
2012/9/21 12:30:00Rural Galt man charged with murder1694
2012/9/21 12:20:00Trenton man arrested on assault charges516
2012/9/19 17:47:41Galt woman arrested on drug-related charges848
2012/9/18 11:16:39Homecoming week underway at Trenton High School662
2012/9/18 9:30:00Green Hills warns of telephone service interruption tonight472
2012/9/18 9:24:17Daviess County lifts burning ban321
2012/9/18 9:22:59S.M. Rissler Elementary to host Chrysler "test drives" on Tuesday336
2012/9/18 9:00:51Grundy County recycling trailer in Spickard496
2012/9/17 9:54:19USDA grant earns Tri-County School District new computers336
2012/9/17 9:43:08Putnam County High School honors junior student with monthly award399
2012/9/17 9:40:58Missouri Day Festival donations continue to grow for October 20th events448
2012/9/17 9:31:26Princeton and Trenton to host "Car Seat Checks" this week487
2012/9/17 9:27:01Dawn resident returned to Chillicothe to face criminal charges458
2012/9/17 9:23:39Self-Defense classes for females to be held in Livingston County367
2012/9/12 19:00:17Gallatin Police arrest 44-year old on burglary charges423
2012/9/12 18:08:28Hamilton man sentenced to life to prison on murder charges511
2012/9/12 18:05:38Flu shot clinic to be in Milan next Friday451
2012/9/12 18:02:06Barnes-Baker plans "Test Drive" event Saturday in Princeton419
2012/9/12 18:00:00Farm-Pac trustees reaffirm support of Todd Akin302
2012/9/11 10:00:49Dawn man accused of criminal acts in last week's shooting incident623
2012/9/11 9:57:38Gallatin man ordered to pay over $37,000 by the Attorney General703
2012/9/7 5:50:00Princeton and Mercer County lifts bans brought by drought493
2012/9/7 5:44:32Livingston County man arrested after "cemetery incidents"542
2012/9/6 5:50:00Six Spickard students named as royalty for this weekend's festival365
2012/9/6 5:50:00Brookfield man faces "fleeing" charges in Grundy County419
2012/9/6 5:50:00Gilman City plans "Tractor Pull" for mid-September418
2012/9/6 5:35:36Local efforts raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Association375
2012/9/5 12:46:52NCMC plans trip to Italy in May 2013556
2012/8/29 18:40:42Representative Guernsey receives challenger in November's election493
2012/8/29 18:36:23Livingston County deputies to give away "Project Gun Safe" merchandise454
2012/8/29 14:37:26Chillicothe arts organization announces early September luncheon396
2012/8/29 14:20:00NCMC Foundation announces 2012 Class of "Distinguished" Alumni651
2012/8/24 9:00:00Area Republicans reorganize 7th House District546
2012/8/24 8:30:00Princeton hosts 2012 GRM stockholders meeting539
2012/8/24 8:21:57U.S. 36 roadwork east of St. Joseph means smoother surface589
2012/8/23 8:30:00New security door in place at the Livingston County jail503
2012/8/22 11:06:28More school districts began classes on Wednesday570
2012/8/22 9:52:45Unionville search warrant results in two arrests936
2012/8/21 11:00:00Cameron fire victims identified597
2012/8/21 10:20:00NWS meteorologist talks drought, hope for rain544
2012/8/21 9:04:24Kirksville plane crash injures Lee's Summit man504
2012/8/20 10:40:00"Potential" weapons found in Livingston County Jail search648
2012/8/20 10:33:33Green Hills Community Action Agency to host open house in Brookfield411
2012/8/20 10:30:18Adair County motorcycle accident injures Greencastle man452
2012/8/18 6:04:57Circus coming to Milan on Saturday afternoon469
2012/8/17 9:45:37Four-wheeler accident injures two from Spickard393
2012/8/17 9:40:00Livingston County authorities continue to deal with attempted jail escapes567
2012/8/17 9:30:00Shatto Dairy of Osborn reopens after health scare432
2012/8/17 9:21:23School year underway at Newtown-Harris432
2012/8/17 9:19:18Classes begin Monday at North Central Missouri College396
2012/8/17 9:16:47Two members of Gallatin's Park Board removed from office460
2012/8/17 9:12:50DNR to host Saturday event at Sydenstricker's in Macon637
2012/8/17 9:05:45Linn County approved for "EEZ" desgination349
2012/8/14 12:50:00Chillicothe announces plans to expand its water park536
2012/8/13 10:31:40Dove hunters to be required to fill out "daily card"515
2012/8/11 8:07:34Cameron resident shows "Champion Lambs" at the Missouri State Fair532
2012/8/9 14:08:38Former Milan woman pleads guilty to Minnesota murder charges544
2012/8/8 16:50:00Senator McCaskill announces Lauren Gray can STAY in the U.S.A.1020
2012/8/2 12:01:46Chillicothe holds groundbreaking ceremony for Hedrick Medical Center775
2012/8/2 9:29:08North Central Missouri Fair Board announces campaign to construct new grandstand902
2012/8/1 15:20:00Senator McCaskill offers assistance in efforts to keep Lauren Gray in the U.S.693
2012/8/1 8:54:52Voting deadline comes Wednesday603
2012/8/1 8:53:04Groundbreaking for Hedrick Medical Center scheduled today at 4:30401
2012/7/31 7:50:00Lakeview Restaurant hosts political speaking event663
2012/7/31 7:50:00Trenton's Gray family continues meetings in Washington, DC746
2012/7/30 10:21:20TMS teacher named to statewide position611
2012/7/30 10:17:01Bird nests delay bridge closing near Mendon793
2012/7/30 10:07:23Motorcycle accident injures Galt man664
2012/7/30 10:00:00548th Transportation Company receives awards during Saturday program714
2012/7/30 9:30:00Lauren Gray attempting to stay in United States, meeting congressmen in Washington, DC681
2012/7/28 8:20:00Daviess County Food Drive announced for August 3rd517
2012/7/28 8:18:30Five area schools seek Monsanto "Rural Education Grants"552
2012/7/28 8:14:48THS parking lot to close for repairs next month475
2012/7/28 6:10:00Furniture store could be coming to downtown Trenton476
2012/7/27 13:30:00Immigration attorney from Oregon to assist Lauren Gray with immigration status (additional cuts added Saturday at 6 AM)1462
2012/7/27 12:25:46Burn ban temporarily lifted for RURAL Livingston County599
2012/7/27 12:16:18Grundy Electric Cooperative announces annual meeting for August 2nd630
2012/7/26 7:47:18Chillicothe seeks to fill Airport Board vacancy406
2012/7/26 7:30:00"Freedom Salute" ceremony announced for 548th Transportation Company466
2012/7/18 15:40:00"Backpack Buddies" plans food supplies for upcoming school year763
2012/7/18 14:03:38Livingston County Fair announces "Heat" related changes518
2012/7/14 8:29:17Groundbreaking for NEW Hedrick Medical Center planned for August 1st683
2012/7/14 8:09:56Glasgow Savings Bank acquired by Regional Missouri Bank of Marceline645
2012/7/14 8:02:13Trenton woman named Grundy R-5 elementary principal791
2012/7/14 8:00:29Fireworks allowed Saturday in Spickard and Trenton596
2012/7/13 10:10:00Efforts made to reach U.S. leaders on behalf of Trenton's Gray family663
2012/7/13 7:40:00Trenton girl experiencing "Trip of a Lifetime" to NYC ballet652
2012/7/12 16:23:01Chula Fire Department looking into installing a helipad442
2012/7/12 16:18:54Rural Livingston County shooting kills 79-year old man543
2012/7/12 13:34:12Livingston County Health Center opens "Weight Loss" registration534
2012/7/12 10:51:47Missouri State Fair Queen reunion planned for August589
2012/7/12 10:42:31ATV collision injures two Pattonsburg children383
2012/7/12 10:40:00Outdoor burn ban lifted in Trenton.....for now422
2012/7/9 10:10:00Police pursuit ends in arrest of Chillicothe man652
2012/7/9 9:47:31Carrollton man injured in weekend accident513
2012/7/9 9:40:00Putnam County accident injures two men407
2012/7/9 8:40:00U.S. leaders to be contacted concerning assistance for Trenton family of four827
2012/7/6 16:00:51Entry list growing for 2012 Missouri Day Festival Parade620
2012/7/6 15:53:11Friday night's concert in Chillicothe moved INDOORS495
2012/7/6 15:41:02Brookfield men charged with "escaping from confinement"545
2012/7/6 10:45:48Young Trenton woman fights for citizenship to remain in the U.S.900
2012/7/6 10:35:42Chillicothe Police Department issues "animal neglect" citations409
2012/7/6 10:29:10Both Livingston County Jail escapees back in custody494
2012/7/3 11:29:32Dry weather cancels Chillicothe's "Freedom Festival"587
2012/7/3 10:41:55Livingston County credits website with arrest of two fugitives923
2012/7/3 10:32:00Despite dry weather, Milan announces no changes to Independence Day events573
2012/7/3 10:27:21CAFO permits to be explained July 17th at NCMC533
2012/7/3 10:20:54"Family and Children's" entertainer comes to Chillicothe on August 1558
2012/7/3 9:56:41Green Hills Animal Shelter to hold "Adoption Day" with reduced fees602
2012/7/3 9:40:00Highway Patrol reminds motorists to "remember safety" over the July 4th holiday638
2012/7/3 9:30:00Independence Day activities planned for Dockery Park in Gallatin507
2012/6/30 6:00:00Senator McCaskill to make "Highway 36" tour on Saturday612
2012/6/30 5:56:25Daviess County customers asked to conserve water573
2012/6/29 9:49:57Gallatin Theatre League announces mid-July fundraiser534
2012/6/29 9:46:54Grants awarded to three area libraries508
2012/6/29 9:41:05Cainsville to "Celebrate the 4th" this weekend578
2012/6/28 13:07:37Missouri National Guard soldiers receive medals and awards595
2012/6/27 8:27:15Governor Nixon requests USDA to conduct "drought damage" reports435
2012/6/27 8:20:37Christian music festival comes to Harrison County this weekend508
2012/6/27 8:16:20Area students travel to Washington, DC for annual "Electric" tour469
2012/6/27 8:10:58Partnership announced to help support area troops538
2012/6/27 7:58:33Unionville meth bust results in three arrests632
2012/6/26 13:53:20King City man arrested on multiple charges422
2012/6/26 13:46:59Missouri DNR holds "collection events" for hazardous chemicals402
2012/6/26 13:41:08MoDOT reminds to keep "right of way" clear of signage477
2012/6/25 8:39:24Spickard announces replacement of fire hydrants363
2012/6/25 8:37:50Gallatin organization announces plans for "Back to School Bash"471
2012/6/25 8:32:21Kansas City teen involved in Livingston County police pursuit514
2012/6/21 8:43:40Unemployment rates rose in May376
2012/6/21 8:30:00Callao's former superintendent sentenced to prison on murder charges1100
2012/6/19 8:00:00NCMC's Director of Development retiring June 30th616
2012/6/18 11:20:00Chillicothe teens arrested on suspicion of theft663
2012/6/18 10:29:03FEC anticipates rate increase for 2013483
2012/6/18 10:21:29Livingston County Deputy Sheriff resigns752
2012/6/18 10:10:00Swan Luke Refuge near Sumner to present "Science" related activities on July 6th482
2012/6/18 10:04:35Daviess County Library receives $4,707 grant492
2012/6/18 8:11:40Plans announced for 2012 Sullivan County Fair625
2012/6/16 8:32:33Gilman City to host Independence Day celebrations on July 3rd581
2012/6/16 8:30:00Grundy R-5 fills school board vacancy476
2012/6/16 8:22:36New TDIA Director hired681
2012/6/16 8:19:21Wright Memorial's Jamesport Clinic to close on Friday's635
2012/6/16 8:11:11American Legion making Trenton's July 4th celebration plans507
2012/6/16 6:00:00Trenton plans to demolish "dangerous" fairground grandstand520
2012/6/15 16:30:00Local bank announces "Wounded Veteran" mobility project507
2012/6/15 16:20:00Five entries to battle for the 2012 Texaco County Showdown's "Trenton" title756
2012/6/15 15:57:04Milan man involved in railroad accident406
2012/6/15 15:54:31Green Castle man injured after motorcycle strikes deer357
2012/6/15 10:42:05Harrison County Relay For Life eclipses $50,000 in donations320
2012/6/15 10:39:06Chillicothe man injured in ATV accident354
2012/6/15 8:08:01Mercer County seeks to increase food donations395
2012/6/15 8:00:43Chillicothe man sentenced to 15 years on drug charges350
2012/6/15 7:57:05Nominations being accepted for County Commitee positions343
2012/6/15 7:47:47Ice cream to be served as part of the "Gooseberry Festival"325
2012/6/15 7:45:14Puppet Shows come to Trenton for the 10th straight summer346
2012/6/5 11:30:00Truck and tractor pull to highlight 2012 Gooseberry Festival896
2012/6/5 11:30:00Additional entries sought for Saturday's "Chili Cookoff" in Trenton704
2012/6/5 11:20:00Republican Gubernational Candidate visits our studios718
2012/6/4 11:30:00Fiber optics laying finishing up in Trenton553
2012/6/4 11:30:00ATV accident near Greentop kills Kirksville boy1015
2012/6/4 7:25:11Wheeling man arrested on drug charges491
2012/6/1 7:50:00Trenton Family Aquatic Center reports high numbers for the start of 2012 season776
2012/6/1 7:41:56NCMC's Barton Campus receives monetary gift608
2012/6/1 7:34:39ATV accident injures Unionville man585
2012/5/30 13:40:00CWD Open House announced for Saturday in New Cambria556
2012/5/30 10:50:00Trenton dedicates new Five Points flagpole on Memorial Day873
2012/5/30 10:30:00Governor Nixon to travel to Cameron this Friday474
2012/5/30 8:33:48ATV collision west of Princeton injures three440
2012/5/30 8:13:33Trenton Rotary Club begins accepting Missouri Day Festival parade entries634
2012/5/30 7:40:00Princeton swimming pool opens for the summer this weekend448
2012/5/30 7:33:00JAKES Day Events planned for Saturday382
2012/5/30 7:30:00Grundy County's Relay For Life scheduled for Saturday392
2012/5/29 13:43:38FCA reports record numbers for Darin Bryan Memorial Run786
2012/5/29 8:40:00Entries sought for Trenton Chili Cook-Off at Five Points596
2012/5/29 8:40:00Trenton's Aquatic Center opens for the summer season708
2012/5/29 8:40:00Motorcycle crash injures Brookfield man602
2012/5/29 8:30:00Area meetings examine road funding issues357
2012/5/29 8:30:00NCMC announces deadline to "purchase" personalized bricks at Barton Campus346
2012/5/29 8:20:00Agriculture-based meeting scheduled Wednesday night in Kirksville338
2012/5/29 8:20:00Livingston County Relay For Life scheduled for June 9th396
2012/5/29 8:20:00Three from Richmond charged with murder948
2012/5/25 8:03:51Eight Missouri State Park swimming beaches open today505
2012/5/25 8:02:25Grants made available to repair area homes637
2012/5/25 8:00:00Green Hills Animal Shelter announces June 9th "Dog Show"616
2012/5/25 7:47:31Boy Scout Troop 121 announces Memorial Day weekend fundraiser533
2012/5/25 7:39:00Medicare information project scheduled June 8th in Trenton540
2012/5/25 7:35:15Dawn and Ridgeway organizations awarded $250 grants528
2012/5/22 11:30:00Grundy County seeks improvements to Galt's emergency communication system592
2012/5/22 11:19:52Soldier with local ties killed in Afghanistan604
2012/5/22 8:48:16Adams Park Apartments dedicated at Saturday ceremony517
2012/5/22 8:42:26American Red Cross offering scholarships for blood donations680
2012/5/22 8:35:54Cameron man injured in motorcycle crash436
2012/5/22 8:33:20Trenton teen injured in accidental shooting712
2012/5/22 8:30:00Graduation ceremonies held at South Harrison and Gilman City404
2012/5/18 10:09:53Saturday night dinner to assist cancer-stricken Wheeling woman541
2012/5/18 9:55:17Gallatin's City Hall to receive a new roof598
2012/5/18 9:52:19Main Street Chillicothe announces May 24th luncheon527
2012/5/18 9:49:42Relay For Life announces Trenton dinner next week697
2012/5/17 10:44:47Special Olympics torch run to travel through northern Missouri669
2012/5/15 10:07:45Diabetes education class begins new quarter516
2012/5/15 10:01:48Missouri National Guard plans for new facility in Macon571
2012/5/15 10:00:00Ameren Missouri "electric rate case" to be heard in Kirksville566
2012/5/15 8:40:00Valedictorians and Salutatorians announced at area schools938
2012/5/11 10:43:06"Rope For Hope" to raise money for American Cancer Society645
2012/5/11 10:38:53Riots reported at Livingston County Jail620
2012/5/11 10:25:35Livingston County honors four for their "life-saving" actions690
2012/5/11 10:22:32Mail carriers aim to "Stamp Out Hunger" on Saturday664
2012/5/11 10:20:02Grundy and Sullivan County producers included in water quality initiative529
2012/5/11 10:14:06Tuesday afternoon crash injures Winston man534
2012/5/7 14:49:53Minnesota company assists in efforts to increase rural Missouri broadband access549
2012/5/7 9:52:06Mercer County's Relay for Life held Saturday587
2012/5/7 9:44:58David Nowland selected for NCMC teaching award596
2012/5/7 9:38:40Work on Highway 6 between Trenton and Milan in MoDOT's "5 Year Plan"559
2012/5/7 9:33:38NCMC sophomores to have artwork shown at college's library542
2012/5/7 9:30:35Nominations sought for TJC/NCMC "distinguished" alumni528
2012/5/4 9:09:33Medicare workshop planned next week in Gallatin572
2012/5/4 9:06:38Freedom of Road Riders plans Sunday meeting in Trenton695
2012/5/4 9:04:36Gilman City flushing water lines today555
2012/5/3 9:47:58Soper wins Spickard Board of Aldermen election812
2012/5/2 9:13:37Latest area unemployment rates show mixed results594
2012/5/2 9:08:03Meadville and Norborne juniors win Washington, DC trips593
2012/5/2 9:03:55NCMC announces graduation ceremony speaker673
2012/5/2 8:26:17Model train show coming to Marceline780
Total of 849 articles 329061
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Road Work
2015/6/5 10:20:00Rainy Weather Pushes Road Projects To Next Week121
2015/6/4 14:00:00I-70 Bridge Narrowed to One Lane Next Week98
2015/5/21 10:20:00Milling Work Scheduled To Begin Next Week In Trenton277
2015/5/19 10:20:00Roadwork Planned For Highway 6, East Of Trenton258
2015/5/14 11:30:00MoDOT To Close Highway 139 Near Linneus149
2015/5/13 7:34:57Sullivan County Roadwork Postponed153
2015/5/12 8:06:21Wednesday Roadwork To Close Highway 11, Northeast Of Brookfield128
2015/5/5 11:30:31Rain Pushes Mercer County Roadwork To Wednesday104
2015/4/22 8:02:57Route A, In Southwest Mercer County, To Close On Thursday138
2015/4/10 8:50:22Highway 136, East Of Bethany, To Be Resurfaced99
2015/4/10 8:41:20Route A, In NW Grundy County, Closed Until 3 PM91
2015/4/1 9:52:04Construction Underway At Highway 6 Grand River Bridge111
2015/4/1 7:28:55Culvert Replacement to Close Grundy County Route J Today60
2015/3/26 9:14:46Grundy County Route J, North Of Galt, Closed Until 3 PM126
2015/3/24 7:26:25DeKalb County Rural Route To Close On Tuesday, Wednesday98
2015/3/24 7:23:07Grundy County Route J To Receive Culvert Work92
2015/3/23 8:30:00Western Putnam County Bridge To Temporarily Close158
2014/2/18 11:15:57Sewer Collapse Closes Hamilton Road318
2013/12/18 9:55:58Highway 139 South Of Lucerne To Close276
2013/7/30 8:30:00Chariton County road projects to be discussed tonight366
2013/7/30 8:30:00Late summer project to slow traffic on Highway 6420
2013/5/2 8:30:18I-35 work begins between Winston and Pattonsburg411
2013/4/26 9:15:36Work to begin on Route C (between Allendale and Albany) on May 1st427
2013/4/26 8:58:48Plans announced to replace Route V bridge near Chiillcothe332
2013/3/14 7:40:38Highway 129 in Linn County scheduled for work318
2013/2/1 8:21:50Stanley Lake Bridge exams to close Highway 139 near Sumner500
2013/1/8 13:35:03U.S. 36 in Linn County to receive work this week433
2012/11/13 8:04:56Work announced for U.S. 36/I-35 interchange at Cameron392
2012/10/30 10:50:07Culvert replacements to result in road closures352
2012/10/22 12:58:59Caldwell County Route A to receive bridge approach upgrades this week378
2012/10/16 8:37:26Highway 6 to receive work east of Novinger 454
2012/9/25 10:23:32Work south of Carrollton to close one lane of U.S. Highway 65517
2012/8/24 8:18:07Gentry County / Highway 169 Repairs Continue531
2012/8/21 7:30:00Chariton County Highway 11 Bridge to close August 27th 592
2012/8/21 7:23:19MoDOT announces road work schedule for this week474
2012/7/31 7:44:42Iowa Boulevard work now underway527
2012/7/26 7:36:38Lane closures anticipated during Highway 13 work579
2012/7/12 10:46:17Grundy County Route B to receive work next week453
2012/7/6 15:50:21Caldwell County bridge "ribbon cutting" planned for Monday643
2012/7/6 15:48:37Highway 169 north of Albany to receive resurfacing work537
2012/6/27 8:52:57Harrison County Route AA to receive roadwork438
2012/6/27 8:50:00Culvert replacements to close rural Carroll County road402
2012/6/27 8:48:27Highway 11 bridge near Mendon to close July 9th413
2012/6/25 8:43:30Highway 46 near Eagleville to close Monday morning381
2012/6/25 8:19:16U.S. 136 accident in Gentry County injures two503
2012/6/15 16:10:36Highway 46 in Harrison County to close June 25th597
2012/6/15 16:08:34Daviess County Route J to close at Marrowbone Creek386
2012/6/15 16:05:17Highway 36 to receive work west of Cameron347
2012/5/22 11:24:12Road projects announced for this week678
2012/5/22 8:51:42Dog Creek Bridge south of Altamont to close for six weeks553
2012/5/22 8:37:19Mercer County bridge closed until Friday afternoon521
2012/5/18 9:43:11Highway 69 near Bethany to be repaved581
2012/5/7 9:56:59Caldwell County bridge to be replaced565
Total of 53 articles 18856
2015/6/4 13:24:51NCMC Lady Pirates to Host Basketball Camp76
2015/6/4 13:13:54Sign-ups Underway for WMH Golf Tournament77
2015/6/1 12:50:00Mercer Freshman To Compete At National Rodeo166
2015/5/27 16:10:00AAA Blue Jays Open Season With Burleigh Grimes Doubleheader232
2015/5/20 10:00:00Area Rivals Tie For 3rd At Class 1 Boys Golf Tournament262
2015/5/18 11:24:12Albany Hosts Class 1 And 2 Sectional Track Meet120
2015/5/18 10:10:00Trenton's Ockenfels Stays Perfect In Shot Put At Districts134
2015/5/18 7:58:25Chiefs Ink Three Draft Picks, Undrafted D-Tackle99
2015/5/14 7:50:00NCMC Hosts Lion All-Star Basketball Classic On June 6th168
2015/5/13 10:03:3810-Run Fifth Sends Pattonsburg To Win Over Trenton Blue Jays175
2015/5/13 9:10:00Chillicothe Boys, St. James Academy Girls, Win Benton Relays165
2015/5/12 13:30:31St. Louis CC Wins Region 16 Baseball Title97
2015/5/12 13:16:56Trenton Tennis Falls 5-3 In District Battle Against Richmond150
2015/5/12 12:40:00Gallatin Bulldogs Win Class 1, Section 4 Golf Title130
2015/5/12 12:30:00Three THS Golfers Advance To Class 2 State Tournament154
2015/5/12 10:10:00Princeton Tigers Win Class 1, District 7 Boys Track Title143
2015/5/12 9:40:00Lathrop Mules Sweep Class 2, District 8 Track Titles109
2015/5/12 9:20:15Mizzou Finishes 2015 Recruiting With Indiana Shooting Guard120
2015/5/9 5:31:49NCMC Baseball Season Ends With 7-1 Loss To Maple Woods168
2015/5/8 9:33:00Dragons Trip Up Bulldogs In Tight Tennis Duel139
2015/5/8 9:20:00NCMC Loses Late Lead, Falls In Extra Innings To Three Rivers158
2015/5/7 11:10:00Former Mizzou Tiger Resurfaces At Kansas200
2015/5/7 11:00:00Trenton Middle School Finishes Track Season At Kirksville176
2015/5/7 10:45:41Royals Add Catching Depth, Trade For Veteran Butera216
2015/5/7 10:41:21After Successful JUCO Coaching Stint, Former Tiger Returns To Ol' Mizzou167
2015/5/7 10:32:23NCMC Opens Region Tournament With Upset Win, Play At 7:00 Tonight158
2015/5/7 10:00:00NCMC Announces Signing Of Macks Creek All-Stater171
2015/5/7 9:55:41Royals Bring Up Hochevar, Demote Finnegan135
2015/5/6 10:20:00Trenton Bulldogs Finish Runner-Up At Maryville Relays118
2015/5/5 15:07:38TMS Track Finishes 2nd At Carrollton Junior High Invite164
2015/5/5 14:58:32Three Tiger Reserves Leaving MU Football Program166
2015/5/5 14:51:37Royals Pitcher Begins Comeback From Tommy John89
2015/5/5 14:44:34Early Surge Leads Wildcats To Win Over PC137
2015/5/5 14:34:13Kirksville Shuts Out THS Tennis84
2015/5/5 12:36:23NCMC Opens Region 16 Baseball Tournament Wednesday Night203
2015/5/5 10:23:33Gallatin Bulldogs Win District 7 Golf Title131
2015/5/5 10:00:00Trenton Golfers Advance To Class 2 Sectionals190
2015/5/5 8:30:00Worth County Girls, Gallatin Boys Win GRC Track Championships153
2015/5/1 7:40:00THS Teams Finish Second At Nick Sloop Relays115
2015/4/29 7:40:00Bulldog Tennis Team Downs Lafayette, 7-272
2015/4/28 10:30:00Bulldogs Finish 7th At LeBlond Invitational74
2015/4/28 8:20:00TMS Track Sweeps St. Joseph Christian Relays77
2015/4/24 8:10:00NCMC's Berry Signs With Newman University59
2015/4/22 10:01:35Herrera Suspended, Ventura Fined For Throwing At Lawrie190
2015/4/22 9:50:00Plattsburg Girls, Trenton Boys Win Team Titles At TMS Relays194
2015/4/22 8:30:00Chillicothe Boys Win Cameron Relays, Trenton Girls Finish Third173
2015/4/22 8:28:38Hornets Sweep Bulldogs In Varsity Tennis158
2015/4/22 8:20:18Trenton Golfers Beat Chillicothe In Tuesday Duel168
2015/4/21 18:08:10Mizzou Adds Illinois JUCO Duo To 2015-2016 Hoops Roster115
2015/4/21 18:03:06NCMC Swept In Baseball Double-Dip At Crowder99
2015/4/21 17:55:16Trenton's Croy Challenges Strong Helias Squad At Macon Tournament123
2015/4/21 17:50:06LeBlond Dominates Tennis Duel At Trenton 106
2015/4/21 17:50:00NCMC Softball Seeded #4 In Region 16 Tournament179
2015/4/21 9:50:00TMS Boys Win Brookfield Relays123
2015/4/21 9:13:30Gallatin Native Ties Masters Champion In PGA Event253
2015/4/21 9:07:09Webb City Offensive Lineman Verbals To Mizzou111
2015/4/21 8:15:57Royals Recall Calixte From Omaha, Demote Fuentes108
2015/4/17 10:31:23NCMC Postseason Nemesis To Host National Tournament, Starting in March 2017132
2015/4/17 10:30:00Trenton Clipped By Chariton In Tight Boys Tennis Battle130
2015/4/17 10:21:00NCMC Pirates Blow Late-Game Lead, Swept On Thursday122
2015/4/17 10:06:32Trenton Middle School Boys Win PC Relays139
2015/4/17 9:20:00Trenton Girls, Brookfield Boys Win Trenton Relays Team Titles160
2015/4/17 9:00:42Lawson Wins Cameron Golf Invitational, Trenton Sixth136
2015/4/17 8:41:25Mizzou Basketball Signs Point Guard To '15 Class148
2015/4/16 11:23:07NCMC Makes Signing Of THS Standout Official142
2015/4/15 15:20:00Trenton Girls Dominate TMS Track Meet At CF Russell Stadium182
2015/4/15 15:17:18Savages Sweep THS Boys Tennis205
2015/4/15 15:07:07Eighth-Inning Wild Pitch Gives NCMC Baseball Victory In Kansas167
2015/4/15 15:00:44NCMC Lady Pirates Trample Graceland JV155
2015/4/15 13:10:00Princeton Basketball Coach Resigns, Takes Principal Job At Ridgeway253
2015/4/15 10:40:00Novinger Wildcats Cruise At Milan101
2015/4/15 9:44:17Trenton Lady Bulldogs Win Brookfield Relays147
2015/4/15 9:40:00NCMC Women's Basketball Hits Iowa For 2015 Recruit233
2015/4/15 9:27:25Shorthanded Trenton Beats Princeton In Monday Golf Duel106
2015/4/14 10:45:07TMS Girls Win 1st, Boys Edged Out For Title, At South Harrison Relays128
2015/4/14 10:35:31Trenton JV Boys Track Travels To Lawson110
2015/4/14 10:00:54Royals Right Fielder Breaks Hand, Out Indefinitely123
2015/4/14 9:56:08NCMC Two-Year Starter Signs With Ottawa University129
2015/4/13 10:50:42NCMC Lady Pirates Sweep St. Charles On "Sophomore Day"134
2015/4/13 10:30:23NCMC Pirates Split Four-Game Series With St. Louis121
2015/4/13 9:10:00Marceline Outshoots Trenton To Win Friday Golf Triangular156
2015/4/13 9:06:19Royals, Cardinals Win Weekend Series, KC Now 6-086
2015/4/11 8:00:00THS Lady Bulldogs Finish Fourth At Joe Shy Relays176
2015/4/11 7:42:54Royals To Honor Mike Sweeney Twice This Year206
2015/4/11 7:34:32Votto, Hamilton Lead Cincinnati Over St. Louis93
2015/4/11 7:33:14Royals Clip The Angels, Move To 4-095
2015/4/10 13:40:00Hoops Inspiration Lauren Hill Succumbs To Brain Cancer281
2015/4/10 12:01:59Chiefs Announce Opponents For 2015 Preseason144
2015/4/10 11:52:40Royals Sweep The Sox, Start 3-0 For First Time Since '0899
2015/4/10 11:30:00Trenton's Swann Has Top-Ten Finish At Park Hill Golf Tournament236
2015/4/10 10:00:00Albany Girls Finish Runner-Up At "Warrior Relays"119
2015/4/10 8:25:08SEMO Coaching Search Includes Three With Mizzou Ties118
2015/4/9 11:00:00Cain Blast Sends Royals To 2-0 Start58
2015/4/9 8:20:00Cardinals Shut Out At Chilly Wrigley, 2-045
2015/4/8 10:30:00NCMC Softball Breaks Losing Streak With Seven Run Rally83
2015/4/8 10:30:00Milan Wildcats Open Week With Back-To-Back Losses98
2015/4/8 10:15:54Former Mizzou Tiger Jonathan Williams III Eyeing Michigan State281
2015/4/8 10:05:13Trenton Boys Tennis Wins Back-To-Back Matches76
2015/4/8 9:46:36Trenton Boys Win Higginsville Track Invitational, Girls Third126
2015/4/8 9:31:40Trenton Edges Penney To Win Brookfield Golf Triangular108
2015/4/7 10:50:0090-Year Old Bethany Vet Throws Out First Pitch At Royals Opener219
2015/4/7 10:01:59Royals Raise AL Flag, Pound Chicago In Season Opener104
2015/4/7 10:00:00Royals Sign Ventura, Finalize Opening Day Roster67
2015/4/7 9:49:30Cardinals Spoil Cubs Debut, Win At Wrigley, 3-052
2015/4/7 9:45:05Conference Realignment In Northwest Missouri Appears Likely135
2015/4/7 9:32:14New NFL Stadium In St. Louis Will Not Be Built On Taxpayer Money92
2015/4/7 9:27:13Heart Of America Conference Expands Deeper Into Iowa69
2015/4/7 9:16:11Mizzou Tigers Win Weekend Series Against #4 Florida62
2015/4/7 9:00:00NCMC Baseball Sweeps St. Charles, Splits At Wentworth85
2015/4/3 9:30:00Trenton Lady Bulldogs Finish 2nd At Smithville Invitational184
2015/4/2 14:17:46NCMC Softball's Winning Streak Ended At Jefferson College145
2015/4/2 13:52:24Eibner's Two Homers Give Royals 4-4 Tie With L.A. Dodgers126
2015/4/2 13:40:00Bulldogs Outshoot Golden Eagles In Golf Duel At Riverside CC179
2015/4/2 10:58:11AL Champion Royals Planning Opening Week Events At "The K"221
2015/4/2 10:41:28Chillicothe Wins Cameron Tennis Tournament149
2015/4/1 16:20:00Gallatin Bulldogs Go Runner-Up At North Platte Invite129
2015/4/1 16:04:48Green City Tracksters Compete In Knox County Invitational118
2015/4/1 16:00:00Putnam County Track Teams Finish Runner-Up To Kirksville In PC Quad155
2015/4/1 13:10:00Trenton Middle School Track Competes In Four-School Cameron Invitational143
2015/4/1 12:40:39NCMC Softball Extends Winning Streak To 15, Pounding Marshalltown112
2015/4/1 11:20:00KU Freshman Declares For NBA Draft135
2015/4/1 11:12:05Linn County Mustangs Win At Brashear, 12-289
2015/4/1 10:55:52Novinger Evens Baseball Record At .500, Sends Milan To Second Straight Defeat86
2015/4/1 10:50:50Former Royal, MU Tiger, Facing Tommy John Surgery90
2015/4/1 10:50:00Alabama Making Push To Hire Wichita State's Gregg Marshall184
2015/4/1 10:40:00THS Tennis Team Struggles In Spring Opener At LeBlond73
2015/4/1 9:20:00Royals Win Back-To-Back Games In Cactus League Play63
2015/4/1 9:05:53Mizzou To Lose Leading Scorer, Rebounder, To Transfer94
2015/4/1 7:50:00Mizzou's Eye Appears Thursday Night On ESPN88
2015/3/27 16:19:18Milan Blisters Putnam County To Open Baseball Season149
2015/3/27 15:59:31Michigan Wolverines End Mizzou's Season In WNIT's Third Round137
2015/3/27 15:52:45Royals Right Fielder Out With Jammed Thumb122
2015/3/27 15:40:00Royals Lose Young Right-Hander On Waivers To San Diego129
2015/3/27 14:20:00Trenton Bulldogs Sweep Early Bird Relays199
2015/3/27 13:30:00NCMC Softball Routs Graceland's JV, Runs Winning Streak To 11144
2015/3/27 11:40:00MBCA Announces All-State Academic Basketball Team246
2015/3/27 9:40:00MBCA Announces All-State Basketball Team235
2015/3/27 9:00:09Malta Bend Man Catches Record-Breaking Catfish In the Missouri River511
2015/3/27 9:00:00THS Graduate Rebekah Capeder Named NAIA Honorable Mention All-American151
2015/3/26 9:00:00Mizzou Women Play Michigan Tonight, In WNIT Third-Round Game194
2015/3/26 8:50:32Mizzou To Lose Associate Head Coach Tim Fuller145
2015/3/26 8:42:57Tough Elgin CC Squad Doubles Up NCMC Pirates In South Carolina97
2015/3/26 8:40:00Royals Go With Ventura As Opening Day Starter93
2015/3/25 8:26:02NCMC Baseball On Three-Game Losing Skid118
2015/3/25 1:00:00Trenton's Upton Honored As All-District Coach Of The Year344
2015/3/24 6:36:17Northeast MO All-District Team Announced852
2015/3/23 10:56:50Shockers Earn State Bragging Rights, Knock KU From NCAA Tournament98
2015/3/23 10:50:06Mizzou Wins At K-State, Moves Into WNIT's Third Round163
2015/3/23 10:37:16NCMC Women Sweep Arizona Week, Return Home With Nine Game Winning Streak111
2015/3/21 6:40:00Johnson County CC, On Home Floor, Plays For D-2 JUCO Women's Title Tonight131
2015/3/21 6:30:00November NCMC Foe John Wood Plays For National Title Tonight150
2015/3/21 6:10:00Mizzou Adds University Of Idaho To 2017 Football Schedule135
2015/3/21 6:06:34Mizzou's Second-Round WNIT Game Set For 2 PM Sunday152
2015/3/21 6:01:30Schuyler County's Addition Leaves Lewis And Clark Conference Nine Schools Strong188
2015/3/21 5:47:38Mizzou Softball Fall At #14 Tennessee, Play Tonight On SEC Network118
2015/3/21 5:39:40NCMC Fires Shutout At Triton, Remains Unbeaten On Arizona Trip121
2015/3/21 5:32:26Mizzou Baseball Upsets #6 South Carolina, Moves To 4-0 In SEC95
2015/3/21 5:26:26Royals Beat San Diego For Cactus League Win #1280
2015/3/20 14:56:10Former Chief Bowe Signs With Cleveland92
2015/3/20 10:41:38Scotland County Unanimously Accepts Lewis And Clark Offer173
2015/3/20 10:15:56NCMC Baseball Splits Games In Rainy Poplar Bluff85
2015/3/20 9:41:18Vargas Scuffles In Royals Spring Training Loss To Colorado95
2015/3/20 9:31:33NCMC Rival Penn Valley Stays Alive In National Tournament98
2015/3/20 9:09:28Lady Pirates Run Winning Streak To Six In Arizona Desert123
2015/3/20 8:14:21Royals Trim Roster, Making Flurry Of Mid-Week Moves92
2015/3/20 8:01:07District P Champion North Arkansas Falls In National Tournament Opener78
2015/3/20 7:51:44Time To Sign-Up For Trenton Ball Association87
2015/3/20 7:38:16Early Surge Leads NCMC Baseball To Road Win At Missouri Valley50
2015/3/19 11:25:05MIAA Champion Bearcats Lose To MSU-Moorhead, End Season 25-7100
2015/3/19 10:59:28Another Domino Falls In Conference Re-Alignment : Knox Goes Lewis And Clark138
2015/3/19 10:40:00Braymer, King City To Go 8-Man, Balancing GRC Football For 2016-2017 Season290
2015/3/19 10:02:00Mizzou To Pay SEMO, Missouri State To Play In Columbia94
2015/3/19 9:56:22Royals Sign Veteran SS Rafael Furcal96
2015/3/17 10:34:52Unbeaten Conference Champions From Mercer, Winston Top HDC Hoops Team339
2015/3/17 10:20:12Mizzou Women Earn WNIT Berth, Play At Northern Iowa171
2015/3/16 11:30:00NCMC Softball Smokes St. Charles, Salvage 2-2 Weekend113
2015/3/16 11:20:30Kentucky, Wisconsin, Villanova, Duke Earn Top Seeds For NCAA's "Big Dance"112
2015/3/16 11:17:51JUCO Division 2 Tournaments, Minus NCMC, Begin This Week118
2015/3/16 10:56:00Northwest Bearcats Stun Augustana, Move Into D-2's "Sweet 16"100
2015/3/16 10:49:37NCMC Pirates Sweep Baseball Doubleheader At Jefferson104
2015/3/16 9:40:00KC Chiefs Re-Sign Safety Ron Parker For 5 Years, $30 Million102
2015/3/16 9:39:08KC Chiefs Re-Sign Three Veteran Players105
2015/3/16 9:34:26Eagles Soar To First-Ever State Title, Beat Winston In Championship Game164
2015/3/14 6:13:08Former Chillicothe Mudcat Named Big East Player Of The Week122
2015/3/14 6:10:00Chiefs Add Depth, Sign Veteran OL Fanaika115
2015/3/14 5:58:07Royals Reassign Seven To Minor League Camp127
2015/3/14 5:50:00Southwest Falls In Third Place Game, But Give Senior Guard "Moment To Remember"170
2015/3/14 5:38:19Suddenly Red-Hot NCMC Lady Pirates Face Weekend Tests122
2015/3/13 13:01:41Winston's Defense Sends #4 Redbirds Into Winner-Take-All Meeting With Meadville240
2015/3/13 12:45:54Meadville's Second Half Surge Sends Eagles To Class 1 Title Game196
2015/3/12 11:50:00Chiefs Acquire Pro-Bowl Lineman In Saints Swap252
2015/3/12 10:45:57Mizzou Basketball To Play In Kansas City Next Year139
2015/3/12 9:45:19Mizzou's Sorry Season Ends With Loss To South Carolina165
2015/3/12 8:09:29Trenton Winter Sports Banquet Scheduled For Tuesday Night145
2015/3/11 16:40:00Meadville, Winston, Southwest, Mid-Buchanan All State-Bound, Play Thursday In Columbia485
2015/3/11 14:40:00It's Official : Maclin To KC167
2015/3/11 14:00:00Missouri State Announces 2017 Football Date With Mizzou152
2015/3/11 13:50:00NCMC Baseball In Six-Game Losing Streak, Travels To Jefferson This Weekend134
2015/3/11 13:35:26Mizzou Introduces Mack Rhoades As New Athletic Director139
2015/3/11 11:28:31Iowa State AD Undergoes Open Heart Surgery130
2015/3/11 11:24:58KU Fires Women's Hoops Coach Henrickson157
2015/3/11 10:10:00South Carolina Without Two Players For Tonight's SEC Tournament Opener Against Mizzou158
2015/3/11 8:34:05Princeton Boys Basketball Coach Resigns After Successful Season459
2015/3/10 12:25:40Chiefs Open Free Agency With Safety Signing121
2015/3/10 12:23:47Royals Sign Veteran RHP Young92
2015/3/9 14:18:30KC Chiefs Expected To Sign Former MU All-American Jeremy Maclin172
2015/3/9 14:00:57Undefeated Boonville Ends Chillicothe's State Dreams, 44-37136
2015/3/9 13:40:00Fourth Quarter Rally By Tuscumbia Sends Lady Lions To State, Ends Mercer's Perfect Season221
2015/3/9 13:36:24#1 Ranked Eagles Soar To State, Claiming Close Win Against Glasgow299
2015/3/9 13:29:35Mizzou Ends Regular Season With A Wimper, Losing At Mississippi State92
2015/3/9 13:24:50After Years of Success, Southwest Lady Wildcats Reach "Show-Me Showdown"139
2015/3/9 13:10:00Winston Reaches "Show-Me Showdown" For First Time208
2015/3/9 12:27:09Sharp-Shooting Northark Ends Lady Pirates Season In District P Title Game120
2015/3/9 12:01:00Power Bats Lead NCMC Softball To Win #1149
2015/3/6 6:52:49Michaelis Scores Career-High 29, But Mizzou Loses In SEC Tournament305
2015/3/6 6:36:54NCMC, Prior To District P Title Game, Moves Into National Poll205
2015/3/6 6:28:44For First Time Since '97, Chillicothe Girls In State Quarterfinals198
2015/3/5 10:56:27KC Royals Sign Yordano Ventura, Seven Others, For 2015124
2015/3/5 9:20:00Reports : Lewis And Clark Conference Extends Offers To Three Schools294
2015/3/5 8:50:00Grand River Conference Announces 2014-2015 Postseason Basketball Honors250
2015/3/5 8:24:50Unbeatens Mercer, Meadville Move To Class 1 State Quarterfinals499
2015/3/5 8:20:00Shamburger Leads Mizzou To Senior Night Win94
2015/3/2 13:10:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 3/2/15170
2015/3/2 10:41:34Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 3/2/15130
2015/3/2 9:45:56Grand River Conference Balances Divisions With Braymer Move To The West215
2015/3/2 9:28:26Chillicothe Holds Off Trenton, Win District 15 Semifinal, 47-36117
2015/3/2 9:10:00Back-2-Back Region Champs: Lady Pirates Beat St. Louis In OT192
2015/2/27 13:16:21NCMC Lady Pirates To Play For Back-To-Back Region XVI Titles243
2015/2/27 13:05:16NCMC Pirates Stunned By Penn Valley, End Season At 22-7212
2015/2/25 10:59:05Milan Wildcats Pounce To 72-60 District Win Over Marceline206
2015/2/25 10:42:54Mercer Boys Win District Thriller Over Green City, 54-53215
2015/2/25 10:27:07Trenton Lady Bulldogs Spring District Upset Of Richmond, Play Chillicothe Thursday180
2015/2/25 10:16:39Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/26/15149
2015/2/25 8:50:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 2/25/15173
2015/2/24 12:50:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/24/15115
2015/2/24 10:53:19Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/24/15113
2015/2/24 8:21:52Tennessee Prep Teams Punished For "Trying To Lose"176
2015/2/23 13:14:45Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/23/15144
2015/2/23 12:45:03Mizzou's Misery Continues: Tigers Losers In School Record 13 Straight110
2015/2/23 11:20:00Mizzou Women Continue February Surge With Win In Nashville135
2015/2/23 10:50:00Weekend Sweep Sends NCMC On the Road To Joplin, Both With #1 Seeds162
2015/2/23 10:40:00Logano Becomes Second-Youngest Winner Of Daytona 500109
2015/2/23 10:40:00Gallatin Boasts Two, South Harrison One, State Wrestling Champions170
2015/2/23 10:24:42Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/23/15140
2015/2/23 9:00:00King City Boys Keep Princeton From GRC Title260
2015/2/23 8:40:00THS Finishes Regular Season With Losses At Hamilton112
2015/2/20 10:18:18NCMC Holiday Hoops Recognizes Sportsmanship Winners227
2015/2/20 10:12:42Royals Sign Hosmer To Two-Year Deal116
2015/2/20 9:30:00NCMC Softball Signs Canadian Pitcher203
2015/2/20 8:00:00PC Midgets Make The Move, Jump To Grand River Conference476
2015/2/19 9:40:00Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/19/15149
2015/2/19 8:50:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/19/15161
2015/2/19 8:10:00Putnam County Superintendent To Decide Midgets Conference Future447
2015/2/18 17:09:19Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 2/11/1587
2015/2/18 15:30:00Milan Wildcats Become 15th Member Of Grand River Conference763
2015/2/18 15:00:00NCMC Lady Pirates Win At Cottey, Clinch Region 16 Tie151
2015/2/18 14:48:48Chiefs Begin Receiver Moves By Axing Jenkins, Avery116
2015/2/18 14:43:28Cameron Spoils Trenton's Senior Night With Sweep121
2015/2/18 14:20:00Princeton Boys Beat Gallatin, Move Within One Win Of GRC Title134
2015/2/17 10:51:19Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/17/15106
2015/2/17 8:20:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/17/15114
2015/2/16 14:07:08NCMC Surges To Valentine's Sweep Of Penn Valley123
2015/2/16 13:51:41Pirates, Lady Wildcats Win CLAA Titles111
2015/2/16 13:44:19Four Trenton Bulldogs Advance To Class 1 State Wrestling Tournament197
2015/2/16 11:11:32Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/16/15133
2015/2/16 11:00:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/16/15665
2015/2/14 7:47:48Trenton Takes Wins From Unionville Trip162
2015/2/14 6:50:00Princeton Tigers Beat Braymer To Tighten GRC Race174
2015/2/13 11:27:26Royals Invite Veteran Pitcher To Spring Training146
2015/2/13 11:25:12Mizzou's Wes Clark Ruled Out For Season169
2015/2/13 10:50:00District 13 Girls Tournament Loaded With Top Teams197
2015/2/13 10:27:50Unbeatens Mercer, Meadville Earn District 12 Top Seeds331
2015/2/13 10:20:00MU Coach Survives Scary Flight In Eastern Missouri252
2015/2/13 10:06:05WEAR RED To Tonight's Trenton / Putnam County Games149
2015/2/13 9:32:46Royals Sign Closer Holland, Avoiding Arbitration80
2015/2/13 8:50:00Trenton And Marceline Split Thrilling Thursday Night Double-Dip168
2015/2/13 7:42:00KC Royals Sign Herrera For Two Years133
2015/2/13 7:39:55Michaelis' Career Night Not Enough, Mizzou Falls At Alabama512
2015/2/12 14:38:52NCMC Lady Pirates Sign Gallatin Senior179
2015/2/12 11:30:00Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/12/15131
2015/2/12 10:40:00Lady Pirates Grab Road Win, Pirates February Swoon Continues153
2015/2/12 10:36:21Special Promotions Announced For Penn Valley-NCMC Games This Saturday Night163
2015/2/12 10:06:36NCMC Pirates Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/12/15150
2015/2/12 9:50:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/12/15120
2015/2/11 10:52:58Trenton JV Teams Finish Seasons With Sweep Of South Harrison130
2015/2/11 10:31:57Princeton Boys, Despite 18 Wins, Given #3 District Seed166
2015/2/11 10:20:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 2/11/15145
2015/2/11 10:00:00Two-Game Skid Drops NCMC Pirates Five Spots In D-2 Poll142
2015/2/11 9:40:00Mizzou Loses 10th In A Row, Sophomore Clark To Elbow Injury135
2015/2/11 9:30:00Princeton Boys Keep Second Place In GRC, Beat Albany 52-41145
2015/2/10 14:40:28Royals Ace Pitcher Signs With San Diego117
2015/2/10 12:01:58Trenton Wrestlers Finish Regular Season With A Flourish109
2015/2/10 11:20:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/10/15111
2015/2/10 11:15:29Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/10/15110
2015/2/10 8:52:04NCMC Men Survive In Double OT After Rough Saturday In St. Louis114
2015/2/10 8:00:00St. Louis Moving Ahead With New Rams Stadium Plans160
2015/2/10 7:50:28Worst Season Since '67 Continues For Mizzou117
2015/2/10 7:50:00Mizzou Women Beat Auburn In Sunday Matinee95
2015/2/9 13:46:25NCMC Softball Signs Lathrop's Balke124
2015/2/9 11:00:00Milan Swept By Knox County In Friday Night Doubleheader182
2015/2/9 10:19:16Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/9/15161
2015/2/9 9:50:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/9/15140
2015/2/9 8:06:38Royals Sign Duffy, Avoiding Arbitration102
2015/2/6 10:39:06Board Of Curators Approves Plan For New MU Softball Stadium189
2015/2/6 10:35:22Mizzou Football Adds Eastern Michigan To 2016, 2020 Schedule169
2015/2/6 10:30:00Frericks Solid, But MU Women Struggle In Loss To Texas A&M139
2015/2/6 10:20:00Trenton Lady Bulldogs End Slide With Fourth Quarter Surge, Win Over Stanberry161
2015/2/6 10:15:03Trenton Wrestlers Win At Higginsville, 46-36173
2015/2/6 10:07:31Westran QB To Walk-On At Mizzou379
2015/2/6 9:58:17Mizzou Adds Former CU Buffalo Walters As Safeties Coach177
2015/2/6 9:51:10Maryville Native Named To All-SEC Preseason Softball Team155
2015/2/6 9:43:58#10 NCMC Falls To Division One Powerhouse Indian Hills, 106-95159
2015/2/5 21:29:43Tide Overtakes Tigers In Tuscaloosa102
2015/2/5 21:20:00NCMC Pirates Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/5/1595
2015/2/5 10:50:00Successful Westran Coach Takes Job At Joplin171
2015/2/5 10:40:00Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/5/15165
2015/2/5 9:30:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/5/15133
2015/2/5 8:00:00Mizzou Football Announces 2015 Recruiting Class249
2015/2/4 12:40:00Area Football Standouts Ink With Next Level362
2015/2/4 12:20:00NCMC Baseball Signs First Recruit For 2016 Class199
2015/2/4 12:16:26NCMC Softball Announces Signing Of Lawson Senior130
2015/2/4 12:10:00GRC Powers Stanberry And Braymer, HDC's Winston, In Class 1 Boys Poll201
2015/2/4 10:40:00NCMC Pirates Move To #10 In Nation, Ahead Of Indian Hills Challenge158
2015/2/4 10:34:15Bobcats Take Grand River Conference Lead With Road Win151
2015/2/4 10:19:20Lawson Sweeps Trenton In Tuesday Night Hoops Double-Dip125
2015/2/4 10:10:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 2/4/15143
2015/2/4 8:40:00Last Second Fadeaway Sends Stanberry To Road Win171
2015/2/3 13:10:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 2/4/15143
2015/2/3 11:30:00Late Second Half Surge Gives Tiger Battle To LSU142
2015/2/3 11:12:15Trenton Bulldogs Show Improvement At Quad States Meet160
2015/2/3 10:54:47Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/3/15151
2015/2/3 10:40:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/3/15141
2015/2/3 10:18:17Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 2/4/15168
2015/2/3 9:45:01Royals Sign Moustakas To One-Year Deal, Avoiding Arbitration103
2015/2/3 9:31:50Trenton Kid Wrestlers Win One First, Six Seconds At Weekend Events98
2015/2/3 8:47:23Olathe Native Flips Commitment From KU to MU133
2015/2/2 11:17:35Royals Sign Denny Matthews Through 2018 163
2015/2/2 10:58:50Mercer Girls Look Sharp In Meadville Title Game162
2015/2/2 10:51:38Tigers, Bulldogs Prepare For Tuesday Showdown With Tournament Titles151
2015/2/2 10:40:00Trenton Boys Win 3rd Place At Hamilton, Host School Takes Titles162
2015/2/2 10:26:34Seeking To Increase Exposure, Big 12/SEC Challenge Moves To January134
2015/2/2 10:12:25Mizzou Softball Standouts Named To Preseason Watch Lists130
2015/2/2 10:10:00Chillicothe Mudcats To Host "First Pitch Party"130
2015/1/31 21:33:33Mizzou's Struggles Continue In Loss To Ole Miss145
2015/1/31 20:50:00January Sweeps: Pirates Wins Over Penn Valley Complete Perfect Month338
2015/1/30 23:40:00Frericks, Michaelis Lead Mizzou To Win At Florida186
2015/1/30 23:30:00Scotland County Rolls Milan in Tri-Rivers Sweep170
2015/1/30 23:10:00St. Louis Area D-End Switches Commitment From Wisconsin To Mizzou231
2015/1/30 12:01:06Alden Steps Aside As Mizzou's Athletic Leader173
2015/1/30 11:34:39Trenton Builds Momentum For Quad States Meet, With Stanberry Sweep162
2015/1/30 11:14:22Cold-Shooting Mizzou Falls To #1 Kentucky164
2015/1/30 10:43:26Mercer Girls Hammer Meadville, Prepare For Saturday Night242
2015/1/30 10:40:00Trenton JV'ers Sweep Marceline140
2015/1/30 10:35:58Stanberry Bulldogs Crush Maysville, Move To King City Final128
2015/1/30 10:25:14Chillicothe Hornets "Double-Up" In Cameron Tournament Title Games221
2015/1/30 10:20:00Ladyhawks Cruise To Tournament Championship Game203
2015/1/30 10:03:57Late-Game Surge Sends East Buchanan To Hamilton Title Game187
2015/1/29 13:21:41Mercer Boys, Grundy R-5 Girls Rebound With Tournament Wins184
2015/1/29 13:09:44Trenton Girls Experience "Deja Vu" In Loss To Polo212
2015/1/29 10:15:19Royals Name Merrifield, Binford As Minor League Players Of The Year176
2015/1/29 9:50:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/29/15142
2015/1/29 9:30:00Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/29/15100
2015/1/28 11:40:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 1/28/15164
2015/1/28 11:11:43Northern Missouri Remains Well-Represented In High School Hoops Poll307
2015/1/28 10:22:16Trenton JV Boys Fall To Chillicothe, 63-50102
2015/1/28 10:07:08Balanced Hornets Mow Through Excelsior Springs In Cameron Quarterfinal105
2015/1/28 9:54:54Princeton Tramples Union Star, Moves To Gilman City Semifinals156
2015/1/28 9:39:20Linn County Mustangs Advance To Meadville Semifinals139
2015/1/28 9:00:00Flowers Game Winner Sends Trenton To Hamilton Semifinals127
2015/1/28 8:31:00Chillicothe Grapplers Spoil Trenton's Senior Night, 51-21101
2015/1/28 8:10:00Missouri Adds Two Weekend Commitments, Including Elite Dallas Receiver196
2015/1/28 7:53:23With Signing Day Approaching, Mizzou Keeps Veteran D-Line Coach90
2015/1/27 21:52:44Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/27/1582
2015/1/27 21:40:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/27/1586
2015/1/27 20:10:00Steady Effort, White's 30, Lead NCMC Women To 7th Straight Win175
2015/1/27 15:09:55North Central Missouri College Surges To #11 In NJCAA Poll120
2015/1/27 14:52:51NCMC Softball Signs South Nodaway Senior159
2015/1/27 13:39:02Royals Sign Dyson To One-Year Deal77
2015/1/27 11:14:55Rams Commit To Play 2015 Season In St. Louis, But Future Remains Murky118
2015/1/27 11:00:00Gallatin Hoops Teams Advance To Hamilton Semifinals121
2015/1/27 10:50:00Minus Parkey, Chillicothe Lady Hornets Blitz Excelsior, Move To 16-1118
2015/1/27 10:40:00Gilman City Ladyhawks Move Into Potential Rematch With North Harrison121
2015/1/27 10:20:00Tina-Avalon Clips Mercer In Meadville Tourney Quarterfinal159
2015/1/27 9:07:49Trenton Kids Boast Four Titles At Lathrop Tournaments112
2015/1/27 9:03:40Mason Mounce Wins 160 Pound Title At Brookfield Tournament94
2015/1/27 8:50:00Trenton JV And Freshmen Lose At Bishop LeBlond106
2015/1/26 10:20:04KC Royals Invite 25 Players To Major League Spring Training105
2015/1/26 10:15:52Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/26/15122
2015/1/26 9:30:00NCMC Women Rip First Place In Region 16 From STLCC202
2015/1/26 9:19:58NCMC Softball Makes Weydert Signing Official149
2015/1/26 9:10:00Mercer's Michaelis Leads Mizzou In Loss To #14 Kentucky136
2015/1/26 9:00:00Gilman City Girls Grab Big Overtime Win122
2015/1/26 8:30:41Cardinals Sweep Panthers In HDC Doubleheader77
2015/1/26 8:22:45Princeton Sweeps Milan In KTTN Friday Night Doubleheader91
2015/1/26 8:20:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/26/1591
2015/1/26 7:30:00Hogs Clip Tigers In Mizzou Arena Nail-Biter84
2015/1/23 15:09:07St. Louis Plays Visit To North Central For Huge Early Season Showdowns147
2015/1/23 10:40:00NCMC Baseball Program Announces "Winter Warm-Up" Plans129
2015/1/23 10:40:00Eggs, Bacon, and Football? Chiefs Game In London Set For 8:30 Kickoff116
2015/1/23 10:25:17Mizzou Adds JUCO Tackle To 2015 Recruiting Class115
2015/1/23 9:40:00Gallatin Bulldogs Rally For Road Sweep At Trenton181
2015/1/23 9:23:59Trenton JV Sweeps Games At Gallatin Tournament131
2015/1/22 20:36:41Trenton Native Joins Avila University's 1000 Point Club139
2015/1/22 13:59:32Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/22/15121
2015/1/22 13:10:00Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/22/15160
2015/1/22 12:35:23KC Royals Announce Starting Times For 2015 Season164
2015/1/22 12:22:04Brookfield Swarms Father Tolton To Advance To Macon Girls Title Game124
2015/1/22 12:12:12Schedule/Numbers Crunch Flip-Flops Trenton/Gallatin Start Times132
2015/1/22 11:10:00Meadville Boys, Mercer Girls Hold #1, #3 Positions In State Poll147
2015/1/22 10:55:22Jeff Gordon To Run One More Full Season127
2015/1/22 10:52:07Texas A&M Rallies For 12-Point Win Against Mizzou102
2015/1/22 10:20:38NCMC Pirates Sweep Region 16 Openers119
2015/1/21 21:40:00NCMC Softball Adds Two Area Infielders102
2015/1/21 12:31:13Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 1/21/15125
2015/1/21 10:20:00Mizzou Aims To Break Losing Streak, Tonight On KTTN100
2015/1/21 9:50:00Putnam County Sweeps Season-Series With Milan214
2015/1/21 9:34:15Chillicothe Lady Hornets Improve To 14-1, Defeating Rival Trenton103
2015/1/21 9:21:04Trenton Grapplers Pick Up Elusive Win Over Brookfield126
2015/1/20 14:22:33Chiefs QB Tyler Bray Tears ACL196
2015/1/20 13:40:00NCMC Lady Pirates Begin 2016 Recruiting Class With In-State Infielder123
2015/1/20 11:20:00Reports: Helias Football Coach Resigns For Job At Mizzou264
2015/1/20 10:58:06Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/20/15115
2015/1/20 10:00:52Mizzou Women Struggle As Arkansas Earns First SEC Win101
2015/1/20 9:53:51Slumping Mizzou Falls To Tennessee, Play At Texas A&M Wednesday90
2015/1/20 9:45:14Trenton Kids Win Three Titles At Maysville Tournament152
2015/1/20 8:50:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/20/1591
2015/1/20 8:37:00NCMC To Host "Livingston County Day" Against St. Louis CC90
2015/1/20 6:30:00Trenton's Mounce Wins 160 Pound Title At Plattsburg145
2015/1/19 11:20:00Kansas City's Aoki Signs With World Champs168
2015/1/19 11:10:00Mercer Girls Survive Brookfield Test, Win Milan Tournament228
2015/1/19 10:45:33Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/19/15131
2015/1/19 9:50:00Princeton Outraces Putnam County For Bethany Tournament Title162
2015/1/19 8:50:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/19/15148
2015/1/16 11:00:00Marceline Grapplers Hand Trenton 36-30 Loss158
2015/1/16 10:10:31MBCA Releases New High School Basketball Rankings343
2015/1/16 9:38:07Tigers, Midgets Advance To South Harrison Boys Championship Game141
2015/1/16 8:50:00Gallatin Girls Lose Game To Penney, Starting Guard To Injury255
2015/1/16 8:40:11Mercer Girls Move To Milan Title Game, Showdown With Brookfield220
2015/1/16 8:10:00Lady Hornets Undefeated Streak Ends At 12, Chillicothe Bounced To Third Place Game195
2015/1/16 8:10:00Mizzou Safeties Coach Leaves For Washington State168
2015/1/16 6:40:00Trenton Bulldogs Advance To Lawson Consolation Finals95
2015/1/16 6:40:00Mercer Boys Take Consolation Win Over Grundy County144
2015/1/15 22:50:00Mercer's Michaelis Scores Career-High 22 Points Against #1 South Carolina671
2015/1/15 16:40:50NCMC Rallies Late For 10th Win Of Season117
2015/1/15 14:10:00Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/15/15173
2015/1/15 14:02:20Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/15/15143
2015/1/14 12:54:46#1 Kentucky Hammers Mizzou, Tigers Host Tennessee Saturday129
2015/1/14 10:52:29Meadville Dominates Bevier In Tri-County Double-Dip173
2015/1/14 10:32:37Tri-County Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 1/14/15101
2015/1/14 10:07:26Cameron Girls, Minus All-State Guard Richardson, Into Lathrop Title Game119
2015/1/14 9:58:44Princeton Girls Struggle Against Maysville, Fall Into Consolation Final110
2015/1/14 9:50:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 1/14/15168
2015/1/14 9:19:27Penney Hornets Steamroll Into Lawson Semifinals113
2015/1/14 9:09:13Warford's 30 Point Night Pushes Pattonsburg Into Osborn Semifinals167
2015/1/14 8:58:53Top-Seeded Braymer Move Into Tournament Semifinals147
2015/1/14 8:40:00Grundy County Girls Pull Off Stunner, Beat #6 Linn County239
2015/1/13 11:37:00South Harrison Rallies For Tournament Win Over Princeton204
2015/1/13 11:30:00Winston Boys Roll Into Osborn Tournament Semifinals91
2015/1/13 10:54:35Jefferson Eagles Move Into Stanberry Semifinals120
2015/1/13 10:47:52Chillicothe Lady Hornets Move To Best Ever Start, 12-0105
2015/1/13 10:26:16KC Royals Give Yost One-Year Contract Extension133
2015/1/13 10:10:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/13/15125
2015/1/12 22:00:00Mizzou Women Down the Gators, 66-4795
2015/1/12 21:59:37Auburn Wins All-Tiger Battle "On The Plains"88
2015/1/12 21:30:00North Area Special Olympics Hoops Coming To Northwest Missouri State157
2015/1/12 21:26:36Cain, Davis, Ventura Honored With Royals Team Awards105
2015/1/12 21:24:36North Central Missouri College Men Blast North Arkansas, Come Home 14-390
2015/1/12 21:10:00Late Game Rally Falls Short, THS Falls To Richmond 97
2015/1/12 21:10:00Trenton Wrestlers Finish Second At Butler Tournament86
2015/1/12 12:00:14NCMC Women Win At #11 North Arkansas, Host Crowder On Wednesday Night77
2015/1/12 10:41:46Sporting KC Releases 2015 Schedule92
2015/1/12 10:11:15Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/12/15114
2015/1/12 9:50:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/12/15113
2015/1/12 8:51:15Princeton Boys Start Grand River Schedule 2-085
2015/1/12 8:11:06Marceline Announces "Court-Mat" Royalty74
2015/1/9 13:17:17Royals Announce 2015 Minor League Coaching Staffs/Coordinators225
2015/1/9 11:38:21Trenton Seniors To Sign With NCMC Softball452
2015/1/9 11:30:53Mizzou Women Suffer Setback At Georgia, Remain Winless In Conference Play125
2015/1/9 11:28:13Gill-Caesar Misses Mizzou Game With Back Spasms229
2015/1/9 10:39:51Mizzou Wins All-Tiger Tussle, Goes 1-0 In SEC106
2015/1/9 9:40:00Chillicothe Hornets Rally For Win Against LeBlond101
2015/1/9 9:30:00Experienced Brookfield Beats Youthful Trenton In Lady Bulldog Battle156
2015/1/9 9:20:20Marceline Upsets Glasgow, Moves To Tournament Title Game149
2015/1/9 6:30:00Boston Will be American Bidder For 2024 Summer Olympics98
2015/1/8 11:35:03Milan Tournament Starts On Monday168
2015/1/8 10:15:12DGB Headed To the NFL135
2015/1/8 10:09:46Chiefs, According To Twitter, Sign Free Agent Da'Rick Rogers130
2015/1/8 9:58:34Mizzou Junior Declares For NFL Draft82
2015/1/8 9:40:00Mizzou Opens SEC Play Against LSU131
2015/1/8 9:37:26NCMC Basketball Teams Take Wednesday Night Wins112
2015/1/8 9:23:38Meadville Rolls Past Milan, Moves Into Marceline Title Game186
2015/1/8 8:00:00Chiefs Sign Former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor117
2015/1/7 15:30:00Area School Districts Announce Two-Hour Delays In Thursday Start Times230
2015/1/7 10:50:00Grundy R-5 Panthers Take Two At Polo102
2015/1/7 10:25:21Princeton Boys Rebound From Winston Loss, Rout Polo In GRC Opener112
2015/1/7 10:10:00Trenton Splits Tuesday Night Games With Mid-Buchanan145
2015/1/7 8:45:51NCMC Men Win First Game Of 2015, Travel To Illinois Today108
2015/1/6 15:30:00Putnam Sweeps Milan In Friday Night Hoops121
2015/1/6 11:00:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/6/1590
2015/1/6 10:58:12Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/6/15102
2015/1/6 8:52:07Mizzou Women Fall To 0-2 In SEC 84
2015/1/6 8:37:03Mizzou Rallies For Win Against Lipscomb, Prepares For SEC Play108
2015/1/6 8:32:04Winston To Host Alumni Basketball Event85
2015/1/6 8:16:53#1 Meadville Survives Pilot Grove Challenge At NCMC87
2015/1/6 6:40:00Royals Announce Restructuring Of Baseball Operations Department127
2015/1/6 6:34:34Mizzou Grounds The Gophers In Citrus Bowl Triumph72
2015/1/6 6:30:00Former Philadelphia Pitcher Attempts Comeback With Kansas City77
2015/1/5 11:00:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/5/1595
2015/1/5 10:55:50Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/5/15146
2014/12/31 7:45:48Minnesota Signs Former Tiger Josey To Active Roster141
2014/12/31 7:37:47Mercer Girls Dominate Second Half In Win Over Lathrop174
2014/12/31 7:20:00Sierra Michaelis Double-Double Not Enough, Mizzou Upset By Missouri State179
2014/12/31 6:56:22Quickly Improving Mizzou Falls In Overtime116
2014/12/30 16:46:19Winnetonka High School Senior Commits To Mizzou154
2014/12/30 16:09:55CHS Hornets Swarm Mid-Buchanan, Advance To Title Game123
2014/12/30 15:50:00THS Lady Bulldogs Beat Falls City, Lose Hurley To Injury160
2014/12/30 15:42:37Royals Officially Announce Volquez Signing106
2014/12/30 15:40:52Alex Gordon Has Wrist Surgery93
2014/12/26 13:01:05Four KC Chiefs Voted To Pro Bowl Team134
2014/12/26 12:50:00Mercer County Teams Come To NCMC Holiday Hoops193
2014/12/26 12:20:00Meadville Boys Earn #1 Seed At Marceline Hoops Classic223
2014/12/26 11:20:00Meadville Boys Move To #1 In Class 1 Basketball Poll278
2014/12/26 11:05:26Smith Injures Spleen, Chase Daniel To Start Against Chargers 142
2014/12/24 10:20:00Odom To Return To Mizzou As Steckel's Replacement136
2014/12/24 10:10:00Crowe's Buzzer-Beater Sends Southwest Wildcats To Tuesday Morning Sweep124
2014/12/24 9:52:19Michaelis Scores 10 As Mizzou Women Earn 10th Win135
2014/12/24 9:44:56Temple Of Doom : KU Drilled in South Philadelphia88
2014/12/24 9:30:00Trenton Hoops Teams Split Holiday Hoops Games133
2014/12/24 9:20:00Loss To Pittsburgh Leaves Chiefs Playoff Hopes In Peril100
2014/12/24 9:12:21CSU-Pueblo Wins D-2 Title At Sporting Park80
2014/12/24 8:02:44Royals Secure Outright Waivers On Sierra, Coleman125
2014/12/20 21:31:01Rice's Buzzer-Beater Earns Illinois Braggin' Rights Over Mizzou140
2014/12/20 21:30:00Sierra Michaelis Has "Career Night", Mizzou Wins At Wake Forest258
2014/12/20 7:00:00NCMC Women Swept On Florida Road Trip145
2014/12/20 6:55:42Sporting KC To Open 2015 Season Against Nemesis New York131
2014/12/20 6:47:35Mizzou Starting Receiver To Miss Citrus Bowl158
2014/12/20 6:40:58Trenton Gets Low Seeds For Ultra-Competitive Lawson Invitational Tournament222
2014/12/20 6:34:29NCMC Holiday Hoops Begins With Wellington-Napoleon Sweep225
2014/12/20 6:30:00Winston Boys Go Overtime To Win HDC Tournament Title193
2014/12/19 17:20:11KC Royals Sign Starting Pitcher Edinson Volquez240
2014/12/19 17:20:00Medlen In, Giavotella Out In Kansas City300
2014/12/19 17:16:45California JUCO Player Verbals To Mizzou282
2014/12/18 15:10:00Daniel, Maclin, Coffman Highlight Mizzou's 2014 Hall Of Fame Class955
2014/12/18 14:58:51Upgraded Ketcham Center Set To Host 10th Annual Holiday Hoops154
2014/12/18 14:48:10Royals Add To Pitching Staff, Signing Ex-Atlanta Brave Kris Medlen116
2014/12/18 12:27:33THS Freshmen Split With Cameron Dragons87
2014/12/18 12:20:24Tri-County Conference Rivals Split Hoops Doubleheader95
2014/12/18 11:30:00Milan Wildcats Find Struggles At Knox County, Lose Stallbaumer To Injury148
2014/12/18 11:28:41Hornets Stay Red-Hot, Sweep Macon117
2014/12/18 11:16:36Lafayette Girls Upend Hamilton, 45-40, Head To Trenton On Saturday88
2014/12/17 11:20:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 12/17/14178
2014/12/17 9:40:00Trenton Tames The Tigers, Awaits Gallatin Visit123
2014/12/17 9:30:00KC Royals Officially Announce Kendrys Morales Signing135
2014/12/16 14:08:23Mercer Girls Cruise Into HDC Semifinals144
2014/12/16 10:10:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 12/16/14140
2014/12/16 9:23:30Hale vs. Newtown-Harris Games Cancelled From Holiday Hoops123
2014/12/16 9:20:00KC Royals Add Free Agents Rios, Pino To 2015 Roster184
2014/12/16 9:07:08Chiefs Rip The Raiders, Keep AFC Playoff Hopes Alive111
2014/12/16 8:47:59Missouri State Hires "Stec" To Lead Football Program127
2014/12/16 8:35:18NCMC Lady Pirates Road Struggles Continue At Fort Scott88
2014/12/16 6:37:36Missouri Media Announces All-State Football Team287
2014/12/15 10:50:00Princeton Boys Hold Off Mercer Upset Bid164
2014/12/15 10:20:00Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 12/15/14116
2014/12/15 9:40:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 12/15/1493
2014/12/12 10:49:41Winston Boys Stun Gallatin in Daviess County Showdown176
2014/12/12 10:44:39Grundy R-5 Girls Take Winning Streak Into HDC Tournament152
2014/12/12 10:40:00Trenton Boys Even Record With Triple Overtime Win At Carrollton154
2014/12/12 10:36:36Trenton Freshmen Split With Lawson113
2014/12/12 10:24:14Princeton Announces Food Pantry Collection For Tonight's BB Games130
2014/12/12 10:08:35NCMC Coaches Shows For Friday, 12/12/14135
2014/12/11 13:16:51KC Royals Replace Butler With Morales At DH152
2014/12/11 13:12:33NCMC Holiday Hoops Opens In Just Over 1 Week122
2014/12/11 12:53:44THS Splits Home Wrestling Duel With Rivals South Harrison, Gallatin154
2014/12/11 12:50:00Mizzou Adds Line Depth With JUCO Commitment183
2014/12/11 11:25:23NCMC Drops Two Spots In Poll, Blasts Culver-Stockton122
2014/12/11 10:06:54NCMC Lady Pirates "Bedeviled" In Loss At KCK111
2014/12/11 9:45:50NCMC Announces Winter Baseball Camps98
2014/12/11 8:30:00Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Friday, 12/12/14187
2014/12/11 8:20:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Friday, 12/12/1487
2014/12/10 11:00:00Milan Boys Hammer The Rams, Win Tri-Rivers Opener171
2014/12/10 10:27:31Chillicothe Lady Hornets Off To 5-0 Start106
2014/12/10 10:18:40Trenton Opens Home Hoops Season With Tuesday Night Sweep152
2014/12/10 9:40:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 12/10/14126
2014/12/10 8:30:00State Semifinalist Penney Hornets Earn All-KCI Honors185
2014/12/10 7:40:00Milan Wildcats Well Represented On Northeast Missouri All-District Football Team166
2014/12/10 7:30:00Missouri Media Announces All-Northwest District High School Football Team194
2014/12/9 10:38:36Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 12/9/14126
2014/12/9 9:49:12Milan Salvages 2-1 Weeks, Consolation Titles At Novinger Tournament155
2014/12/9 9:42:30Trenton Wrestlers Open Season With Tough Opponents, Up-And-Down Results240
2014/12/9 9:29:24NCMC Splits Thrilling Doubleheader With Moberly114
2014/12/9 9:22:01KC Chiefs Fall Out Of Playoff Position, Losing Third Straight155
2014/12/9 9:10:00Crimson Tide Washes Away Mizzou For SEC Title111
2014/12/9 9:10:00'Bama, Oregon, FSU, Ohio State Advance To College Football's "Final Four"121
2014/12/9 9:10:00Mizzou To Meet Minnesota On New Year's Day147
2014/12/9 7:40:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 12/9/14123
2014/12/8 10:50:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 12/8/14152
2014/12/8 10:40:00Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 12/8/1495
2014/12/5 11:20:00NCMC Men Ranked #17 In NJCAA D2 Poll142
2014/12/5 10:40:00Texas A&M Assistant To Be Named New KU Football Coach211
2014/12/5 10:39:12Bobcats Upset Bulldogs To Move Into GIT Title Games223
2014/12/5 10:18:33Mizzou Women Move To 5-1, Beat Loyola 56-45157
2014/12/5 10:10:00Milan Basketball Teams Earn First Wins Of Season224
2014/12/4 11:00:00Breaking: Nebraska Hires Oregon State's Mike Riley As New Football Coach197
2014/12/4 10:40:00NCMC Foundation Announces 2014 Holiday Hoops Schedule420
2014/12/4 10:10:00North Central Missouri College Wins Top 20 Showdown In Trenton227
2014/12/4 9:54:02NCMC Coaches Shows For Thursday, 12/4/14163
2014/12/4 9:50:00Milan Wildcat Coaches Shows For Thursday, 12/4/14204
2014/12/4 9:40:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 12/4/14198
2014/12/3 10:50:03Mizzou Survives SEMO Upset Bid135
2014/12/3 10:50:00Report : Royals Sign Hochevar To 2 Years, 10 Million Dollars123
2014/12/3 10:45:45PC Midgets Struggle In Losses To Knox County203
2014/12/3 10:30:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 12/3/14177
2014/12/3 10:08:45Meadville, Linn County Teams Into Northwestern Semifinals122
2014/12/3 9:50:00Albany Outlasts South Harrison In Boys Quarterfinal Play105
2014/12/3 9:50:00Chillicothe Girls Move To 2-0, Hammer Maryville 67-32106
2014/12/3 8:51:50Braymer Moves Into Gallatin Tournament Semifinals271
2014/12/3 8:00:00Lady 'Cats Fall In Season Opener150
2014/12/3 7:52:44MU's Baggett Receives SEC Weekly Honor113
2014/12/2 10:50:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 12/2/14114
2014/12/2 10:40:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 12/2/14139
2014/12/2 9:40:01Mercer Travels To Iowa, Splits With Mormon Trail136
2014/12/2 9:31:03Trenton JV Splits At Putnam County132
2014/12/2 9:25:39Linn County Mustangs Move Into Northwestern Semifinals155
2014/12/2 9:16:26Second Quarter Surge Pushes PHS Tigers To 2-0 Start167
2014/12/2 9:04:05NCMC Prepares For Post-Thanksgiving Homestand88
2014/12/2 9:00:00Trenton 8th Grade Girls Hammer Putnam County, 52-4225
2014/12/2 8:30:00Green City Takes OT Thriller Against Milan150
2014/12/2 7:56:49THS Basketball Sweeps Against Newtown-Harris213
2014/12/2 7:30:50Manning, Broncos Continue Arrowhead Mastery In Sunday Night Showdown114
2014/12/1 10:12:51Mizzou Wins SEC East For 2nd Straight Year144
2014/12/1 10:03:50Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 12/1/14141
2014/12/1 7:50:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 12/1/14127
2014/11/28 11:09:26KC Royals Trade Aaron Crow To Miami143
2014/11/25 6:20:00NCMC Softball Signs Platte County Recruit112
2014/11/24 17:20:58Princeton Boys Seeded #2 For Albany Tournament152
2014/11/24 16:50:00Milan To Open 2014-2015 Basketball Season At Novinger Tournament250
2014/11/24 12:00:25Trenton Boys Sweep Cameron Jamboree, Prepare For East Buchanan123
2014/11/24 11:32:36KC Chiefs Add Receiving Depth, Signing Jason Avant140
2014/11/24 11:21:24Gallatin Girls, Trenton Boys Earn #1 Seeds At Gallatin Tourney130
2014/11/24 10:52:24Michaelis Notches Career High 17, Mizzou Falls To #14 California142
2014/11/24 10:41:08Trenton Girls Open Season With Home Jamboree132
2014/11/24 10:00:00Furious Last Minute Rally Moves NCMC Men To 8-1202
2014/11/24 9:50:00Despite Career-High 28 From Santos, NCMC Women Fall to 4-6128
2014/11/24 9:20:00TMS Girls Move To Perfect 5-0, Beating Carrollton 34-21143
2014/11/24 9:00:00Westran Wins All-Hornet Shootout At Hamilton, 48-39204
2014/11/24 8:30:28Mizzou Wins On Rocky Top, 29-21, Arkansas Next106
2014/11/23 19:00:00Stunner By The Bay : Raiders End Long Losing Streak, Beating KC75
2014/11/17 13:45:30MU Bests Valpo For Coach Anderson's First Win183
2014/11/17 11:24:50KC Chiefs Beat The Champs, Tie For AFC West Lead155
2014/11/17 11:21:02Mizzou Wins At A&M, Remains #1 In SEC East148
2014/11/17 10:50:00Overstreet Carries Hornets To Class 1 State Semifinals217
2014/11/12 8:14:06Mizzou At Tennessee To Kick "Under The Lights" At Neyland Stadium183
2014/11/12 8:10:00"Big Game James" Rejects Royals Contract Offer148
2014/11/12 7:38:46NCMC's Unbeaten Start Ended By Southwestern147
2014/11/12 7:30:00NCMC Lady Pirates Experience Early-Season Inconsistencies122
2014/11/12 6:32:46Behind Michaelis' Double-Double, Mizzou Survives Upset Bid198
2014/11/11 11:00:00South Shelby Beats Milan In Class 1, District 5 Title Game243
2014/11/11 10:35:18KC Chiefs Rally For Key Road Win122
2014/11/10 23:00:00Mizzou Finishes Exhibition Play With Win Over UMSL77
2014/11/6 14:52:11Milan-South Shelby To Battle Friday Night In Class 1 District 5 Title Tilt302
2014/11/6 13:47:20Cain, Gordon Earn Defensive Player Of The Year Honors300
2014/11/6 13:00:00Grand River Conference Announces Postseason Award Winners483
2014/11/6 10:40:00Trenton's Otto, Hurley Receive All-State Softball Honors399
2014/11/6 10:00:32Go West Young Man! Defending MLS Cup Champions Moving To Western Conference238
2014/11/6 9:49:27Mizzou To Play Arkansas For "Battle Line" Rights323
2014/11/6 9:06:29NCMC Women Grind Out Home Opening Win272
2014/11/6 8:45:58NCMC Pirates Open 2014-2015 With Back-To-Back Wins383
2014/11/5 11:35:38Mizzou's Ray Chosen As Bednarik Semifinalist213
2014/11/5 11:34:06Mizzou/Texas A&M Picked For Night-Time Game176
2014/11/5 11:29:22Missouri Women Lose PG Doty To Broken Foot213
2014/11/5 11:10:00Royals Make Qualifying Offer To James Shields183
2014/11/3 10:55:35Stallbaumer's Arm Leads Milan To District 5 Title Game321
2014/11/3 10:10:17NCMC Lady Pirates Swept In Season-Opening Trip To Kansas228
2014/11/3 9:49:36Mizzou Beats Kentucky, Moves To #1 In SEC East178
2014/10/31 13:20:00Milan Coaches Show For Thursday, 10/30/14146
2014/10/31 9:42:05KC Royals Acquire Minor League Catcher242
2014/10/29 12:36:00"Mr. Mizzou" John Kadlec Passes Away at 86194
2014/10/29 12:33:08NCMC Announces Cancellation of "Meet the Pirate" Night218
2014/10/29 12:28:54Pre-Season Parent Meeting Approaches For THS Wrestlers149
2014/10/29 12:24:51Alex Smith Suffers Shoulder Injury263
2014/10/29 12:19:437th Heaven : Royals Push World Series To Dramatic Final Game243
2014/10/28 11:31:34Unbeaten Brookfield Cruises To 56-13 Win Over Trenton612
2014/10/28 10:39:16Mississippi State Remains Associated Press #1151
2014/10/28 10:37:48Mizzou Wins Homecoming Bout With Vanderbilt, 24-14262
2014/10/28 10:34:35KC's Second-Half Surge Overwhelms In-State Rival Rams136
2014/10/28 10:31:05Jefferson Eagles Bring Class 1 Title Back To Northwest Missouri216
2014/10/28 10:20:00STL Cardinals Rookie Dies In Auto Accident149
2014/10/28 10:10:00Dominating Bumgarner Pushes Royals To Brink Of Elimination255
2014/10/28 10:04:14Mizzou Picked For 7th Place Finish In SEC123
2014/10/28 10:00:00KC Royals Claim OF Sierra From Chicago132
2014/10/21 10:53:20Missouri Chomps Listless Florida, 42-13113
2014/10/21 10:50:28KC Chiefs Grab Huge AFC West Win In San Diego118
2014/10/21 10:50:00For First Time Since '85, World Series Returns To Kansas City127
2014/10/21 8:50:00Trenton Rallies For Win #2 At Concordia155
2014/10/21 8:36:22State Champion Jefferson Eagles Have Four All-Staters136
2014/10/21 8:20:56HDC Champion Winston Places Four Boys On First Team140
2014/10/21 8:03:04Grand River Co-Champion Gallatin Bulldogs Place Three On Softball First Team218
2014/10/21 7:48:21Trenton Lady Bulldogs Receive Six All-District Selections136
2014/10/21 7:36:49Class 2 Quarterfinalist Brookfield Receives Postseason Awards218
2014/10/15 9:11:19Missouri Tigers Announce 2015 Football Schedule210
2014/10/13 11:50:01Milan Coaches Shows For Thursday, 10/09/14132
2014/10/13 11:44:07Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 10/8/14128
2014/10/13 10:40:00Mizzou Football Embarassed By Georgia, 34-0144
2014/10/13 10:40:00For First Time Ever, Mississippi State Goes To #1 In AP Poll125
2014/10/13 10:40:00Up 2-0, Royals Look To Win Game 3 Against Baltimore166
2014/10/13 10:20:00Kirksville's Cook Sets Rushing Record In 31-24 Win At Trenton143
2014/10/11 11:30:00Brookfield Beats Trenton 3-1, Advances To Class 2 Softball Playoffs172
2014/10/7 13:57:23Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 10/7/14144
2014/10/7 11:40:00Gilman City (Pattonsburg) Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 10/7/14199
2014/10/7 10:53:46Baldwin's Two-Run Double Sends Chillicothe To 3-1 Win Over Trenton471
2014/10/7 10:33:22Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 10/6/14168
2014/10/7 10:24:02Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 10/6/14148
2014/10/7 9:20:00Logano Wins At Kansas, Clinches Spot In NASCAR's Third Round171
2014/10/7 9:20:00Mizzou Announces Roster Moves As Men's Basketball Practice Begins324
2014/10/7 9:12:04Chiefs Miss Chance For 49er Upset, Fall 22-17132
2014/10/7 9:00:39Mississippi Rising, Rebels and Bulldogs Move Into AP Top Five166
2014/10/7 8:56:38SEC Sets Game Times For UGA-Mizzou, Mizzou-Florida157
2014/10/7 8:45:26South Harrison Beats Trenton, 36-14, In Friday Night Football254
2014/10/7 8:15:55Royals Sweep Away LA, Baltimore Awaits In ALCS113
2014/10/7 8:12:04TMS Softball Goes 2-1 In Tournament Play112
2014/10/7 8:06:01Trenton Doubles Team Finishes 4th At Districts120
2014/10/7 8:01:12Jefferson Eagles Roll To 10th Softball Title In 13 Years131
2014/10/1 15:20:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 10/1/14249
2014/9/30 12:00:00Gilman City (Pattonsburg) Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/30/14155
2014/9/30 10:40:00Kansas City Chiefs Wallop New England, Improve To 2-2168
2014/9/30 10:24:24In Advance Of Postseason Play, Royals Announce Wild Card Game Roster140
2014/9/30 10:20:00Knox County Wins Schuyler Softball Tournament, Milan Finishes 1-2139
2014/9/30 10:05:40Mizzou Rallies For SEC-Opening Win At South Carolina, 21-20140
2014/9/30 10:02:00NW Missouri State Wins At Central Oklahoma, 36-13151
2014/9/30 9:50:00KU Jayhawks Fire Charlie Weis197
2014/9/30 9:43:12Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/30/14248
2014/9/30 9:34:55Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 9/29/14152
2014/9/30 9:33:10Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 9/29/14139
2014/9/29 18:00:00Lady Bulldogs Offensive Surge Overtakes Marceline, 13-3166
2014/9/29 11:20:00Trenton Cruises To Homecoming Win Over Princeton, 61-12214
2014/9/26 11:20:00Trenton To Be Tested In Tough Centralia Softball Tournament443
2014/9/26 11:10:00Milan Routs North Shelby For First TRC Win Of 2014293
2014/9/25 14:30:00Milan Coaches Shows For Thursday, 9/25/14290
2014/9/24 14:40:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/24/14406
2014/9/24 14:40:00Otto's Two-Hit Shutout Gives Trenton Softball 3-0 Win Over Lexington203
2014/9/23 13:50:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/23/14150
2014/9/23 13:40:00Gilman City (Pattonsburg) Coaches Show For Tuesday, 9/23/14153
2014/9/23 9:22:33MU Announces "Hearnes Center Game", TV Assignments, Game Times For Hoops Season192
2014/9/23 9:02:46Week 6 High School Football Poll183
2014/9/23 9:00:00Trenton Holds On Late For 4-3 Win At Putnam County175
2014/9/23 8:59:00THS Volleyball Sweeps Brookfield For 4th Win Of 2014139
2014/9/23 8:08:30Injury Riddled Chiefs Win In Miami150
2014/9/23 8:00:00Late-Game Touchdown Gives Hoosiers Upset Win At Mizzou186
2014/9/23 7:50:00Pembroke Hill Thwarts Bulldog Rally, Drops Trenton To 0-5140
2014/9/22 23:00:00Trenton Goes 2-1, Falls To Brookfield In Nan Carter Title Tilt132
2014/9/22 10:10:00Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 9/22/14147
2014/9/22 7:30:00Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 9/22/1495
2014/9/18 15:04:46Milan Coaches Shows For Thursday, 9/18/14323
2014/9/18 11:28:04Mizzou, UCONN Agree To Home-And-Home Football Series278
2014/9/18 9:30:00Strong Benton Tennis Team Shuts Down Trenton354
2014/9/18 9:28:38Tickets For Potential Royals Playoff Games Now On Sale327
2014/9/17 7:30:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/17/14160
2014/9/16 21:30:00THS Softball Walks Off Lathrop, Wins 10th Game Of 2014 Season175
2014/9/16 19:31:52Suspended WR Copelin Dismissed From Mizzou Football Program196
2014/9/16 19:30:00Two MU Basketball Players Arrested On Assault Charges312
2014/9/16 19:20:00THS Volleyball Sweeps Penney, Wins Third Match Of 2014134
2014/9/16 15:10:00Injury-Ravaged Chiefs Fight Hard, Fall Short At Denver161
2014/9/16 14:20:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/16/14133
2014/9/16 11:40:00Milan Wildcats Remain Just Outside Class 1 Football Poll176
2014/9/16 11:30:00Gilman City (Pattonsburg) Coaches Show For Tuesday, 9/16/1498
2014/9/16 10:50:00TMS Softball Dominates Hamilton Tournament146
2014/9/16 10:46:27Winston Redbirds Rampage To HDC Tournament Title174
2014/9/16 10:31:05Mizzou Dominates Second Half, In 38-10 Blasting Of UCF101
2014/9/16 10:26:47Mizzou At South Carolina Chosen For 6:00 PM Kickoff89
2014/9/16 10:10:00Trenton Softball Overwhelms Plattsburg, 10-0154
2014/9/16 9:54:51Trenton Volleyball Fails To Reach Bracket Round At Lathrop Tournament87
2014/9/16 9:50:00Lady Midgets Edge Trenton In Girls Golf81
2014/9/16 9:48:45Trenton Tennis Struggles At Tough Marshall Tournament175
2014/9/16 9:26:30Trenton High School Announces "Pink Out" For Kirksville FB Game212
2014/9/16 9:24:32Trenton Volleyball Loses Heartbreaker To Kirksville92
2014/9/16 9:19:28Cameron Doubles Up Trenton In Tennis Duel273
2014/9/15 13:35:39Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 9/15/14149
2014/9/15 10:10:00Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 9/15/14111
2014/9/15 9:20:00Trenton Suffers Second Straight Shutout, Falling 42-0 At Higginsville196
2014/9/11 14:30:00Milan Coaches Shows For Thursday, 9/11/14230
2014/9/10 19:36:44State Football Rankings Announced Prior To Week #4306
2014/9/10 19:10:00Trenton Outslugs Carrollton For Wednesday Night Win, 9-6189
2014/9/10 18:42:22Maysville, Gallatin's Bird, Win Gallatin Golf Tournament Honors263
2014/9/10 18:40:00Trenton Middle School Volleyball Wins At Kirksville206
2014/9/10 14:11:50Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/10/14340
2014/9/10 13:21:20HDC Conference Softball Tournament Revised300
2014/9/10 11:25:48TMS Football Cruises To 34-6 Win Over Carrollton175
2014/9/10 11:12:27Wet Fields Cancel Trenton Middle School Softball Tonight191
2014/9/10 10:43:00KC Chiefs Announce Slew Of Roster Moves, Including Bowe's Return106
2014/9/9 19:40:00THS Wins "Battle Of Bulldogs" At Brookfield, 4-2194
2014/9/9 13:50:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/9/14170
2014/9/9 12:23:46MLB Moves Tigers-Royals Game On September 20th To 12:05 PM148
2014/9/9 11:40:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/9/14102
2014/9/9 10:30:00KC Chiefs Replace Injured DeVito, Sign Veteran DL Vickerson150
2014/9/9 10:00:00Royals Announce 2015 Regular Season Schedule146
2014/9/9 9:23:00Maty Mauk Named SEC Offensive Player Of The Week178
2014/9/9 9:17:46Trenton Tennis Finds Mixed Success Against St. Joseph Schools272
2014/9/9 9:01:49THS Volleyball Rallies For Win at Hamilton132
2014/9/9 8:50:00Putnam County Wallops South Harrison, 14-1164
2014/9/9 8:28:01Mizzou - Indiana Set For 3:00 PM Kickoff169
2014/9/8 20:20:00Roeder's 11th Inning Single Gives Trenton Softball Win Over Hamilton223
2014/9/8 14:12:58Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Monday, 9/8/14225
2014/9/8 12:40:00Pacific H.S. Senior Commits To Missouri Tigers150
2014/9/8 11:50:00Mizzou's Mauk "Rockets" Tigers Past Toledo, 49-24154
2014/9/8 11:40:00Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 9/8/14137
2014/9/8 11:11:00Milan Softball Grabs First Win of 2014 At Putnam County Tournament141
2014/9/8 11:00:00THS Softball Goes 3-1 At Putnam County Tournament162
2014/9/8 10:40:00Bradford-Less Rams Ripped By Minnesota, 34-6160
2014/9/8 10:29:41Chiefs Lose Two Starters, Season Opener To Tennessee117
2014/9/8 9:00:00Trenton Suffers Shutout In Week 3 Test Against Holden148
2014/9/5 13:10:00Trenton Girls Golf 4th, Kirksville Wins Schuyler Tournament490
2014/9/5 13:04:58Truman State Names Chris Foster As New Men's Basketball Coach174
2014/9/5 13:00:00Trenton 5th/6th Grade Football Opens With Jamboree This Saturday284
2014/9/5 12:50:00Milan Lady 'Cats One-Hit By Schuyler County's Laynee Shubert217
2014/9/5 12:00:00HDC Conference Announces Softball Brackets For Next Week221
2014/9/5 11:11:41National TV Picking Up Royals Games As Playoffs Loom294
2014/9/5 11:10:00Late-Game Slump Sends THS Volleyball To Loss At Carrollton153
2014/9/4 11:00:00Milan Coaches Shows For Thursday, 9/4/14261
2014/9/3 16:40:35Trenton High School Announces Tennis, Softball Schedule Changes177
2014/9/3 16:35:58"Go Mobile" With New, Free Missouri Hunting App179
2014/9/3 14:45:22Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/3/14191
2014/9/3 14:37:41Mercer Cardinal Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/3/14282
2014/9/3 11:19:46KC Chiefs Place LB Mays On Injured Reserve125
2014/9/3 10:39:28Lafayette Irish Spoil Chillicothe's MEC Softball Opener, 6-4142
2014/9/3 10:20:00THS Tennis Grabs Rare Head-To-Head Victory Over LeBlond162
2014/9/3 10:15:57Trenton Earns First Volleyball Win Of 2014, Sweeping Plattsburg123
2014/9/3 10:06:55NCMC Foundation Hosts Annual Golf Tournament at Green Hills In Chillicothe154
2014/9/3 9:30:00Trenton's McNabb Shoots 51 At Richmond Quadrangular190
2014/9/3 9:30:00Princeton, Gallatin Earn GRC Softball Wins149
2014/9/3 8:27:58Mizzou Loses Pitching Coach To Wake Forest167
2014/9/3 8:19:22I-35 Speedway To Host "Rod End Supply Night" This Saturday113
2014/9/3 8:10:00KC Chiefs Cut 17 Players To Reach 53-Man Roster Limit173
2014/9/3 8:00:00KC Chiefs Sign QB Smith To Long-Term Deal138
2014/9/3 7:40:00Brookfield Lady 'Dogs Win Monroe City Softball Tournament264
2014/9/3 7:00:00Linn County Sweeps Doubleheader At Brashear143
2014/9/2 19:34:34Week 3 Media High School Football Poll Announced212
2014/9/2 19:25:13Former Chief Succop To Kick Against Kansas City On Sunday191
2014/9/2 19:18:16KC Chiefs Add To Safety Depth, Sign Former Eagle Kurt Coleman141
2014/9/2 19:10:00Mizzou Women Announce 2014-2015 Basketball Schedule359
2014/9/2 19:00:00Late-Game Rally Sends Lawson To 2-1 Win At Trenton137
2014/9/2 12:40:00Colon, Crow Among Royals Tuesday Call-Ups164
2014/9/2 12:30:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/2/14161
2014/9/2 10:20:00Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/3/14162
2014/9/2 10:10:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/2/14139
2014/9/1 13:43:31KC Royals Announce Flurry Of September Call-Ups281
2014/8/30 0:20:00Lexington Runs Over Trenton, 34-6320
2014/8/29 16:07:54"Kaleidoscope Run" To Start Homecoming Week At THS268
2014/8/29 15:51:13Trenton, In Return To Class 2, To Host District 16 Softball Tournament229
2014/8/29 15:40:00Trenton Golfers Take Fifth Place At Lafayette Tournament211
2014/8/29 15:23:47NFL Suspends Former Mizzou Standout Aldon Smith For Nine Games388
2014/8/29 15:21:23KC Chiefs Lose Preseason Finale, 34-14 At Green Bay252
2014/8/29 15:00:00KC Royals Claim Veteran Jayson Nix Off Waivers182
2014/8/29 10:05:43Lawson Softball Tips Chillicothe, 3-2221
2014/8/29 9:51:45Truman State Hoops Coach Leaves For Pro Job490
2014/8/29 9:50:00CHS Lady Hornet Volleyball Opens Season With Sweep Of Trenton211
2014/8/29 9:40:04Softball Scoreboard : Gallatin Tips Milan 2-1248
2014/8/29 9:22:50Savannah Tennis Beats Trenton, 8-1415
2014/8/28 15:01:25KC Royals Turning Back Clock To 1974402
2014/8/28 14:50:00Milan Coaches Shows For Thursday, 8/28/14364
2014/8/28 12:50:00Chillicothe Hornets Have Dominant Tennis, Golf Performances295
2014/8/28 12:32:42KC Royals Urge Fans To "Wear Blue" For Rare Sunday Night Game412
2014/8/28 12:27:24KC Royals Place Top Prospect Starling In Arizona Fall League297
2014/8/28 12:21:45Brookfield Wins Extra-Inning Showdown With Penney, 3-2381
2014/8/28 9:50:00North Harrison Spoils Princeton's Home Opener, 3-1281
2014/8/28 9:41:40KC Chiefs Add To Line Depth, Signing Veteran McGlynn215
2014/8/27 16:30:00NCMC Men Announce 2014-2015 Basketball Schedule590
2014/8/27 13:10:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 8/27/14273
2014/8/27 10:58:21Brookfield Defeats Trenton In Tuesday Golf Duel181
2014/8/26 20:30:00KC Chiefs Release 14 Players, Slicing Roster To 75243
2014/8/26 20:20:00Lawson Cardinals Sweep Tuesday Night Volleyball At Trenton188
2014/8/26 19:20:00Six-Run Blitz Sends Trenton To Victory At Gallatin406
2014/8/26 14:30:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 8/26/14199
2014/8/26 14:20:00Marceline Clips Trenton In Season Opening Golf Duel187
2014/8/26 14:18:58Trenton JV Football Rolls Past Carrollton, 30-8185
2014/8/26 14:10:00Putnam County Softball Loses Slugfest To Clark County, 11-6203
2014/8/26 13:59:29Cameron Wins Volleyball Opener At Trenton150
2014/8/26 11:40:00Missouri Media Announces Latest High School Football Poll400
2014/8/26 10:20:00NCMC Lady Pirates Announce 2014-2015 Hoops Schedule308
2014/8/26 10:00:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Thursday, 8/26/14180
2014/8/26 8:15:17Dorial Green-Beckham To Sit Out 2014 Season At OU115
2014/8/25 20:00:00Milan Battles Hard, Trenton Pulls Away For Season-Opening Softball Win436
2014/8/25 13:39:39North Mercer Coaches Shows For Monday, 8/25/14155
2014/8/25 11:40:00Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 8/25/14178
2014/8/25 11:33:55Milan Rolls To Season-Opening Win At Princeton, 42-7190
2014/8/25 10:52:08KC Chiefs Lose OL Stephenson To 4-Game Suspension179
2014/8/25 10:50:00Gallatin To Honor 1997 Grand River Conference Champions174
2014/8/25 10:50:00Missouri Tigers Announce 2014-2015 Non-Conference Schedule197
2014/8/25 9:38:15KC Chiefs Acquire Tampa Bay Safety114
2014/8/25 9:06:08Rock Bridge Senior Commits to Arkansas188
2014/8/25 8:30:00Blue Springs South Senior Commits To Mizzou140
2014/8/22 23:20:00Carrollton Clips Trenton In Season-Opening Thriller, 30-28324
2014/8/21 14:47:17Milan Football Coaches Show For Thursday, 8/21/14197
2014/8/21 9:40:00Gilman City (Pattonsburg) Coaches Show For Tuesday, 8/21/14236
2014/8/21 9:02:40Milan Softball Coaches Show For Thursday, 8/21/14344
2014/8/21 9:00:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 8/20/14225
2014/8/20 11:21:38Milan Hosts Four-Team Softball Jamboree305
2014/8/19 20:20:00Trenton Wins and Ties, In Tuesday Night Softball Jamboree409
2014/8/19 18:20:00MLB Moves Royals-Indians Game To "Sunday Night Baseball"182
2014/8/18 17:02:23Trenton Softball Drops To Class 2 For 2014 Season185
2014/8/18 16:13:17Trenton 5th and 6th Grade Cheer Meeting Announced For Thursday254
2014/8/18 16:05:42Chiefs Fall In Carolina, 28-16159
2014/8/18 15:56:53Mizzou Ranked #24 In AP Preseason Poll136
2014/8/18 10:50:00Mizzou's SEC Basketball Schedule Announced142
2014/8/18 10:20:00Missouri at Oklahoma SEC/Big 12 Challenge Game Set For December 5th219
2014/8/15 20:50:00Trenton Experiences Jamboree Struggles at Soggy C.F. Russell Stadium524
2014/8/14 9:21:21Three Powerhouse Softball Programs Come To Trenton This Weekend315
2014/8/14 8:50:00Mizzou To Appear Twice On ESPN's Super Tuesday204
2014/8/14 7:00:00Trenton Offering "Season" Athletic Passes214
2014/8/14 5:00:00Trenton To Host Maysville, South Harrison In Friday Night Jamboree278
2014/8/13 9:30:00Hamilton Senior Running Back Is Wyoming Bound255
2014/8/13 9:08:56Trenton Volleyball Showing Signs Of Improvement171
2014/8/13 8:56:24Trenton Tennis Replacing Nine Seniors This Fall286
2014/8/13 8:45:10Chiefs Sign Veteran Safety, Add To Secondary Depth180
2014/8/13 8:25:30KC Royals Acquire Veteran Outfielder150
2014/8/13 8:20:22Mizzou Volleyball Ranked 15th In Pre-Season Poll132
2014/8/13 8:20:00Grundy R-5 Boys Softball Looking To Reload In 2014173
2014/8/13 8:17:56Practice Starts Monday For TMS Football186
2014/8/13 8:16:12Former NCMC Pitcher Contributes To Minor League No-Hitter167
2014/8/7 16:40:00University City Senior Commits To Mizzou296
2014/8/7 12:33:22Mizzou To Play Arizona In Maui Invitational288
2014/8/7 11:40:00Suddenlink To Offer SEC Network On August 14th293
2014/8/7 11:10:00Mizzou Softball Adds Former Norborne Lady Pirate To Pitching Staff476
2014/8/7 9:31:15Trenton Bulldogs Aim For Golf Improvement In 2014252
2014/8/6 12:50:00Trenton Softball Opens 2014 Season, Aiming For District Title331
2014/8/5 10:10:00Trenton Bulldogs Bringing Back "Soap Scrimmage" This Saturday483
2014/8/5 9:50:00Trenton Opens Boswell Era With First Practice Of 2014549
2014/6/17 10:50:00Trenton Blue Jays Finish Third At Chillicothe Tournament199
2014/6/17 9:30:00THS Football Adds South Harrison, Holden, Princeton To 2014 Schedule478
2014/6/16 10:40:00Mizzou Announces Non-Conference Game Against OSU323
2014/6/16 10:28:08Chillicothe Mudcats Sweep Weekend Trip Through Southern Missouri236
2014/6/16 10:19:23KC Chiefs Cut Veteran Cornerback Brandon Flowers285
2014/6/16 10:00:00Injury Ends Vollmer's Bid For Back-To-Back NCAA Titles261
2014/6/11 16:19:39NCMC To Host Youth Baseball Camps223
2014/6/11 16:10:00Former NCMC All-American Hired By Cottey College472
2014/6/11 16:10:00NCMC Pirates Sign Knob Noster Product288
2014/5/30 15:00:00NCMC Signs High-Scoring Iowa Guard468
2014/5/19 13:10:00Class 2 State Track Meet Filled After Saturday's Sectionals674
2014/5/19 12:20:00Area Athletes Advance From Class 1, Section 3 Meet To State429
2014/5/19 12:20:00Class 1, Section 4 Track Results411
2014/5/19 8:10:00Five Trenton Athletes Advance To Class 3 Sectionals389
2014/5/16 15:31:45KC Chiefs Sign Oregon's DeAnthony Thomas382
2014/5/16 13:19:42Rector Transfers From Missouri364
2014/5/16 10:40:00NCMC Rival Hires Peru State's Troy Katen620
2014/5/16 10:10:00Los Angeles Shooting Guard Re-Commits To Mizzou Basketball305
2014/5/16 9:40:00NCMC Signs Ruskin High School's Erione Gant344
2014/5/16 9:10:00THS Boys Tennis Has Up-And-Down Week At Districts281
2014/5/16 9:00:00KC Chiefs Sign Three Draft Picks This Week296
2014/5/16 8:44:12NCMC Baseball Hits Recruiting Trail Hard436
2014/5/16 8:25:32Utley's CMU Softball Career Ends With Tournament Loss283
2014/5/14 10:13:07NCMC Baseball Signs South Callaway Standout312
2014/5/14 8:10:00Lady Pirates Sign Fort Osage Senior219
2014/5/13 15:34:30Lady Pirate Jersey Headed For Hall Of Fame244
2014/5/13 15:32:21NCMC Lady Pirates Ink Gallatin High School Senior451
2014/5/13 12:32:20NCMC To Host Lions All-Star Basketball Classic400
2014/5/13 12:20:00Former Staley, Mizzou Quarterback BYU-Bound307
2014/5/13 12:10:00Gallatin Bulldogs Win Class 1, Section 4 Title, Advance To State359
2014/5/13 11:30:00Milan's Stallbaumer Advances To Class 1 State Golf Tournament322
2014/5/13 11:00:00Trenton Senior Advances To Class 2 State Golf Tournament485
2014/5/13 10:40:00Mizzou Adds UCM Assistant To Coaching Staff252
2014/5/13 10:30:00Lathrop Sweeps Team Titles At Class 2, District 8 Track Meet422
2014/5/13 9:40:00Stanberry Boys Claim Track Title In Class 1, District 8255
2014/5/13 8:50:00Polo Lady Panthers Win Class 1, District 7 Track Championship570
2014/5/13 8:30:00Green City Gophers Claim Class 1, District 6 Track Titles571
2014/5/13 8:18:16Mizzou Fills Point Guard Void With Hawaii Transfer206
2014/5/12 10:10:00Four MU Tigers Taken In NFL Draft, Six Sign Free-Agent Deals735
2014/5/8 10:30:00Albany Warriors Claim Class 1, District 8 Golf Title451
2014/5/8 10:13:46NCMC Softball To Host All-Skills Summer Camp357
2014/5/8 10:00:00TMS Boys Finish Third At Kirksville Invitational343
2014/5/8 9:55:49Mizzou Matched With Oklahoma In SEC/Big 12 Challenge286
2014/5/8 9:45:34NCMC Drops Region XVI Baseball Opener306
2014/5/8 8:14:09THS Tennis Steamrolls Wentworth280
2014/5/7 15:10:00Trenton Native Leads CMU Softball To National Tournament313
2014/5/7 15:06:43Trenton Track Has Strong Day At Maryville Relays382
2014/5/7 11:14:53Trenton Bulldog Tennis Falls Against Kirksville256
2014/5/6 13:30:00Former NCMC Standout Named Head Coach At Lathrop High School511
2014/5/6 13:10:00Dallas, Texas Native Signs With Missouri 329
2014/5/6 11:20:00Gallatin Bulldogs Win Class 1, District 7 Golf Championship491
2014/5/6 11:00:00THS Golf Finishes Third At Districts, Advance Three To Sectionals366
2014/5/6 9:50:00NCMC Softball Signs North Harrison High School Senior280
2014/5/6 8:50:00NCMC Pirates Sign Richmond H.S. All-Stater286
2014/5/6 8:38:44NCMC Splits With Mineral Area, Ends Regular Season 24-27234
2014/5/6 8:20:00State Fair CC All-American Passes On Mizzou, Signs With Tennessee232
2014/5/2 10:44:11THS Bulldogs Battle LeBlond, Maryville at RCC321
2014/5/2 9:50:00Chillicothe Hornets Sweep MEC Track Titles348
2014/5/2 9:29:33NCMC Lady Pirates Add I-70 Conference Player Of The Year357
2014/5/2 9:00:00Maryville Wins Benton Tennis Invitational, Trenton Sixth291
2014/4/29 9:20:00Mizzou Hires UCM's Anderson As New Tiger Hoops Boss564
2014/4/29 8:50:00Trenton Track Competes In Brookfield, Lawson Relays294
2014/4/29 8:42:10SEC Stays With Eight-Game Conference Schedule234
2014/4/29 8:20:00Cold Bats Mean Quick Ouster For NCMC Softball390
2014/4/24 10:30:00NFL Announces 2014 Schedule, Chiefs Have Three Prime-Time Games414
2014/4/24 9:40:00Green City Gophers Sweep Milan Relays602
2014/4/23 16:26:28NCMC Pirates Sweep Wentworth Red Dragons678
2014/4/23 11:40:00Former THS Golfer Finishes Collegiate Career407
2014/4/23 11:34:30KC Chiefs Re-Sign WR Williams331
2014/4/23 11:20:00Mizzou Caravan Visiting Northwestern H.S. (Mendon) On April 30th376
2014/4/23 10:40:00TMS Boys Track Wins Team Title At C.F. Russell Stadium519
2014/4/23 10:10:00Chillicothe Hornets Sweep Team Titles at Cameron Invitational336
2014/4/23 9:50:00Hornets Tip Trenton In Tight Tennis Duel278
2014/4/23 8:32:08Trenton Out-Shoots Chillicothe In Riverside CC Duel302
2014/4/23 8:10:00Gallatin Girls, Maysville Boys Win Tiger Relays441
2014/4/23 2:00:00MSSA Announces 2013-2014 All-State Basketball Team710
2014/4/22 10:48:41Mizzou Quarterback Announces Intention To Transfer367
2014/4/22 10:38:42Trenton's Barron Wins 800 Meters At Lawson Meet359
2014/4/22 10:32:48LeBlond Tennis Improves To 9-1, Defeating Trenton264
2014/4/22 10:22:59LeBlond Wins MEC Team, Individual Golf Titles255
2014/4/22 10:10:00Trenton Native Shoots Second Best Ever Score At Drake University295
2014/4/22 10:06:48Trenton JV Golf Finishes Runner-Up At Macon Tournament283
2014/4/21 13:26:11Trenton "Soccer Stars" Accepting Sign-Ups This Week464
2014/4/21 13:20:00Webster Groves Junior Verbals To Missouri457
2014/4/21 13:02:05Trenton Native Named HAAC Pitcher Of The Week270
2014/4/21 10:00:00NCMC Softball Receives #4 Seed For Region XVI Tournament351
2014/4/21 9:50:00Meadville's Smith Takes Coaching Job at Chillicothe H.S.451
2014/4/21 9:20:00Northwest Women Add Freshman From Class 3 State Champions506
2014/4/18 10:50:00Mizzou Begins Search For New Basketball Coach716
2014/4/18 9:33:17Trenton Sweeps Team Titles In Thursday's "Relays" at C.F. Russell284
2014/4/18 9:18:46Trenton Boys Tennis Salvages Third Place At Marshall Tourney226
2014/4/18 8:50:00Haith Interviews For Tulsa Job, Hiring Expected Friday276
2014/4/18 8:20:00Lawson Clips Trenton For Cameron Golf Championship334
2014/4/18 8:10:00Mizzou Spring Game Set For Saturday178
2014/4/18 8:00:00Mizzou Adds 2015 Football Recruit From Georgia327
2014/4/17 15:35:41NCMC Pirates Announce First Recruit For 2014-2015348
2014/4/17 7:51:31NCMC Lady Pirates Sign Chillicothe's Graves248
2014/4/16 9:25:26TMS Sweeps Quad At C.F. Russell Stadium376
2014/4/16 8:50:00Trenton Boys Track Wins Brookfield Quad326
2014/4/16 8:30:00THS Tennis Falls 6-3 At Savannah240
2014/4/16 7:46:10NCMC Pirates Sweep Doubleheader At Highland CC247
2014/4/15 10:40:00Boswell Named As New THS Football Coach745
2014/4/15 10:00:00CHS Hornets Sweep Team Titles At Joe Shy361
2014/4/15 9:37:43NCMC Lady Pirates Swept By Three Rivers Raiders532
2014/4/15 9:25:04THS Golfers Scorch Riverside With Friday Play269
2014/4/15 9:12:24NCMC's Luster Smashes 3 Homers, 9 RBI's In Saturday Win357
2014/4/15 8:10:00NCMC Sophomore Named 2nd Team All-American397
2014/4/10 10:20:00NCMC Lady Pirates Win Four Straight360
2014/4/10 9:16:12Trenton Boys Tennis Routs Carrollton, 9-0306
2014/4/10 9:10:10THS Bulldogs Win Tuesday Home Triangular295
2014/4/10 9:02:05Trenton Boys Win Higginsville Invitational297
2014/4/8 10:06:44Trenton Boys Tennis Blitzes Benton, 9-0256
2014/4/8 9:58:34Trenton's Tolson Earns Medalist Honors, Shooting 39267
2014/4/8 9:50:59NCMC Splits Saturday Games At Maple Woods316
2014/4/8 9:34:27Trenton Bulldogs Challenged At Smithville Relays555
2014/4/8 9:00:00Trenton, Chillicothe Move Into Same Hoops District For 2015358
2014/4/4 17:03:48Tigers And Shockers To Battle At Kauffman Stadium428
2014/4/4 16:30:00Trenton Tennis Rallies For Friday Success At Cameron Tournament315
2014/4/4 16:00:00THS Qualifies Four For State In Finance Competition389
2014/4/4 10:33:37Northwest Missouri State Softball To Play At Danner Park413
2014/4/4 9:05:33Golden Eagles Fly Over Trenton In Tennis Opener297
2014/4/4 8:40:00NCMC Freshman Named National Player Of The Week371
2014/4/4 8:40:00Trenton Bulldogs Finish 7th At Park Hill Invite, Tolson Medals407
2014/4/3 9:53:14TMS Track Opens Season At Cameron324
2014/4/3 9:40:07NCMC Lady Pirates Sink Missouri Valley's Vikings293
2014/4/3 9:14:30Winston Hosts Basketball Benefit On Friday Night278
2014/4/3 9:10:00Mizzou Gains Commitment From Kansas Offensive Guard403
2014/4/3 8:40:00Missouri Mavericks Open Postseason On Friday Night265
2014/3/31 15:38:37NCMC Lady Pirates Surge Above .500 After 3-1 Weekend303
2014/3/31 9:50:00Mercer's Owens, Gallatin's Lin Among MBCA All-State Selections623
2014/3/26 10:08:48NCMC Holiday Hoops Announces Six New Schools For 2014 Event463
2014/3/26 0:10:00Media Announces All-Northwest District Basketball Teams794
2014/3/25 10:10:00Hurley's No-Hitter Ends NCMC Losing Streak579
2014/3/25 9:00:00Missouri's Media Announces Northeast All-District Teams900
2014/3/21 11:21:00NCMC Pirates Sweep Hannibal-LaGrange JV271
2014/3/21 9:50:00Grand River Conference Announces 2013-2014 Basketball Teams613
2014/3/21 9:45:19NCMC Announces 2nd Annual "Alumni Games"287
2014/3/21 8:50:00NCMC Lady Pirates Swept Out Of NJCAA Tournament326
2014/3/11 7:50:00Mercer's Bid For Columbia Return Ends In Overtime385
2014/3/8 17:20:00Overland Park Bound Lady Pirates "Pound the Hounds" 89-62575
2014/3/6 15:27:02Cameron Girls "Rip The Rams", Move To Class 3 Quarterfinals297
2014/3/6 14:14:45Second Half Slump Dooms Gallatin Against Powerhouse Panthers367
2014/3/6 14:00:00Meadville Douses The Dragons, Readies For State Quarterfinals306
2014/3/6 13:40:00Linn County Girls Move Into Class 1 Quarterfinals364
2014/3/6 13:37:34Youthful Lady Cardinals Beat #1, Prepare For Rematch With North Andrew450
2014/3/5 9:20:00NCMC Lady Pirates Win Region XVI Title, 77-64 Over St. Louis480
2014/3/4 9:20:00Mercer Lady Cardinals Win Fifth Straight District Title460
2014/3/3 10:19:55East Buchanan Drills Princeton, Ending Tigers District Run350
2014/3/3 10:00:10District 16 Champions End Trenton's Seasons At Lathrop356
2014/2/26 10:24:01NCMC Basketball Teams Battle For Region 16 Titles This Weekend310
2014/2/26 10:10:00Strong Fourth Quarter Pushes Princeton To District Semifinals279
2014/2/26 9:50:15Milan's Hoops Season End Tuesday Night In District Quarterfinals240
2014/2/26 9:40:58Gilman City Girls Move To District Championship Game261
2014/2/26 9:35:45Trenton "Tames The Tigers" In District Quarterfinal Win254
2014/2/26 8:40:00NCMC Lady Pirates Open Softball Season In Fort Worth277
2014/2/25 13:23:26Lady Bulldogs Win Physical District Battle With Hamilton277
2014/2/25 9:40:00Earnhardt Returns To Victory Lane At Daytona275
2014/2/25 9:34:23Gilman City Girls Roll Into District 11 Semifinals278
2014/2/25 9:30:00Mizzou Rolled By Alabama, 80-73263
2014/2/25 9:30:00Mizzou Women Fall Short Against UT260
2014/2/25 9:17:28Clutch Second Half Earns Region's #1 Seed For Lady Pirates402
2014/2/25 8:50:00Trenton's Mounce Finishes Third At 170 Pounds389
2014/2/24 10:32:27Princeton Tigers Rally For GRC Win Over King City291
2014/2/21 11:20:00Trenton Bulldogs Rally For Senior Night Sweep320
2014/2/21 10:40:00Milan Swept in Tri-Rivers Doubleheader At Scotland County287
2014/2/21 10:20:00Trenton's Mason Mounce Into 170 Pound State Semifinals430
2014/2/21 9:13:49Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Friday, 2/21/14291
2014/2/21 9:08:55Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows (Basketball) For 2/20/14269
2014/2/21 8:22:38Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 2/19/14246
2014/2/21 8:15:35Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/18/14226
2014/2/21 8:04:38Mizzou Beats Vanderbilt, Moves To 7-6 In The SEC240
2014/2/21 7:50:00Bulldog Buzzer-Beater Downs The Dragons243
2014/2/21 7:40:00NCMC Lady Pirates Edge Cottey, Close In On #1 Seed304
2014/2/21 7:29:58NCMC Men Prepare For Wentworth After 1-1 Week265
2014/2/18 10:40:00NCMC Lady Pirates Announce Third Recruit For 2014-2015 Season369
2014/2/18 10:34:42Michaelis Starts, Mizzou Wins at Auburn473
2014/2/18 10:29:26Hamlin Wins Sprint Unlimited, Stewart OK After Crash265
2014/2/18 10:27:02Missouri Evens SEC Record With 75-70 Win Over The Vols255
2014/2/18 10:22:05NCMC Lady Pirates Grab First Place In Region XVI, Beating St. Louis 68-63288
2014/2/18 10:13:26Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 2/18/14371
2014/2/18 9:44:53North Mercer Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/17/14300
2014/2/18 9:42:10Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/17/14245
2014/2/18 9:36:04Trenton Bulldogs Finish Sixth At Districts, Advance 5 To State253
2014/2/18 9:07:56Trenton Bulldogs Sweep Visiting PC Midgets246
2014/2/18 9:00:00Braymer Claims GRC Sweep At Princeton225
2014/2/14 10:33:12NCMC Pirates Slay The Dragons In Region Sweep474
2014/2/14 10:16:19Late Basket Pushes Mizzou Over Arkansas286
2014/2/14 10:00:00THS Sweeps Courtwarming Games Against Marceline356
2014/2/10 13:00:00Tina-Avalon To Host CLAA Conference Tournament This Week540
2014/2/10 12:40:00Lawson Beats Trenton In Saturday Buzzer-Beater300
2014/2/10 10:40:00Scotland County Takes Two On A Frigid Night In Milan277
2014/2/10 10:29:56Lady Pirates Earn Payback At Fort Scott, 68-51241
2014/2/10 10:20:00NCMC Pirates Win Back-To-Back Games329
2014/2/10 10:10:00Milan Wildcats Come Up Short In TRC Tests At Knox County232
2014/2/10 7:50:00North Mercer Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/10/14216
2014/2/7 9:50:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Friday, 2/7/14627
2014/2/6 13:13:14Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows (Basketball) For 2/6/14429
2014/2/6 12:10:00NCMC Pirate Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/6/14311
2014/2/6 10:00:10Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 2/6/14334
2014/2/6 8:10:00NCMC Splits At Rival Penn Valley327
2014/2/6 8:09:05Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 2/5/14441
2014/2/4 9:38:50NCMC Baseball Announces Second Recruit For 2014-2015314
2014/2/4 8:35:29Cameron Girls Win 8th Straight Game, Tournament Championship239
2014/2/4 8:24:16Princeton Tigers Upset East Harrison In Gilman City Final409
2014/2/4 8:10:00Lathrop Cruises To Hamilton Tournament Title272
2014/2/4 8:10:00Mercer Lady Cardinals Win Meadville Tournament Title379
2014/2/3 10:10:00Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/3/14313
2014/2/3 8:30:00North Mercer Coaches Shows For Monday, 2/3/14297
2014/1/31 9:57:57KC Royals Announce 2014 Promotions and Special Events1475
2014/1/31 9:20:00Princeton Tigers Split Semifinal Games At Gilman City327
2014/1/31 9:11:11Top-seeded CHS Hornets Go 0-2 At Cameron Tournament367
2014/1/31 9:01:29Grundy R-5 Boys To Challenge Meadville In Tourney Title Game374
2014/1/31 8:52:21Trenton Moves Into Hamilton Tournament Title Games389
2014/1/31 8:39:41THS Grapplers Sweep Stanberry Quad456
2014/1/31 7:40:35KC Royals Acquire Mariners Outfielder272
2014/1/31 7:30:00NCMC Baseball Announces Signing Of Westran H.S. Senior904
2014/1/30 12:25:41Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows (Basketball) For 1/30/14405
2014/1/30 9:18:40NCMC Pirate Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/30/14243
2014/1/30 8:12:57Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/30/14287
2014/1/29 9:48:05Chillicothe Hornets Fall In Cameron Tournament Quarterfinals371
2014/1/29 9:30:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 1/29/14381
2014/1/29 9:20:00NCMC Lady Pirate Softball Signs First Recruit For 2015419
2014/1/29 8:50:00Missouri Grabs SEC Road Win At Arkansas284
2014/1/29 8:50:00THS Seniors Sign College Letters Of Intent331
2014/1/29 8:40:00Marceline Sweeps Milan In Tuesday Night Double-Dip297
2014/1/29 8:30:00South Harrison Advances To Hamilton Tournament Semifinals535
2014/1/29 8:23:22Grundy R-5 Boys Move Into Meadville Semifinals295
2014/1/29 8:14:51Ladyhawks Move Into Gilman City Semifinals210
2014/1/29 8:08:16Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/28/14248
2014/1/29 8:00:00Chillicothe Slips By Trenton In Senior Night Duel281
2014/1/29 7:53:59Trenton JV Basketball Splits With Chillicothe300
2014/1/29 7:49:45Trenton Freshmen/JV Boys Fall To Bishop LeBlond257
2014/1/28 10:30:00Lady Cardinals Cruise Into Meadville Tourney Semifinals462
2014/1/28 10:20:00Princeton Tigers Win Gilman City Tournament Quarterfinals448
2014/1/28 10:00:00Trenton Sweeps Polo In Hamilton Tournament Openers334
2014/1/28 9:50:00NCMC Pirates Swept in St. Louis236
2014/1/27 10:40:00Tigers, Wildcats Split Friday Night Doubleheader At MHS251
2014/1/27 10:30:00North Mercer Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/27/14324
2014/1/27 10:29:50Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/27/14281
2014/1/24 9:49:50Trenton JV Boys Move To 9-0331
2014/1/23 10:39:04NCMC Men Win 4th Win, Take Momentum To St. Louis293
2014/1/23 9:44:10Putnam County Sweeps Tri-Rivers Doubleheader At Milan333
2014/1/23 8:40:00Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows (Basketball) For 1/23/14414
2014/1/23 8:20:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/23/14279
2014/1/22 12:20:00Trenton Wrestlers Struggle At Brookfield Triangular464
2014/1/22 10:53:05NCMC Lady Pirates Club The Comets, Improve To 2-0 In Region XVI318
2014/1/22 10:50:00South Harrison, Gallatin Claim GRC Tuesday Night Sweeps370
2014/1/22 10:00:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 1/22/14370
2014/1/22 9:30:00Trenton Ends 13 Year Drought, Beats Chillicothe 54-46325
2014/1/22 9:08:32NCMC Beats North Arkansas In Kansas City230
2014/1/22 8:51:45Grundy R-5 Boys Win Monday Night Test Against Hale471
2014/1/22 8:50:00Princeton Swept In GRC Doubleheader At Polo279
2014/1/21 11:20:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/21/14263
2014/1/21 11:09:56Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/21/14245
2014/1/20 10:21:03NCMC Pirates Hammer Missouri Valley, Move To 8-8295
2014/1/20 10:10:08Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/20/14321
2014/1/20 9:30:00Trenton HS Wrestlers Finish Fifth At Plattsburg Tournament297
2014/1/20 9:20:00Pattonsburg Lady Panthers Win Osborn Tournament Title375
2014/1/20 9:16:29Braymer Wins Tournament Championships On Saturday Night392
2014/1/20 9:11:10Stanberry Slips By Albany in Championship Night Thriller540
2014/1/20 9:05:21Cameron Lady Dragons Beat Lathrop For Bill Burns Title386
2014/1/20 8:56:52Princeton Boys Edge South Harrison In Third Place Game332
2014/1/20 8:40:00Novinger Wildcats Win Milan Tournament Title Over Grundy R-5436
2014/1/20 8:40:00Mizzou Clobbers the Crimson Tide, 68-47260
2014/1/20 8:30:00Trenton Bulldogs Split Third Place Games At Lawson353
2014/1/20 8:30:00Brookfield Girls Win Milan Tournament Title254
2014/1/20 8:00:00North Mercer Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/20/14322
2014/1/17 13:00:15Trenton Bulldogs Grab #1 Seed At Hamilton Tournament582
2014/1/17 12:40:23KC Royals Ink Bonifacio, Hochevar, and Hosmer For 2014509
2014/1/17 11:15:15Mercer Girls, Meadville Boys Grab #1 Seeds At Meadville Hoops Tournament495
2014/1/17 10:44:46KC Royals Add Pitching Depth For 2014 Season315
2014/1/17 10:20:00Missouri's Basketball Teams Drop SEC Battles383
2014/1/17 10:10:00Trenton Grapplers Struggle Against The Marceline Tigers418
2014/1/17 10:00:00GRC Rivals To Meet In Stanberry Tournament Boys Championship Game642
2014/1/17 9:56:10Cameron Lady Dragons Cruise Into Bill Burns Classic Title Game454
2014/1/17 9:34:14Winston Redbirds To Play For Osborn Tournament Titles275
2014/1/17 9:30:00Chillicothe Lady Hornets Look For Seventh-Place Win266
2014/1/17 9:10:00PC Midgets Rally To Beat Princeton350
2014/1/17 9:00:00Braymer Bobcats Advance To Tournament Title Games326
2014/1/17 7:52:41Grundy R-5 Boys, Mercer Girls Advance To Milan Tournament Title Games326
2014/1/17 7:50:00Trenton Suffers The "Platte County Blues" 444
2014/1/16 11:15:01Chillicothe Mudcats To Host "First Pitch" Event322
2014/1/16 10:35:57NCMC Pirates Split Games At Johnson County CC369
2014/1/16 10:14:57NCMC Pirate Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/16/14333
2014/1/16 9:10:00Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows (Basketball) For 1/16/14379
2014/1/16 7:40:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 1/16/14304
2014/1/15 10:00:00Penney Girls Advance To Lawson Tournament Semifinals276
2014/1/15 9:59:04Princeton Tigers Advance To South Harrison Tournament Semifinals346
2014/1/15 9:51:49Lady 'Cats Upend Linn County In Milan Quarterfinals293
2014/1/15 9:40:52Gilman City Splits HDC Games With Tri-County249
2014/1/15 9:40:00Chillicothe Boys Defeat Maryville In MEC Test268
2014/1/15 9:37:57Trenton JV/Freshmen Boys Beat Gallatin253
2014/1/15 8:10:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 1/15/14244
2014/1/14 10:52:23Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/14/14320
2014/1/14 10:17:46Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/14/14311
2014/1/14 9:40:00South Harrison Advances Into Tournament Semifinals At Bethany406
2014/1/14 9:30:00Grundy R-5 Beats Milan In Quarterfinals293
2014/1/14 9:29:23Meadville Sweeps Bevier To Remain Unbeaten In Tri-County Play402
2014/1/14 9:26:01THS Freshmen Sweep Princeton266
2014/1/14 9:22:01Trenton Sweeps Gallatin at Lawson Tournament Quarterfinals287
2014/1/14 8:00:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 1/14/14273
2014/1/13 10:10:00THS Wrestlers Finish Third At Butler Tournament273
2014/1/13 9:31:04Trenton JV Boys Down Brookfield, 65-50265
2014/1/13 9:20:00Late-Game Shot Gives Maysville GRC Sweep Of Princeton398
2014/1/13 9:20:00HAAC To Expand By Two Schools For 2015-2016 Season290
2014/1/13 9:00:00North Mercer Coaches Shows For Monday, 1/13/14324
2014/1/10 11:58:382014 Milan Basketball Tournament Starts Monday689
2014/1/10 10:20:00Trenton Rally Ends Brookfield's Unbeaten Season487
2014/1/10 10:20:00Trenton Boys Lose Close Battle At Mid-Buch333
2014/1/10 9:49:16Trenton To Play Gallatin At Lawson Tournament374
2014/1/9 10:23:30NCMC Splits Region XVI Contests Against Penn Valley305
2013/12/27 10:33:12Chillicothe Wins "Lady Hornets" Battle At NCMC Holiday Hoops487
2013/12/24 9:30:00Trenton High School Senior Signs With Central Methodist784
2013/12/24 9:10:00Behind Capeder and Hurley, Lady Bulldogs Knock Off Lafayette516
2013/12/24 8:50:00Milan Finishes 2013 Against Green City, North Shelby652
2013/12/24 8:30:00Brookfield Sweeps Marceline In Linn County Rivalry Games424
2013/12/23 10:40:00NWMSU Bearcats Win Fourth National Title572
2013/12/23 10:20:00MU Women Finish Non-Conference Play At 11-2450
2013/12/23 10:08:29KC Chiefs Fall Flat In Sunday Loss To Indianapolis407
2013/12/23 10:00:00Late Game Free Throws Push Illinois Past Mizzou374
2013/12/20 13:50:00Trenton's Rorebeck, Mounce Upset Top-Ranked Opponents738
2013/12/20 12:00:00Trenton Native Named Northeastern State (Oklahoma) Head Coach387
2013/12/20 10:30:00Gallatin Evens The Score, Sweeping Visiting Trenton388
2013/12/20 10:30:00Michaelis' Career Night Not Enough As MU Falls At Missouri State743
2013/12/20 9:13:14Princeton Announces "Alumni Games" On December 28th339
2013/12/20 9:10:00First Two Nights Of NCMC Holiday Hoops Postponed409
2013/12/20 9:00:00HDC Title Games Set, But Winter Weather Postpones Tournament447
2013/12/19 10:24:43KC Royals Acquire Danny Valencia For David Lough317
2013/12/19 10:11:16NCMC Holiday Hoops Opens Friday With Albany/Mound City Games343
2013/12/19 10:10:00Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows (Basketball) For 12/19/13564
2013/12/19 9:40:00NCMC Pirate Coaches Shows For Thursday, 12/19/13324
2013/12/19 7:50:00Princeton Tiger Coaches Shows For Thursday, 12/19/13348
2013/12/18 10:50:00Trenton JV/Middle School Teams Find Tuesday Night Success394
2013/12/18 10:48:30Mercer Cardinals Cruise Into HDC Tournament Semifinals529
2013/12/18 10:33:33Trenton Bulldogs Improve To 6-1 With Trojan Sweep386
2013/12/18 9:40:00Trenton Bulldog Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 12/18/13339
2013/12/17 11:28:15Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 12/17/13295
2013/12/17 10:52:41Grundy R-5 Boys Advance to HDC Tournament Semifinals430
2013/12/17 10:20:00Gilman City Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 12/17/13313
2013/12/17 9:30:00Trenton Bulldogs Sweep Doubleheader At Plattsburg266
2013/12/17 9:10:00Lathrop Splits Basketball Games At Gallatin318
2013/12/17 8:38:23Milan High School Announces Scotland County Reschedule Date224
2013/12/17 8:30:00NCMC Lady Pirates Go Winless On Florida Trip287
2013/12/17 8:14:27Missouri Tigers Beat Western Michigan, 66-60232
2013/12/17 8:12:51Kansas City Blasts Oakland, Clinches AFC Playoff Berth270
2013/12/17 7:40:00Royals Sign Free Agent Omar Infante 243
2013/12/16 10:40:33Trenton Wrestlers Win At Albany, 48-28413
2013/12/16 10:08:45Grundy R-5 Coaches Shows For Monday, 12/16/13288
2013/12/16 8:42:45Princeton Boys, Mercer Girls Win Thursday Night Battles468
2013/12/16 8:40:00LeBlond Girls End South Harrison's Unbeaten Start326
2013/12/16 8:30:00Mercer Basketball Coaches Shows For Monday, 12/16/13326
2013/12/13 9:07:52NCMC Pirates Finish 2013 With Road Win338
2013/12/11 14:23:31Mercer Girls, East Harrison Boys Earn #1 Seeds At HDC Tournament468
2013/12/11 12:01:39Sporting Park Named New Home For NCAA D-2 Football Championship422
2013/12/11 11:20:00NCMC Baseball Announces Winter Camp Dates328
2013/12/11 10:50:00Trenton Grapplers Split Matches With Gallatin, South Harrison345
2013/12/11 10:40:12Behind Stallbaumer's 35, Milan Wins Conference Opener, 63-54431
2013/12/11 10:00:00Princeton Lady Tigers Win Third In A Row, 46-41 Over East Harrison588
2013/12/11 10:00:00Meadville Sweeps Atlanta In High School Hoops (+ Area Scoreboard)323
2013/12/11 9:50:00Grundy R-5 Splits Games With Tina-Avalon502
2013/12/11 9:30:00Final High School Football State Rankings Announced318
2013/12/11 9:15:59Trenton Freshman Beat Chillicothe, 37-27296
2013/12/11 9:12:44TMS Girls Beat South Harrison, 38-18333
2013/12/11 9:10:00Maysville Sweeps Tri-County in Monday Night Doubleheader269
2013/12/11 8:50:00South Harrison Knocks Trenton Off Unbeaten Ranks, 56-48299
2013/12/11 8:10:00OFFICIAL NCMC Holiday Hoops Schedule Announced543
2013/12/11 7:50:00Missouri Media Announces All-State Football Teams754
2013/12/10 10:50:00NCMC's Losing Streak Hits 5, After Weekend Losses In Trenton292
2013/12/10 10:40:00NCMC Men Break Losing Streak With Win At Lamoni264
2013/12/10 10:30:00Trenton's Mounce Wins Marceline Tournament Title At 170 Pounds361
2013/12/10 9:20:00Princeton Tigers Finish Albany Tournament With Wins325
2013/12/10 9:20:00Penney Hornets Open KCI Basketball Tournament With Quarterfinal Losses708
2013/12/9 9:30:00Milan Wildcats Both Finish 1-2 At Novinger Basketball Tournament358
2013/12/9 9:30:00Meadville Girls And Boys Win Northwestern Tournament Titles392
2013/12/9 8:49:15Trenton Lady Bulldogs Win Gallatin Tournament On Buzzer Beater369
2013/12/9 8:35:50Northwest MO State Hammers St. Cloud State, 59-21313
2013/12/9 8:30:00Auburn Wins SEC Championship Over Missouri, 59-42518
2013/12/9 8:10:00MU Accepts Invitation To the 2014 AT&T Cotton Bowl427
2013/12/9 8:00:00KC Chiefs End Losing Streak At 3, Routing The Redskins 45-10261
2013/12/6 10:35:24Trenton, Gallatin Move To Gallatin Tournament Championship Games370
2013/12/6 10:20:36THS Wrestlers Split Triangular At Mid-Buchanan521
2013/12/6 8:21:02NCMC Pirates Fall In Wednesday Night Doubleheader304
2013/12/5 11:30:00Chillicothe Lady Hornets Move Into Savannah Invitational Semifinals432
2013/12/5 11:21:44Meadville Eagles Cruise Into Northwestern Semifinals408
2013/12/5 11:11:49Milan Girls Advance At Novinger Tournament, 36-33 Over Brashear383
2013/12/5 10:30:29TMS Girls Drill Cameron, 41-11304
2013/12/5 10:30:00Princeton Boys Beat King City, 42-36, Improve To 2-01113
2013/12/5 10:27:16Trenton Girls Cruise To Quarterfinal Win Over Tri-County643
2013/12/5 10:16:21Grundy R-5 Splits HDC Doubleheader With North Harrison308
2013/12/5 10:12:07Four Trenton Bulldogs Earn All-District Status597
2013/12/5 10:08:30Milan And Marceline Dominate Northeast Missouri All-District Team750
2013/12/3 9:26:19Trenton MS Girls Roll At Unionville, 45-27275
2013/12/3 9:18:56Trenton JV Basketball Sweeps Putnam County274
2013/12/3 9:00:00Linn County Mustangs Win Quarterfinal Games In Mendon411
2013/12/3 8:50:00South Harrison Girls Double-Up Albany In Albany Tournament Quarterfinals353
2013/12/3 8:40:00#1 Seeded Scotland County Tigers Win Novinger Quarterfinals303
2013/12/3 8:32:27#1 Trenton, #2 Gallatin Roll Through Gallatin Quarterfinals280
2013/12/3 8:19:20Maysville Rallies Past Gilman City At Gallatin Tournament345
2013/12/3 8:05:26Broncos Buck Chiefs From AFC West Race272
2013/12/3 7:58:56Ladies And Gentlemen, Your 2013 SEC East Champion Missouri Tigers!287
2013/12/3 7:48:19Marceline's Magical Run Ends Against #1 Valle Catholic252
2013/12/3 7:30:00Elks Lodge To Host "Hoop Shoot" On December 14th400
2013/12/3 7:30:00Northwest Bearcats Drill UM-Duluth, 45-21289
2013/12/3 7:30:00Lamar Shuts Out Lawson For Class 2 State Title322
2013/12/3 7:27:45Mizzou Rolls The Wolf Pack, Improves To 7-0266
2013/12/3 7:20:00Fourth Quarter TD Gives North Andrew 8-Man State Title261
2013/11/29 10:31:51Grundy R-5 Boys Win Season Opener, 58-35417
2013/11/28 7:27:37NCMC Women Lose At Marshalltown587
2013/11/28 7:25:03TMS Wrestlers Split 24 Matches In Home Triangular387
2013/11/27 15:04:07Gilman City Opens Basketball Season With Osborn Split427
2013/11/27 15:00:00THS Girls Rally For Season-Opening Win324
2013/11/27 14:47:28THS Junior Varsity Teams Sweep Cameron360
2013/11/26 9:01:07Mizzou Races Past IUPUI, Heads To Vegas At 5-0340
2013/11/26 8:50:00Trenton Native Named to Missouri Sports Hall of Fame683
2013/11/26 8:30:00NCMC Basketball Teams Struggle Over the Weekend388
2013/11/26 8:24:38Marceline's Second Half Surge Wins Class 1 Semifinal, 42-22687
2013/11/25 10:20:00Kansas City Royals Unveil New "Road Alternate" Uniform for 2014846
2013/11/25 9:30:00Chargers Shock The Chiefs, 41-38288
2013/11/25 9:30:00Mizzou Moves One Win Away From SEC East Title334
2013/11/22 10:07:51Grundy R-5 Junior High Basketball WILL Play Tonight486
2013/11/22 9:00:00Stanberry Boys, South Harrison Girls, Named #1 Seeds For Albany Tournament498
2013/11/21 15:05:54Trenton Awarded #1 Seeds At Gallatin Tournament573
2013/11/21 14:37:36KC Royals Sign Veteran Pitcher Jason Vargas332
2013/11/21 13:40:00NCMC Splits Low-Scoring Games In Creston, Iowa332
2013/11/21 13:24:56Northwest Bearcats Earn #1 Seed In Division Two Playoffs334
2013/11/21 13:19:51Missouri's Clarkson named SEC Player of the Week270
2013/11/21 7:10:00Grand River Conference announces football honors631
2013/11/19 17:29:05KC Royals Announce 2014 Spring Schedule428
2013/11/19 15:58:48THS Basketball In Friday Night Jamborees This Week453
2013/11/19 9:51:14Milan Wildcats Open Basketball Season on December 3rd1111
2013/11/19 9:50:00TENTATIVE NCMC Holiday Hoops Schedule Announced1017
2013/11/19 8:44:10NCMC Pirates Rip Missouri Valley, Improve To 4-2295
2013/11/19 8:38:19NCMC Lady Pirates Fall To Fort Scott, 84-72306
2013/11/18 11:24:19Chiefs Fall In AFC West Showdown, 27-17265
2013/11/18 11:20:00Mizzou Improves To 3-0, Beating Hawaii in Kansas City280
2013/11/18 9:34:48Penney High School Wallops West Platte in Class 1 Quarterfinals419
2013/11/18 9:30:00Marceline Wins Defensive Battle With Westran, 13-9503
2013/11/18 9:22:11Southwest Livingston Advances to Eight-Man "Final Four"610
2013/11/18 9:00:00NW Missouri State Basketball Signs Lafayette Senior368
2013/11/18 8:59:39Mizzou Adds Los Angeles Shooting Guard To Class of 2014246
2013/11/15 14:30:00Missouri High School Football Player Passes Away1682
2013/11/15 10:10:00Mercer's Michaelis Scores Career-High Ten Points In MU Win479
2013/11/15 9:40:00MU Announces Four-Pack Ticket Deal For Texas A&M Game399
2013/11/15 9:20:00Mizzou Tigers Add Top Georgia Player To Hoops Program291
2013/11/15 9:00:00KC Chiefs Claim San Francisco's Kyle Williams Off Waivers354
2013/11/14 20:35:24NCMC Hoops Split Doubleheader At Ellsworth407
2013/11/14 20:16:31Trenton High School Hosts 2013 Football Banquet757
2013/11/14 19:54:31Tri-Rivers Champion Milan Wildcats Dominate All-Conference Football Team739
2013/11/13 10:40:00All-State Softball Teams Announced871
2013/11/12 7:46:12NCMC Basketball Sweeps Southwestern Spartans366
2013/11/11 21:40:00Marceline Rolls Into Class 1 Quarterfinals, 26-0 At Milan426
2013/11/11 9:50:00Mizzou Moves To 9-1, Hammers Kentucky299
2013/11/6 21:52:06NCMC Sweeps Wednesday Night Games In Trenton590
2013/11/6 21:40:00Milan Wildcats Hammer Putnam County 52-0, Move Into District 6 Championship Game581
2013/11/5 9:00:00Top-Ranked High School Player Re-Commits To Mizzou480
2013/11/5 8:40:00Mauk Expected To Start For 9th-Ranked Missouri At Kentucky632
2013/11/5 8:31:47NCMC Men Beat St. Mary, 71-66295
2013/11/4 10:20:00NCMC Lady Pirates Struggle In Season-Opening Loss at KCK335
2013/11/4 10:04:23North Central MO College Men Open Season With 89-82 Loss693
2013/11/4 9:20:00Trenton's Season Ends With 4th Straight Loss, 42-7 At Brookfield373
2013/11/4 9:14:29Milan Steamrolls Slater, 62-12, Setting Up Putnam County Rematch463
2013/11/4 9:10:00South Harrison Readies For Rematch At East Buchanan335
2013/11/4 8:00:00KC Perfection : Chiefs Are 9-0299
2013/11/4 7:50:00Mizzou Rattles Tennessee, 31-3313
2013/11/1 11:17:44NCMC Lady Pirates Open Season Tonight At KCK600
2013/10/31 10:42:01NCMC Basketball Season Passes Now Available350
2013/10/31 10:40:00THS Lady Bulldog Sports Banquet Slated For Tuesday Night347
2013/10/31 10:18:32Three THS Lady Bulldogs Earn All-Region Softball Honors801
2013/10/31 9:30:18MU Women Overcome Slow Start, Beat SW Baptist 79-53367
2013/10/29 14:10:00Chillicothe Tennis Finishes 2nd and 4th In State Singles Play349
2013/10/29 9:20:00Maysville High School Wins Class 1 Softball Championship717
2013/10/28 11:05:06KC Chiefs Move To 8-0, Beat Cleveland 23-17335
2013/10/28 10:40:00Mizzou's Unbeaten Season Ends In Double Overtime364
2013/10/28 10:30:00Milan Wildcats Win the Border War, Clinch Tri-Rivers Conference Title563
2013/10/28 10:00:00Battered 'N Bruised Bulldogs Fall To Concordia, 44-27469
2013/10/24 14:40:12Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows (Football) For 10/24/13389
2013/10/24 10:17:37Princeton Coaches Shows For 10/23, 10/24443
2013/10/24 9:42:24Trenton JV Beats Marceline, 20-14319
2013/10/22 11:00:00Milan Stays Put, Hamilton Moves Up, In Latest Football Poll454
2013/10/22 9:50:49Frank Haith Suspended Five Games For Miami Scandal538
2013/10/22 9:32:14ESPN Uses Seven-Day "Wait" On Tennessee-Missouri383
2013/10/22 9:24:25Five THS Lady Bulldogs Receive All-District Honors374
2013/10/22 8:36:11Chiefs Down Texans To Move To 7-0307
2013/10/22 8:31:29Cameron's Final Four Dream Dies, 4-3 At Harrisonville474
2013/10/22 8:20:34Maysville Moves Into Final Four, 7-0 Over Jefferson402
2013/10/22 8:00:00Kirksville roars past THS Bulldogs, 48-14309
2013/10/21 7:50:00Mizzou Pounds Florida, Takes Control Of SEC East Race369
2013/10/19 16:00:00Gallatin Lady Bulldogs Win 2013 GRC Softball Title, Four Players Named First-Team All-Conference1006
2013/10/18 15:18:24Princeton Tiger Coaches Show (Football) on 10/16/13461
2013/10/18 15:13:48Milan Wildcats Coaches Show (Football) For 10/17/13472
2013/10/17 9:50:00North Harrison Places Four On All-HDC Postseason Girls Softball Team580
2013/10/17 9:40:00Winston Boys Earn Three All-State Softball Selections, All Unanimous710
2013/10/17 9:35:47Grundy R-5 Boys Place Four on All-HDC First Team506
2013/10/17 8:44:27Cameron's "Cardiac Dragons" Rally Late, Win Class 3 Sectional 9-3583
2013/10/17 8:34:27Brookfield's Softball Season Ends, 3-1 Against LeBlond471
2013/10/17 8:22:50Jefferson Rolls Through Princeton, Advances To Quarterfinals501
2013/10/17 8:01:15District Champion Southwest Dominates District 12 Softball Team429
2013/10/17 8:00:00SEC Announces Agreement To Play Basketball Tournaments In Nashville356
2013/10/17 7:55:32Chillicothe Beats Trenton In Middle School Football Battles358
2013/10/17 7:50:00Trenton Volleyball Teams Suffer Tuesday Night Sweeps662
2013/10/17 7:32:52"Meet The Pirates" Scheduled For Thursday, October 24th400
2013/10/17 7:30:00Mercer's Michaelis Has "Quiet" Night at Black And Gold Scrimmage525
2013/10/15 9:33:37Milan Wildcats Push To #4 In State Football Poll778
2013/10/14 18:10:00Moberly And Kirksville Advance To State, Trenton's McNabb Finishes 32nd At Sectionals1311
2013/10/14 17:06:03Mizzou's Homecoming Game With South Carolina Will Be Played "Under The Lights"332
2013/10/14 16:55:26Three Milan Lady Wildcats Earn Post-Season Honors710
2013/10/14 16:48:59Mizzou Makes Huge SEC Statement, Drills Georgia, 41-26449
2013/10/14 16:39:08KC Chiefs Beat Up Raiders, 24-7611
2013/10/14 16:32:11THS Volleyball Struggles At Riverside Tournament295
2013/10/14 16:26:18Princeton Rallies to District 15 Softball Championship405
2013/10/14 14:20:00THS Lady Bulldogs Lose Early Lead, Fall In Extra Innings, 7-4 To Cameron466
2013/10/14 13:00:00THS Bulldogs Fight Hard, But Fall To Illini West 34-23371
2013/10/11 14:00:00Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows For Friday, 10/11/13367
2013/10/10 21:02:00Trenton Survives Rocky Start, Blasts Excelsior Springs 9-2424
2013/10/10 10:15:10Milan Clings To 1.01 Point Lead In District 6 Football Race605
2013/10/10 8:03:28THS Booster Club "Blanket Fundraiser" Continues Until TUESDAY535
2013/10/10 7:10:00Lathrop Sweeps Volleyball Matches At THS285
2013/10/10 7:10:00Tri-County Conference Announces Post-Season Honors359
2013/10/9 11:10:00Princeton Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 10/9/13416
2013/10/8 17:20:00Trenton Earns Breathing Room In District 8 Football Chase379
2013/10/8 17:04:31Trenton JV Football Struggles Against Lathrop, TMS Wins At Princeton320
2013/10/8 16:55:42Busy Night Of Trenton Volleyball Brings Mixed Success353
2013/10/8 16:30:00Trenton Drops District Semifinal To Savannah, 5-4307
2013/10/8 16:30:00Trenton's McNabb Advances to Sectionals At Moberly302
2013/10/8 11:32:10East Buchanan Surges Up Class 1 State Poll352
2013/10/8 11:23:57Gilman City Coaches Show For Tuesday, 10/8/13359
2013/10/8 10:10:00Grundy R-5 "Les Jackson Show" For Tuesday, 10/8/13363
2013/10/8 9:40:00NCMC Lady Pirates Look Impressive In Heartland Jamboree Sweep871
2013/10/8 9:40:00Albany Douses Princeton Rally To Win GRC Battle, 27-14431
2013/10/8 9:30:00Trenton Wins Senior Night Tussle Against South Harrison, 4-1267
2013/10/8 9:04:51Milan Wildcats Move To 2-0 In Conference Play, 34-6 Over Scotland County503
2013/10/8 8:54:27Kansas City Moves To 5-0, Beats Tennessee 26-17333
2013/10/8 8:46:13Missouri Opens SEC Play With 51-28 Win at Vanderbilt506
2013/10/8 8:39:25Princeton Lady Tigers Roll To Tournament Title310
2013/10/8 8:10:00Florida At Mizzou Picked For 11:21 AM Kickoff On October 19th463
2013/10/8 8:00:00Winston Redbirds Win 2013 Boy's State Softball Title530
2013/10/7 18:20:00Trenton Softball Hammers Chillicothe, 10-0432
2013/10/7 9:30:00Grundy R-5 Softball Coaches Shows for 10/7/13314
2013/10/7 8:10:39Mercer Cardinal Softball Shows For 10/7/13293
2013/10/5 18:40:00THS Bulldogs trample Lincoln Prep, 36-15482
2013/10/4 22:50:00High School Football Scores For Friday, 10/4/13553
2013/10/4 15:00:00THS Lady Bulldogs Coaches Shows For Saturday, 10/5/13432
2013/10/3 15:23:24Week Six Approaches With Little Change To Missouri's Football Poll502
2013/10/3 15:20:00Carrollton Lady Trojans Spring Extra-Inning Upset Of Trenton, 1-0315
2013/10/3 14:00:00Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows For Thursday, 10/3/13342
2013/10/3 11:30:00Princeton Lady Tigers Fall In Extra Innings, 4-3296
2013/10/3 11:20:00Gallatin Lady Bulldogs Win GRC JV Golf Championship303
2013/10/3 11:10:00THS JV Softball Beats Cameron, 4-1288
2013/10/3 11:09:43Trenton Volleyball Loses Tight Battle At East Buchanan312
2013/10/3 11:00:00Marceline golfers win Lewis And Clark Conference Championship339
2013/10/2 10:10:00Princeton Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 10/2/13318
2013/10/1 15:30:00Boys State Tournament Bracket Released, Play Starts Friday Night533
2013/10/1 15:27:15Trenton Bulldog Volleyball Sweeps Plattsburg In Three-Set Thrillers245
2013/10/1 15:20:00THS Tennis Blitzes Carrollton, 8-1503
2013/10/1 14:10:00TMS Volleyball Splits With Cameron366
2013/10/1 14:06:41Trenton Softball Coaches Show For Tuesday, 10/1/13314
2013/10/1 14:02:13Mexico Wins Kirksville Golf Tournament, Brookfield 3rd, Trenton 7th440
2013/10/1 13:50:00Royals sign Yost to two-year extension278
2013/10/1 13:20:00KCTV-5 To Show MU-Vanderbilt On Saturday Night604
2013/10/1 11:34:55Gilman City Coaches Show For Tuesday, 10/1/13301
2013/10/1 10:15:51Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 10/1/13305
2013/9/30 21:17:57Trenton Lady Bulldog Softball Rolls To Victories At Marceline314
2013/9/30 20:00:00Milan's Late Rally Comes Up Short, Lady 'Cats Fall 7-4456
2013/9/30 19:45:12Maysville Wolverines Sweep Golf Honors At GRC Meet In Gallatin470
2013/9/30 19:35:05MHS Wildcats Wear Down Knox County, Win 31-6564
2013/9/30 19:20:00Polo Steamrolls Princeton In GRC Saturday action, 42-14293
2013/9/30 19:14:40THS Bulldogs Dumped in Friday Night Trip to Kansas City277
2013/9/30 10:36:48Grundy R-5 Softball Coaches Shows for 9/30/13276
2013/9/30 10:24:58Mercer Cardinal Softball Shows For 9/30/13255
2013/9/26 21:50:00Dawg Bites Replay From Thursday 9/26/13384
2013/9/26 21:20:00Hello Win Column! Milan Softball Grabs Victory At North Shelby358
2013/9/26 20:50:00Trenton Wins Extra Inning Thriller Over Cameron, 2-1333
2013/9/26 19:10:00Richmond 1st, Chillicothe 6th, Trenton 7th At Chillicothe Golf Invitational581
2013/9/26 18:50:00Trenton Tennis Loses Tight Match At St. Joseph Benton, 5-4317
2013/9/26 12:50:00Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows For Thursday, 9/26/13311
2013/9/25 16:30:00Second Inning Explosion Leads Trenton Over Lexington, 8-4379
2013/9/25 12:34:09THS Volleyball Rips the Rams, In Straight Sets321
2013/9/25 12:28:52THS Lady Bulldog Tennis Beats Lexington, 7-2328
2013/9/25 11:14:11THS Girl's Golf Falls In Head-To-Head Duel At Richmond316
2013/9/25 10:30:00Princeton Routs Mercer, Loses 1-0 Pitchers Duel to South Harrison348
2013/9/25 10:25:58JV Bulldogs Down Higginsville, 26-12298
2013/9/25 9:50:00Trenton Announces Addition To JV Football Schedule313
2013/9/25 9:20:00Princeton Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/25/13254
2013/9/24 16:27:16New Missouri High School Football Media Poll Announced544
2013/9/24 16:10:40Trenton Bulldogs To Play At Pembroke Hill....What? Where?408
2013/9/24 11:36:00Gilman City Coaches Show For Tuesday, 9/24/13334
2013/9/24 10:50:00THS Softball Falls to P.C. Midgets, 4-3388
2013/9/24 9:40:00Trenton HS Coaches Shows For Friday, 9/20/13331
2013/9/24 9:31:17CSS? What Is That? Never Fear Mizzou Fans, Tigers To Be Shown Locally769
2013/9/24 9:10:00THS Softball Settles For Second at NCMC Nan Carter Tournament338
2013/9/24 9:00:00Trenton Girls Tennis Goes Winless At Marshall Tournament300
2013/9/24 8:50:00Trenton Volleyball Finishes 2-2 At Lathrop Tournament232
2013/9/24 8:00:00Higginsville Rolls Trenton On Homecoming Night, 46-7421
2013/9/24 7:50:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/24/13308
2013/9/23 9:30:00Grundy R-5 Softball Coaches Shows for 9/23/13382
2013/9/23 8:30:00Mercer Cardinal Softball Shows For 9/23/13365
2013/9/19 20:01:56Trenton Routs Milan In Rain-Shortened Softball Game434
2013/9/19 12:40:00Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows For Thursday, 9/19/13477
2013/9/19 9:10:00South Holt Drops Out Of Lathrop Volleyball Tournament, Revised Bracket Announced566
2013/9/18 14:40:00TMS Bulldogs hammer Polo, 48-0336
2013/9/18 14:20:00Princeton Lady Tigers Lose At Maysville, 3-2325
2013/9/18 11:30:00Princeton Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/18/13385
2013/9/18 11:10:00Trenton MS Volleyball Splits Matches With Plattsburg491
2013/9/17 15:10:00NCMC Nan Carter Tournament Moves to Cameron For 2013531
2013/9/17 14:50:00Maysville Sweeps Honors At Gallatin Golf Tournament646
2013/9/17 13:40:46Coming Off Lexington Title, Rain Slows THS Softball Momentum339
2013/9/17 11:29:47Gilman City Ladyhawks Coaches Show For Tuesday, 9/17/13254
2013/9/17 10:51:00Trenton HS Volleyball Sweeps Penney For Win #1 in 2013379
2013/9/17 10:20:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Tuesday, 9/17/13261
2013/9/17 8:30:00Trenton's McNabb Earns Medalist Honors, Lady Bulldogs Host Putnam County323
2013/9/17 8:30:00Winston Boys Stay Unbeaten With Road Win At Mercer455
2013/9/17 8:00:00Princeton At Milan Softball Rained Out268
2013/9/17 6:34:08Milan Wildcats Continue Surge Up State Football Poll555
2013/9/16 17:50:00THS Girl's Tennis Loses Tough Quarterfinal, Finishing 1-2 At Benton Tournament254
2013/9/16 13:58:53Mercer Cardinal Softball Shows For 9/16/13252
2013/9/16 12:10:00Trenton Softball Teams Win Weekend Tournaments300
2013/9/16 10:15:21Grundy R-5 Softball Coaches Shows for 9/16/13255
2013/9/16 9:40:00THS Bulldogs Grind Out Win At Putnam County, 19-0408
2013/9/13 14:20:00Listen To The Trenton Softball and Golf Shows Here!359
2013/9/13 14:10:00THS Pushes Carrollton To Third Set, Falls To 0-5278
2013/9/13 14:00:00THS Tennis Slays Cameron Dragons, 7-2314
2013/9/12 19:20:00Blowout Wins Set-Up Grundy R-5/Winston Softball Rematch251
2013/9/12 14:00:00Coach Jeremy Austin Talks THS Girl's Golf295
2013/9/12 13:30:00Milan Football/Softball Updates For Thursday, 9/12/13433
2013/9/12 10:30:03"Dramatically" Improving THS Golf Team Nearly Breaks 500 At Shirkey323
2013/9/12 9:30:00Chillicothe Finishes 1st, Trenton 2nd At Chillicothe Tennis Quad294
2013/9/11 17:36:48Trenton MS Football Opens 2013 With Shutout Loss282
2013/9/11 17:28:54Trenton Volleyball Split Matches At Plattsburg277
2013/9/11 17:20:00THS Tennis Rolls LeBlond, 8-1249
2013/9/11 13:20:00Young and improving, Trenton aims for 3-0 start328
2013/9/11 10:30:00South Harrison Prepares To Open GRC Season Against Princeton280
2013/9/11 9:30:00Princeton Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/11/13310
2013/9/11 8:10:00Tri-County Coaches Shows For Wednesday, 9/11/13299
2013/9/10 18:50:00Brookfield Wins Softball Showdown In Trenton, 4-1415
2013/9/10 11:30:00Listen to the Gilman City Ladyhawks Coaches Show Here!249
2013/9/10 10:48:54Bulldog JV And Freshman Fall in Monday Night Action352
2013/9/10 10:35:49Milan Goes Winless, Chillicothe 2-2 At Putnam County Tournament328
2013/9/10 10:30:00THS Volleyball Loses Home Opener to Lexington265
2013/9/10 9:15:51Princeton Wins Consolation Honors At Albany Softball Tournament286
2013/9/10 8:37:31Milan moves up to #8 in latest football poll499
2013/9/10 8:10:00NCMC Lady Pirates To Host Missouri Day Walk/Run385
2013/9/9 20:10:00Lady Bulldogs grab gritty win at Hamilton, 7-2361
2013/9/9 10:43:12Friday Night High School Football Scoreboard (9/6/13)338
2013/9/9 10:40:00North Harrison Shamrocks Awarded Both #1 Seeds at HDC Softball Tournament684
2013/9/9 10:20:00Trenton Rallies To Beat Lexington, 27-14510
2013/9/9 9:20:00Grundy R-5 Softball Coaches Shows for 9/9/13248
2013/9/9 8:00:00Mercer Cardinal Softball Shows For 9/9/13276
2013/9/6 14:10:34Listen To Coach Dabney Talk Milan Wildcat Football!709
2013/9/6 10:30:00THS Lady Bulldogs Coaches Shows - Hear 'Em Here!449
2013/9/5 19:59:04Milan softball falls at Schuyler County, 4-2283
2013/9/5 9:10:00THS tennis swept by visiting Chillicothe316
2013/9/5 9:00:00Chillicothe Wins Trenton Triangular, THS Shows Continued Improvement315
2013/9/4 16:50:00Tuesday Night Sports Scoreboard318
2013/9/4 16:39:37Lawson sweeps Trenton in volleyball season opener266
2013/9/4 15:00:00Milan Lady Wildcats Coaches Show For 9/5/13272
2013/9/4 13:00:00North Mercer Coaches Shows for 9/4/13337
2013/9/4 12:00:00Princeton Softball Beats Albany, Prepares For Gallatin Tests376
2013/9/4 10:00:00Grundy R-5 Softball Coaches Shows for 9/4/13278
2013/9/4 9:30:00Princeton Tigers, Looking To Rebound, Host Putnam County491
2013/9/4 9:10:00THS Lady Bulldogs Show Improvement At Brookfield Triangular362
2013/9/3 20:00:00THS softball blitzes Lawson, moves to 2-0 in 2013415
2013/9/3 12:00:00Milan, Brookfield Softball Win Weekend Tournaments506
2013/9/3 10:40:00Win Over Princeton Pushes Milan Into Missouri's Top Ten472
2013/9/3 10:10:00THS Lady Bulldog Softball Show Debuts Tuesday Afternoon on KTTN273
2013/9/3 10:00:00Gilman City Coaches Show For Tuesday, 9/3/13237
2013/9/3 7:40:00Tri-County Coaches Shows for Tuesday, 9/3/13252
2013/9/1 12:51:49Irish beat Bulldogs to open girls tennis season297
2013/9/1 12:30:00Cameron, Maysville Open Softball Seasons With Shutout Wins311
2013/8/31 0:10:00Trenton Dominates Fourth Quarter, Wins Season Opener 28-14801
2013/8/29 21:49:28Dawg Bites (Week #1) Replay From Hot Country Z 101.7508
2013/8/29 21:24:15Milan Wildcats Coaches Shows from KTTN511
2013/8/28 19:20:00Four-Run Inning Pushes THS Softball To Season Opening Win490
2013/8/27 20:00:00Princeton Football Moves Into 2013 With Young Talent453
2013/8/27 19:00:00Trenton's Softball Season Begins Wednesday Night On KTTN521
2013/8/26 17:00:30THS Lady Bulldogs Split Scrimmages At Brookfield Jamboree556
2013/8/26 11:10:00Trenton Bulldogs Defense Impresses at Bethany Jamboree566
2013/8/23 10:20:00Young Princeton Lady Tigers Aiming To Shake Up The GRC526
2013/8/21 10:40:00Trenton's Jennings Wins Des Moines Golf Tournament362
2013/8/21 10:20:00Buoyed By Seven Seniors, Milan Softball Looks For Success In 2013657
2013/8/20 7:50:00THS Volleyball Looks To Build On 2012 Success330
2013/8/15 8:10:00NCMC Lady Pirates Toughen Up Schedule For 2013-2014778
2013/8/15 7:10:00Inexperience, But Talented Freshmen, Storylines For 2013 THS Girl's Golf375
2013/8/14 6:40:00Senior-Heavy Trenton Tennis Team Aims For District "Three-Peat"378
2013/8/13 10:20:00THS Softball : Reloading, not rebuilding, in 2013448
2013/8/13 7:00:00Trenton Bulldogs Optimistic As 2013 Football Season Nears675
2013/7/18 13:19:13Mudcats title hopes vanish, Clarinda clinches MINK League North369
2013/6/20 9:00:00Trenton AA Blue Jays rout Marshall, 8-1480
2013/6/6 7:54:06Mudcats fall to Nevada, 5-2 at Burleigh Grimes Field515
2013/6/5 7:40:00NCMC men's basketball inks two Illinois products620
2013/5/30 8:24:57NCMC basketball team adds Oak Park High School product427
2013/5/23 11:02:42NCMC Lady Pirates sign Truman High School senior405
2013/5/1 11:25:54NCMC Lady Pirates sign high-scoring Sturgeon guard385
2013/4/30 7:45:45NCMC baseball team splits four weekend games with St. Louis453
2013/4/30 7:41:37Mercer's Michaelis wins "Miss Show-Me Basketball" honor628
2013/4/26 9:25:19NCMC men sign Hickman High School forward525
2013/4/26 8:55:01NCMC Lady Pirates sign all-state Kirksville High School product400
2013/4/23 9:28:35NCMC Lady Pirates sign Hartville (MO) High School guard395
2013/4/23 9:26:30NCMC men sign high-scoring Higginsville guard469
2013/4/11 14:16:12NCMC men sign St. Louis area point guard545
2013/4/10 10:40:00Trenton track teams enjoy successful Tuesday meets492
2013/4/10 9:00:00NCMC Lady Pirates add New Haven H.S. forward to 2013-2014 roster667
2013/4/9 15:29:08Mizzou to visit Mendon on April 24th451
2013/3/20 15:36:54Media announces All-Northwest Missouri district teams1265
2013/3/12 14:53:37Michaelis, Owens highlight All-HDC postseason team1844
2013/3/12 14:38:54NCMC's offense comes to life in South Carolina484
2013/3/12 9:40:00Sign-up for Trenton Little League continues this week430
2013/3/12 8:40:46NCMC baseball splits games in South Carolina474
2013/3/12 8:30:00Mercer girls win third place in Class 1, Michaelis falls 14 points short of record669
2013/3/5 10:50:00Cameron, Marceline girls advance to "Final Four"517
2013/3/2 17:40:00Mercer Lady Cardinals, for the first time, advance to the "Show-Me Showdown"1077
2013/3/2 17:30:00NCMC's men fall at Penn Valley, in Region 16 semifinal thriller479
2013/3/2 17:20:00Cold shooting costs Lady Pirates in upset bid against Penn Valley424
2013/2/28 14:22:47NCMC softball signs Belle High School senior449
2013/2/26 6:40:00Meadville sweeps District 11 basketball championships675
2013/2/25 11:29:40NCMC Lady Pirates win playoff opener, 100-75 over Wentworth418
2013/2/25 10:50:00Grand River Conference sweeps Class 2, District 16 championships at Gallatin484
2013/2/25 10:33:39Mercer Lady Cardinals finally beat Jefferson, move into Class 1 state playoffs1043
2013/2/25 10:27:13Stanberry wins Class 1, District 15 boy's title in overtime thriller against Mercer459
2013/2/22 8:10:00NCMC Lady Pirates finish regular season with back-to-back region road wins472
2013/2/22 8:00:00Putnam County rolls to boys district win over Milan574
2013/2/22 7:48:38Third quarter slump costs Trenton, in season-ending loss to Lawson494
2013/2/21 11:32:10NCMC softball signs Brashear High School all-stater458
2013/2/21 11:15:26NCMC Lady Pirate softball announces signing of Benton's Kenzie Musser492
2013/2/20 10:12:43Three Trenton wrestlers finish runner-up at state352
2013/2/19 9:50:00Lawson Lady Cardinals advance in Class 3, District 16, beating Trenton 36-29409
2013/2/19 9:10:00Hamilton splits with Trenton in regular-season ending doubleheader337
2013/2/19 9:00:00Princeton swept in Friday night games at King City323
2013/2/19 8:46:31Trenton wrestlers go three-for-three in state semifinals381
2013/2/19 8:29:44NCMC swept in Saturday double-dip in St. Louis303
2013/2/14 21:24:37Three Trenton Bulldogs to wrestle in state quarterfinals on Friday morning426
2013/2/14 10:30:00Trenton basketball teams split Senior Night tests with Cameron473
2013/2/14 10:00:00NCMC teams 'tune up' for St. Louis trip with homecourt victories421
2013/2/12 8:44:57NCMC softball adds second THS Lady Bulldog to 2013-2014 recruiting class466
2013/2/12 8:40:00Trenton sweeps PC Midgets481
2013/2/7 16:06:50NCMC Pirates fall to Wentworth on a cold-shooting Wednesday night594
2013/2/7 8:20:00With HDC showdown looming, Ridgeway and Mercer boys both ranked in top ten556
2013/2/6 20:55:46NCMC Lady Pirates break region losing streak, downing Wentworth at KCC415
2013/2/6 20:48:23Princeton girls win FIFTH game in a row, routing Albany 61-31416
2013/2/6 20:40:00Trenton Bulldogs cruise to doubleheader sweep of Plattsburg365
2013/2/5 10:10:00NCMC hoops back in win column with Sunday/Monday victories360
2013/2/5 10:00:00THS wrestlers tune up for districts with tough competition at Higginsville and Lexington537
2013/2/5 9:10:00Mercer sweeps Milan in Monday night hoops doubleheader796
2013/2/2 18:23:15Trenton breaks losing streaks, routs Milan on Thursday night383
2013/2/2 18:20:00Princeton splits GRC road games at Worth County357
2013/2/2 18:00:00North Arkansas beats NCMC Pirate men in overtime435
2013/2/2 18:00:00THS girls struggle in Saturday loss to the Lafayette Irish422
2013/2/1 8:27:47NCMC Lady Pirates struggle in home loss to Cottey422
2013/1/30 15:06:23Cold shooting Bulldogs suffer doubleheader sweep at Lawson479
2013/1/30 12:51:59THS wrestlers finish fifth at "Quad States Classic"418
2013/1/28 10:40:00Hamilton wins state-ranked showdown with Trenton, 51-45448
2013/1/28 9:20:00Milan girls win low-scoring tussle with Scotland County405
2013/1/25 10:30:00Trenton boys fall short in upset bid against Richmond525
2013/1/24 10:40:00Chillicothe wrestlers spoil Trenton's Senior Night, 48-24469
2013/1/24 9:30:00Trenton Bulldogs pass quarterfinal tests at Hamilton Basketball Tournament546
2013/1/24 9:20:00NCMC Pirates beat Penn Valley 88-73, move to 2-1 in Region XVI play472
2013/1/21 11:20:00Norfleet's basket gives NCMC Pirates 64-61 win over St. Louis480
2013/1/21 10:50:00Princeton Tigers sweep Courtwarming doubleheader with Milan430
2013/1/18 10:30:00Second big January tournament week brings potential for Trenton-Hamilton showdown654
2013/1/18 10:09:46NCMC wins Wednesday night tests, now prepares for St. Louis475
2013/1/18 9:20:00Trenton wrestlers split home duel with Polo and Brookfield533
2013/1/17 10:00:00Trenton splits tightly-fought doubleheader at Chillicothe490
2013/1/17 6:59:16Game changes announced for Milan at Trenton basketball on 1/31/13362
2013/1/15 9:08:21Mercer sweeps Milan Tournament titles505
2013/1/15 8:07:21Trenton grapplers get win at Marceline388
2013/1/15 8:00:00Trenton Lady Bulldogs roll to South Harrison Tournament title416
2013/1/15 7:48:10NCMC Lady Pirates earn important road win at John Wood362
2013/1/11 10:30:00Trenton boys rally for season's 10th win, 66-64 over Putnam County (plus tournament scoreboard)509
2013/1/10 13:20:00Meadville boys #2, Mercer girls #2, Trenton girls #3, Gallatin boys #5 in latest MBCA hoops poll597
2013/1/10 10:40:00Faulkner's 40 leads PHS Tigers to season's 2nd win358
2013/1/10 10:25:57Top-seeded Cardinals move into Milan Tournament championship games565
2013/1/10 10:03:47NCMC swept in basketball doubleheader at Penn Valley544
2013/1/9 8:53:42Trenton and Mercer youth place in Elks Hoop Shoot competition481
2013/1/8 10:00:00Trenton Bulldogs move into South Harrison Tournament semifinals421
2013/1/8 9:45:44Milan girls blitz Linn County 67-29, roll into semifinal showdown with North Mercer410
2013/1/7 8:41:08THS grapplers finish fourth at Butler Tournament428
2013/1/5 16:40:00Zimmerman's buzzer-beating three stuns Princeton, 60-59549
2013/1/5 15:47:52NCMC Lady Pirates stun Moberly with late game rally, 65-63434
2013/1/4 10:45:20North Mercer wins HDC doubleheader at Newtown-Harris542
2013/1/4 10:33:46Andy Reid to KC Chiefs all but official438
2013/1/4 10:25:50Chillicothe Mudcats bring back Peterson for 2nd straight season as manager386
2013/1/4 10:00:00Trenton sweeps Brookfield in Courtwarming doubleheader417
2013/1/3 12:46:00Courtwarming 2013 is Thursday night at Trenton H.S.462
2013/1/3 12:13:11Trenton Lady Bulldogs enter 2013 ranked #4 in Class 3524
2013/1/3 9:33:43Hartley's 37, Cardinal third quarter surge, lead Mercer to Holiday Hoops win592
2012/12/31 10:10:00Trenton grinds out a two-point win over Maysville, goes 2-0 at Holiday Hoops390
2012/12/31 9:50:00Hamilton girls rally to beat North Mercer at NCMC Holiday Hoops805
2012/12/31 6:40:00Trenton girls back in the win column, rolling over Warrenton384
2012/12/31 6:34:44Ridgeway beats Princeton at NCMC Holiday Hoops442
2012/12/27 7:37:02Meadville wins Holiday Hoops battle against North Mercer748
2012/12/21 6:00:00Winter storm brings changes to NCMC Holiday Hoops schedule610
2012/12/19 8:40:15Grundy R-5 basketball splits games at Hale496
2012/12/17 16:29:22South Harrison Bulldogs win 2012 THS Wrestling Tournament454
2012/12/17 11:21:26Mercer girls and boys repeat as HDC Conference Tournament champions535
2012/12/17 10:50:00Trenton girls, Gallatin boys remain unbeaten in Friday doubleheader at THS437
2012/12/14 10:49:40Milan Wildcats earn doubleheader sweep of rival Green City512
2012/12/14 10:27:45Grundy R-5 splits fifth place games at HDC Basketball Tournament459
2012/12/14 10:14:42Mercer girls and boys move onto HDC Tournament championship games468
2012/12/13 14:39:21PAR Broadcast Group announces play-by-play schedule through December 29th1154
2012/12/12 9:10:00Trenton basketball sweeps doubleheader at Carrollton420
2012/12/12 8:50:00Grundy R-5 girls and boys win HDC Tournament consolation semifinals545
2012/12/12 8:30:00Milan drops Tri-Rivers Conference games at Knox County (plus Tuesday scoreboard)473
2012/12/11 13:50:00Mercer girls and boys roll into HDC Tournament semifinals637
2012/12/11 9:40:00NCMC Holiday Hoops schedule officially announced1122
2012/12/10 10:40:00Gilman City girls and boys win on first day of 2012 HDC Basketball Tournament504
2012/12/10 10:23:17Trenton wrestlers post triangular victory at Albany526
2012/12/10 9:00:00NCMC Lady Pirates swept in two-game south Florida swing424
2012/12/10 8:38:10Trenton girls, South Harrison boys take Friday night wins at THS399
2012/12/10 8:00:00Milan swept at Scotland County427
2012/12/10 7:37:45Mercer's "Senior Standouts" lead doubleheader sweep at Princeton442
2012/12/7 10:02:28Plattsburg tragedy postpones Monday night's basketball games674
2012/12/5 13:50:00Trenton Bulldogs split wrestling dual at Gallatin479
2012/12/5 13:37:07NCMC Pirates rebound from tough week with wins over Graceland423
2012/12/5 13:30:00Trenton Bulldogs sweep Princeton491
2012/12/5 12:00:00Milan well-represented on NORTHEAST all-district team566
2012/12/5 10:34:58Associated Press all-STATE football team announced1368
2012/12/4 14:00:00Hamilton boys go winless at KCI Basketball Tournament560
2012/12/4 12:56:17Trenton Middle School 'A' teams sweep South Harrison405
2012/12/3 17:09:35Trenton Bulldogs claim three individual titles at Marceline Wrestling Tournament527
2012/12/3 11:40:00Meadville boys roll to Northwestern Tournament title470
2012/12/3 10:40:00NCMC loses games Friday night at Highland Classic689
2012/12/3 9:40:00Trenton girls, Gallatin boys win 2012 GHS Tournament titles454
2012/11/30 7:40:00NCMC struggles in road sweep at Allen County328
2012/11/29 11:29:34Grundy R-5 suffers doubleheader sweep at Eagleville654
2012/11/29 11:26:27Milan Lady Wildcats win season-opener at Novinger Tournament424
2012/11/29 11:00:00Trenton splits season-opening wrestling triangular with Cameron and Mid-Buchanan462
2012/11/27 9:41:00Trenton basketball teams find mixed Monday results373
2012/11/27 9:10:00Trenton and Maysville girls roll into Gallatin Tournament semifinals604
2012/11/27 8:49:08Iowa-Missouri "Border War" starts today in Unionville431
2012/11/27 8:38:28Penney's fourth quarter surge gives Hornets third state title in four years426
2012/11/23 10:22:24NCMC basketball teams blast Southwestern Iowa in pre-Thanksgiving tests386
2012/11/21 12:08:43NCMC baseball standout signs with Mizzou596
2012/11/21 9:50:00Princeton girls beat North Harrison, behind 32 from Berwanger542
2012/11/21 9:42:34Trenton opens basketball season, sweeping East Buchanan630
2012/11/21 7:55:59Trenton JV hoops teams sweep Marceline481
2012/11/21 7:41:06Hamilton, Stanberry, and Maryville to participate in "Show-Me Bowl 2012"940
2012/11/20 7:44:01North Central Missouri College basketball teams aim for bounceback wins tonight over Southwestern591
2012/11/16 11:07:26NCMC Lady Pirates fall in Wednesday night test in Iowa514
2012/11/16 9:40:00North Mercer girls and boys will be top seeds in 2012 HDC Basketball Tournament1008
2012/11/16 9:30:00Albany Tournament top seeds : Polo girls and South Harrison boys597
2012/11/16 9:13:10Defending district champion Milan girls seeded #2 in Novinger Tournament413
2012/11/15 10:50:00Trenton senior Maddie Hooyman signs with Drake University578
2012/11/15 10:10:55Maysville girls and Gallatin boys earn top seeds for Gallatin Basketball Tournament591
2012/11/14 13:50:00University of Missouri signs Mercer's Michaelis to National LOI1009
2012/11/13 14:44:192012 TRC champion Milan Wildcats dominate postseason honors860
2012/11/13 8:20:00Hamilton pulls away from Wellington-Napoleon, wins state quarterfinal 35-14570
2012/11/10 6:32:22NCMC basketball teams improve to 3-1 with Friday night wins484
2012/11/9 9:30:00NCMC Pirates rally for road sweep at Southwestern377
2012/11/9 9:20:432012 NCMC Holiday Hoops close to being finalized755
2012/11/7 14:20:00Grand River Conference announces post-season football honors1177
2012/11/6 10:20:00Trenton High School's Hurley and Hooyman named to Class 3 all-state first team1268
2012/11/6 10:10:07NCMC basketball swept in home doubleheader against Allen County487
2012/11/5 22:20:00Salisbury wins turnover battle, and District 6 football title at Milan, 20-9638
2012/11/1 22:31:26MHS Wildcats roll into Class 1, District 6 championship game, beating Princeton 63-27604
2012/11/1 22:17:48Norfleet's 34 leads NCMC Pirates to season-opening win432
2012/10/31 9:10:00Mizzou-Tennessee chosen for 11:21 kickoff on the SEC Network645
2012/10/29 15:54:01Milan softball earns post-season honors (TRC and district)626
2012/10/29 9:39:44Brookfield's defense dominates in 28-0 win over Trenton416
2012/10/26 11:20:00Hamilton and Gallatin roll into Halloween showdown (plus Thursday night FB scoreboard)650
2012/10/25 10:50:00Milan Wildcats roar into Class 1 playoffs ranked #9927
2012/10/25 10:40:00Trenton volleyball season ends to two-set defeat to Lexington346
2012/10/22 9:40:00Trenton's Jaci and Jessica Tracy win first match, lose next two at state tennis doubles435
2012/10/22 9:29:29Brookfield Lady Dogs lose early lead, drop Class 2 championship game713
2012/10/22 8:30:00Trenton's late-season roll continues in dominating win at Concordia386
2012/10/17 13:28:26Trenton, Cameron dominate Class 3, District 15 softball team752
2012/10/16 14:16:53With last week of regular season approaching, little change seen in high school football poll495
2012/10/16 13:11:06NCMC Baseball "Alumni Day" planned for Saturday376
2012/10/15 21:20:00Grand River Conference names all-conference softball teams1136
2012/10/15 21:08:56District champion North Harrison places six on Class 1, District 15 softball team394
2012/10/15 21:00:00Trenton struggles to eighth place finish, after day one of Class 1 state golf351
2012/10/15 20:42:40Barstow sweeps THS girl's tennis in Class 1 quarterfinals380
2012/10/15 20:20:00Trenton's bid for the "Final Four" comes up one run short547
2012/10/15 10:34:08THS girls tennis steamrolls into Class 1 state quarterfinals388
2012/10/15 10:30:00Against strong competition, Trenton volleyball finds struggles in the win column344
2012/10/15 10:11:53State champion Meadville places four in All-State boy's softball team512
2012/10/15 10:00:00HDC announces 2012 softball all-conference teams711
2012/10/15 9:39:48THS girls golf at Class 1 state tournament after sectional championship436
2012/10/12 22:00:00Trenton Bulldogs roll over Kirksville, 24-7 on Senior Night at C.F. Russell560
2012/10/10 22:20:00THS wins Class 3 sectional, 1-0 over St. Joseph Benton535
2012/10/8 17:40:00Trenton vs. Benton softball playoff game set for Wednesday night at 5:00720
2012/10/8 17:10:00One bad inning dooms Princeton in district championship loss to North Harrison421
2012/10/8 16:59:37NCMC Lady Pirates, preparing for hoops season, play three scrimmages in Overland Park461
2012/10/8 16:30:00THS girl's golf wins Class 1, Section 3 title, advances to state tournament next week534
2012/10/8 15:40:00Trenton softball wins District 15 title, 5-2 over Cameron387
2012/10/8 15:30:00Trenton football struggles in road loss at Illini West354
2012/10/4 22:18:13Trenton Middle School football loses at Milan, 22-8493
2012/10/4 22:02:58Trenton's Tracy sisters win district doubles title486
2012/10/4 21:52:27Trenton softball team rolls to district semifinal win, 10-0 over Lawson456
2012/10/3 15:10:00Trenton beats Chillicothe in tension-filled district tennis final, 5-3422
2012/10/2 10:28:36Leeper's four touchdowns lead Trenton freshmen to 28-26 victory at Lawson513
2012/10/2 10:03:53Milan creeps into Class 1 "receiving votes" status, in latest football rankings570
2012/10/2 9:40:00Semifinal wins set up THS/CHS tennis district final today at 4:00592
2012/10/2 9:10:00Chillicothe downs Trenton in three-set volleyball thriller451
2012/10/2 9:10:00Brookfield and Trenton finish 1-2 in District 6 girl's golf, advance to sectionals next week534
2012/10/1 20:40:00Trenton finishes regular season with 6-2 win at Chillicothe516
2012/10/1 20:20:00Meadville wins 2012 boys state softball championship578
2012/10/1 20:19:52TMS wins first-ever Trenton Softball Tournament514
2012/10/1 9:30:00Trenton wallops Lincoln Prep, 56-16 in Week 6 blowout443
2012/9/28 12:22:30TMS Bulldogs shutout Princeton, 20-0378
2012/9/28 8:50:00Trenton wins 20th game of the softball season, rolling to victory at South Harrison487
2012/9/28 8:50:00THS volleyball sweeps East Buchanan542
2012/9/28 8:20:00Milan High School softball downs Putnam County, 6-2 on Senior Night720
2012/9/28 7:30:00Princeton rallies for high-scoring GRC softball win, 13-12298
2012/9/26 19:21:12Trenton cruises to 7-0 Senior Night win over Carrollton385
2012/9/26 11:09:26Vandy-Mizzou chosen for 6:00 kickoff at Faurot Field386
2012/9/26 11:00:00Trenton JV football team falls to Pembroke Hill, 24-22451
2012/9/26 10:00:00Trenton girls tennis routs Carrollton on Senior Night501
2012/9/25 13:20:00THS girls golf finishes second at Kirksville Tournament713
2012/9/25 13:00:00Trenton volleyball teams sweep away Plattsburg513
2012/9/25 10:20:00Trenton shuts out Marceline for 18th victory of season/TMS sweeps softball doubleheader538
2012/9/25 9:50:43Trenton tennis wins Senior Night duel with Chillicothe371
2012/9/25 9:43:38Milan Lady 'Cats claim fourth place at Schuyler County Tournament309
2012/9/25 9:31:23Shorthanded Princeton struggles in Saturday's North Harrison Tournament296
2012/9/25 9:23:15Trenton finishes 4th, Chillicothe 5th at annual Chillicothe Golf Tournament315
2012/9/25 9:17:52Trenton suffers another loss to Cameron, finishes third at Mid-Buchanan Softball Tournament317
2012/9/25 9:10:46Aaron Richardson dominates both sides of the ball, leads Milan to Tri-Rivers victory335
2012/9/25 9:00:00THS falls in homecoming game, 39-7 to Pembroke Hill397
2012/9/21 12:00:00Cameron outlasts Trenton in 14 inning marathon342
2012/9/19 18:08:49Trenton volleyball experiences up's and down's with new week507
2012/9/18 19:09:44Trenton Lady Bulldogs win Senior Night golf duel with Richmond338
2012/9/18 9:53:07After beating Trenton, Higginsville leaps to #1 in the Class 2 state poll572
2012/9/18 9:44:57Norborne and Meadville win CLAA softball titles478
2012/9/18 9:16:14Rainy weather creates Princeton softball "schedule shuffling"426
2012/9/18 9:00:00Trenton tennis has up-and-down Saturday in Marshall448
2012/9/18 8:40:00Higginsville routs Trenton, 42-14, dropping Bulldogs to 2-2387
2012/9/17 20:30:00Trenton battles rain, wind, and cold to 5-2 win at Putnam County429
2012/9/17 10:50:06Trenton volleyball team finishes runner-up at Lathrop Tournament532
2012/9/17 10:39:25Trenton dominates NCMC's Nan Carter Tournament, wins 2012 championship721
2012/9/17 9:48:31Mercer County Health Department to hold run/walk event next month in Princeton396
2012/9/13 14:20:00Thursday rain causes area sports postponements1531
2012/9/12 19:05:38Missouri's first SEC road game scheduled for 2:30 start371
2012/9/12 18:55:13Kansas City Royals announce 2013 regular season schedule576
2012/9/12 18:50:00Maysville's balanced play ousts Trenton for Gallatin Invitational Tournament title568
2012/9/12 18:40:00TMS football loses heartbreaker at Polo392
2012/9/12 18:30:00THS softball rolls to shutouts of visiting Lathrop378
2012/9/12 18:20:00Princeton falls to Maysville in GRC softball showdown (plus Tuesday scoreboard)486
2012/9/12 17:20:00NCMC releases 2012-2013 basketball schedules674
2012/9/11 14:48:19THS volleyball gets in win column, sweeping Hamilton492
2012/9/11 14:06:25Trenton and Milan add softball game, against EACH OTHER Thursday night543
2012/9/11 11:30:00Trump's homer, Hooyman's pitching, lead Trenton to 14-2 Monday night win808
2012/9/11 11:21:52State poll leaves THS opponent ranked #3 in Class 2505
2012/9/11 10:20:00Milan Lady 'Cats score two in 7th, win error-filled game at Princeton610
2012/9/11 10:12:48Trenton girl's golf team beats Putnam County499
2012/9/11 9:40:00Trenton girl's tennis team dominates competition over first few days of September526
2012/9/11 9:34:26TMS wins the Hamilton Tournament430
2012/9/11 8:52:39Trenton routs Putnam County, improves to 2-1363
2012/9/10 14:30:00Despite loss to Chillicothe, THS softball wins Lexington Tournament468
2012/9/5 17:00:00Hamilton Hornets lead Class 1 for third straight week381
2012/9/5 17:00:00Trenton Lady Bulldogs rumble past Brookfield (plus area scoreboard)669
2012/9/5 16:50:00Trenton JV football team rolls past Lexington330
2012/9/5 8:16:35Milan rumbles past Albany, 54-0, to improve to 2-0 on the season382
2012/9/5 8:10:00Princeton, behind QB Hartley, runs past Putnam County, 31-8434
2012/9/5 8:00:08Lexington holds off late Trenton drive, beats Bulldogs 21-14457
2012/9/4 10:41:26NCMC Lady Pirate named Academic All-American381
2012/8/30 21:40:00Trenton win Schuyler County links title, Wilson shoots 90 for medalist honors478
2012/8/30 21:30:00Princeton's Jones outduels Gallatin's Lin, Tigers win 3-0429
2012/8/30 21:10:00Milan Lady 'Cats push record to 4-3, beating Schuyler430
2012/8/30 9:20:00Trenton's senior duo posts top two scores in Tuesday golf against Brookfield363
2012/8/30 7:44:57From the Desk of A.D. Kris Ockenfels: Things to know for Trenton football fans444
2012/8/29 20:50:00Trenton wins spirited tennis duel at Chillicothe436
2012/8/29 19:00:00Mizzou announces 2012-2013 men's basketball schedule2073
2012/8/29 18:31:57Trenton JV football opens 2012 season in shutout fashion535
2012/8/29 18:21:23THS volleyball opens season with back-to-back losses420
2012/8/29 18:20:00Trenton prepares for a "minuteman invasion" at potentially rainy C.F. Russell Stadium667
2012/8/28 19:17:43Cainsville spoils home opener for Grundy R-5521
2012/8/28 19:10:00Trenton run-rules Lawson to improve to 3-0 (plus Tuesday night scoreboard)567
2012/8/28 13:20:00Week one results brings shakeups to the Missouri high school football poll1368
2012/8/28 12:00:08Mizzou confirms RB Josey to miss 2012 season364
2012/8/28 6:40:00Milan Lady Wildcats win home opener over Novinger (plus area scoreboard)401
2012/8/27 21:37:04Princeton Lady Tigers pound Chillicothe JV for season's second win429
2012/8/27 21:18:55Missouri's dove hunters urged to be safety-conscious during 2012 season1075
2012/8/27 20:10:00Gallatin wins championship, Princeton claims third, at Albany Softball Tournament (plus other Saturday results)626
2012/8/27 19:39:25Trenton softball wins early season showdown with the Penney Hornets594
2012/8/27 11:30:00Trenton rallies for season-opening win at Carrollton, 18-14490
2012/8/27 10:50:00MSHSAA announces non-football district pairings391
2012/8/27 10:30:00Gallatin beats Milan 7-3 to pick up first softball win of the season377
2012/8/27 10:22:13Trenton girls tennis routs Lafayette396
2012/8/27 10:10:00Trenton girls golf goes 1-2 at St. Joseph season opening meet359
2012/8/24 9:50:00Milan softball, filled with returning talent, aims for 2012 improvement676
2012/8/24 9:00:00Putnam County rallies for thrilling season-opening softball win612
2012/8/24 8:03:22Trenton Lady Bulldogs win season-opener against improved Gallatin team702
2012/8/22 11:13:43Missouri basketball to participate in loaded Bahamas tournament908
2012/8/21 14:00:00Trenton softball opens season Wednesday at Gallatin629
2012/8/14 12:50:00Trenton to join Olathe school and two GRC teams at Friday night jamboree529
2012/8/10 8:30:00Trenton fall 2012 preseason sports interviews624
2012/8/2 6:00:00Former NCMC Pirate signs with Baltimore Orioles852
2012/7/31 11:50:00Trenton football to mix experience and youth during approaching 2012 season776
2012/7/31 8:50:00Powerhouse Trenton softball program aims for big goals in 2012662
2012/7/27 12:17:57Defending district champion Lady Bulldog linksters begin practice on August 6th583
2012/7/26 11:25:40"Grandparent Lines" now available in THS Black and Gold book444
2012/7/17 10:40:00North Mercer's Sierra Michaelis chooses Mizzou1271
2012/7/12 6:40:00Bethany native tosses no-hitter for Seattle Class A affiliate358
2012/7/11 9:25:14St. Joseph News-Press reports Mercer's Michaelis "closing in" on college decision594
2012/6/30 5:50:00Lock Springs ATV racer injured in South Dakota accident1451
2012/6/28 8:30:00SEC coaches talk Missouri basketball as Tigers join new conference649
2012/6/27 9:20:00NCMC announces new softball coach for 2013 season1045
2012/6/21 8:19:22Chillicothe Mudcats win two in a row at Joplin651
2012/6/18 7:49:03Gooseberry Festival hosts 5k and 10k events on Saturday529
2012/6/15 15:40:00FFDD announces trip to Royals-Cardinals game on June 24th367
2012/6/15 8:47:10Trenton's Norris chosen by Philadelphia in MLB Draft475
2012/6/15 8:37:31Trenton Blue Jays baseball season underway605
2012/6/15 8:20:21Gooseberry Festival's 5K and 10K runs will be Saturday407
2012/6/15 7:51:39Stacy Center "Triathlon" scheduled for June 30th367
2012/6/1 10:30:33Southwest High School's Roberts signs with NCMC580
2012/6/1 8:20:00Banquet and games to highlight Lions All-Star Weekend at NCMC2515
2012/5/30 13:51:12Chillicothe Mudcats open 2012 baseball season this Thursday night1287
2012/5/30 11:27:32NCMC to begin "Youth Karate Camp"915
2012/5/29 8:40:00Trenton High School announces dates/times for summer tennis camps404
2012/5/25 9:30:00North Central's Matt Kelly transfers to Texas JUCO928
2012/5/25 8:50:00American Legion Post 25 "Cardinals" open baseball season853
2012/5/25 8:47:28NCMC announces Lions All-Star weekend speaker724
2012/5/25 7:43:53Two Milan Wildcats named First-Team All Tri-Rivers Conference649
2012/5/24 10:30:00Trenton's 2012-2013 athletic schedules available on school website597
2012/5/22 11:20:00Trenton wins state gold in two relay events, Princeton's Goodin sets new state record554
2012/5/22 8:57:07NCMC announces new athletic scholarships543
2012/5/22 8:28:55Trenton High School announces 2012-2013 cheer squads771
2012/5/18 10:20:00Trenton Bulldogs finish seventh at Class 2 state golf tournament666
2012/5/17 13:34:18Trenton's Aubrey Utley leads CMU softball team to opening round win at national tournament407
2012/5/15 9:30:00Southwest Livingston girls, Concordia boys win sectional track titles743
2012/5/15 8:50:00Trenton junior Chandler Wilson qualifies for state with three sectional wins936
2012/5/15 8:43:09Trenton's Isaiah Swann finishes third at district tennis748
2012/5/11 10:09:59Trenton native Vandevender named girl's basketball coach at Smith-Cotton969
2012/5/9 13:59:00NCMC softball signs Norwood H.S. senior653
2012/5/8 13:45:04NCMC Pirates sign Meadville's Keaton Duncan672
2012/5/7 15:09:19NCMC softball coach resigns after only one season at the helm768
2012/5/7 10:10:00Trenton Bulldogs sweep Class 2, District 8 track and field titles1012
2012/5/7 9:20:00Participants announced for Lions All-Star Baskektball Classic1102
2012/5/2 15:55:16Trenton Bulldogs advance to Class 2 boys golf state championships619
Total of 1953 articles 621713
2014/8/27 5:50:00UPDATE: Authorities Searching Daviess County For Alleged Car Thief1516
Total of 1 articles 1516
2015/6/1 11:23:38May "Wetter Than Usual" Across Missouri112
2015/6/1 8:09:36Unionville Adds Weather Collecting Station113
2015/5/18 8:53:17Polo Area Hit By EF-1 Tornado141
2015/5/15 8:10:00Damage, From EF-0 Tornado, Reported In Mendon345
2015/4/7 13:51:39Severe Weather On Wednesday and Thursday?190
2015/3/23 8:45:16Tuesday Severe Weather Threat Could End Nationwide Tornado Drought532
2015/2/3 12:10:00Swiftly Moving System Expected To Bring Mid-Week Snow208
2014/9/10 8:50:00Overnight Rains Leave Flooding, Storm Damage, Overflowing Gauges263
2014/5/8 8:10:00Heavy Rain, Severe Weather Possible By Thursday Afternoon421
2014/5/6 9:40:00Early Summer Heat To Be Followed By Thursday Severe Threat417
2014/4/28 10:10:00Strong Line Of Thunderstorms Rakes Area317
2014/3/28 6:50:00Tornado Near Trenton Damages Homes, Properties1285
2013/12/27 10:25:49Trenton Reports Back-To-Back "White Christmases"395
2013/2/28 8:02:25MO severe weather drill scheduled for March 5th618
2012/12/19 11:40:00Winter storm expected to hammer Iowa, northern Missouri524
2012/7/26 11:56:40North Missouri receives much-needed rain704
2012/7/12 10:28:24Much of Missouri declared in "SEVERE" drought463
2012/6/29 9:30:00Hot, dry weather bring drought concerns and burning bans742
2012/6/26 14:10:00With triple digit heat on the way, here is advice to "Stay Cool"552
2012/6/1 9:47:11National Weather Service to update text alert warnings771
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