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2014/9/22 10:04:53Spickard Man Injured In Friday Accident431
2014/9/22 10:02:42Three Vehicle Accident Injures Two Cameron Residents; One Driver Arrested On Outstanding Warrant119
2014/9/22 9:56:23Altamont Man Injured In Accident; Accused Of DUI95
2014/9/22 9:51:17Cowgill Resident Injured In Saturday Accident64
2014/9/22 3:55:072 Die In Nearly Head-On Crash In Eastern Missouri394
2014/9/16 7:34:29Pattonsburg Woman Injured In Daviess County Accident149
2014/9/11 4:15:071 Dead, 8 Seriously Injured In Missouri Pileup944
2014/9/8 10:52:33Cameron Man Injured In Motorcycle Accident158
2014/9/8 10:25:10Milan 10-Year-Old Injured In Weekend Accident380
2014/9/8 10:22:47Fatal Accident On Sunday Kills KC Man163
2014/8/29 6:20:30Hamilton Resident Life Flighted After Accident South Of Cameron428
2014/8/29 4:03:50One Injury In Accident West Of Trenton 769
2014/8/26 10:00:00Separate Accidents Saturday Night Injure Four162
2014/8/26 9:55:18Two Injured, Including 1-Year Old, In Saturday Accident231
2014/8/26 9:45:28Two Injured In Monday Morning Accident340
2014/8/25 10:09:16Bethany Man Injured In Friday Accident113
2014/8/22 9:22:01Hamilton Resident Injured In Head-On Collision Near Gallatin246
2014/8/22 9:17:12Bethany Teen Injured In Accident 200
2014/8/18 9:31:28Highway 5 Accident Injures Motorcyclist199
2014/8/18 6:36:33Motorcycle Accident Near Pattonsburg Causes Serious Injury196
2014/8/14 9:33:28Accident Near Kingston Causes Serious Injuries232
2014/8/14 9:27:37Two Injured In Three Vehicle Accident At Milan466
2014/8/11 9:38:58Motorcycle Passenger Injured In Friday Accident246
2014/8/8 6:34:39Galt Resident Injured In Accident On Route J767
2014/8/8 6:31:23Gilman City Teen Seriously Injured In Highway 146 Accident889
2014/8/7 10:32:45Minnesota Trucker Injured In Roll Over Accident In Daviess County262
2014/8/6 9:58:36Hamilton Woman Injured In Accident218
2014/8/6 9:51:16Lamoni Man Hurt In Harrison County Accident139
2014/8/5 6:38:04One Dead, One Arrested In Accident Two Miles South Of Cameron1333
2014/8/4 9:43:58Two Texas Residents Injured In I-35 Accident In Harrison County164
2014/8/4 9:38:12Unionville Man Hurt In Friday Accident263
2014/8/4 4:19:33Missouri Teen Injured In Boating Accident307
2014/8/1 6:23:41Unionville Man Injured In Motorcycle Accident269
2014/7/31 9:47:23Trenton Teen Injured In Accident Northeast Of Trenton1103
2014/7/31 9:41:48Albany Woman Killed In Accident On Highway 136677
2014/7/28 10:18:57Trenton Man Injured In Accident Near Jamesport879
2014/7/28 10:11:35Traffic Accident Kills Elderly St. Joseph Man207
2014/7/28 9:51:41Meadville Man Injured In Motorcycle Accident203
2014/7/28 5:52:19Motorcycle Accident Injures One; Driver Accused Of DWI416
2014/7/25 6:26:53Motorcycle Accident Injures Cameron Resident Near Mooresville260
2014/7/22 7:34:06Cameron Woman Injured In Rollover Accident158
2014/7/21 9:50:34Cyclist Injured In Accident At Cameron169
2014/7/21 9:42:07Laredo Resident Injured In Collision At Jamesport553
2014/7/21 9:38:37Trenton And Harris Residents Injured in Accident Saturday408
2014/7/21 9:30:00Unionville Resident Dies In Highway 5 Accident429
2014/7/21 9:30:00Milan Resident Involved In Highway 5 Accident328
2014/7/21 6:19:56Separate Accidents Injure Two On Sunday359
2014/7/17 8:30:00Four Princeton Residents Injured Near Bethany603
2014/7/17 6:27:56Brookfield Man Injured In Midnight Accident493
2014/7/15 10:04:45Princeton Resident Injured In Accident West Of Mercer664
2014/7/15 9:59:35Two Injured In Route EE Accident Saturday350
2014/7/15 4:35:32One Injured In Rollover Accident North Of Brimson736
2014/7/15 3:59:52Two injured In Collision At Carrollton227
2014/7/10 6:34:09Carroll County Accident Results In Serious Injuries250
2014/7/7 7:46:14Two Injured In Highway 5 Accident486
2014/7/2 6:22:31Maryville Resident Injured In Two Vehicle Accident236
2014/7/2 6:19:21Bucklin Resident Injured In Randolph County Accident202
2014/7/1 6:22:16Two Injured In Accident North Of Chillicothe798
2014/6/26 10:35:39Laclede Woman Injured When Car Runs Off Road204
2014/6/26 10:31:12Unionville Resident Hurt In Car/Tractor Accident361
2014/6/26 10:25:434-Year Old Injured In Highway 36 Accident556
2014/6/24 6:21:14Wheeling Woman Injured In Accident At Macon177
2014/6/23 9:35:41Saturday Morning Motorcycle Accident Injures Two355
2014/6/23 9:25:48Grant City Teen Injured In Saturday Morning Accident140
2014/6/23 9:17:34Brookfield Residents Injured In Motorcycle Crash207
2014/6/20 6:25:40Trenton Man Injured In Harrison County Accident732
2014/6/20 4:12:44Driver Accused Of Assault And DWI In Thursday Morning Accident West Of Trenton 1957
2014/6/19 10:14:47Two Injured In Accident Near Albany251
2014/6/19 9:50:57Two Injured In Highway 36 Accident East Of Chillicothe792
2014/6/18 6:47:19Braymer Man Injured In Two Vehicle Accident In Utica210
2014/6/16 10:07:10Illinois Resident Injured In Accident Near Milan198
2014/6/16 9:57:45Kearney Resident Injured In Accident; Accused Of DWI176
2014/6/16 9:50:34Iowa Resident Injured In Friday Accident Near Bethany120
2014/6/11 9:54:19Correction To Chillicothe Accident On Highway 36 Yesterday396
2014/6/11 9:49:56Princeton Accident Injures One520
2014/6/11 9:37:21Two Cainsville Girls Injured In Harrison County Accident175
2014/6/11 3:53:14Trenton Man Injured In Tuesday Morning Accident 918
2014/6/9 9:42:29Linneus Resident Injured In Highway 5 Accident241
2014/6/9 9:36:37Ridgeway Resident Injured In Harrison County Accident285
2014/6/9 9:21:59Brookfield Resident Injured In Highway 36 Accident318
2014/6/9 6:31:18Passenger Dies In Missouri Motorcycle Accident500
2014/6/5 9:53:23Teen Injured In Accident At Trenton764
2014/6/2 9:32:23Brookfield Man Injured In Sunday Morning Accident205
2014/6/2 9:30:31Three Injured In Accident Near Lawson184
2014/5/30 7:28:01Teen Receives Serious Injuries In I-35 Head On Crash; Patrol To Detain Teen For ICE785
2014/5/29 10:20:59Head On Collision On I-35 Near Winston Injures KC Man 545
2014/5/28 9:38:49Braymer Resident Seriously Injured In Accident; Accused Of DWI590
2014/5/28 5:39:09Four Injured In Separate Accidents459
2014/5/28 4:28:36Trenton Resident Injured In I-35 Accident935
2014/5/27 10:06:57Carrolton Accident Results In DWI Charge465
2014/5/27 10:04:02Kirksville Woman Injured In Putnam County Accident275
2014/5/27 10:01:43Two Jamesport Residents Injured In Friday Accident589
2014/5/27 9:47:52Meadville Woman Injured In Motorcycle Crash Near Laredo333
2014/5/27 9:41:15Chillicothe Woman Injured In Saturday Accident.335
2014/5/27 4:09:19Daviess County Man Hurt In Boating Accident431
2014/5/23 4:14:40Gallatin Man Injured In Crash556
2014/5/22 6:42:43Multiple Injuries In Separate Accidents573
2014/5/22 6:32:24One Hurt In Accident Involving Motorcycle459
2014/5/20 6:20:00Two Injured In Accident At Chillicothe716
2014/5/20 5:43:39Northwest Missouri Woman Dies In Motorcycle Accident964
2014/5/19 9:40:00Hopkins Man Dies In Nodaway County Motorcycle Accident289
2014/5/13 6:26:31Two Injured, One Arrested, In Daviess County Accident691
2014/5/12 10:12:43Teen Driver Injured In Accident Near Winston; Accused Of Multiple Charges534
2014/5/12 9:46:18Cowgill Resident Injured In Accident Near Lawson127
2014/4/22 4:44:04Accident Near Unionville Injures Two407
2014/4/21 8:50:00Hamilton Teen Injured In Saturday Accident254
2014/4/17 9:52:56Hamilton Teen Injured In Wednesday Morning Accident300
2014/4/15 7:33:03Two Injured In Accident Near Browning695
2014/4/14 10:16:37Polo Man Injured In Accident; Accused Of DUI345
2014/4/9 4:38:23Two Women Injured In Monday Accident Near Milan599
2014/4/7 10:15:13Three Injured Saturday Night In Accident Near Winston482
2014/4/5 7:40:4610 Injured In Accident 1/4 Mile West Of Jamesport2345
2014/4/2 4:52:34Dozens Hurt When School Bus Flips In Northeast Missouri580
2014/4/1 6:39:16One Dead In Accident South Of Maryville636
2014/3/31 9:00:00Hamilton Teen Injured In Accident Near Gallatin247
2014/3/31 8:50:00Cameron Woman And Teen Injured In Accident Near Hamilton318
2014/3/31 4:18:45Milan Teen Injured In Accident Near Green City337
2014/3/27 9:14:30Bethany Man Injured In Highway 146 Accident368
2014/3/27 6:35:17One Injured In Accident Tuesday Night; Arrested On DUI Charges746
2014/3/25 5:41:56Several Accidents On Monday Cause Numerous Injuries477
2014/3/17 9:20:48Milan Woman In Accident On Highway 36575
2014/3/17 9:11:05St. Joseph Woman Killed In Saturday Night Accident On I-29393
2014/3/11 14:20:00Fatal Accident At Highway 65 And 28th Street In Trenton2843
2014/3/10 9:30:21Three Injured In Accident Two Miles West Of Jameson458
2014/3/10 7:30:58Bosworth Woman Injured In Accident; Accused Of DUI 173
2014/3/5 5:39:47Two Chillicothe Teens Injured In Accident Near Chillicothe616
2014/3/3 9:40:34Bethany Teen Injured In Accident On Route H307
2014/3/3 5:35:10Cameron Man, Brookfield Woman Injured In Sunday Accidents373
2014/2/28 5:35:06Minor Injury In School Bus Accident At Chillicothe347
2014/2/27 9:25:54Unionville Resident Injured In Accident On Highway 5443
2014/2/20 5:43:35No Injuries In School Bus Accident At Chillicothe342
2014/2/19 4:49:31Driver Injured Near Unionville407
2014/2/17 9:56:44Two Hurt In Accident East Of Jamesport727
2014/2/13 5:34:50Harrison County Accident Injures Iowa Man269
2014/2/7 5:41:06Trenton Woman Injured In Accident Near Brimson735
2014/2/3 10:13:33Ridgeway Resident Injured In Accident Near Mount Moriah356
2014/2/3 10:09:32Husband And Wife Injured In Accident Near Hamilton510
2014/2/3 10:05:52Three Injured In Accident Near Green City542
2014/1/28 4:59:32Unionville Man Dies While Attempting To Cross Highway683
2014/1/27 9:19:07Chillicothe Residents Injured In Accident Near Lock Springs680
2014/1/27 9:10:24Five Injured In Accident Near Maryville568
2014/1/27 6:48:39Vehicle Demolished Near Plattsburg; One Arrested420
2014/1/21 6:30:00Separate Accidents Injure Two; One Arrested644
2014/1/20 6:31:54Braymer Resident Injured In Saturday Accident252
2014/1/17 7:40:00Illinois Woman Injured In Highway 36 Accident Near Bucklin276
2014/1/15 10:47:17Milan Resident Injured When Vehicle Overturns504
2014/1/13 8:56:39Kirksville Resident Injured In Accident Near Purdin319
2014/1/13 8:50:00One Injured In Highway 69 Accident327
2014/1/13 8:43:06Two Teens Injured In Accident East Of Bethany563
2014/1/9 8:41:35Gilman City Teen Injured In Highway 146 Accident618
2014/1/8 5:37:26Two Injured In Clinton County Accident304
2014/1/7 7:45:02One Year Old Dies In Crash East Of St. Joseph734
2014/1/7 5:38:12Browning Woman Injured On Highway 5584
2013/12/16 10:19:03Braymer Resident Injured In Accident Near Carrollton374
2013/12/16 10:06:38Hale Resident Injured In Carroll County376
2013/12/16 10:01:58700 Hour Law Enforcement Academy To Be Offered Locally334
2013/12/12 4:56:30Two Injured In Accident West Of Trenton1121
2013/12/11 6:42:33Three Injured In Accident Near Chillicothe1069
2013/12/9 8:51:43KC Man Injured In SUV Accident Near Galt603
2013/12/9 8:49:08Two Injured In Accident Near Marceline298
2013/12/5 10:00:16One Injured In Carroll County Accident293
2013/12/4 5:40:00One Arrested In Accident Near Laclede559
2013/12/2 9:18:22Unionville Residents Hurt On Highway 5325
2013/12/2 6:35:33Bogard Man Hurt In Accident; Charged With DUI319
2013/11/29 6:40:0016 Year Old Girl Injured In Accident Near Albany468
2013/11/25 7:32:55One Injured Near Cameron In Saturday Night Accident433
2013/11/25 5:43:03Albany Man Injured In Accident; Arrested On Multiple Charges472
2013/11/22 6:42:35Five Injured In Accident Near Pattonsburg654
2013/11/21 10:09:18Brookfield Resident Injured In Accident Involving Deer357
2013/11/20 6:24:20One Injured In Carroll County Accident299
2013/11/12 4:20:00Two Injured In Accident Near Gallatin717
2013/10/31 10:18:15Kansas Man Spends Final Days Writing Letters To His Family538
2013/10/31 9:20:00Separate I-35 Accidents Injure Two 374
2013/10/30 5:40:00Bolivar Physician Sentenced For Illegally Distributing Prescription Drugs511
2013/10/28 9:55:56Accident Near Milan Injures Kirksville Resident427
2013/10/28 9:48:39Hamilton Resident Injured In Platte County Accident383
2013/10/28 7:59:43Two Brookfield Residents Hurt In Accident359
2013/10/28 7:56:32Trenton Man Involved In Accident In Buchanan County457
2013/10/28 6:36:32Stanberrry Accident Injures Northwest Mo. Man431
2013/10/25 7:34:05Minor Injuries In Accident Involving Striping Crew530
2013/10/24 4:48:32Six Vehicle Accident On I-35 Injures One600
2013/10/23 7:29:03Four Injured In Three Separate Vehicle Accidents695
2013/10/23 5:35:38One Injured In Caroll County Accident241
2013/10/18 6:30:12Cameron Resident Injured In I-35 Accident655
2013/10/18 6:10:00Bethany Man Dies In Traffic Accident1292
2013/10/17 7:37:17Trenton Man Injured In Harrison County Accident596
2013/10/16 4:06:09Four Injured In Kidder Accident408
2013/10/15 4:30:00Milan Woman Injured In Single Vehicle Accident465
2013/10/15 4:17:55Gilman City Resident Injured In Accident458
2013/10/14 9:20:09Maysville Woman Injured In Dekalb County283
2013/10/10 6:40:00Serious Injury Accident On I-35 Near Cameron833
2013/10/9 5:43:26Coffey Woman Injured/Arrested After Rollover Accident615
2013/10/3 5:44:25Mercer Man Injured In Accident485
2013/10/2 4:43:43Kidder Man Injured In Accident Near Altamont343
2013/9/30 4:49:52Dawn Teen Injured In Friday Accident355
2013/9/30 4:45:01Chillicothe Man Injured In Saturday Accident460
2013/9/26 5:35:42Eight Injured In Three Separate Accidents621
2013/9/25 4:43:13Tractor Trailer Crash Injures One483
2013/9/24 6:40:12Polo Man Injured In Accident316
2013/9/24 6:28:04Milan Man Injured In Osgood Accident426
2013/9/24 5:41:48Trenton Woman Injured In Route A Accident624
2013/9/23 10:50:00Three Teens Injured In Accident Near Cameron495
2013/9/23 4:47:22Jamesport Man Injured In Friday Accident548
2013/9/20 6:25:08One Dead In Johnson County Accident704
2013/9/20 4:49:52Jameson Man Hurt In Motorcycle Accident769
2013/9/18 4:17:16Two Injured In Accident Near Maysville353
2013/9/16 4:41:00Eight And Eleven Year Old Hurt In Chula Accident483
2013/9/13 6:34:42Two Injured In Harrison County Accident644
2013/9/12 6:07:24Trenton Resident Injured In Accident649
2013/9/11 5:40:36Three Hurt In Tuesday Accident665
2013/9/10 6:24:59Bethany Man Injured In Accident375
2013/9/10 4:32:03Fatal Accident In Harrison County901
2013/9/9 7:44:23Green City Woman Injured In Accident311
2013/9/6 9:37:41Separate Accidents Injure Three535
2013/9/4 4:21:29Two Accidents Involve Injuries555
2013/8/29 5:42:01Mercer Woman Injured In SUV Accident542
2013/8/28 6:32:4213 Year Old Driver Injured In Accident814
2013/8/26 4:42:01Teen Injured In Accident Near Lancaster358
2013/8/22 6:26:50Two Area Residents Hurt In Accidents Involving Animals900
2013/8/22 5:30:00One Injured In Accident South Of Spickard669
2013/8/20 10:40:00Accident On I-35 Strangles Traffic In Daviess County832
2013/8/20 4:34:27Man Crushed To Death 1166
2013/8/19 5:40:07Accident Injures 17 Year Old Girl751
2013/8/19 4:40:58Chillicothe Man Killed In Boating Accident1071
2013/8/14 7:27:48Harrisonville Man Injured In Rollover Accident436
2013/8/13 5:51:43Chula Man Injured In Accident542
2013/8/12 11:03:10Three Injured In Accident Near Bethany564
2013/8/12 4:56:35Four Hurt In Accident Near Fayette306
2013/8/12 4:35:57Trenton Residents Hurt In Accident871
2013/8/8 8:10:40High Speed Chase In Schuyler County Ends In Crash691
2013/8/7 15:30:00I-35 Crash Injures Albany Resident501
2013/8/7 5:35:17Green City Woman Injured In Accident417
2013/8/6 4:40:31One Injured In Saline County Accident358
2013/8/5 7:23:23Gallatin Man Injured In Crash566
2013/8/5 6:41:02Ridgeway Accident Injures Two500
2013/8/5 6:15:37Grandview Man Injured In Harrison County Accident320
2013/8/5 5:42:42Bosworth Man Dies In Accident441
2013/8/5 4:58:42Fatality Accident Sunday Morning1415
2013/8/4 8:53:16McFall, Mo. Woman Injured In Daviess County Accident432
2013/8/4 8:10:00Meadville Resident Injured In Daviess County Crash738
2013/8/3 12:11:54Milan Woman Injured In Accident943
2013/8/1 5:27:59Utah Resident Hurt In Accident432
2013/8/1 4:57:17Moderate Damage In Accident513
2013/7/31 6:21:10California Man Injured In I-35 Accident466
2013/7/30 7:23:36Laredo Woman Arrested After Injury Accident845
2013/7/30 4:22:22Princeton Man Injured In Accident746
2013/7/29 7:36:54Galt Man Injured In ATV Accident895
2013/7/29 7:20:00Former Kirksville Man Dies In Columbia Accident703
2013/7/29 6:49:14Teen Injured In Accident669
2013/7/29 5:43:26Hamilton Man Injured In 3 Vehicle Accident.682
2013/7/25 6:23:56Woman Injured In Motorcycle Accident745
2013/7/23 6:20:0015 Year Old Hurt In Truck/Tractor Accident1113
2013/7/22 4:53:38Two Teens Injured In Accident1381
2013/7/22 4:45:068 Year Old Injured In Accident772
2013/7/18 5:35:33Overland Park Man Injured Near Cameron463
2013/7/18 4:34:18Jamesport Man Dies On I-352050
2013/7/16 9:30:005 Receive Injuries In Mercer County Accident807
2013/7/15 4:29:49Galt Resident Injured In Accident744
2013/7/15 4:25:13Trenton Motorcycle Accident Injures One762
2013/7/15 4:20:00Friday Accident In Trenton Injures Two625
2013/7/10 16:10:00Caldwell County Accident Near Breckenridge Injures One871
2013/7/9 6:23:03Head On Collision In Livingston County1215
2013/7/9 5:43:23Iowa Man Injured In Accident534
2013/7/8 17:42:2212 Year Old Jamesport Boy Hurt In Farm Accident1611
2013/7/8 4:42:14Teen Hurt In UTV Accident915
2013/7/5 12:45:21Macon Woman Killed In Crash880
2013/7/5 6:30:06Newtown Resident Hurt In Accident800
2013/7/5 6:25:22Bethany Resident Hurt In Accident657
2013/7/5 6:00:005 Die In Cass County Accident1008
2013/7/2 7:26:19Milan Man, Carrolton Teen Injured In Accidents496
2013/7/2 4:50:00Savannah Woman Killed In Accident652
2013/7/1 4:37:26Spickard Woman Injured In Accident663
2013/7/1 4:20:00Trenton Resident Struck By Vehicle862
2013/6/29 9:36:07Collision Closed Portions Of I-29492
2013/6/27 7:31:07Stewartsville Woman Injured In Cameron Accident309
2013/6/25 9:23:37KC Man Injured In Accident At Stewartsville263
2013/6/25 6:32:57Motorcyclist Injured In Accident353
2013/6/25 6:20:00Coffey Woman Injured In Accident324
2013/6/24 6:26:10Cainsville Man Hurt In Accident Near Bethany424
2013/6/22 14:10:00Cameron Teen Struck By Car711
2013/6/22 13:50:00Chula Teen Injured In Accident536
2013/6/21 7:24:3014 Year Old Gilman City Resident Injured In Accident671
2013/6/20 6:29:34Princeton Truck Driver Injured481
2013/6/20 6:20:00Maysville Man Injured In Accident308
2013/6/10 6:20:00Seventeen Year Old Girl Taken To Hospital725
2013/6/9 11:24:04One Injured In Motorcycle Accident542
2013/6/7 5:40:00Two Hospitilized After Accident670
2013/6/3 10:37:32Albany Man Injured In Accident330
2013/5/17 8:30:00Sixteen Year Old Girl Dies In Traffic Accident.861
2012/6/11 10:20:00Eagleville teenager killed in weekend accident858
Total of 290 articles 156052
Breaking News
2014/7/15 11:30:00Judge Orders Stay Of Execution For John Middleton1009
2014/3/13 9:24:10Princeton Deaths Ruled As Murder-Suicide By Mercer County Sheriff's Department7485
2013/11/7 8:50:00Early Morning Fire In Spickard Claims Two Lives1732
2013/9/4 13:00:00Brian Adkison Captured In Ohio984
2013/7/7 18:30:0024 Year Old Trenton Man Charged With Second Degree Murder6376
2013/7/6 22:38:05Murder Investigation Continues In Trenton Missouri7322
2013/7/6 9:00:00Possible Murder In Humphreys Missouri431
Total of 7 articles 25339
2014/2/17 6:20:00Endangered Person Advisory Issued For Daviess County Girl1997
2013/9/20 8:10:08Students Evacuated At Milan1049
2013/8/9 18:53:17Bailey Summers Found In Kansas City, Kansas3794
2013/8/9 3:50:00Authorities Continue Search For Endangerd/Missing 15 Year Old1412
2013/6/21 7:40:00Brian Adkison Captured1303
2013/6/18 16:55:52Trenton Fire Fighters Battling Blaze On Ninth Street2127
2013/6/17 15:00:00Pursuit Continues For Brian Adkison1342
2013/6/7 6:50:00Bridge Closed In Linn County325
2013/5/11 8:13:33Des Moines Utility To Spend 1.9 Billion Dollars On Wind Energy306
2013/5/10 8:27:29Three Inmates Walk Away From Lansing Correctional Facility383
2013/5/3 8:15:43KCPL Representative Discusses Local Power Outages533
2013/5/1 4:22:44KTTN/KGOZ Streaming Servers Moved424
2012/11/29 6:30:00Trenton icon passes away462
Total of 13 articles 15457
2014/8/5 6:42:32Chillicothe Fire Department Responds To Rural Blaze253
2014/3/18 4:35:33Losses Put At $750,000 In Kirksville Fire355
2014/3/17 8:50:10Chillicothe Fire Damages To Home Total $175,000290
2014/3/17 8:43:40Several Grass Fires Over Weekend246
2014/2/27 4:39:16Five Indicted For Fraud Involving Joplin Tornado Disaster Benefits227
2014/2/12 4:33:51Woman Dies In Fire After Running In Burning Home To Find Coat518
2014/1/20 6:36:47Trenton Firefighters Have Busy Sunday573
2014/1/20 6:27:10Chillicothe Fire Department Responds To Brush Fire230
2013/11/21 10:00:00Fire Department Responds To Chimney Fire399
2013/11/19 9:50:00Chillicothe Fire Department Responds To Polk Street356
2013/11/14 9:10:00Mid-Day Blaze Destroys Trenton Mobile Home698
2013/10/25 7:50:00Chillicothe Fire Department Responds To Residence Thursday378
2013/8/28 5:43:39Fire Destroys Home Southwest Of Trenton773
2013/8/26 4:37:47Weekend Fire In Trenton647
2013/7/25 4:56:07Fire Damages Trenton Apartment796
2013/7/5 13:14:26Two Teenagers Detained After Fire In Kirksville1049
Total of 16 articles 7788
Health Advisories
2013/10/29 5:24:49Boil Order Issued For Portions Of Mercer County513
2013/10/24 4:54:38Sullivan County Water District Issues Boil Advisory433
2013/10/9 4:35:10Water Outage Scheduled; Boil Advisory For Portions Of Trenton Begins Today410
2013/10/9 4:26:26Portions Of Sullivan County Under Boil Order283
Total of 4 articles 1639
2014/9/22 10:42:49Spickard Man Arrested On Multiple Warrants700
2014/9/22 9:58:59Latest Session Of Circuit Court Has Busy Session264
2014/9/22 9:53:53Fire Destroys House At Spickard497
2014/9/22 8:48:54Ferguson Residents Begin Using Body Cameras 76
2014/9/22 8:43:25Missing Man OK Despite Being Hit By Train142
2014/9/22 4:21:27Mexico Man Found Guilty Of Sex Crimes, Gets 43 Years In Prison80
2014/9/22 4:17:08High Corn Growth Could Mean Lower Prices45
2014/9/22 4:14:11Lawsuit Filed Over Common Core Standards147
2014/9/22 4:07:53Bystanders Rush To Rescue Teenagers From Submerged SUV98
2014/9/22 4:05:10Family Of Baby Killed In Crash Wants To Know Why Driver Will Serve No Jail Time219
2014/9/22 4:02:41Clothing Line For Those With Down Syndrome Inspired By Grandmother's Love53
2014/9/22 4:00:07Witnesses Say Man Who Tried To Break Up Fight Was Shot And Killed88
2014/9/22 3:57:11Judge: Man In 9/11 Airport Hoax Should Be Freed51
2014/9/22 3:51:14Neosho Man Sentenced For Embezzling $4.9 Million From Employer63
2014/9/22 3:49:10Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report116
2014/9/19 6:40:24Police Radar Gun That Shows If You Are Texting?255
2014/9/19 4:28:05Scotland Rejects Independence From U.K.141
2014/9/19 4:24:51Prison Supervisor Guilty Of Hiding Guard Attack238
2014/9/19 4:20:53Missouri Creates Office To Address Racial Issues115
2014/9/19 4:17:24Governor Nixon Announces Plan For Lottery Education Funding146
2014/9/19 4:12:20Police: Principal's Sexual Acts With Teen Captured On Cell Phone Video836
2014/9/19 4:07:03Body Found Floating In Lake Of The Ozarks215
2014/9/19 4:00:20Convicted Florida Felon Kills His 6 Grandchildren230
2014/9/18 10:54:16Teen Crashes SUV After Friend Sets Fire To Underarm Hair427
2014/9/18 10:45:40Cat Euthanized, Shot By Neighbor With 9 Blow Darts231
2014/9/18 9:00:00Wright Memorial Hospital To Offer Reduced Cost Health Screenings195
2014/9/18 8:47:28Court Of Appeals To Hold Session At Milan212
2014/9/18 8:41:03Poker Run Set To Assist Trenton Toddler241
2014/9/18 8:40:00Two Trenton Residents Charged In Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Case1011
2014/9/18 8:35:38Entries Continue For Missouri Days Parade102
2014/9/18 4:47:49Dog That Went Missing In New York Found 2 Years Later In Florida128
2014/9/18 4:35:57Suspect In Custody After Apparent Shovel Assault248
2014/9/18 4:29:18Kids May Face Citizenship Test Under New Proposal111
2014/9/18 4:24:15Sierra Club Endorses Grain Belt Transmission Line97
2014/9/18 4:20:00Facebook Bans Mother For Posting Photos Of Baby With Birth Defect218
2014/9/18 4:19:44Meth Blamed After Missouri Man Sets Himself On Fire148
2014/9/18 4:15:41Bus Driver Resigns After Sick Child Left On Side Of Road201
2014/9/18 4:08:23Teen, 14 Hit By Car On Way To School95
2014/9/18 4:03:31Drag Queens Dress Down Facebook Over Names75
2014/9/18 3:57:01KC Man Charged With Throwing Molotov Cocktails At Congressional Office68
2014/9/17 7:30:00Princeton School Board Meeting Report168
2014/9/17 6:40:00South Missouri Residents Sentenced In Meth Conspiracy142
2014/9/17 4:41:18THS Homecoming Week Kicks Off September 22nd115
2014/9/17 4:28:40Missouri Man Gets 15 Years For Bank Robbery179
2014/9/17 4:22:26Missouri Mayor Accused Of Stealing From Town337
2014/9/17 4:20:12Rihanna Slams CBS, Network Responds By Permanently Pulling Song131
2014/9/17 4:15:04Boy, 12, Accidentally Hangs Himself381
2014/9/16 10:10:10Calamity Jane Days Topic Of Open Line62
2014/9/16 10:06:29Falls Risk Coalition Topic Of Open Line31
2014/9/16 4:37:56Kirksville Man Charged With Stabbing Pit Bull122
2014/9/16 4:35:14Missouri's Education Commissioner To Resign72
2014/9/16 4:27:24Missouri Offers Grants To Help Cities Fix Streets68
2014/9/16 4:22:53Yes, Coca-Cola Is Actually Bringing Surge Back81
2014/9/16 4:16:56Australia: Pet Goldfish Has Brain Surgery62
2014/9/16 4:13:27Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Visitation136
2014/9/16 4:10:02Trump Plaza: 4th Atlantic City Casino To Shutdown52
2014/9/16 4:06:57Street Gangs Tone Down Colors, Tattoos86
2014/9/16 4:03:17Stella Missouri Man Sentenced To 13 Years For Transporting Minor For Sex81
2014/9/15 11:10:47Registered Sex Offender Arrested In Caldwell County On Livingston County Warrant256
2014/9/15 10:54:33Additional Charge Filed Against Joshua Harding Of Trenton635
2014/9/15 10:50:22Field Day To Be Held Near Linneus September 2372
2014/9/15 10:50:00Chillicothe Couple Sentenced For $4 Million Theft, Money Laundering, False Tax Return1139
2014/9/15 10:40:0028th Annual "Old Time Harvest Days" Set To Begin September 26 At Chillicothe76
2014/9/15 10:39:49Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report62
2014/9/15 10:33:06Flu Clinic To Be Held Wednesday At Unionville49
2014/9/15 6:37:58Additional Flag Locations Announced For Missouri Days90
2014/9/15 4:44:16Deal In Works On Some Claims Over Monsanto Wheat71
2014/9/15 4:40:00Mother Sues Plane Companies In 2012 Death Of Children111
2014/9/15 4:34:59Missouri Teen Struck, Killed While Waiting For School Bus511
2014/9/15 4:22:06FedEx Worker Dies In Missouri Accident296
2014/9/15 4:20:00Trooper Worried About Mistakes, Job Amid Drowning234
2014/9/15 4:14:13Golfer Greg Norman Recovering After Chain-Saw Accident62
2014/9/15 4:09:15Teen Critically Injured After Police Use Stun Gun On Him271
2014/9/15 4:03:56Police Detain "Django Unchained" Actress Thinking She Was Prostitute107
2014/9/12 7:31:10Circuit Court At Trenton Has Light Case Load380
2014/9/12 7:30:00Walk/Run Along With Chili And Soup Supper To Be Held Sunday In Trenton132
2014/9/12 6:51:24Dozens Of Children At N.J. Daycare Center Accidentally Drink Bleach174
2014/9/12 6:40:31Custodian Claims He Received Death Threat With A Noose254
2014/9/12 4:48:56Liberty Man Convicted Of Killing Wife Of 23 Years176
2014/9/12 4:40:42Burger King Releases 'Black Burger' In Japan137
2014/9/12 4:34:27Alaska Teacher Accused Of Child Abuse In Missouri348
2014/9/12 4:28:27Police Identify 2 Found Dead In St. Charles168
2014/9/12 4:24:54Facebook Offers Family $10k For Calling Photo Of Young Heart Patient 'Scary, Gory'172
2014/9/12 4:19:553 Babies' Bodies Found In House Full Of Vermin583
2014/9/12 4:15:58Galt And Humphrey's Residents Among Those Sentenced In Federal Court For Meth And Illegal Firearms1019
2014/9/12 4:07:11Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report188
2014/9/11 11:00:00Possible Bids Could Be Sought To Replace "Charlie Dye" Bridge156
2014/9/11 10:55:10Several Cases Heard In Grundy County Circuit Court519
2014/9/11 10:39:57Case Transferred From Harrison County To Grundy County402
2014/9/11 10:30:00Charges Filed Against Two 772
2014/9/11 4:26:06Missouri Enacts 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period122
2014/9/11 4:23:23Convicts To Surrender Missouri Teacher Licenses209
2014/9/11 4:20:00St. Louis Woman Claims 'Gift From God,' But Police Say It's Felony Stealing248
2014/9/11 4:13:04A True Love Story: Husband And Wife Together Until Their Last Breaths236
2014/9/9 9:18:06Trenton City Council Addresses Various Issues At Latest Meeting249
2014/9/9 4:47:20Family Safety Fair To Be Held At Chillicothe78
2014/9/9 4:35:17Amendment One Recounts Thus Far Show Little Difference87
2014/9/9 4:30:00West Nile Virus Reported In St. Louis County60
2014/9/9 4:20:00Attackers Steal Casino Winnings112
2014/9/9 4:20:00Officer Suffered Broken Leg During Arrest Attempt452
2014/9/9 4:15:58Missouri, Texas Plan Executions Wednesday101
2014/9/9 4:08:51What Is Enterovirus EV-D68, The Disease Causing Alarm In The Midwest307
2014/9/8 10:59:06Trenton Brothers Arrested On Multiple Felony Counts1729
2014/9/8 10:42:14Art Fest At North 65 Center Topic Of Open Line75
2014/9/8 10:31:45Pershing Days Festival Set To Begin Thursday66
2014/9/8 6:43:354 Arrested After Child Abduction452
2014/9/8 4:52:27Mountain Lion Attacks 6-Year-Old California Boy132
2014/9/8 4:30:00Student Arrested After Gun In Backpack Discharges190
2014/9/8 4:20:00City Takes Aim At Drink Prices On Social Media202
2014/9/8 4:17:43Investigators: Woman Armed With Gun Wanted To "Extract" Baby From Pregnant Woman150
2014/9/8 4:14:00CDC Official: Virus Hitting Midwest Could Be "Tip Of Iceberg"606
2014/9/8 4:10:05Topeka Police Officer Shot, Killed During Traffic Stop96
2014/9/8 4:06:46Livingston County Sheriff Investigations And Activity Report195
2014/9/5 10:52:07Father-In-Law Arrested, Charged With First Degree Murder 320
2014/9/5 10:50:005 High Schoolers Sickened By Marijuana Brownies331
2014/9/5 10:46:166 Dead In St. Louis Shootings371
2014/9/5 10:18:33Meet Dreadnoughtus, Perhaps The Biggest Creature To Ever Walk The Planet87
2014/9/5 10:06:13Angry Boy Cut Rooftop Workers Harness Because Noise Interrupted His Cartoons238
2014/9/5 6:43:06St. Joseph Man Rescued From Missouri River195
2014/9/5 4:21:45Hunting And Assessment Plan Now Available For Public Review94
2014/9/5 4:13:49Battle Of The Belt Challenges Missouri High Schools To Buckle Up78
2014/9/5 4:09:31Grundy County Clerk's Office Closed This Afternoon For Recount113
2014/9/5 4:03:00Trenton Man Arrested By Independence Police965
2014/9/5 3:50:00Celebrity Softball Games In The Works To Benefit DAWGS105
2014/9/4 9:45:18Change In TMU Water Treatment To Affect Grundy County Water Supply289
2014/9/4 9:39:08Trenton Park Board Meeting Report105
2014/9/4 8:45:05Quilt Guild Seeks Entries For Missouri Days Quilt Show104
2014/9/4 7:46:25High School Grounds Crew Accidentally Mows Artificial Turf624
2014/9/4 7:38:57Trenton Rotary Announces Plans To Continue Flag Sponsorships104
2014/9/4 7:30:0830th Annual Chautauqua In The Park Approaching186
2014/9/4 6:50:00Construction To Begin On Cameron School126
2014/9/4 6:24:50One Arrested After Bank Robbery In St. Joseph193
2014/9/4 4:52:30Student Stabbed On Northwest Campus In Maryville846
2014/9/4 4:44:12Suspects In Custody After Macon County Drug Bust230
2014/9/4 4:32:36Lawsuit Seeks Michael Brown's Juvenile Records126
2014/9/4 4:27:44Moberly, Sedalia, Jefferson City Airports Improving Runways55
2014/9/4 4:22:53Home Depot Faces Possible Data Breach119
2014/9/4 4:17:25Missouri Teacher Initiative Survives Challenge In Court76
2014/9/4 4:13:52Beaten Woman Manages To Alert Police To Killing Spree302
2014/9/4 4:10:20Facebook's Autoplay Video Feature Is Destroying Cell Phone Bills98
2014/9/4 4:05:19Surgery On Ailing Great Dane Yields 43-1/2 Socks101
2014/9/3 10:38:45Dog Stabbed In PetSmart After Man Claims It Attacked His Dog98
2014/9/3 10:34:23Kansas Councilwoman Fights Public Nakedness After Family Sees Nude Walker111
2014/9/3 10:28:31Man Accused Of Knowingly Passing HIV To Partners Is Still Dating Online216
2014/9/3 9:27:37Breast Cancer, Mammography Topic Of Dr. G49
2014/9/3 4:40:07Baby Gives "Thumbs Up" In Ultrasound Photo117
2014/9/3 4:40:00Army Worms Found In Large Numbers In North Missouri475
2014/9/3 4:28:12KC Monarchs Program To Be Held In Trenton84
2014/9/3 4:20:04Chillicothe Area Community Choir To Present Program52
2014/9/3 4:15:51Flu Shot Clinic Set For Milan56
2014/9/3 4:13:37$2.5 Million Granted To Locust Creek Project North Of Milan127
2014/9/3 4:10:09Public Service Commission Sets Local Hearings 70
2014/9/3 4:07:07Historic Site At Laclede To Hold Informational Meeting74
2014/9/2 10:02:50Economic Development, Poker Run Topic Of Open Line90
2014/9/2 6:29:02ATV And Tractor Pulls Rescheduled At Mercer Homecoming99
2014/9/2 6:22:58Two Injured In Separate Accidents339
2014/9/2 5:00:00Livingston County Authorities Investigate Daytime Burglary271
2014/9/2 4:46:12Man Injured By Gunfire, Stray Bullet Hits 10-Year-Old Girl Inside Home183
2014/9/2 4:41:12Siblings Arrested For Incest In Effingham County Church Parking Lot593
2014/9/2 4:33:32Police: Women Smuggled Stolen Watches In Vaginas175
2014/9/2 4:26:45Measles Vaccine May Have Cured Woman's Cancer110
2014/9/2 4:22:38Missouri Ballot Features Teacher Evaluation Change70
2014/9/2 4:13:04THS Foundation Reorganizes113
2014/9/2 4:05:19Coroner: Mom, 3 Kids Among 5 Killed In Plane Crash349
2014/9/2 4:00:51Multiple Agencies Respond In Chillicothe Sunday583
2014/8/29 7:28:34Amber And Jim Shippen Latest Contributors To WMH Foundation182
2014/8/29 5:21:37Trenton Downtown Improvement Association Approves Loans For Building Projects151
2014/8/29 4:35:36Crews In Hazmat Suits Search Springfield Home For Ricin174
2014/8/29 4:27:55Suspect In 6-Year-Old's Death Charged With First-Degree Murder271
2014/8/29 4:23:52Missouri Unveils Aid Effort To Ferguson Businesses120
2014/8/29 4:19:11Cat-Astrophic Revelation Purr-Turbs Hello Kitty Fans144
2014/8/29 4:15:394-Year-Old Expelled Over His Mother's Facebook Post338
2014/8/29 4:10:25Date Set For Local Recount On "Right To Farm" Issue114
2014/8/28 10:00:00Circuit Court At Trenton Busy With Cases564
2014/8/28 9:54:14Firm Interested In Building Solar Farm North Of Trenton334
2014/8/28 9:50:00Cameron Woman Injured In I-35 Accident180
2014/8/28 9:47:23Lawyer Criticizes Missouri Child Abuse Proposal114
2014/8/28 9:40:00Parents Complain About Alleged Punishment At Columbia Elementary School136
2014/8/28 9:28:34More Than 200 Missouri Bills Become Law Today189
2014/8/28 9:24:57Missouri Dairy Farmers Urge Veto Override124
2014/8/28 9:20:25Carrollton Woman Indicted In $185K Bank Fraud Scheme238
2014/8/28 5:45:34More Than A Dozen Arrests In Macon, Randolph County Drug Round-Up251
2014/8/28 4:40:00Missouri Woman Arrested After Posting Photos On Facebook Posing With Corpse618
2014/8/28 4:30:00Mom Upset About 911 Dispatchers Response To Call Of Baby Locked In Car229
2014/8/28 4:20:30Toddler Abducted From Excelsior Springs Home Found In Westport232
2014/8/28 4:16:41Omaha Police Bullet Kills "Cops" Film Crew Member157
2014/8/28 4:09:28Committee Formed To Investigate Need For Body Cameras At Trenton Police Department186
2014/8/27 10:34:56Board Of Public Works Reports On Drinking Water And Electric Department174
2014/8/27 10:31:10Heartland Health and Mosaic Life Announce Partnership120
2014/8/27 10:26:00City Of Chillicothe Receives Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Award90
2014/8/27 10:19:03Gun And Toy Show To Be Held In Marceline 135
2014/8/27 4:36:29Missouri Inmate Dies After Being Beaten611
2014/8/27 4:20:00Explosion Levels Three-Bedroom Home In Independence206
2014/8/27 4:12:09Mother Of Newborn Baby Found In Trash Arrested292
2014/8/27 4:09:06Police: Girl, 9, Handled Uzi In Fatal Shooting Of Instructor208
2014/8/27 4:03:09NCMC Board Of Trustees Meeting Report106
2014/8/26 10:34:12Trenton City Council Meeting Results353
2014/8/26 10:10:00Doris Rider Art Gallery To Feature Area Artists82
2014/8/26 9:58:24Fire At Chillicothe Deemed Accidental156
2014/8/26 9:51:46University Extension To Offer Classes For Those Fifty And Over86
2014/8/26 9:47:58Linn R-1 High School Graduate Receives GRM Network Scholarship53
2014/8/26 9:41:02North Central Missouri Mental Health Center To Hold Parenting Classes34
2014/8/26 9:38:28One Arrested After Gunshot Fired In Gallatin Residence521
2014/8/26 9:34:22Quilt To Be Raffled For Sunnyview Foundation Project38
2014/8/26 9:29:07Walking Trail Dedication Set For September 2661
2014/8/26 9:23:22Kaleidoscope Run To Be Held During Homecoming Week58
2014/8/26 6:41:59Sponsors Sought For Calamity Jane Days Pedal Pull86
2014/8/26 4:48:43India Doctors Remove Foetus Left Inside Mother For 36 Years191
2014/8/26 4:26:35Recount Requested On Missouri Right To Farm92
2014/8/26 4:24:14$33K In Cellphones Stolen From Kirksville Wal-Mart226
2014/8/26 4:15:55Family Upset Officers Used Deadly Force Against Suicidal Teen 214
2014/8/26 4:10:11Woman Accidentally Lets In Raccoon With Pet Cat185
2014/8/26 4:05:39Two Trenton Residents Arrested On Multitude Of Charges1053
2014/8/25 10:13:27KCK Man Gets Fine Converted To Jail Time115
2014/8/25 9:58:27Spickard Fall Festival Topic Of Open Line76
2014/8/25 4:35:47Kirksville Man Charged With Attempted Enticement Of A Minor202
2014/8/25 4:27:08Authorities Call Off Manhunt For Moberly Bank Robbery Suspects200
2014/8/25 4:23:06High-Speed Boat Crash Flips Boat Twice While Airborne, Injures 2146
2014/8/25 4:15:04Woman With 4 Kids In Car Mistakenly Arrested At Gunpoint210
2014/8/25 4:12:08Cops: Toddler Slept In Car While Mom Slept In Bar195
2014/8/25 4:08:37Trooper Who Arrested NFL Player For Speeding Fired319
2014/8/25 4:03:28Tax Refunds May Get Hit Due To Health Law Credits412
2014/8/22 9:59:24Bank Robbed In Moberly This Morning304
2014/8/22 9:54:347-Year-Old Florida Boy Turns Mother In For Cooking Meth224
2014/8/22 9:24:42Jury Finds Trenton Man Guilty Of Child Molestation876
2014/8/22 9:19:38Spickard Resident Charged With Failing To Appear391
2014/8/22 4:40:00Missouri Man Sought For 50 Counts Of Child Sex Crimes Captured429
2014/8/22 4:36:12Parents Find School's Random Drug Testing Policy Too Strict181
2014/8/22 4:21:47Student Arrested, Suspended After Writing Story About Killing Dinosaur With Gun381
2014/8/22 4:18:46Student Reportedly Suspended After Saying "Bless You"194
2014/8/22 4:13:13Copper Thieves Stealing Vases From Cemetery143
2014/8/22 4:09:00Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Awry, Firefighters Hurt205
2014/8/22 4:02:03Ferguson Fallout: A Call For Police Body Cams94
2014/8/21 9:16:11"Fall Rendezvous" To Be Held In Chillicothe141
2014/8/21 6:33:46Ohio Woman Injured In Accident Near Cameron 104
2014/8/21 4:33:26Judge Finds Trucking Firm Discriminated Against Women180
2014/8/21 4:28:31Missouri Utilities Look To Kansas For Wind Energy104
2014/8/21 4:24:50Man Charged In Double Kansas City Homicide137
2014/8/21 4:22:48Friend Of Michael Brown Wanted In Jefferson City245
2014/8/21 4:00:00Livingston County Sheriff Reports On Transports To Department Of Corrections228
2014/8/20 9:29:40Spickard Board Of Education Meets96
2014/8/20 9:26:26Two Arrested On Drug Charges In Chillicothe427
2014/8/20 9:22:05Dr G. Talks About Contagions70
2014/8/20 7:35:12Man Convicted In 30-Year-Old Homicide Case304
2014/8/20 4:44:52MO Gov. Nixon: 'Vigorous Prosecution' Needed After Death Of Michael Brown263
2014/8/20 4:30:09Moberly Medical Clinics Affected By Data Breach108
2014/8/20 4:26:24Bystanders Save Passengers From Burning Car In Fiery Ozarks Crash 137
2014/8/20 4:21:03Habersham County Will Not Pay Medical Bills For Baby Injured In Raid182
2014/8/20 4:13:17Support Grows For Officer Who Shot Ferguson Teen Michael Brown235
2014/8/20 4:01:58Man Arrested At Livingston County Courthouse With Knife373
2014/8/19 11:07:24Grundy County Nursing Home District Meets72
2014/8/19 11:01:33Grundy County Commissioners Meeting Report132
2014/8/19 10:39:448-Year-Old Chillicothe Girl Places 2nd At Missouri State Fair231
2014/8/19 10:36:11Alumni Band To Perform At First Trenton Home Game91
2014/8/19 10:31:09One In Five Rely On Food Pantries In Missouri109
2014/8/19 10:27:03Two Area Schools Post Enrollment Figures160
2014/8/19 10:24:453rd Annual NCMC Foundation Golf Tournament Slated For August 29th76
2014/8/19 10:21:16Several Locations Designated For Demolition In Trenton345
2014/8/19 4:48:02Suspect Arrested At Edge Of Maryville After High Speed Chase 239
2014/8/19 4:19:17KC Officer Faces Review For Michael Brown Facebook Posts256
2014/8/19 4:06:21Police, Protesters Collide Again In Ferguson115
2014/8/19 4:02:58Recent Drug Arrests And Seizures In Chillicothe460
2014/8/18 10:53:51Mercer Homecoming Celebration Set To Begin August 28th135
2014/8/18 10:27:52Annual "Sale Of Champions" Nets $152,600100
2014/8/18 9:54:07Upcoming Chamber Events Topic Of Open Line75
2014/8/18 9:41:10Tracy Lawrence And Sawyer Brown To Headline Putnam County Fair146
2014/8/18 9:33:21Annual Art Show To Be Held Next Month In Chillicothe72
2014/8/18 9:28:51FFDD To Attend Royals Game58
2014/8/18 9:20:04Missouri Highway Patrol To Have More Officers On Road Labor Day Weekend60
2014/8/18 7:28:00Police: Man Kills Child, 3, After Shooting Grandparents238
2014/8/18 4:29:22Mother Arrested After Using F-Word In Grocery Store424
2014/8/18 4:26:04Cops: From Arizona To New York, Thieves Turn Legos Into Hard Cash120
2014/8/18 4:16:45Michael Brown Suspected Of Punching Store Clerk Just Before Death161
2014/8/18 4:11:48National Guard Headed To Ferguson; Brown Preliminary Autopsy Released187
2014/8/15 4:41:28Silver Dollar City Announces Big Expansion280
2014/8/15 4:27:54Elderly Burglary Victim Dies In Missouri Hospital301
2014/8/15 4:21:29Three-Wheeled Elio Gets Closer To Going On Sale172
2014/8/15 4:09:25Wrongful Death Lawsuit Moved From Grundy County Circuit Court844
2014/8/15 4:05:42Saturdays To Be Busy With Many Events At Chillicothe212
2014/8/15 4:01:29Livingston County R-3 Board Adopts Lower Tax Levy144
2014/8/14 9:20:08Pleasant View Board Of Education Meets123
2014/8/14 9:20:00Spickard Man Found Guilty Of Animal Abuse833
2014/8/14 9:16:45Chilli Bay Water Park Announces End Of Season Dates165
2014/8/14 9:06:03Grundy R-5 Board Of Ed Adopts New Tax Levy110
2014/8/14 8:50:03University Extension To Hold Program On Renting Farm Ground119
2014/8/14 8:46:19West Entrance To Simpson Park To Be Closed On Monday In Chillicothe112
2014/8/14 6:45:27Another Tuskegee Airman Is Gone But Not Forgotten: Lt. Col. Edward P. Drummond102
2014/8/14 6:30:58Area Woman Advances To Semifinals At Missouri State Fair358
2014/8/14 4:44:47Jefferson City Man Sentenced To 30 Years For Wrong-Way Crash150
2014/8/14 4:17:43Grandma Posts Photos Of Baby With Pacifier Duct-Taped To Mouth305
2014/8/14 4:10:58Couple Held In Bali After American Woman's Body Found In Suitcase198
2014/8/14 4:10:00Defense Tries To Distance Wood From Child Porn Stories In Springfield163
2014/8/14 4:06:38Vandals Strike Neosho High School 152
2014/8/14 3:58:50Classic Tech Support Scam Sees Resurgence 142
2014/8/13 9:46:27Princeton Board Of Education Meeting Report193
2014/8/13 9:44:56North Mercer Board Of Ed Approves Property Tax Levy183
2014/8/13 9:42:39Newtown-Harris Board Of Education Meeting Report129
2014/8/13 9:40:40Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report113
2014/8/13 9:38:50Laredo Board Of Aldermen Meet91
2014/8/13 9:36:12Jamesport City Council Meeting Report81
2014/8/13 9:34:17Gallatin Board of Aldermen Approve New Tax Levy85
2014/8/13 9:32:20Trenton City Council Report On Trucks, Police And Youth Program242
2014/8/13 9:29:02Medication Drop Box At Trenton Police Department Collects 167 Pounds78
2014/8/13 4:23:13Trenton R-9 Board Of Education Adopts Higher Tax Levy166
2014/8/13 4:17:3215-Year-Old Girl Taken To Hospital Weighs 60 Pounds; Mother Arrested290
2014/8/13 4:13:53Bystanders Halt 4-Year-Old's Attempted Abduction155
2014/8/13 4:06:14Woman Says She's Been Without Water For 4 Years432
2014/8/12 10:02:42Alcohol At Fair Remains Hot Topic At Latest Trenton City Council Meeting1203
2014/8/12 7:20:00Area Residents Inducted Into Missouri 4-H Hall Of Fame256
2014/8/12 4:40:03Mom Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Changing Diaper264
2014/8/12 4:36:39"I Am Charles Manson's Wife"379
2014/8/12 4:32:23Mark Woodworth Files Lawsuit After Wrongfully Convicted252
2014/8/12 4:22:18Robin Williams, Boisterous Comedy Star, Dead At 63146
2014/8/12 4:08:33Local Woman To Compete In Missouri State Fair Idol Contest404
2014/8/12 4:03:25Two In Grundy County Detention Center On Unrelated Charges768
2014/8/11 10:54:30Princeton Chamber Of Commerce Meeting Report111
2014/8/11 10:22:49Upcoming School Year In Trenton Topic Of Open Line128
2014/8/11 9:50:02Preview Of Tonight's Trenton City Council Meeting 344
2014/8/11 9:43:44Heavy Case Load In Grundy County Circuit Court601
2014/8/11 9:34:21Missouri State Fair Queen Competition Results199
2014/8/11 9:27:25Two Trenton Residents Arrested On Forgery Related Charges1453
2014/8/11 7:30:59Columbia Man Arrested After High Speed Chase202
2014/8/11 4:48:18Challenge To Missouri's Gay Marriage Ban Heads To Court133
2014/8/11 4:42:00Golf Clubs Lead To Suspects In Stolen Property Case262
2014/8/11 4:35:18Cool Summer Sets Expectation For Record Harvest92
2014/8/11 4:25:0317-Year-Old Arrested In Sexual Assault And Death Of 6-Year-Old508
2014/8/11 4:19:192 Dead, 5 Wounded, Including 2 And 4-Year Old In Drive-By shooting276
2014/8/11 4:15:44Deputies: Woman Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands During Home Invasion214
2014/8/11 4:11:18Skydiver Found Dead After Jump175
2014/8/8 9:09:05Grundy Electric Cooperative Hosts Annual Membership Meeting239
2014/8/8 6:38:07Trenton R-9 Schools Topic Of Rotary253
2014/8/8 4:43:24Family Traditions Carry On At Missouri State Fair301
2014/8/8 4:39:0415-Year-Old To Be Tried As Adult In Brutal Excelsior Springs Attack377
2014/8/8 4:28:04Ambulance Crash Kills Patient, Injures Paramedics826
2014/8/8 4:23:56Teacher Passes Out Drunk Without Pants During First Day Of Orientation503
2014/8/8 4:16:5435 Years Later, Remains Of Jonestown Victims Found341
2014/8/8 4:12:03Farmers' Electric Area Youth Benefit Fund Nets $42K181
2014/8/8 4:03:25Daytime Burglars Arraigned In Livingston County Circuit Court406
2014/8/7 10:55:35Trenton Man Arrested On Two Grundy County Warrants1079
2014/8/7 10:21:28Trenton High School Registration Schedule214
2014/8/7 10:20:00Livingston County Emergency Services Dispatch Updates Communications232
2014/8/7 10:00:00Former Galt Resident Charged With 2nd Degree Burglary1047
2014/8/7 9:59:12Trenton Chamber Annual Poker Run Set For September 6th189
2014/8/7 9:51:10Trenton Middle School Registration Set For August 12th200
2014/8/7 9:47:43NCMC To Hold Orientation Day August 18th154
2014/8/7 9:45:05Trenton R-9 District To Hold Hearing On Proposed Property Tax Rate181
2014/8/7 9:30:59Trenton Park Board Meeting Report145
2014/8/7 9:23:01Trenton Resident Charged With Probation Violation595
2014/8/7 9:21:043rd Annual Wright Run Slated For October 4th145
2014/8/7 4:31:25MoDOT "Disappointed" By Transportation Sales Tax Defeat225
2014/8/7 4:26:38Cigarette Blamed For Fire That Killed 2446
2014/8/7 4:20:02Man Gives Kitten Heroin, Then Drags It Behind Car209
2014/8/7 4:17:08Photographer Wages Potential Legal Battle With Wikimedia Over Monkey's Selfie141
2014/8/7 4:09:02Day Time Burglars Arrested South Of Trenton1025
2014/8/6 10:42:33Right To Farm Opponents Weigh Recount Option350
2014/8/6 9:56:40Public Service Commission Schedules Hearings On Grain Belt Express 145
2014/8/6 9:53:22Princeton City Council Meeting Report145
2014/8/6 9:49:06Trenton Resident Charged With Probation Violation772
2014/8/6 9:47:04State Fair Attendees Urged To Check For Unclaimed Property204
2014/8/6 9:33:43Two Area Schools To Host Back To School Activities266
2014/8/6 7:22:29Montana Toddler Drowns In Mop Bucket232
2014/8/6 6:24:43Cameron Woman Held On $100K Bond In Death Of Man On UTV399
2014/8/6 4:49:27Missouri Inmate Executed For Killing Neighbor189
2014/8/6 4:47:20Assemblies Of God Holding Celebration In Missouri112
2014/8/6 4:44:54Springfield Woman's Body Found In Yard296
2014/8/6 4:38:00Semi-Truck Carrying Cars Flips In Moberly259
2014/8/6 4:32:51Missouri Voters Approve Digital Privacy Protection160
2014/8/6 4:29:18Voters Say No To New Taxes212
2014/8/6 4:26:41Voters Pass Missouri Gun Rights Amendment203
2014/8/6 4:17:00Missouri Farming Rights Proposal Appears To Pass249
2014/8/6 4:00:00Local Election Results For North Missouri990
2014/8/5 10:10:00Brookfield Native Serving Aboard USS Forrest Sherman178
2014/8/5 10:01:16Chillicothe Police Department Activities Report243
2014/8/5 4:20:43Elevated Chemicals Found In Water Near Reactor178
2014/8/5 4:20:00Two States Conduct Executions Using Single Drug149
2014/8/5 4:17:03Joplin Woman Suing Home Depot For Deaths During Tornado369
2014/8/5 4:13:28Man Caught Stealing Wife's Panties In Burglary330
2014/8/5 4:07:11Public Input Sought For Lake Paho Management Plan201
2014/8/5 4:00:54Local Overview Of Today's Election252
2014/8/5 3:57:29Number Of Absentee Votes Cast In Grundy County Down 95
2014/8/4 9:45:39Princeton Senior Crowned "Miss Calamity Jane"219
2014/8/4 9:35:09Absentee Voting Deadline Is 5 O'clock Today90
2014/8/4 9:28:26Mother Of 5 Writes Facebook Post To Body-Shaming Beach Trolls276
2014/8/4 9:10:00"Backpack Buddies" Topic Of Open Line105
2014/8/4 7:29:55Macon Man Accused Of Rape, Child Molestation Flees Authorities 245
2014/8/4 7:22:32Woman Accused Of Attempting To Smuggle Heroin Into Moberly Correctional Center279
2014/8/4 4:33:15Court Documents Reveal Fight To Death Inside Lenexa Home310
2014/8/4 4:30:00Burglar Steals $1 Million In Goods From Three-Story Closet181
2014/8/4 4:28:13Officials ID Man Found Dead Near Train Tracks In Northwest Missouri893
2014/8/4 4:25:39Indictment: Toddler Beaten To Death Over Cake246
2014/8/4 4:22:57Missouri Appeals Court Overturns Abduction Conviction138
2014/8/4 4:14:24"State Line Drive" Winners Of Country Showdown329
2014/8/1 10:31:07Flower Show Winners Announced At Fair192
2014/8/1 10:29:39Rabbit And Poultry Winners Announced At Fair167
2014/8/1 7:45:39Analyzing Amendment One - The Right to Farm467
2014/8/1 7:26:56Voter Turnout Projected At 27 Percent In Missouri103
2014/8/1 4:43:54Body Found In Holt County In Northwest Missouri429
2014/8/1 4:35:13Missouri Man Gets 15 Years For Identity Theft172
2014/8/1 4:28:06Missouri Man Sentenced To Prison For Trafficking Fake DVDs183
2014/8/1 4:23:32Police: Teen Raped On Lawn At Keith Urban Show480
2014/8/1 4:20:58Disturbing Video Shows Teens Setting Themselves On Fire In Trend Called "Fire Challenge"246
2014/8/1 4:11:25Lab Walks 30 Miles To Previous Owner, But Family Won't Take Dog Back429
2014/8/1 4:07:35Man, Grandson Dead After More Than 90 Shots Fired At Home474
2014/8/1 4:02:54Colorado To Issue Driver's Licenses To Immigrants102
2014/8/1 3:57:24Country Showdown Begins At 7:30 Tonight At NCM Fair147
2014/7/31 9:44:23Water Treatment Process To Change In Trenton314
2014/7/31 9:38:53Pilot Makes Emergency Landing At Trenton516
2014/7/31 4:37:39Missouri Man Arrested For Photographs Of Babies, Toddlers Being Molested500
2014/7/31 4:22:38Employees Turn Away Special Needs Children From Some Carnival Rides794
2014/7/31 4:18:02Jail Escapee Caught Asleep On Sedalia Couch247
2014/7/31 4:13:29Missouri Woman Who Poisoned Family Could Face Two Juries307
2014/7/31 4:09:05Bicyclist Says Sunset Hills Mayor Swerved Car Into Him; Mayor Has Different Story240
2014/7/31 4:04:20Kansas Girl Nearly Strangled By Utility Line253
2014/7/30 8:51:06Today Is The Deadline For Absentee Ballot Requests117
2014/7/30 8:49:03Trenton Residents To Receive Higher Electric Bills1047
2014/7/30 8:41:52Trenton Resident Charged With Possession Of Meth1183
2014/7/30 8:39:49Chillicothe Police Department Announces The Hiring Of New Officer244
2014/7/30 8:36:56Smoke Testing To Resume In Trenton Today173
2014/7/30 5:55:53Shelby Lowrey Of Laredo Crowned NCM Fair Queen259
2014/7/30 4:48:50Work Crews Recover Nearly 700 Pound Drug Stash In Ravine Near St. Joseph561
2014/7/30 4:21:30Computer Issues Prompt Different Phone Number For Veteran Rides In Trenton108
2014/7/30 4:17:01North Central Missouri Fair Parade Winners387
2014/7/30 4:10:49Mom Says Son Got Concussion On Worlds Of Fun Rollercoaster283
2014/7/30 4:06:34Mom Arrested For Letting 7-Year-Old Son Walk To Park Alone332
2014/7/30 4:00:002 Women Narrowly Escape Death On Indiana Railroad Bridge173
2014/7/30 3:59:09Searchers Find Bodies Of Arkansas Man, Infant Son368
2014/7/30 3:50:00Ticket Me Elmo? New York City Mulls Law For Impersonators82
2014/7/29 10:34:1921 Arrested In Southeast Missouri Drug Roundup414
2014/7/29 9:13:53Trenton City Council Passes Alcohol Ordinance, Reduces Highway 65 Speed Limit899
2014/7/29 7:36:39Chillicothe Arts Council Season Tickets On Sale111
2014/7/29 7:30:24Eleven Vie For Title Of Calamity Jane Queen At Princeton220
2014/7/29 7:26:18Princeton School Instructor Nominated For NCMC Board192
2014/7/29 7:22:54Assistance For Veterans Set For August89
2014/7/29 6:43:46"Sliced Bread Saturday" Planned For Downtown Chillicothe146
2014/7/29 4:33:43Mike Lair, Dennis McDonald, Candidates For 7th District On Open Line270
2014/7/29 4:20:53Presbyterian Church In Fulton Named In Abuse Lawsuit157
2014/7/29 4:20:002 Killed, 3 Injured After Woman Drives On Wrong Side Of I-49283
2014/7/29 4:14:39Slain Family Of 5 Was Murder-Suicide, Police Say619
2014/7/29 4:12:12Man's Obituary: "Please Don't Email Me, I'm Dead"209
2014/7/29 4:08:31Police: Missing Franklin County Woman Left To Start New Life Elsewhere356
2014/7/29 4:02:59Man Charged In Missouri Teens 9-Month Disappearance 330
2014/7/28 10:20:00Trenton City Council Preview Of Tonight's Meeting; Beer Sales Continue To Be Controversial At Fair406
2014/7/28 10:16:47Pursuit In Sullivan And Putnam Counties Ends In Injury Accident1622
2014/7/28 10:13:41Garden Club Seeks Fair Entries109
2014/7/28 9:58:47Annual Jameson Picnic To Be Held August 7th Through 9th163
2014/7/28 9:55:15Tire Collection To Be Held August 9th In Chillicothe103
2014/7/28 9:49:29Princeton School Board Releases Executive Session Report336
2014/7/28 9:46:23Dollar Tree To Buy Family Dollar For $8.5 Billion239
2014/7/28 9:39:39Missouri "Sales Tax" Holiday This Weekend135
2014/7/28 4:43:45Missouri Congressional Hopefuls Run On Low Budgets70
2014/7/28 4:39:04One Killed In Shooting At University City Alumni Picnic185
2014/7/28 4:30:00First In Line: Woman Waits Days To See President Obama Speak136
2014/7/28 4:20:00Bar Catches Heat For Sign Insensitive To Women278
2014/7/28 4:14:32Teen Arrested After Gas Station Clerk Pulls Gun400
2014/7/28 4:11:10Farmers Brace For High Corn Yields, Lower Prices106
2014/7/28 4:05:484-Year-Old Abducted From Missouri Found In Virginia328
2014/7/25 4:42:55Child Abuse Charges Include Snakes, Lizards And Alligators643
2014/7/25 4:40:00Search Warrant Leads To Two Meth Suspects699
2014/7/25 4:30:003 Convicted In $17 Million Drug Conspiracy413
2014/7/25 4:26:15Woman Ticketed After Stopping To Help Stranded Ducklings216
2014/7/25 4:22:3310-Month-Old Baby Dead After Being Left In Hot Car361
2014/7/25 4:15:23Husband Documents Wife's Reasons For Rejecting Sex, Sends To Her Work Email479
2014/7/25 4:07:44Family Feud Sparks Revolt At Grocery Store Chain226
2014/7/25 4:01:28Livingston County Sheriff Investigation Report260
2014/7/24 11:03:48Two Spickard Residents Arrested On Drug Charges1035
2014/7/24 10:51:09Fire Damages Trenton Residence This Morning849
2014/7/24 10:50:00Inmate At Daviess/DeKalb Jail Charged With Hitting Man 240 Times649
2014/7/24 10:10:45Highway 65 And 28th Street Topic Of Meeting190
2014/7/24 9:59:51Two Have Cases Heard In Court At Trenton579
2014/7/24 9:56:09Caller Posing As Grundy Electric Employee In Attempt To Collect Payment227
2014/7/24 9:52:51Trenton Resident Arrested1030
2014/7/24 4:46:07Man Caught Snapping Pictures At Pool With Concealed Camera627
2014/7/24 4:35:31KC Leaders Endorse Ban On Openly Carrying Guns141
2014/7/24 4:28:51Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Public Beach In Broad Daylight492
2014/7/24 4:26:024-Year-Old Boy Banned From Doughnut Shop328
2014/7/24 4:21:38Missouri Man Accused Of Leaving Infant Twins Unattended In Car358
2014/7/24 4:14:50Arizona Execution Takes Nearly Two Hours173
2014/7/24 4:09:06Missouri Couple Indicted On 9 Counts Of Illegal Synthetic Drugs294
2014/7/23 9:17:41North 65 Center in Trenton To Hold Fundraiser201
2014/7/23 9:11:50Dr. G Discusses "End Of Life"140
2014/7/23 7:29:21Livingston County Sheriff Reports On Transports To Department Of Corrections377
2014/7/23 6:39:12Highway Patrol: Prescription Drugs Responsible For Deaths And Emergencies Every Day166
2014/7/23 6:33:00Spickard Board Of Education Meets167
2014/7/23 6:28:38St. Joseph Woman Sentenced To 5 Year Prison Term For Fraud314
2014/7/23 4:51:03Unique Church Service Caters To Deaf Community128
2014/7/23 4:46:18Schuyler County Sheriff Resigns Amid Legal Trouble345
2014/7/23 4:35:36Fruit Recall Affects Costco, Trader Joe's, Walmart Stores266
2014/7/23 4:29:41Police: Man Hits Pregnant Woman With Car Then Takes Aim At Her Mom448
2014/7/23 4:25:43Missouri Man Gets 37 Years For Purse Snatching128
2014/7/23 4:18:41White House: Obama To Visit Kansas City Next Week126
2014/7/23 4:15:05Springfield Sex Offender Indicted For Child Porn142
2014/7/23 4:09:44North Central Missouri College Board OF Trustees Meet123
2014/7/22 10:47:19Spickard Man Arrested979
2014/7/22 9:43:27North Central Missouri Fair At Trenton Topic Of Open Line165
2014/7/22 9:35:51Dream Factory Plans Sports Memorabilia Auction Fundraiser108
2014/7/22 9:20:21Trenton R-9 School District Receives Check From "Buzzard Run" Event265
2014/7/22 4:50:00Trenton Woman Arrested797
2014/7/22 4:42:4610 Critically Ill Basset Hound Puppies Rescued From Breeder188
2014/7/22 4:37:15Four Detained In Craigslist Robbery, Shooting185
2014/7/22 4:31:44Man Arrested In Chase That Left 5-Year-Old Girl Dead158
2014/7/22 4:24:03Missouri Man Receives Two Years Probation For Fatally Striking Kitten173
2014/7/22 4:18:10Street Racers Block I-435 Traffic227
2014/7/22 4:14:58Mystery Solved After Family Finds Wedding Rings Attached To Balloons376
2014/7/22 4:09:00Hopkins Pays $190 Million In Settlement; OB/GYN Recorded Patients' Bodies151
2014/7/21 9:50:00Circuit Court At Trenton Has Heavy Case Load684
2014/7/21 6:54:24Fourth Annual Missouri State Fair Food Drive138
2014/7/21 6:35:31Moberly Man Charged With Sexual Abuse199
2014/7/21 6:31:42Parents Suing Southwest Missouri School District323
2014/7/21 4:40:00Charges Filed In Robbery Linked To Craigslist Shooting Of Liberty Couple249
2014/7/21 4:38:01Woman In Handcuffs Drives Off In Squad Car179
2014/7/21 4:34:34Police Warn Drivers Against "Rolling Coal"399
2014/7/21 4:29:09Police: Home Schooled Boy, 7, Weighed 25 Pounds When Taken From Home213
2014/7/21 4:26:42Topeka Man Accused Of Trying To Drown 4-Year-Old157
2014/7/21 4:20:53Film, TV Legend James Garner Dies At 8698
2014/7/21 4:17:53Dog Attacks, Kills 7-Month-Old Baby 465
2014/7/21 4:15:03Florida Town Stunned By News Of Police KKK Ties133
2014/7/18 9:22:43Two Injured On Highway 116 In Caldwell County268
2014/7/18 7:39:34Tractor Trailer Truck With Hy-Vee Legendary Customer Service Award Winners In Trenton665
2014/7/18 5:44:19FedEx Indicted For Role In Distributing Prescription Drugs282
2014/7/18 4:49:21A+ Expansion May Include Students Who Arrived To The US Illegally176
2014/7/18 4:46:14Jefferson City Babysitter Accused Of Having Sex With Children402
2014/7/18 4:40:42Five Sex Offenders Living Illegally Next To Columbia Schools218
2014/7/18 4:35:29Homemade Bomb Detonated Outside Missouri City Home236
2014/7/18 4:23:14Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report288
2014/7/18 4:18:46Grundy County Making Plans To Distribute Tax Funds Held In Escrow 194
2014/7/18 4:10:00DAWGS Organization Dissolves460
2014/7/17 10:23:19Man Sleeping In Trash Container Gets Dumped Into Truck271
2014/7/17 10:19:47Former Professor At Maryville Wins Legal Victory In Drug Case343
2014/7/17 8:52:30Trenton City Council Finance Committee Meets167
2014/7/17 4:26:25Man Who Escaped Police In Southwest Missouri Caught309
2014/7/17 4:20:00Missouri Couple Shot During Craigslist Car Sale662
2014/7/17 4:18:25Independence Man Sentenced To 16 Years For Illegal Firearm200
2014/7/17 4:13:438 Bodies Found Inside Vacated Texas Funeral Home349
2014/7/17 4:09:27Buzz Aldrin: Where Were You When I Walked On The Moon209
2014/7/17 4:00:00Details In The Execution Of John Middleton670
2014/7/16 19:50:00John Middleton Executed At 7:06 PM Wednesday Evening244
2014/7/16 10:23:19Newtown-Harris Board Of Education Meeting Report233
2014/7/16 10:21:30North Mercer Board Of Education Meets253
2014/7/16 10:19:40Princeton Board Of Education Meeting Report354
2014/7/16 9:29:42Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report187
2014/7/16 9:26:22Morningside Drive At Chillicothe To Be Closed For Work143
2014/7/16 9:21:44Casey Guernsey Guest On Open Line151
2014/7/16 7:49:50Wright Memorial Hospital Wins Appeal On Tax Dispute212
2014/7/16 7:30:31Four Injured In Two Separate Accidents Yesterday615
2014/7/16 4:42:02Trenton City Council Has Busy Session355
2014/7/16 4:34:27Massive Malware Campaign Steals Everybody's Passwords413
2014/7/16 4:23:32Filipina Toddler Wakes Up At Own Funeral271
2014/7/16 4:19:35Missouri Man Gets 7 Years In Prison For Killing Son376
2014/7/16 4:13:23Theme Park Employees Caught In Sex Stings, Child Porn Arrest344
2014/7/16 4:10:17Teen's Death Highlights Dangers Of Powdered Caffeine372
2014/7/15 13:50:00Charges Dismissed Against Mark Woodworth In 1990 Murder Case661
2014/7/15 10:20:00Bob Priddy Of Missouri Net Interviewed On John Middleton Execution323
2014/7/15 10:10:10Wright Memorial Foundation Hits Milestone132
2014/7/15 10:01:49Jamesport Tri-County Board Of Education Meets184
2014/7/15 9:54:55Grundy R-5 Board Of Education Meeting Report173
2014/7/15 4:45:51Stacy Multipurpose Center In Princeton To Hold Fundraiser181
2014/7/15 4:40:24Princeton Chamber Tackles Various Issues At Latest Meeting166
2014/7/15 4:30:17John Middleton Set To Die Early Wednesday Morning574
2014/7/15 4:20:25Authorities: Woman Intentionally Hit Man With Car322
2014/7/15 4:13:17Trenton Hy Vee Employee One Of Ten Winners Of Customer Service Award914
2014/7/15 4:07:55Trenton Students Attend National FCCLA Convention121
2014/7/15 4:03:29Joplin Man Pleads Guilty To Disaster Fraud Related To Tornado Benefits126
2014/7/14 9:37:30"Use Tax" Topic Of Open Line187
2014/7/14 6:38:22Chillicothe Police Department Blotter448
2014/7/14 4:20:123 Shot On I-35 In "Targeted Act Of Violence"607
2014/7/14 4:20:00Missouri Man Dies From Copperhead Snake Bite746
2014/7/14 4:15:33Body Falls Out Of Coroner Van, Lands In Road446
2014/7/14 4:12:35Got A Rash? iPad, Other Devices Might Be The Cause181
2014/7/14 4:07:21Five To Compete For Title Of NCM Fair Queen419
2014/7/11 7:39:42U.S. House Republicans To Focus Obama lawsuit on Obamacare251
2014/7/11 7:30:23Mom Allegedly Suffocated Baby; Posted RIP Pic On Facebook484
2014/7/11 6:45:53Mountain Grove Man Sentenced To Prison For Vandalizing Prosecutor's Home333
2014/7/11 6:19:53Traffic Stop Leads To Large Marijuana Seizure590
2014/7/11 4:52:42Missouri Enacts Law Requiring Meningitis Vaccine203
2014/7/11 4:35:48Death Threats Made Against Schuyler County Sheriff Facing Five Felony Charges490
2014/7/11 4:27:47Former ERDCC Corrections Officer Facing Charge Of Sexual Contact651
2014/7/11 4:24:12Three ERDCC Corrections Officers Charged With Abuse507
2014/7/11 4:13:42Yellowstone Park Road Melts, Sites Closed458
2014/7/10 10:43:28Friends Of The Arts To Sponsor Free Music Programs202
2014/7/10 9:30:00Princeton City Council Meets158
2014/7/10 9:30:00"Skivvie" Bandit Arrested In Chillicothe 745
2014/7/10 9:26:57Galt Community Fair Begins Today217
2014/7/10 9:20:27Leisure Lake Woman Sentenced By Request942
2014/7/10 9:20:00Three Placed On Probation In Grundy County Circuit Court715
2014/7/10 9:10:00Hale Woman Injured In Accident On Route J190
2014/7/10 9:10:00Pleasant View Board Of Education Meets146
2014/7/10 9:00:00Spickard Board Of Aldermen Meet111
2014/7/10 8:13:48Father Charged After Son's Heroin Overdose Death349
2014/7/10 4:27:23Tornado Photobombs Newlywed's Wedding Photos271
2014/7/10 4:19:00Up-And-Coming Music Artists To Perform At Missouri State Fair216
2014/7/10 4:14:52Hundreds Of Transportation Priorities Included In Finalized List140
2014/7/10 4:09:48Man Shot Wife Because He Was 'Tired Of Her'501
2014/7/10 4:06:39Riders Call Verruckt Scary, But Worth Riding Again171
2014/7/10 4:01:31Father Kills 4 Of His Children, Critically Injures Daughter736
2014/7/9 9:20:10Trenton R-9 School Board Education Meeting Report317
2014/7/9 9:10:00Colic Topic Of On Call With Dr. G.101
2014/7/9 4:52:12Officers Make Arrest After Gun Is Found In Diaper Bag326
2014/7/9 4:29:36Nixon Leaning Against Right-To-Farm Ballot Measure179
2014/7/9 4:27:44Woman Can Break Lease At Suspected Killer's Home229
2014/7/9 4:18:55Murder-Suicide In Excelsior Springs Involved Neighbors557
2014/7/9 4:13:57Missing 5-Year Old Boy Found Dead In Pond413
2014/7/8 9:58:51Hearing Schedule Changed For Power Line Across Northern Missouri198
2014/7/8 7:40:52Charges Dismissed In Carthage, Missouri Murder Case250
2014/7/8 4:38:05Fan Who Fell Asleep During Yankees-Redsox Game Sues For $10 Million443
2014/7/8 4:25:48Sheriff Identifies Victims In Nevada, Missouri Murder-Suicide527
2014/7/8 4:20:00Police Probe Camera Hidden In Campground Bathroom386
2014/7/8 4:18:18Man Charged With Trying To Coerce 16-Year Old Girl To Have Sex453
2014/7/8 4:14:40Woman Shot In Face By Stray Bullet During Fireworks Celebration208
2014/7/8 4:02:54Gallatin Theater League Presents "Blackbeard The Pirate"127
2014/7/7 10:40:00North Central Missouri College Projects And Activities Topic Of Open Line155
2014/7/7 10:39:42Wild 12-Foot Python Captured In Florida Barbecue Grill242
2014/7/7 9:53:32Results Of 4th Of July Weekend Events At Trenton312
2014/7/7 8:47:25Fire Destroys House South Of Trenton973
2014/7/7 8:42:13Laredo Resident Arrested On Multiple Charges1553
2014/7/7 4:39:58US Marine Searches For Shirts From Operations Around The World155
2014/7/7 4:29:29Murder Suspect Escapes During Fireworks Display454
2014/7/7 4:25:1660 Years Later, Woman's Death Remains A Mystery549
2014/7/7 4:18:50Facebook: Mom Faces Lifetime Ban Over Daughter's Photo502
2014/7/7 4:14:27Sheriff Confirms Murder-Suicide In Nevada, Missouri410
2014/7/7 4:10:26Police Disperse Unruly Crowd At Worlds Of Fun418
2014/7/7 4:04:13MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri Week Of July 7127
2014/7/3 4:48:49Deputies Chase Speeding Car To Moberly, Suspects Throw Gun From Window449
2014/7/3 4:40:41Trucker Shortage Affects Mid-Missouri Businesses313
2014/7/3 4:22:462 Teens Charged In Murder Of Grandview Dad396
2014/7/3 4:10:00Postmaster Critically Injured In Shooting At Hale754
2014/7/2 9:20:00Livingston County Man Charged In Theft Of A Road?1357
2014/7/2 4:45:40Callaway County Neighbors Name Lawyer to Fight Hog Farm258
2014/7/2 4:40:17Waitress Fired For Facebook Post About Tip545
2014/7/2 4:29:38Osage County Sheriff Pleads Guilty, Gets Probation284
2014/7/2 4:25:47Graceland May Remove Elvis Presley's Old Airplanes225
2014/7/2 4:20:0012-Year Old Boy Scout Killed At Camp Brought Gun From Nevada430
2014/7/2 4:19:15Missouri Woman Indicted On 3 Million Dollar Scheme That Forced Employer Into Bankruptcy503
2014/7/2 4:11:23Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report160
2014/7/2 4:02:46Jamesport School Board Report172
2014/7/2 3:40:00Wright Memorial Hospital Offers Proposal To Grundy County Commission415
2014/7/1 4:53:34Police: Suspect Hid Camera In Target Fitting Room246
2014/7/1 4:48:09Two Northwest Missouri Citizens Honored229
2014/7/1 4:38:58One Injured In Columbia Shooting, 5-Year Old Unharmed188
2014/7/1 4:29:57Southern Missouri Murder Suspect Dies; Found Hanging In Cell599
2014/7/1 4:23:36Internet Outraged By Facebook's "Creepy" Mood Experiment235
2014/7/1 4:20:22Former Missouri Man Sentenced For Fleeing U.S. To Avoid Paying Child Support265
2014/7/1 4:16:31Q&A: Next Steps In Benghazi Case139
2014/7/1 4:12:11Officer's Conviction In Cannibalism Case Overturned277
2014/6/30 10:35:26North Missouri Emergency Services Softball Tournament Topic Of Open Line182
2014/6/30 10:07:47Princeton School District Ends Fiscal Year In The Black321
2014/6/30 10:05:21Firefighters Respond To AT&T Building In Trenton324
2014/6/30 10:00:44National Weather Service Cannot Confirm Tornado In Mercer County332
2014/6/30 9:53:32Spickard Resident Injured In Saturday Night Accident637
2014/6/30 9:40:00Power Outage Hits 1100 KCP&L Customers Saturday Night232
2014/6/30 9:11:51Severe Weather Destroys Home In Mercer County1241
2014/6/30 4:36:46Warrants: Harris' Wife Also Researched 'Car Deaths' Online337
2014/6/30 4:33:19Woman Charged With Arson Says Spider Was Cause247
2014/6/30 4:29:05Rattlesnake Hunters Find Decomposed Body In Woods474
2014/6/30 4:27:02Hearing Pushed Back To August For Man Who Exposed 300 To HIV135
2014/6/30 4:23:41Northwest At Maryville Extends President's Contract86
2014/6/30 4:16:22Police: 9 Shot On Bourbon Street In New Orleans97
2014/6/30 4:12:06MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri June 30126
2014/6/26 10:41:10Grundy County Board Of Equalization To Meet149
2014/6/26 10:33:17Grundy County Circuit Court News596
2014/6/26 10:28:52Musical Revue Begins Tonight At Gallatin95
2014/6/26 10:23:46Trenton Resident Arrested On Multiple Charges1844
2014/6/26 7:28:57Police: Spurned Man Throws Woman's Dog To His Death261
2014/6/26 6:24:232-Year Old Southern Iowa Girl Found In Water Pronounced Dead472
2014/6/26 5:22:51John Middleton To Seek Independent Clemency Review340
2014/6/26 4:52:02Missouri Woman Charged In Death Of Unborn Child317
2014/6/26 4:45:2529 Arrested In Southern Missouri Drug Sweep272
2014/6/26 4:28:00GoFundMe Suspends Campaign For Victoria's Victories181
2014/6/26 4:23:12Man Seeks Treatment For 100-Pound Scrotum, Raises Money For Surgery225
2014/6/26 4:14:34Trenton R-9 Board Of Education Approves Deficit Budget180
2014/6/26 4:08:35New Warrant Raises Questions In Case Of Infant Who Died In Hot Car246
2014/6/25 10:10:52World War I Museum Curator To Speak At Chillicothe111
2014/6/25 10:05:51No Plans For County Ordinance For Fireworks314
2014/6/25 10:01:31State Auditor To Conduct Audit At Gallatin145
2014/6/25 9:57:40Trenton Board Of Public Works Concerned About Losses At TMU319
2014/6/25 9:10:00"Gentler" Caesarean Section Topic Of Dr. G128
2014/6/25 7:30:39Mom Convicted Of Trying To Poison Fussy Twins269
2014/6/25 6:20:00Busy Night For WMH Hospital Foundation224
2014/6/25 4:42:00Patrol Urges Water Safety After 10 Missouri Deaths138
2014/6/25 4:37:13A Look At Budget Cuts By Governor Jay Nixon179
2014/6/25 4:27:38Football Player Shot In School Parking Lot460
2014/6/25 4:22:01Tuesday Morning Fire Kills Two In Kirksville373
2014/6/25 4:09:34North Central Missouri College Adopts 9.7 Million Dollar Budget209
2014/6/24 9:45:13Many Topics Addressed At Latest Trenton City Council Meeting987
2014/6/24 9:35:34Grand River Valley Choir And Orchestra Topic Of Open Line139
2014/6/24 9:21:52MoDOT Holds Open House Meeting In Chillicothe This Afternoon99
2014/6/24 8:52:51Husband Charged In Death Of Woman Found Burned To Death445
2014/6/24 6:37:38Early Morning Fire Destroys Pickup In Trenton789
2014/6/24 4:42:03Church Raffles AR-15 Rifles To Increase Membership238
2014/6/24 4:30:00Suspected Kidnapper Brian Adkison Appears In Boone County Court280
2014/6/24 4:27:28Man Charged With Sexual Misconduct Involving 7-Year-Old Relative334
2014/6/24 4:22:14Missouri Farmers: Best Corn Growing Season In Recent Memory177
2014/6/24 4:10:4820 Dogs Found Dead At Gilbert Boarding Home303
2014/6/24 4:02:29Man's Plea Deal Includes Vasectomy Requirement331
2014/6/24 3:56:38Magnitutde-7.9 Earthquake Spawns Small Tsunami144
2014/6/23 10:27:23Woman Found Dead In Burning Home Identified645
2014/6/23 9:57:24"Fun On The 4th" Topic Of Open Line123
2014/6/23 9:32:30Gooseberry Festival Run/Walk Results225
2014/6/23 9:23:06Gooseberry Festival Art Show Results94
2014/6/23 4:45:58Five Arrested On Prostitution Charges At East Columbia Hotel392
2014/6/23 4:39:42Robberies In Moberly May Be Connected197
2014/6/23 4:29:50Helicopter Crashes During Flying Lesson322
2014/6/23 4:24:20Dad And Daughter Nab Burglars After Car Chase213
2014/6/23 4:17:11Woman Killed En Route To Bachelorette Party638
2014/6/23 4:11:26MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri Week Of June 23131
2014/6/23 4:06:14North Central Missouri Fair Queen Contestants Sought190
2014/6/23 3:58:49Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report401
2014/6/20 6:43:02Northwest Missouri Man Faces Life Sentence For Child Sexual Abuse580
2014/6/20 4:42:22Thousands In Missouri May Need New Doctors573
2014/6/20 4:38:08Missouri Trooper Dragged By Car After Stop707
2014/6/20 4:29:36Man Charged In Death Of Baby He Left In Hot Car For 8 Hours400
2014/6/20 4:17:18Man Sentenced To 25 Years For Killing In Hannibal231
2014/6/19 10:25:46Pleasant View R-VI School Board Report267
2014/6/19 10:22:01MoDOT Holds Open House In Bethany This Afternoon117
2014/6/19 10:19:27Public Service Commission Holds Meeting Tonight In Gallatin98
2014/6/19 10:10:21Lawsuit Filed After Inmate Death at Daviess-Dekalb Co. Jail847
2014/6/19 9:56:03First Assembly Of God Church To Offer "No Hunger Summer"257
2014/6/19 7:42:29Galt Resident Competes In Special Olympics333
2014/6/19 4:41:43Feds Charge 28 In Synthetic Drug Bust407
2014/6/19 4:34:22Arrest Made In Death Of Man Found Decomposing In Home534
2014/6/19 4:24:00Homemade Explosive Kills Central Missouri Man426
2014/6/19 4:20:41Speeding Woman Sings National Anthem Before Being Tased By Police189
2014/6/19 4:15:51City To Fine Owners Of Little Free Libraries210
2014/6/19 4:12:05Kingdom City Residents Fight Large Hog Farm173
2014/6/19 4:06:48Left Alone With A Sex Offender, A Teacher Is Raped670
2014/6/18 10:30:45Spickard School Board Report206
2014/6/18 10:26:26Saint Luke's Health System To Build New Facility502
2014/6/18 10:18:54Grundy County Nursing Home District Meets110
2014/6/18 10:14:25County Commission Accepts New Contract To House Ambulance Service178
2014/6/18 7:34:40Elderly Woman Survives Fall From Moving Amtrack Train216
2014/6/18 7:30:40Mom Charged After Children And Dog Found In "Total Filth"641
2014/6/18 6:43:48Body Of 20-Year-Old Swimmer Recovered In Missouri River405
2014/6/18 6:39:35Former Boonville Priest Pleads Guilty In Sex Abuse Case191
2014/6/18 5:41:38Man Gets 30 Years For Cattle, Equipment Theft483
2014/6/18 4:47:25GM Recalls 3.4 Million More Cars For Ignition Problems272
2014/6/18 4:44:16Thieves Targeting Car Parts Leaving Owners Fuming288
2014/6/18 4:39:52"Hoarder" May Have Been Buried Under Rubble For Days253
2014/6/18 4:19:30Two Mexican Nationals Sentenced For Trafficking Cocaine, Meth In Cole, Moniteau Counties108
2014/6/18 4:15:24Coffey Resident Injured In Daviess County Accident167
2014/6/18 4:06:47Great American Backyard Campout At Crowder June 21145
2014/6/16 10:34:51Mike Lair Guest On Open Line129
2014/6/16 10:03:54Walmart Topic Of Economic Development Meeting700
2014/6/16 9:54:29Wright Memorial Foundation Golf Tournament Raises $18 Thousand 171
2014/6/16 9:38:40Gov. Jay Nixon's Visits Chillicothe115
2014/6/16 9:19:13Missing Mississippi Family Found Dead456
2014/6/16 8:52:12Tickets To Concerts/Events At Missouri State Fair Now On Sale290
2014/6/16 7:40:59Court Reporter Dies Before Finishing Transcript420
2014/6/16 6:40:22Missouri Soldier To Be Laid To Rest Today288
2014/6/16 6:35:29Man Charged In Crash That Killed Toddler275
2014/6/16 4:48:57MoDOT Road Maintenance Schedule For June 16 196
2014/6/16 4:44:04Man Run Over Trying To Stop Daughter From Driving413
2014/6/16 4:38:37Man Convicted Of Killing In Columbia228
2014/6/16 4:31:49Police: Man Showed Gun, Held Kids Hostage247
2014/6/16 4:23:4628 Guns Stolen In SE Missouri Are Recovered 170
2014/6/16 4:11:35Income Gap Widens As American Factories Shut Down341
2014/6/13 9:31:55Grundy R-5 Board Of Education Meeting Report232
2014/6/13 4:51:54Missouri Man Pleads Guilty To Burning Homes For Profit358
2014/6/13 4:49:05Fayette District Admits To Promoting Religion In School166
2014/6/13 4:31:48Teen Accused Of Soliciting Family's Murder Through Facebook267
2014/6/13 4:26:50Neighbors Fight Off Fox Attacking Toddler336
2014/6/13 4:22:53Missouri Man Sentenced In Deaths Of Couple276
2014/6/13 4:14:20Mother, Jailed For Truant Kids, Found Dead In Cell376
2014/6/13 4:01:21Mad Science Day At Local Libraries Starts At 10 This Morning142
2014/6/13 3:54:25KGOZ Radio Turns 20201
2014/6/12 10:40:41Power Outage Planned At Tindall186
2014/6/12 10:07:45Grundy County Circuit Court News603
2014/6/12 8:04:5029 Arrested In Franklin County Drug Sweep; 11 Kids In State Custody415
2014/6/12 7:30:45Martin Scheib To Be Promoted To Street Superintendent246
2014/6/12 4:27:14Suspect Arrested In Gruesome Coffee County Murder349
2014/6/12 4:22:49Brookfield Works To Survive322
2014/6/12 4:17:1217 Year-Old Teen Charged With Filming Sex Act On Cellphone404
2014/6/12 4:12:44Forecast: Missouri Winter Wheat Production Falls101
2014/6/12 4:10:25Woman Saves Puppy Lit On Fire250
2014/6/12 4:06:04Simpson Case At 20: Views In Black And White132
2014/6/12 4:00:15Guilty Pleas Entered In Large Scale Meth Conspiracy In SW Mo.213
2014/6/11 10:05:07MoDOT To Hold Open House At Bethany137
2014/6/11 10:02:03Princeton School Board Holds Lengthy Session311
2014/6/11 9:59:52Princeton City Council Addresses Various Issues159
2014/6/11 9:56:51Newtown-Harris Board Of Education Meeting Report197
2014/6/11 9:50:00Laredo School District To Be In Black At End Of Fiscal Year323
2014/6/11 9:40:00Jamesport City Council Meets88
2014/6/11 9:33:57Allergies Topic Of "On Call With Dr. G"112
2014/6/11 4:42:14Multiple Agencies Work Together To Make Two Arrests In Moberly365
2014/6/11 4:31:522 Suspects In Custody After Wal-Mart Shooting477
2014/6/11 4:26:36Former Missouri Teacher Sentenced For Statutory Rape385
2014/6/11 4:19:1913 Cases Of Measles Now Confirmed In Kansas City Area235
2014/6/11 4:15:14Chiefs Player Cited For Driving Drunk And Carelessly140
2014/6/11 4:11:06Archbishop 'Didn't Know' Child Sex Was A Crime184
2014/6/11 4:03:09Three Indicted In Excelsior Springs Bank Robbery141
2014/6/11 3:58:27Trenton R-9 School Board Education Meeting Report286
2014/6/10 9:31:25Trenton City Council Holds Lengthy Meeting382
2014/6/10 9:20:46Sliced Bread Jam Bluegrass Festival Topic Of Open Line156
2014/6/10 6:25:40Two Cainsville Teens Injured In Harrison County Accident418
2014/6/10 6:22:38Inmate Dies At Crossroads Correctional Center1128
2014/6/10 5:01:26Des Moines Woman Dies After Getting Her Wedding Wish675
2014/6/10 4:42:27Man Arrested For Cursing Files Free-Speech Lawsuit214
2014/6/10 4:33:33Man Charged With Murder In Fatal Vehicle Crash While Fleeing Police294
2014/6/10 4:26:27Teens Charged In Death Of Man Found Near Cemetery401
2014/6/10 4:22:14Decade Prison Sentence For Utah's "Mountain Man"283
2014/6/10 4:09:44Grundy County Circuit Court News547
2014/6/10 4:05:09Galt Man Sentenced To Prison1528
2014/6/10 4:00:21Grundy County Sheriff Reports Two Arrests823
2014/6/9 10:24:47Gooseberry Festival Topic Of Open Line218
2014/6/9 9:48:04Gallatin Theater League Presents Musical Revue132
2014/6/9 9:39:29University Extension To Hold Parent Education Workshops118
2014/6/9 9:26:26Fountain Grove Conservation Area To Be Site Of Activities151
2014/6/9 8:45:38Highway 65 Closed To Traffic In Iowa Beginning June 16 From Wayne County Line North 426
2014/6/9 6:45:24No Charges To Be Filed Against Missouri Man Who Stabbed Brother To Death586
2014/6/9 6:17:1575-Year-Old Missouri Man Sentenced For Child Porn356
2014/6/9 4:47:41Heroin Popularity Spiking In Springfield, Mo.316
2014/6/9 4:38:21National Guard: Artillery Shell Lands Off Base; No One Injured 236
2014/6/9 4:30:22Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez Crowned As 63rd Miss USA110
2014/6/9 4:27:24Vegas Ambush Deaths: 2 Police, 2 Shooters, 1 Other158
2014/6/9 4:23:15MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri Week Of June 9158
2014/6/9 4:11:23Entertainment Announced For North Central Missouri Fair961
2014/6/6 7:27:13Four Arrested In Chillicothe Meth Lab Bust893
2014/6/6 4:28:555 Injured As House Explodes In Kansas City249
2014/6/6 4:23:40Student Burned Due To School Policy Banning Sunscreen2657
2014/6/6 4:20:03Angry Dad Runs Down Daughter's Fiance In Truck488
2014/6/6 4:15:05Free Fishing Day In Missouri And Kansas198
2014/6/6 4:09:59D-Day Events Around The US And Abroad116
2014/6/6 4:04:34"Heroes" Help Stop Gunman At Seattle University156
2014/6/5 10:31:30Spickard Man Indicted On 5 Counts By Grand Jury1121
2014/6/5 10:20:00Two Injured In SUV Accident Near Stanberry228
2014/6/5 10:18:54Trenton Park Board Meeting Report157
2014/6/5 10:09:44Daviess County Residents Get Free Tire Disposal217
2014/6/5 10:00:08Chillicothe Plans To Close Intersection For Road Work217
2014/6/5 9:48:36Water Rate Increase Proposed At Spickard241
2014/6/5 9:35:24Water Receding After Recent Rains189
2014/6/5 4:43:53Man Drives Across Country With Corpse, Police Say543
2014/6/5 4:33:30After Sixth Nap Nanny Death, Safety Experts Warn Parents To Stop Using Recalled Product326
2014/6/5 4:23:14Former KC Man Pleads Guilty To 10 Counts Of Producing Child Porn251
2014/6/5 4:18:45Livingston County Sheriff Reports Activities424
2014/6/4 9:40:00Area Rivers Running High After Rain305
2014/6/4 5:00:00Severe Weather Pounds North Missouri791
2014/6/4 4:34:263-Year Old Missouri Girl Dies From Gunshot Wound554
2014/6/4 4:28:17Former St. Joseph Police Detective Pleads Guilty To Withholding Information About Illegal Firearm277
2014/6/4 4:08:43Grundy County Sheriff Reports Two Arrests621
2014/6/4 3:57:38Two Blood Drives Slated For June 9th185
2014/6/3 10:48:53KCP&L Announces Planned Power Outage396
2014/6/3 10:35:39Bodies Of 800 Babies, Long-Dead, Found In Septic Tank At Former Irish Home For Unwed Mothers1165
2014/6/3 10:25:59Pre-Teen Girls Accused Of Stabbing Friend 19 Times To Honor Mythological Creature357
2014/6/3 10:01:37"Buzzard Run" Topic Of Open Line262
2014/6/3 9:57:16Relay For Life Event Set For Saturday June 7212
2014/6/3 4:51:04Mid-Missourians Could Get Energy From a New Solar Farm150
2014/6/3 4:42:58Columbia Man Accused of Assault with Hammer, Cans And Bottle150
2014/6/3 4:36:41Missing Florida Woman's Body Found In Clay County Gully359
2014/6/3 4:30:33Secret Service Investigates After Effigy Of Obama Found Hanging From I-70 Bridge307
2014/6/3 4:23:26Bride Attaches 1-Month Old Baby To Train Of Wedding Dress416
2014/6/3 4:15:11NRA Calls Open Carry Rallies "Downright Weird"137
2014/6/2 10:14:40Red Cross To Hold Training On Emergency Shelters At Trenton119
2014/6/2 10:11:06Pressure Canner "Tune-Up" To Be Held In Chillicothe131
2014/6/2 9:57:15Four Injured When Van Hits Deer On I-35 In Harrison County323
2014/6/2 9:50:08Friday Morning Fire Destroys Home Near Hickory497
2014/6/2 9:47:33University Missouri Extension To Hold Meeting On Arts In Linn County146
2014/6/2 9:42:59County Commissioners Meet With City Of Trenton Over Ambulance Issues265
2014/6/2 7:35:16Transportation Officials Consider 'Sound Cannons' In Work Zones141
2014/6/2 7:30:00Second Drowning In Two Days At Lake Of The Ozarks338
2014/6/2 7:24:33Wanted Missouri Man Killed In Shootout467
2014/6/2 6:47:17MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri Week of June 2139
2014/6/2 4:54:20'High-Risk Warrant' Draws Police, SWAT Teams In Lawrence223
2014/6/2 4:37:142 Missouri Corrections Officers Injured833
2014/6/2 4:32:21Woman Charged With Murder Of Infant Found In Cave217
2014/6/2 4:27:15Ann Davis Of 'Brady Bunch" Dead At 88 After Fall183
2014/6/2 4:19:10Joplin, Mo. Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student388
2014/6/2 4:14:27Debate Stirs Over US-Taliban Captive Swap123
2014/6/2 4:07:21Livingston County Sheriff Reports Recent Activities310
2014/5/30 9:50:00John Middleton Execution Date Set For July 161052
2014/5/30 9:20:00Summer Fun Day To Be Held At Crowder State Park358
2014/5/30 4:52:52Chris Koster Calls For Change To Execution System304
2014/5/30 4:45:32Birmingham Police Flush Out 2 Suspected Toilet Thieves299
2014/5/30 4:39:02Former Missouri Teacher Sentenced For Exploiting Child547
2014/5/30 4:34:59Yearbook Pictures Edited For Being Too Sexy?461
2014/5/30 4:25:41Man Sees Face Of Jesus In Rusted AC Unit428
2014/5/30 4:15:29Police Knew But Didn't View Elliot Rodger's Videos326
2014/5/30 4:10:34NCMC Ketcham Center To Increase Rates393
2014/5/30 4:04:08NCMC Board Of Trustees Meeting Report299
2014/5/29 10:18:05Regional Water Commission Receives Grant287
2014/5/29 10:12:50Cases Heard In Grundy County Circuit Court837
2014/5/29 7:33:23Rocks Thrown From Overpass Damage Cars In Festus, Mo.317
2014/5/29 6:22:2420 Arrested In Highway Patrol Drug Raid1011
2014/5/29 5:40:06Three Injured In SUV Accident West Of Milan689
2014/5/29 4:50:05Lawsuit Filed After Hepatitis Scare at Springfield Red Robin340
2014/5/29 4:40:00Customers Encouraged To Buy Propane For Their Homes Now368
2014/5/29 4:10:21Baby Kidnapping Quickly Solved, Thanks To Social Media325
2014/5/29 4:00:44Rapper Promotes Live Sex Act During Contest At Club526
2014/5/28 10:10:00Dr. G Discusses Fever In Children321
2014/5/28 9:58:15Use Tax For Grundy County To Be On August Ballot361
2014/5/28 9:55:24Milling Work On Trenton Streets Slated To Begin389
2014/5/28 9:50:17Trenton Board Of Public Works Meets459
2014/5/28 9:44:42Grundy County Sheriff Arrests Two1305
2014/5/28 7:27:00Maya Angelou Dead At 86350
2014/5/28 4:49:12New Child Care Requirements Approved In Missouri580
2014/5/28 4:45:51Missouri Trooper At Home After Being Hit By Suspected Drunk Driver207
2014/5/28 4:43:2380-Year Old Charged With Luring Girl To Car419
2014/5/28 4:40:34Google: We're Building Car With No Steering Wheel191
2014/5/28 4:36:26Dad To Get Life For Tossing Daughter Into Creek455
2014/5/28 4:22:10Gower Man Indicted For Child Porn329
2014/5/27 9:56:25Trenton Aquatic Center Opens For Season438
2014/5/27 9:44:45Livingston County Jail To Remain Closed At Chillicothe433
2014/5/27 9:37:52Trenton Resident Arrested For Failing To Register As Sex Offender1067
2014/5/27 6:40:37MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri Week Of May 27241
2014/5/27 4:52:50Moberly Man Arrested Over Weekend On Drug Charges343
2014/5/27 4:36:24Mexico Man Arrested, Accused Of Murder And Domestic Assault281
2014/5/27 4:32:43Hepatitis Vaccinations Continue In Springfield261
2014/5/27 4:27:32Woman Runs Lawnmower Over Shotgun Hidden In Jeans525
2014/5/27 4:23:18Southeast Missouri Deputy Involved In Fatal Shooting280
2014/5/26 6:34:45Caregiver Saves 20 Adults In Foster Care Home Fire218
2014/5/26 5:45:29Mo. State Trooper In Serious Condition After Being Struck By Driver673
2014/5/26 5:39:46Chillicothe Man Injured; Arrested On DWI664
2014/5/26 5:36:59Hazmat Team Called To Chillicothe817
2014/5/23 9:09:58“Pershing’s Last Patriot” To Be Shown In LaClede244
2014/5/23 5:25:51Former Suspect In Kansas City Murder Spree Found Dead605
2014/5/23 4:51:55Police: Man Stole Bread Truck, Made Deliveries538
2014/5/23 4:48:25"Are You Smoking Pot?"; "Why Yes I Am, Officer"584
2014/5/23 4:42:04Brookfield Teen Faces Charges Of Burglary And Firearm Theft467
2014/5/23 4:27:45Tennessee Brings Back The Electric Chair324
2014/5/23 4:20:45Emergency Shelter Training To Be Offered At Trenton294
2014/5/23 3:50:00Suspect Still At Large In Livingston County743
2014/5/22 10:42:55Boys Allegedly Kidnapped By Parents Found In Missouri635
2014/5/22 10:31:01Skidmore Teen Drowns In Nodaway River403
2014/5/22 10:08:2214-Year Prison Sentence Handed Down In Wentworth Rape Case410
2014/5/22 4:53:52KC Man Gets 50 Years For 6-Month Spree of Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping327
2014/5/22 4:39:34Up To 5000 Exposed To Hepatitis A At Springfield Restaurant421
2014/5/22 4:28:01Charges Filed Against Mo. Mom Whose Toddler Overdosed On Morphine718
2014/5/22 4:22:28Inmate Died After 7 Days In NYC Jail Cell328
2014/5/22 4:12:17Columbia Man Indicted On Distributing Heroin To Teen Who May Have Died From Overdose285
2014/5/21 9:54:3914-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Shooting 11-Year-Old Girl663
2014/5/21 9:47:20KCP&L Plans Power Outage653
2014/5/21 4:43:45Governer Nixon Cuts Public Education Budget385
2014/5/21 4:38:21Supreme Court Justice Halts Missouri Execution331
2014/5/21 4:29:39Actor Michael Jace Charged In Wife's Shooting Death432
2014/5/21 4:16:27Ex-Players Sue NFL Over Use Of Painkillers332
2014/5/21 4:09:47Special Operations Forces May Get "Iron Man" Suit367
2014/5/20 6:30:00Eagle Scout Honors And Court Of Honor Held For Boy Scout Troop 97536
2014/5/20 4:39:00Maryville Principal Gets A Mouthful Of Worm For Reading Challenge383
2014/5/20 4:28:47E15 Approved For Sale In Missouri390
2014/5/20 4:24:01Law Enforcement Torch Run Area Events388
2014/5/20 4:20:00Superhero Funeral Held For Young Boy Who Died Of Cancer300
2014/5/20 4:06:52Oregon Ruling Marks 13th Gay Marriage Win In A Row196
2014/5/20 4:02:53FBI: Blachshades Infected Half Million Computers370
2014/5/20 3:58:43Former Church Youth Director Sentenced To 30 Years On Porn Charges550
2014/5/20 3:50:00Brookfield Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Offenses413
2014/5/19 10:35:26Officials: 1.8 Million Pounds Of Ground Beef Recalled287
2014/5/19 10:20:00Student Speakers At THS Graduation Quote Dr. Seuss411
2014/5/19 10:00:00Gallatin MU Senior On Student Advisory Board189
2014/5/19 9:50:42Grundy County Museum Topic Of Open Line193
2014/5/19 9:50:00Two Injured In Separate Accidents444
2014/5/19 9:40:00Top Graduates Announced At Newtown-Harris233
2014/5/19 9:34:01St. Joseph Resident Charged In Grundy County624
2014/5/19 9:30:00Green City Man Injured In Highway 129 Accident364
2014/5/19 9:30:00Circuit Court News At Trenton455
2014/5/19 9:20:46Jamesport-Tri County Board Of Education Report235
2014/5/19 9:19:04Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report146
2014/5/19 7:32:10Kraft Recalls Cottage Cheese Due To Poor Storage178
2014/5/19 7:27:59Teacher Files Lawsuit Over "Up Skirt Photo" Game373
2014/5/19 6:00:00MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri Week of May 19179
2014/5/19 4:23:51Men Arrested For Growing Marijuana And Setting Fire434
2014/5/19 4:17:56Condemned Man Worried About Execution180
2014/5/19 4:13:43Southeast Missouri Investigating Tweet Link191
2014/5/19 4:07:36Girl Whose Leg Mangled By Mower Gets Rare Surgery209
2014/5/16 4:50:00Department Of Corrections Faces Sunshine Lawsuit428
2014/5/16 4:45:32Missourians To Vote On New Veterans Lottery Ticket192
2014/5/16 4:41:26A Guy And A Goat Walk Across The Country For A Good Cause249
2014/5/16 4:36:00Missouri Lawmakers Pass School Standards Measure284
2014/5/16 4:25:20Missouri Bill Lets Drug Felons Get Food Stamps255
2014/5/16 4:21:47Jurors Convict Mom Of Killing Her Two Teenagers370
2014/5/16 4:20:00Homeschooled Teen Says She Was Kicked Out Of Prom Because Of Dress551
2014/5/16 4:16:33Livingston County Sheriff Releases List For Transport To Mo. Dept. Of Corrections486
2014/5/15 10:45:55Trenton R-9 District Hires Three Teachers766
2014/5/15 10:43:58Princeton Board Of Education Meeting Report386
2014/5/15 10:41:10North Mercer School Board Report287
2014/5/15 10:39:02Trenton Resident Arrested On Drug Charge1101
2014/5/15 7:38:08Baby Survives 11-Story Fall340
2014/5/15 6:54:23Macon Native Serves Aboard USS Hawaii220
2014/5/15 4:55:01Unvaccinated Northwest Missouri Infant Contracts Measles430
2014/5/15 4:48:17St. Elizabeth Teacher Faces Two Counts of Child Porn350
2014/5/15 4:35:48Man Shot Over Refusal To Buy Beer346
2014/5/15 4:31:2222 Pounds Of Meth Worth $1 Million Dollars Seized502
2014/5/15 4:26:21Circuit Court News At Trenton537
2014/5/15 4:18:22Hero Cat Saves Kid From Vicious Dog Attack236
2014/5/15 3:58:32Iraqi Man To Be Sentenced For Wife's Beating Death176
2014/5/14 6:48:17Turkey Harvest Up This Hunting Season178
2014/5/14 4:40:00Trenton R-9 Board Of Education Meeting Report318
2014/5/14 4:37:57Missouri Pastor Living In Vermont Charged In Arson433
2014/5/14 4:31:44Trial Focuses On "Wizard Of Oz" Actor's Finances259
2014/5/14 4:24:31Mo. Man Charged With Killing, Dismembering Woman444
2014/5/14 4:20:22Officers Shoot, Kill Woman In Springfield316
2014/5/14 4:18:30Rural Missouri Drive-In Theater Goes Digital445
2014/5/14 4:10:43Report Highlights Child Labor On US Tobacco Farms155
2014/5/13 10:33:04Gallatin City Council Meets141
2014/5/13 10:27:17Annual Youth Camp To Be Held At Braymer134
2014/5/13 10:22:27Trenton City Council Addresses Numerous Issues At Latest Meeting315
2014/5/13 4:42:58MU Student Arrested For First-Degree Rape360
2014/5/13 4:37:05Conservation Department To Hold Meetings On Deer163
2014/5/13 4:23:11Grand Jury Targets St. Joseph School District298
2014/5/13 4:18:14Man Pleads Guilty To Hiring Hit Man To Kill Estranged Wife433
2014/5/13 4:14:22Missouri Senate OKs 3-Day Abortion Waiting Period 96
2014/5/13 4:10:01Pedophile Teacher Abused Dozens As Clues Missed487
2014/5/13 4:10:00KC Attorney Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering174
2014/5/12 10:19:36Sunnyview Nursing Home Foundation Topic Of Open Line128
2014/5/12 10:05:06NCMC Graduates 452170
2014/5/12 10:01:13Trenton Park Board Accepting Applications For Opening220
2014/5/12 9:58:26Severe Weather Sweeps Through North Missouri Saturday206
2014/5/12 9:54:30FCCLA To Hold Fundraiser In Chillicothe107
2014/5/12 9:48:37Trenton Resident Charged With Domestic Assault954
2014/5/12 5:42:43Missouri Woman Charged In Infant's Death428
2014/5/12 4:45:05MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri Week Of May 12184
2014/5/12 4:29:15Man Finds Live Grenade In His Home240
2014/5/12 4:26:16Deceased Man Found In Movie Theater Identified580
2014/5/12 4:23:53Governer Nixon Declares Emergency After Storms178
2014/5/12 4:16:17Twitter Proposal Brings Texans Cheerleader To Prom221
2014/5/12 4:10:18Spring Snow Hits Rockies; Plains Face High Winds172
2014/5/9 9:23:12WMH Foundation Receives $8000 Donation335
2014/5/9 4:26:5415-Year Old Charged As Adult For Armed Robberies372
2014/5/9 4:22:17Sheriff: Marshield Man Did Not Shoot At Officers327
2014/5/9 4:06:32Scientists Still Working To ID Victims From 9/11326
2014/5/8 10:49:08Coloring Contest Winners Announced335
2014/5/8 10:45:49Trenton Park Board Meeting Report361
2014/5/8 10:42:38Grundy County Commission Looking At Options To House Ambulance343
2014/5/8 4:50:00Trenton High School Seniors Receive Awards And Scholarships317
2014/5/8 4:30:00Police: Woman Left 1-Year Old Boy In Hot Car To Shoplift320
2014/5/8 4:16:47Elderly Woman Shot And Killed By Police511
2014/5/8 4:13:33Vet Diagnoses Potentially Deadly Tickborne Disease In Dog325
2014/5/8 4:08:26Body ID'd As Man Who Fell From Bridge Last Month319
2014/5/8 4:04:17No Gain For 12th-Graders On National Exam192
2014/5/8 4:01:39Bible Curriculum Part Of Green Evangelization Push190
2014/5/5 9:30:30Children's Mental Health Awareness Topic Of Open Line141
2014/5/5 9:23:48Gallatin Resident Injured In Accident Near Plattsburg332
2014/5/5 9:20:36Livingston County Library Launches New Literacy Program204
2014/5/5 9:20:00Outdoor Cultural Luncheon To Be Held May 15 At Chillicothe135
2014/5/5 9:17:37"Drive One For Your Community" Has 275 Test Drives158
2014/5/5 9:08:56St. Joseph Resident Hurt In Friday Accident Near Cameron215
2014/5/5 7:20:00"Buzzard Run" To Be Held Saturday June 7th280
2014/5/5 5:36:35Northwest Missouri Wind Farm Raises Concerns For Wildlife274
2014/5/5 4:40:31MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri Week Of May 5190
2014/5/5 4:34:39St. Joseph Board Of Ed Hire Attorneys In Wake Of Federal Investigation326
2014/5/5 4:23:50Body Pulled From Missouri River Over Weekend392
2014/5/5 3:53:54If It's OK For Women To Propose, Why Don't They?159
2014/5/5 3:47:322 Teens Charged In Accidental Shooting Death569
2014/5/5 3:43:5818 Year Old Football Player Charged With Child Molestation457
2014/5/5 3:39:03Joplin Man Sentenced To 15 Years In Death Of 18 Month Old Child149
2014/5/5 3:33:53Missouri Marine Among Those Honored At Quantico177
2014/5/5 3:25:27Ray County Inmate Escapes191
2014/5/5 3:21:07Vatican Undergoes 2nd Grilling This Year On Abuse129
2014/5/5 3:20:00Woman's "Gut Feeling" Thwarts Planned School Massacre, Family Murder295
2014/5/5 3:14:39Pilot Dies As Plane Crashes At California Air Show497
2014/5/5 3:10:51Acrobats Injured In Fall As Circus Stunt Goes Awry123
2014/5/2 10:38:04ConAgra Topic Of Chamber Luncheon413
2014/5/2 10:11:28Grundy County Circuit Court News641
2014/5/2 4:50:38Land Purchase Nearly Complete For Lake In Sullivan County467
2014/5/2 4:40:00Brian Adkison Returned To Missouri452
2014/5/2 4:37:49FFA Awards Banquet Honors Students343
2014/5/2 4:28:37Students Suspended After Porn Found On Teacher's Computer566
2014/5/2 4:21:29Police Say Burned Cross In Kirksville Not Racially Motivated286
2014/5/2 4:18:03Microsoft Releases Security Update For Internet Explorer236
2014/5/2 4:13:3755 US Schools Face Federal Sex Assault Probes240
2014/5/2 4:08:262 Alaska State Troopers Killed, Person Detained333
2014/5/2 4:05:20Stella, Mo. Man Pleads Guilty To Transporting A Minor For Sex234
2014/5/1 10:58:05Jamesport Tri-County Principal Charged With Forgery1864
2014/5/1 10:51:29Missouri Senate Passes Cannabis Extract Bill374
2014/5/1 10:00:00RSVP Honors, Recognizes Volunteers And Organizations165
2014/5/1 9:55:18Art By Nora Othic To Be Displayed At Livingston County Library232
2014/5/1 9:50:37Ministerial Alliance Sponsors National Day Of Prayer Program184
2014/5/1 9:47:00Jameson Receives Grant To Improve Water System162
2014/5/1 9:42:12Grundy County Ambulance Loses Lease Due To Energy And Maintenance Costs524
2014/5/1 4:40:50Missouri, Georgia Top List Of Student Athlete Arrests342
2014/5/1 4:35:02Missouri House Panel Concludes Impeachment Hearing274
2014/5/1 4:29:28Naked Man Covered In Blood Arrested In KC Homicide353
2014/5/1 4:22:17Oregon Man Accused Of Seeking Sex With Minors206
2014/5/1 4:18:40More Than 100 Injured In Florida Jail Explosion224
2014/5/1 4:14:51Botched Executions Could Renew "Cruel" Challenges243
2014/5/1 4:11:50US Executions Evolved From Hanging To Injection144
2014/5/1 4:08:05"Stand Your Ground" Law Tested In Recent Shootings241
2014/5/1 4:02:44KC Man Indicted In Maryville Bank Robbery267
2014/5/1 4:00:04Livingston County Sheriff Reports Recent Activities557
2014/4/30 10:08:17Princeton City Council Approves Budget165
2014/4/30 10:06:01Sunny Board Votes To Limit Medicaid To Two Months Of Nonpayment172
2014/4/30 10:00:38Gallatin Gets Go Ahead For Construction Of New Water Plant182
2014/4/30 9:52:23Trenton Board Of Public Works Meets166
2014/4/30 9:34:52Med Student Elizabeth Raine Auctioning Virginity 656
2014/4/30 7:40:00Drug Cartel Teams With Mexican Mennonites418
2014/4/30 7:30:00Defendants Want Claims Dismissed In Ferguson Case347
2014/4/30 5:20:00Missouri State Fair Entry Forms Available Thursday168
2014/4/30 4:50:00Chillicothe Police Chief's Wife Arrested5113
2014/4/30 4:41:00Chiropractor Pleads Guilty To Medicare Fraud596
2014/4/30 4:36:49Missouri Bill Could Limit Unemployment Benefits194
2014/4/30 4:29:29Missouri Senate Starts Common Core Debate175
2014/4/30 4:26:26High School Students In Withdrawal As They Go Tech Free For Three Days322
2014/4/30 4:20:00St. Joseph Bar Owner Challenges Smoking Ban In Court248
2014/4/30 4:19:27DNA Sought To Close 1926 Missing Person Case292
2014/4/30 4:16:49Man Shoots Six At Atlanta Fedex Center163
2014/4/30 4:13:30Inmate Dies After Botched Execution324
2014/4/29 10:17:06Trenton City Council Addresses Various Issues At Latest Meeting317
2014/4/29 9:54:20Woman Posts About "Happy" Song Seconds Before Being Killed In Crash472
2014/4/29 9:32:23Mo. Teen Sentenced To 5 Years For Crash That Killed Couple498
2014/4/29 9:30:00Scout Trust For Grundy County Topic Of Open Line178
2014/4/29 7:52:54Jurors Acquit Man Of Molesting 9-Year Old Girl619
2014/4/29 4:51:35Time Running Short To Save Rosie's Plant302
2014/4/29 4:40:02Trial Set To Begin In Missouri Bar Owner's Murder249
2014/4/29 4:22:09Craig Ferguson Announces Retirement From "The Late Late Show"182
2014/4/29 4:16:05Officials Urge Missouri Legislators To Reject Bill To Nullify Federal Gun Laws 231
2014/4/29 4:01:19Tornadoes Kill 11 As Storms Move Across The South199
2014/4/29 4:00:00Mother And Son Die In Richmond Apartment Blaze275
2014/4/28 10:44:18Minimum Wage Approaches Likely Senate Rejection324
2014/4/28 10:40:33North Carolina University On Lockdown After Report Of Gunman171
2014/4/28 10:30:00U.S. Troops May Be Sent To Eastern Europe250
2014/4/28 9:58:10North Missouri Center For Youth And Families Topic Of Open line182
2014/4/28 9:28:25Trenton Middle School Students Receive High Marks At Music Festival222
2014/4/28 9:20:50Caldwell County Deputy Charged With Felony Stealing11670
2014/4/28 9:17:58Chillicothe Resident Bound Over To Division One Of Circuit Court 405
2014/4/28 9:10:00New Training Facility To Be Constructed At Chillicothe274
2014/4/28 7:33:08Missouri FFA Convention Wraps Up; Area Participants Do Well276
2014/4/28 6:32:00Carrollton Man Injured In Single Vehicle Accident168
2014/4/28 5:38:59University Offers Therapy Dogs During Finals137
2014/4/28 4:48:56Road Maintenance Schedule For April 28 Through May 2171
2014/4/28 4:35:24Prosecutors Review Toddler's Overdose Death547
2014/4/28 4:26:39Hazelwood Man Charged With Manslaughter In Road-Rage Crash298
2014/4/28 4:20:00Teen Charged In Brother's Accidental Shooting613
2014/4/28 4:19:4625 Injured In Southeast Kansas Tornado178
2014/4/28 4:15:09Tornadoes Kill 16 In Arkansas, 1 In Oklahoma223
2014/4/25 9:16:52Freedom Of Road Riders Hold Awareness Ride260
2014/4/25 9:13:46Four Students Chosen To Represent Grundy Electric At Leadership Programs287
2014/4/25 9:10:41MU Senior Among 12 Students Nationwide Selected For Trip To Japan312
2014/4/25 4:46:43Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Halt Season After Lawsuit327
2014/4/25 4:28:42Nursing Mother Settles With TSA Over Breast Milk Debacle354
2014/4/25 4:24:34Mom Welcomes 14.5 Pound Baby Via C-Section455
2014/4/25 4:16:12Tornado Shelters Face Dilemma With Pet Lovers277
2014/4/25 4:12:20Nevada Rancher Defends Remarks Over Blacks Being Better Under Slavery; Loses Supporters249
2014/4/25 4:08:22Liberty Couple Sentenced For $2.7 Million Embezzlement, Check Kiting Scheme To Fund Gambling, Lavish Spending532
2014/4/24 10:45:53Vermont Lawmakers First To Pass State Bill Requiring Labeling Of Genetically Modified Foods294
2014/4/24 10:40:00Fetal Tissue Used To Power Oregon Homes310
2014/4/24 9:48:13Light Case Load For Associate Division Of Circuit Court450
2014/4/24 9:45:04Trenton Resident Charged With Domestic Assault1324
2014/4/24 9:30:00Trenton Police Partner To Offer At-Home Drug Tests For Free319
2014/4/24 9:20:00Colorado 4th-Graders Busted For Buying And Selling Pot During School Day313
2014/4/24 7:49:21Armed Robbers Hit Southeast Missouri Nursing Home557
2014/4/24 4:39:16House Bill Would Let Motorcyclists Ride Without Helmets313
2014/4/24 4:35:40Branson Aldermen Consider Public Smoking Ban259
2014/4/24 4:26:51Kansas Will Nullify Local Regulation Of Guns313
2014/4/24 4:22:21Call Of Duty Loser Calls In SWAT Team Hoax On Kid Who Beat Him407
2014/4/24 4:13:13Warrensburg Teacher Charged With Child Porn479
2014/4/24 4:08:35Authorities Investigate Shooting Death In Southwest Iowa570
2014/4/24 4:04:22In Disney's Shadow, Homeless Families Struggle309
2014/4/23 9:45:47Police Stop Swerving Pickup, Find 13-Year Old Boy Driving Drunk Dad Home715
2014/4/23 9:30:00Dr. G Discusses Bed Wetting218
2014/4/23 6:47:15Mom Bites Off Ear Of Dog Attacking 2-Year Old Daughter439
2014/4/23 4:45:03NCMC To Prepare For Tight Budget261
2014/4/23 4:40:08Children's Mercy Hospital Adopts No Hitting Policy522
2014/4/23 4:35:26Woman Allegedly Sells Heroin From Hospital Bed350
2014/4/23 4:31:08Police: Newborn Found Alive In In Trash Can; Mom Arrested594
2014/4/23 4:26:11Rape Charges Added In 10 Year Old Hailey Owens Death327
2014/4/23 4:20:18Missouri House Panel To Consider Impeaching Governor299
2014/4/23 4:16:05Internet TV Case: Judges Are Skeptical, Yet Concerned235
2014/4/23 4:09:59Soldier Faces Hearing In Killings Of Iraqi Teens206
2014/4/23 4:07:19Missouri Executes William Rousan For 1993 Farm Murders2423
2014/4/22 10:45:50Two Arrested In Grundy County On Warrants1090
2014/4/22 9:26:34City Of Chillicothe Receives Grant213
2014/4/22 9:21:05Riverside Country Club Topic Of Open Line189
2014/4/22 9:00:00Area Students Receive State FFA Degrees163
2014/4/22 7:20:08Chillicothe Police Make Arrest On Felony Warrants607
2014/4/22 4:38:50Police ID Body Found Under Deck During Easter Egg Hunt842
2014/4/22 4:30:37"Duck Dynasty" Family Cancels Show In Missouri854
2014/4/22 4:27:34Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Molesting 9-Year Old Girl414
2014/4/22 4:22:00Missouri Continues To Prepare For Rousan Execution209
2014/4/22 4:18:44AT&T Explores Expansion Of 1 Gigabit Service199
2014/4/22 4:15:48Netflix Poised To Raise Prices266
2014/4/22 4:11:0778 Year Old Church Deacon Arrested In 1981 Murder337
2014/4/21 10:29:16Kentucky Inmate Starves To Death399
2014/4/21 8:46:33Circuit Court At Trenton Has Heavy Case Load895
2014/4/21 8:39:33Friday Night Fire Damages Home In Chillicothe230
2014/4/21 7:35:04Chillicothe Police Make Arrest In Attempted Kidnapping1024
2014/4/21 4:53:279 Year Old Stumbles Upon 10,000 Year Old Mastodon Tooth318
2014/4/21 4:39:46MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri212
2014/4/21 4:35:05Woman Finds Body During Easter Egg Hunt700
2014/4/21 4:27:31Man Who Avoided Prison Overwhelmed By Support353
2014/4/21 4:23:27Last Known Survivor Of Pearl Harbor Living In Ozarks Dies282
2014/4/21 4:18:05Kansas City Shooting Kills Dad, Paralyzes 10 Year Old Son264
2014/4/21 4:14:56Supreme Court To Hear Dispute About Internet TV164
2014/4/21 4:09:59Teen OK After Riding In Wheel Well Of Hawaii Jet208
2014/4/18 10:17:26Texting Driver Slams Into Cyclist And Tells Police, 'I Just Don't Care'569
2014/4/18 9:30:00Fire Damages Home In Trenton677
2014/4/18 9:24:33Computer Software Problem Causes Error At Grundy County Courthouse331
2014/4/18 9:20:15Model Train Show Slated For Marceline378
2014/4/18 9:16:34Jamesport City Council Meeting Report182
2014/4/18 9:14:14Missouri Conservation Commission Approves Regulation Changes229
2014/4/18 4:50:00Endangered Person Advisory Issued For Jefferson City Girl219
2014/4/18 4:50:00Tax Service Sees Increase in Identity Theft This Season252
2014/4/18 4:44:47Missouri Lawmakers Debating Change To Unemployment Benefits260
2014/4/18 4:35:08VA Hospital Nurse Accused Of Stealing Pain Meds318
2014/4/18 4:25:43Missouri Lawmakers Pass E-Cigarette Legislation252
2014/4/18 4:19:43White House Updating Online Privacy Policy205
2014/4/18 4:15:39Chelsea Clinton Expecting First Child This Fall287
2014/4/18 4:11:37Suspect Arrested In Kansas City Highway Shootings223
2014/4/18 4:09:12Livingston County Sheriff Reports More Scams In The Area480
2014/4/17 10:06:01Locations Announced For Drug Take-Back Day232
2014/4/17 9:50:00Two Injured In Accident On I-35427
2014/4/17 9:49:57Tri-County Board Of Ed Approves Pay Increases263
2014/4/17 9:46:28TMU Releases Updated Budget Figures227
2014/4/17 9:30:00Cyber Safety Seminar To Be Held In Trenton Next Month198
2014/4/17 4:41:54Boy Found In Stuffed Animal Claw Machine397
2014/4/17 4:37:43Authorities Say Woman Killed When She Jumped From Moving Car686
2014/4/17 4:26:11KC Police Investigate Yet Another Possible Highway Shooting283
2014/4/17 4:23:15ICE Arrests 24 In Missouri And Illinois455
2014/4/17 4:19:40Firetruck Rams California Eatery; 15 Injured Including 6 Firefighters152
2014/4/17 4:16:54Blast On Site Of Explosives Plant Kills 1214
2014/4/17 4:14:06Portland Reservoir To Be Drained After Teen Urinates In Water289
2014/4/17 4:10:00Marceline Man Arrested On Sodomy/Child Molestation Charges464
2014/4/16 10:37:42Defendants Facing 41 Charges Involving A Child Appear In Court732
2014/4/16 10:10:15Princeton Board Of Education Meeting Report373
2014/4/16 10:00:00Open House Held today In Brookfield Regarding Transportation243
2014/4/16 9:50:23Dr. Tammy Hart Sells Medical Practice933
2014/4/16 9:50:00Laredo Board Of Education Addresses Various Issues251
2014/4/16 9:43:35Mo. Department Of Agriculture To Offer Students Chance To Explore Careers332
2014/4/16 9:40:00North Mercer School Board Accepts Resignation, Approves Pay Increase365
2014/4/16 9:40:00Newtown-Harris Board Of Education Meeting Report264
2014/4/16 8:38:33Southwest Missouri Woman Charged In Husband's Death569
2014/4/16 7:44:09School Employee Charged With Statutory Rape1257
2014/4/16 5:40:004 Dead, Hundreds Missing After Ferry Sinks Of Korean Coast193
2014/4/16 4:50:00Miley Cyrus Hospitalized In Kansas City784
2014/4/16 4:40:00Missouri Court Expands Legal Rights For Injured Workers169
2014/4/16 4:33:554 Charged In St. Joseph Theater Damage357
2014/4/16 4:22:08Dr. Jennifer Bowe To Join Wright Memorial Hospital749
2014/4/16 4:20:00Bones Identified As Missing Kansas City Man363
2014/4/16 4:14:01Dress Codes: Where Should Schools Set Limits?269
2014/4/15 9:38:27Trenton City Council Approves Budgets301
2014/4/15 4:50:00Police Contact Missing Teen Via Internet Video519
2014/4/15 4:48:57Cool Weather Slows Weed Burndown, Spray When Warm Says MU Specialist246
2014/4/15 4:19:41Mom Who Starved 3 Year Old Sentenced To 15 Years373
2014/4/15 4:16:41Police: Utah Mom Admitted To Killing Her Six Babies346
2014/4/15 4:14:32Men Rape And Kill For Two Months While Wearing Court Ordered GPS Devices551
2014/4/15 4:04:23R-9 Board Tackles A Variety Of Issues At Latest Meeting542
2014/4/15 3:50:00West Plains, Missouri Man Pleads Guilty To Distributing Child Porn323
2014/4/14 10:47:57Three Arrested At Chillicothe In Burglary Investigation 958
2014/4/14 10:40:00Update: Overnight Fire Destroys Trenton Home2294
2014/4/14 10:32:58Trenton City Sales Taxes Up281
2014/4/14 10:31:02Trenton Fire Department Dispatched Multiple Times To Hoffman Reed792
2014/4/14 10:10:00Chillicothe Fire Department Responds To Grass/Timber Fire278
2014/4/14 10:07:25Gallatin Resident Injured In Saturday Mishap527
2014/4/14 10:02:31Mercer County Helping Hands Topic Of Open Line334
2014/4/14 4:24:16Missouri High School Senior Commits Suicide1186
2014/4/14 4:20:00Man Yells "Heil Hitler" After Fatally Shooting 3 At Jewish Centers363
2014/4/14 4:19:513 Dead In Eastern Missouri Crash617
2014/4/14 4:15:41Doctor Inducted Into Hall Of Famous Missourians397
2014/4/14 4:09:51Feds To Pursue Effort To End Dispute With Rancher325
2014/4/14 4:01:34Police Seek Answers After 7 Dead Babies Found588
2014/4/14 3:58:21Tennessee Sex Offender Sentenced In Missouri For Enticing Minor319
2014/4/11 9:54:33Trenton Board Of Public Works Approves Pay Increases303
2014/4/11 6:47:30Woman Accused In Daughter's Death Released From Jail640
2014/4/11 5:40:00Men Kidnap Mother And 7 Year Old Son At Walmart Parking Lot In Warrensburg1013
2014/4/11 5:27:19St. Joseph School District Concerns Draw FBI Interest1009
2014/4/11 4:46:44Stripper Goes To Nursing Home, Elderly Residents Son Goes To Court490
2014/4/11 4:40:00Festus, Missouri Man Sentenced For Prostituting Wife In North Dakota415
2014/4/11 4:35:28Man Drives Himself To Hospital After Machete Attack452
2014/4/11 4:32:03Man Charged With Making Terrorist Threat On Campus406
2014/4/11 4:25:52Missouri House Bill Shields Students For Using Fake Guns At School265
2014/4/11 4:18:01Teen Sells Diamond Unearthed In Arkansas For $20 Thousand554
2014/4/11 4:13:02Shoe Thrown At Hillary Clinton During Speech255
2014/4/11 4:09:52Colbert Hosting "Late Show" Raises Questions249
2014/4/11 4:05:05At Least 9 Dead In Bus, Truck Crash In California277
2014/4/10 10:50:00Grundy R-5 Board Of Education Meeting Report321
2014/4/10 10:38:04Livingston County Library To Present Program On Gardening235
2014/4/10 10:36:24Livingingston County Health Center Seeks Participants For Walking Challenge194
2014/4/10 10:30:55Minnesota Woman Injured In Accident Near Bethany252
2014/4/10 10:30:00Court Of Appeals To Meet In Gallatin300
2014/4/10 10:29:27Newtown-Harris to Hold Fundraiser246
2014/4/10 10:23:46Associate Division Circuit Court News At Trenton493
2014/4/10 10:21:09Princeton City Council Meeting Report280
2014/4/10 10:19:29Easter Egg Hunt Saturday In Trenton413
2014/4/10 10:17:02Fire At Trenton Destroys Garage711
2014/4/10 10:15:37Wellness Challenge Participants Lose 1776 Pounds364
2014/4/10 10:13:18Annual Hunting Heritage Banquet Slated For April 18190
2014/4/10 4:42:52Trenton City Council Finance Committee Meeting Results310
2014/4/10 4:30:00Four Charged In Connection With Fatal Fire In Eastern Missouri Fire491
2014/4/10 4:30:00Police Link Kansas City Area Highway Shootings289
2014/4/10 4:26:26Man Charged In 9 Deaths Says He Killed 40597
2014/4/10 4:23:56Police Seek Driver In Deadly Daycare Crash; 1 Dead, 14 Injured269
2014/4/10 4:21:02Police Seek Motive Of School Stabbing Rampage228
2014/4/10 4:18:23Truck Driver Sentenced To 30 Years For Transporting A Minor For Sex287
2014/4/9 9:10:25Dr. G. Discusses The WMH Foundation's Fundraising Campaign167
2014/4/9 6:30:00Trenton Fire Department Responds To Fire Overnight484
2014/4/9 4:59:18Indoor Smoking Ban Passes In St. Joseph276
2014/4/9 4:52:42Woman Dies Outside Concert In Crystal City, Missouri452
2014/4/9 4:40:52Police: Robbery Suspect Shot By Store Worker453
2014/4/9 4:35:37Missouri House Endorses Funeral Protest Law Change199
2014/4/9 4:33:23Police: 1 Hurt In Iowa State Crowd Disturbance229
2014/4/9 4:21:03Livingston County Sheriff Responds To Shooting Call Involving Dog429
2014/4/9 4:07:58Light Turnout For Tuesday Election In Grundy County477
2014/4/9 3:50:00Area Election Results From Tuesday858
2014/4/8 9:23:49Activities At Jewitt Norris Library Topic Of Open Line192
2014/4/8 9:20:10Chillicothe Fire Department Responds To Multiple Grass Fires236
2014/4/8 6:20:00Trenton Firefighters Respond To Fire At Old Hospital1487
2014/4/8 5:42:33Several Issues On Ballots In Today's Election434
2014/4/8 5:00:00Police Investigate Little Boy's Death819
2014/4/8 4:42:11All But One Student In Bus Wreck In Northeast Missouri Now Home320
2014/4/8 4:28:52Riverfront Construction Unearths Colonial Buildings In St. Louis439
2014/4/8 4:21:59Mom Who Drowned Two Children In Bathtub Found Mentally Incompetent626
2014/4/8 4:18:40High-Tech Items Giving Deaf-Blind Online Acess189
2014/4/8 4:15:09Several Automatically Assume Offices Due To State Law250
2014/4/7 10:10:03Trenton Boy Scout Leader Recognized With Award318
2014/4/7 10:04:40Wright Memorial Hospital Foundation Starts New Campaign406
2014/4/7 6:20:00Country Star Gene Watson To Perform In Chillicothe240
2014/4/7 5:40:31Two Injured In Separate Accidents Near Chillicothe622
2014/4/7 4:46:26Six Suspended Amid Rape Allegations Of 14 Year Old636
2014/4/7 4:42:08Missouri Lawmakers Want To Limit Out-Of-State Welfare238
2014/4/7 4:33:43Medicaid Change Sought For Disabled And Elderly210
2014/4/7 4:20:00Boy Finds His Father's Body Inside Car Trunk336
2014/4/7 4:20:00Columbia Police Investigating Reported Rape In Parking Garage287
2014/4/7 4:02:02Acting Legend Mickey Rooney Dies At 93339
2014/4/7 4:00:00Spiders Prompt Second Mazda Recall301
2014/4/4 7:50:00"Charlie Dye" Bridge Eligible For Possible Relocation Or Reuse571
2014/4/4 4:47:19Moberly Area Community College Approves Benefits For Domestic Partners226
2014/4/4 4:40:15Missouri Senate Passes $600M Bonding Plan152
2014/4/4 4:36:21Northeast District FFA Winners Announced280
2014/4/4 4:30:00Man Who Caused Disturbance Due To Body Odor Assisted By Hannibal Police435
2014/4/4 4:18:38Legal Pot Hasn't Stopped Black Market263
2014/4/4 4:14:19Lee's Summit Sex Offender Sentenced For Child Porn265
2014/4/4 4:00:00Nevada, Missouri Man Sentenced In $2 Million Fraud Scheme228
2014/4/3 9:36:58Trenton Park Board Meeting Report197
2014/4/3 9:32:43Solid Waste Collection Day Set For Grundy County343
2014/4/3 9:26:09No Quorum At Special City Council Meeting323
2014/4/3 7:48:22Two Arrested In False Hit And Run563
2014/4/3 6:47:39FFA District Level Winners Announced290
2014/4/3 5:42:07Woman Goes To Hospital With Stomach Pains, Comes Home With Baby637
2014/4/3 5:24:28Missouri State Fair Pepsi Grandstand Lineup Announced433
2014/4/3 4:48:33Starbucks Apologizes After Satanic Symbols Found In Coffee288
2014/4/3 4:42:414 Dead, 16 Injured In Fort Hood Shooting290
2014/4/3 4:28:27Kansas City Remains In Race For GOP Convention172
2014/4/3 4:25:51Car Dealer Sues Fenton Man Over Youtube Car Repair Complaint295
2014/4/3 4:10:00Livingston County Sheriff Responds To Unattended Death781
2014/4/2 10:38:33STAR Winners Announced318
2014/4/2 7:44:58Spickard Firefighters Respond To Machinery Fire362
2014/4/2 4:57:57Corrections Officer Sentenced For Hiring Hit Man533
2014/4/2 4:56:04Man Found Dead Outside Burning Missouri Home847
2014/4/2 4:50:03Missouri Senate Endorses Cellphone Protections227
2014/4/2 4:43:46President Cautious As 8.2 Quake Kills 5 In Chile231
2014/4/2 4:37:33Trenton Mayor Calls Special Council Meeting521
2014/4/2 4:34:18Jury Convicts KC Men Of Heroin Trafficking, Resulting In Death266
2014/4/2 4:08:21Firefighters Respond To Grass Fire229
2014/4/1 7:45:58Livingston County Sheriff Arrests One On Domestic Violence667
2014/4/1 6:42:06KCP&L To Conduct Safety Demonstration At NCMC235
2014/4/1 4:58:21Missouri Passes Bill Excusing Nursing Women From Juries169
2014/4/1 4:45:28Teen Says Font Change Could Save Government Millions280
2014/4/1 4:41:00GM To Recall 1.3 Million More Models With Steering Issues289
2014/4/1 4:35:27Missouri House Passes Drivers' License Renewal Change603
2014/4/1 4:30:25200 Pounds Of Marijuana Found In Traffic Stop454
2014/4/1 4:27:00Joplin Attorney Pleads Guilty To Stealing $586K From Clients209
2014/3/31 10:41:42Mo. Health Policy Enrollment To Fall Short Of Goal180
2014/3/31 9:50:00Deputy Responding To Call In Livingston County Strikes Deer541
2014/3/31 9:30:00Grundy County Tornado Rated An EF-2 488
2014/3/31 9:13:04Local Use Tax Topic Of Open Line140
2014/3/31 8:51:11Charges Dismissed Against Laredo Man748
2014/3/31 8:39:17Trenton High School Band Does Well At Competition202
2014/3/31 7:30:00One Dead, One Critically Injured After Semi Truck Strikes Toll Booth524
2014/3/31 6:33:09Man Shoots Himself After Standoff With Police545
2014/3/31 6:26:14Chillicothe Fire Department Responds To Pickup Fire186
2014/3/31 5:38:4140 Plus Acres Burned By Fire Near Spickard448
2014/3/31 4:50:36Two Arrested After Bringing Pot To Moberly Jail423
2014/3/31 4:44:39Impeachment Efforts Referred To Missouri Panel233
2014/3/31 4:37:52Missouri Woman Pleads Guilty To Bigamy364
2014/3/31 4:30:00Body Odor Prompts Police Call675
2014/3/31 4:24:09Missouri Senate Passes Voting Machine Phase-Out144
2014/3/31 4:20:003 Fires Reported In Vacant Buildings In St. Joe156
2014/3/31 4:15:28MoDOT Schedule For North Missouri134
2014/3/28 4:40:00Fugitive Arrested At Country Club Plaza When Spotted Eating381
2014/3/28 4:39:08Route Announced For Transmission Line, Including Area Counties384
2014/3/28 4:32:145 Year Old Found Alone In Burning Apartment392
2014/3/27 9:34:24Springfield Resident Arrested On Grundy County Charges617
2014/3/27 9:32:10Spickard Board Of Education Offers Contracts292
2014/3/27 9:30:22North Central Missouri Mental Health Center To Hold Parenting Classes216
2014/3/27 9:24:41Grundy County Commission Accepts Bids237
2014/3/27 9:22:42Trenton City Council Finance Committee Meets219
2014/3/27 9:20:19Associate Division Circuit Court News At Trenton553
2014/3/27 9:12:31List Of Candidates Who Have Filed For Office477
2014/3/27 6:39:14Chillicothe Firefighters Respond To Apartment Fire319
2014/3/27 4:51:49Affton, Missouri Mother Pleads Guilty To Killing 13 Month Old Son494
2014/3/27 4:47:20Man Who Failed To Register As Sex Offender Charged In Attempted Rape457
2014/3/27 4:40:11Missouri Judge Says No Evidence Yet On Hailey Owens Murder Case335
2014/3/27 4:40:00Winning $96.5 Million Ticket Sold At Bridgeton Gas Station247
2014/3/27 4:30:0021 KC-Area Men Indicted For Distributing Cocaine, Crack Cocaine455
2014/3/27 4:30:00Thieves Break Into At Least 7 ATM Machines, Attempt 10 More402
2014/3/27 4:22:30$12K Recovered In Southern Iowa Tree After Three Arrested In Missouri Bank Robbery406
2014/3/27 4:08:46Drugs Topic Of Two Hour Special Program185
2014/3/26 5:25:33Police: Dead Baby Found In NY Shopping Bag At Victoria's Secret472
2014/3/26 4:56:19Razor Blades Glued To Playground Equipment At Illinois Park343
2014/3/26 4:52:06Girl Withdrawn From School After Being Told She Looks Like A Boy401
2014/3/26 4:50:00Overland Park Man Accused Of Tracking Down Girls To Rape, Molest555
2014/3/26 4:47:46Sheriff: Missouri Woman Accidentally Shot Husband884
2014/3/26 4:42:13Missouri High Court To Hear Chillicothe Hospital Case667
2014/3/26 4:39:38Man In Submerged Car Was Child Porn Suspect572
2014/3/26 4:35:49Missouri Senate Endorses Tax Exemption For Older Cars208
2014/3/26 4:25:04NCMC Board Of Trustees Meeting Report236
2014/3/25 9:45:06Green Hills Womens Shelter Topic Of Open Line179
2014/3/25 9:38:22Trenton City Council Holds Lengthy Meeting459
2014/3/25 5:47:02Mayor's Coffee At Chillicothe To Be Held Tomorrow194
2014/3/25 4:50:00New Netflix Phishing Scam Tricks You Into Calling Fake "Technical Support"350
2014/3/25 4:43:21Two Suspects At Large In Columbia, Mo. Armed Robbery331
2014/3/25 4:40:43Advocates Say Missouri Sets Food Stamp Barriers239
2014/3/25 4:35:34Wind Farm To Be Build In Holt County Missouri367
2014/3/25 4:28:33Obama To Propose Ending NSA's Phone Call Sweep142
2014/3/25 4:26:01Fate Of Dog In Arizona Mauling To Be Decided237
2014/3/25 4:23:04Navy: Sailor, Civilian Suspect Killed At Virginia Base186
2014/3/25 4:18:35Russellville Man Charged With Meth, Illegal Firearms199
2014/3/25 4:15:17Burn Advisory Remains In Effect For Grundy County174
2014/3/25 4:10:32Five Year Hazard Mitigation Plan Updated133
2014/3/25 4:05:54Final Day For Candidates To File For Public Office252
2014/3/24 9:56:28Green Hills Community Action Agency Topic Of Open Line157
2014/3/24 9:40:36Carroll County Accident Injures One205
2014/3/24 9:31:23Accident Near Tarkio Injures Two213
2014/3/24 9:29:24Spickard/Mercer Fire Districts Respond To Grass Fire367
2014/3/24 9:25:13Gilman City Board Of Ed Meeting Results183
2014/3/24 9:19:55Modine At Trenton To Hire Additional Workers638
2014/3/24 9:14:13Grundy County Commission Seeks Bids163
2014/3/24 6:35:16Police: Commuter Train Derails At Chicago Airport218
2014/3/24 5:01:47Missouri Prepares For Another Execution; 5th In Five Months274
2014/3/24 4:38:439 Year Old Skateboarder Killed After Being Struck By Minivan311
2014/3/24 4:35:135 Killed In Southwest Missouri Crash463
2014/3/24 4:33:21Powerball Ticket Sold In Missouri Wins $96.5 Million686
2014/3/24 4:28:02Colorado Plane Crash Victims Not Yet Recovered180
2014/3/24 4:22:45'Significant' Oil Spill Closes US Ship Channel167
2014/3/24 4:19:44No 'Signs Of Life' After Huge Washington Landslide159
2014/3/24 4:14:58MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri158
2014/3/21 6:40:00Ray County Father Charged With Leaving Kids To Die In Fire438
2014/3/21 4:42:12MU Looks To Revise Sexual Assault Reporting Rules204
2014/3/21 4:34:24Mo. Shooting Plot Suspect Sentenced To 15 Years376
2014/3/21 4:27:17Healthcare Law Has Uneven Impact On Companies265
2014/3/21 4:24:29Phelps' Hate Seen By Some As Aiding Gay Rights236
2014/3/21 4:10:00Ag Day Held At NCMC274
2014/3/21 4:00:00Kirbyville Man Pleads Guilty To $1.3 Million Mail Fraud And Money Laundering293
2014/3/20 10:03:50Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Sr. Dead At 84429
2014/3/20 9:56:04ID's Without A Photo Approved By Mo. Dept Of Revenue560
2014/3/20 9:48:21Wellness Challenge In Mercer County Set For April 5 Through June 2nd250
2014/3/20 9:44:27Summer School Applications Due By April 4th189
2014/3/20 9:39:09Grundy County Commission Holds Meeting To Explain Use Tax279
2014/3/20 4:47:54Trial Moved For Man Accused Of Burning Wife351
2014/3/20 4:44:13Lutheran Minister Charged With Child Porn Possession502
2014/3/20 4:40:28Missouri Sales Tax Ranked 14th Highest164
2014/3/20 4:38:07Missouri Measure Would Enshrine Parental Rights292
2014/3/20 4:35:53Seattle Chopper Crash Probe Looks For Anomalies164
2014/3/20 4:33:29TV Show To Profile Late Alaska Serial Killer253
2014/3/20 4:29:2725 Years Later, Exxon Valdez Effects Linger161
2014/3/20 4:26:15Two Indicted In KC Bank Robbery203
2014/3/20 4:23:23New Trial Sought In 1995 Case Involving John Middleton972
2014/3/19 10:16:33Board Of Public Works Approves Electric Rate Increases 289
2014/3/19 7:03:28Missing Nebraska Teens Could Be In St. Joseph Area332
2014/3/19 6:29:01Teen Charged After Baby Found Dead In Trash Bin498
2014/3/19 5:40:30Rates At Sunnyview To Increase280
2014/3/19 4:49:39Three Year Old Toddler's Remains Found In Toy Chest1109
2014/3/19 4:40:31Hailey Owens Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against Daughter's Killer440
2014/3/19 4:26:25Teller Hurt In Essex, Missouri Bank Robbery309
2014/3/19 4:22:20Trial Delayed For Hannibal Man Charged With Second-Degree Murder236
2014/3/19 4:16:43Missing Man's Body Found In Ditch719
2014/3/19 4:11:49Roofing Company To Build Plant In Moberly184
2014/3/19 4:07:05Livingston County Sheriff Arrests Two After Vehicle Stop566
2014/3/19 4:01:59City Of Chillicothe Sells Leeper Hotel Property463
2014/3/18 9:30:04Storm Spotter Training/Emergency Planning Topic Of Open Line170
2014/3/18 7:22:22Hay School Set For April 5 At MU FSRC, Linneus, Mo.252
2014/3/18 6:34:10Police: Fairfield, California Man Arrested for Biting Off Infant Son’s Nose374
2014/3/18 5:04:55Troopers Search For Driver Of Abandoned Tractor Trailer724
2014/3/18 4:43:28Authorities Seek Help Identifying Man Found In Field841
2014/3/18 4:30:00Grandview, Missouri Man Sentenced To Prison For Child Porn328
2014/3/18 4:26:12Girlfriend Of Mick Jagger Found Dead368
2014/3/18 4:22:38States Looking At $0 Community College Tuition232
2014/3/18 4:10:00Sullivan County EMA Staff Become Certified Instructors217
2014/3/18 4:03:04Independence Woman Arrested By Grundy County Sheriff565
2014/3/17 9:41:34Mike Lair Guest On Open Line167
2014/3/17 9:09:17Chula School District To Hold Free Screenings143
2014/3/17 8:55:09Lucerne Resident Charged In Putnam County552
2014/3/17 8:52:59Chillicothe Fire Damages Utility Trailer In Chillicothe262
2014/3/17 8:41:14Chillicothe Arts Council Presents Des Moines Metro Opera198
2014/3/17 6:40:39Chillicothe To Receive Tax Credits For Housing Units221
2014/3/17 4:43:39St. Pat's Parade To Proceed Amid Tension Over Gays269
2014/3/17 4:36:53Police: Student Made Up Story Of Sexual Assault575
2014/3/17 4:26:28Kansas City Band Teacher Charged With Molesting 11 Year Old Student232
2014/3/17 4:23:32Ash Grove Man Sentenced To Prison For Sexually Abusing Family Members250
2014/3/17 4:18:23Group Home Told To Move Because Of Sex Offenders456
2014/3/17 4:13:33Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Sr. On Edge Of Death242
2014/3/17 4:06:38MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri247
2014/3/17 4:02:25Livingston County Sheriff Seeks Assistance From Public712
2014/3/14 10:02:34Family Still Searching For Woman Missing 7 Years438
2014/3/14 9:12:19Grundy R-5 Board Of Education Meeting Report363
2014/3/14 7:24:37Chillicothe Farmers Market To Hold Annual Meeting March 18244
2014/3/14 4:51:47Jamesport-Tri County Board Of Ed Meets258
2014/3/14 4:49:30Newton Harris Board Of Ed Meeting Report275
2014/3/14 4:46:05College Offers To Pay Students To Take Year Off363
2014/3/14 4:42:58Plane That Aborted Takeoff Removed From PA. Runway159
2014/3/14 4:38:52"Satan's Demons" Defense Fails; Man Convicted Of Killing Brother333
2014/3/14 4:29:46Mo. House Passes Presidential Primary Date Change182
2014/3/14 4:26:30University Professor Warns Of Dry Soil For Crops171
2014/3/13 10:39:16Sheriff: Mother Injects Hand Sanitizer, Perfume In Feeding Tube Of 17-Month-Old1072
2014/3/13 10:22:52Missouri Senate Panel Backs Medicaid Managed Care240
2014/3/13 10:15:36Suspect In University City Mo. Shooting Surrenders To Police345
2014/3/13 4:58:08Mercer County Sheriff Investigating Two Deaths In Princeton2164
2014/3/13 4:47:47University Of Missouri To Demolish Complex Where Columbia Firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt Died205
2014/3/13 4:42:35Missouri Man Pleads Not Guilty To Facilitating Prostitution467
2014/3/13 4:36:04Police Find 11 Hidden Cameras In Kansas City Woman's Apartment547
2014/3/13 4:28:03Student Who Sued Parents Returns Home340
2014/3/13 4:25:12Searchers Scour Rubble After Gas Explosion Kills 6253
2014/3/13 4:20:38Chillicothe Police Department Blotter298
2014/3/12 10:25:24Trenton R-9 School Board; Executive Session Results633
2014/3/12 10:19:58North Mercer School Board Report285
2014/3/12 10:17:10Princeton R-5 Board Of Education Tackles A Variety Of Issues657
2014/3/12 10:10:00USDA Discusses Funding Of Community Projects In Local Communities178
2014/3/12 6:38:30Mo. Senate Committee Advances Proposal To Raise Minimum Wage 219
2014/3/12 5:48:50Missouri House Endorses Parental Rights Amendment269
2014/3/12 4:53:05Festus, Mo. Man's Home Burglarized While Attending Son's Funeral332
2014/3/12 4:46:13Facebook Headquarters Cleared After False Threat416
2014/3/12 4:43:41$600K Taken From Joel Osteen's Megachurch370
2014/3/12 4:40:18Federal Jury Soon To Get Kidnap-Rape Plot Case306
2014/3/12 4:37:18Nevada, Missouri Man Charged With Sexual Exploitation Of A Child278
2014/3/12 4:24:48Jamesport City Council Meeting Report105
2014/3/12 4:18:12Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report198
2014/3/12 4:14:04Trenton R-9 School Board Education Meeting Report388
2014/3/11 10:29:54Ancient Masks Go On Display In Jerusalem169
2014/3/11 10:16:08General's Defense To Try For Plea Deal In Sex Case240
2014/3/11 7:29:44Underground Pipeline Safety A Major Concern263
2014/3/11 7:24:24Trenton Fire Department Has Busy Monday488
2014/3/11 7:20:43Trenton City Council Addresses Various Issues At Latest Meeting370
2014/3/11 5:30:00Write In Candidate Declared For First Ward235
2014/3/11 4:50:39Medicaid Legislation To Debut In Mo. House Panel173
2014/3/11 4:48:00Pig Virus Expected To Cause Higher Pork Prices237
2014/3/11 4:43:27St. Joseph Man Dies After Pursuit By Authorities580
2014/3/11 4:35:17St. Joseph Man Dies In Officer Involved Shooting358
2014/3/11 4:24:48Key Club Earns Recognition At District Conference242
2014/3/11 4:13:43'Burger King Baby' Now Seeks Birth Mom On Facebook210
2014/3/11 4:09:56Hearing To Begin In Kansas On Quadruple Homicide186
2014/3/10 10:50:00Three Arrested By Grundy County Sheriff2289
2014/3/10 10:36:45Grundy County Soil-Water District To Hold Event204
2014/3/10 10:12:25NCMC Instructor Receives Governor's Award214
2014/3/10 10:10:21Water And Sewer Rates To Increase In Princeton270
2014/3/10 10:05:23Relay For Life Meeting Slated For March 17th156
2014/3/10 10:02:42Parent-Teacher Conference Set For Friday At Princeton193
2014/3/10 9:50:20Three Hurt North Of Bethany In I-35 Accident446
2014/3/10 9:46:45Cameron Regional Medical Center Pledges $10,000 To NCMC216
2014/3/10 9:43:30Carrollton Resident Injured in Livingston County Accident222
2014/3/10 9:38:07First Christian Church Raises Money For Women's Shelter230
2014/3/10 9:35:20Diabetes Program To Be Offered March 17th In Trenton172
2014/3/10 9:33:00Fire At Gallatin Determined To Be Accidental In Origin458
2014/3/10 9:27:56Bluegrass Festival To Be Held At Chillicothe213
2014/3/10 9:25:37Free Storm Spotter Training To Be Held At Milan197
2014/3/10 9:17:24"Guns-N-Hoses" Charity Event Topic Of Open Line178
2014/3/10 8:46:09MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri267
2014/3/10 7:38:57Teen Tells Texas Police: "We Are Burying A Body"376
2014/3/10 6:44:04Sisters Charged With Heartland Regional Medical Center Gift Card Theft509
2014/3/10 6:36:03Two Florida Teens Charged With Cutting Mother's Throat348
2014/3/10 5:37:13Bullet Fired Into Cape Girardeau Home Daycare; No Injuries150
2014/3/10 4:51:38Two Charged In Connection With Infant Body Found Near Warrensburg366
2014/3/10 4:47:36Documents Released in Teen Sex Assault Case430
2014/3/10 4:42:46Man Convicted Of Killing 7 Awarded Nearly $500K355
2014/3/10 4:38:16Powerful Quake Shakes Northern California; No Injuries206
2014/3/10 4:34:31Texas Man Charged With Traveling To Missouri For Illicit Sex With Children360
2014/3/10 4:20:00'Band Of Brothers' Veteran William Guarnere Dies At 90229
2014/3/6 9:35:17Navigation Of Website Topic of Open Line191
2014/3/6 9:25:11Trenton Park Board Meeting Report302
2014/3/6 4:51:07National Conference Shows Sex Traffickers Targeting Middle School Students387
2014/3/6 4:37:56Infant's Body Found Near Missouri College Campus493
2014/3/6 4:20:3016th-Century Manual Shows "Rocket Cat" Weaponry386
2014/3/6 4:13:33Chillicothe Police Officer Arrested On Multiple Charges885
2014/3/6 4:10:0013 Agencies Respond To Fire In Gallatin464
2014/3/5 10:23:22Bob Morgans To Head Fundraiser For Justin McKnight Expenses1305
2014/3/5 9:41:19Trenton Board Of Public Works Addresses Generator Issues At Latest Meeting257
2014/3/5 7:35:27Wright Memorial Hospital Foundation Board Has Busy Meeting507
2014/3/5 4:55:45Man Admits Leaving Fake Bomb On Independence Bus212
2014/3/5 4:52:15Manager Arrested In Plaza 8 Theater Burglary672
2014/3/5 4:50:00President's Budget Proposes Horse Slaughter Ban234
2014/3/5 4:39:36California Gold Discovery Spurs Rush Of Theories248
2014/3/5 4:36:30Cassville Missouri Man Charged With Child Porn376
2014/3/5 4:33:35Ferrelview Man Pleads Guilty To His Role In Natinowide Child Porn Ring276
2014/3/5 4:28:06Chillicothe Police Department Blotter249
2014/3/4 10:04:20Marceline To Host Gun Show Beginning March 29th401
2014/3/4 9:58:33Trenton Planning And Zoning Commission Meets270
2014/3/4 9:55:24Statewide Tornado Drill Postponed431
2014/3/4 9:30:00Bob Morgan Housing Issues Featured On Fox 4 Problem Solvers1067
2014/3/4 4:50:4929% Of Users Still On Windows XP Platform; Support To End In April320
2014/3/4 4:40:00Details Revealed In Death Of Columbia Infant743
2014/3/4 4:37:01Kansas City Makes Pitch For Republican Convention170
2014/3/4 4:34:33Missouri House Panel to Consider New Primary Election Date217
2014/3/4 4:28:49Missouri lawmakers And Supporters Push For Legal Marijuana In 2014453
2014/3/3 10:40:47Deputies In Franklin County Missouri To Begin Riding Along On School Buses346
2014/3/3 10:10:00No Charges To Be Filed In Shooting Death Of 4 Year Old767
2014/3/3 10:07:54Mo. Senate To Resume Debate On Abortion Measure182
2014/3/3 9:50:36Kingston Man Suffers Serious Injuries In Accident Near Hamilton332
2014/3/3 9:46:22Four Arrested On Friday by Grundy County Sheriff1048
2014/3/3 9:37:45February Weather Summary At Trenton228
2014/3/3 9:34:57Iowa Man Injured In Daviess County Accident255
2014/3/3 9:28:42"Trenton's Got Talent" Topic Of Open Line181
2014/3/3 4:50:00Judge Rules Moberly Not Liable For 39 Million In Bonds211
2014/3/3 4:25:56Police Say Mom Offered Men Car To Kidnap Daughter597
2014/3/3 4:20:29Disney Ends Funding To Boy Scouts Over Gay Policy196
2014/3/3 4:11:45Road Maintenance Schedule For March 3 Through 7184
2014/3/1 22:24:2095 Meth Labs Busted In Wright County Near Mountain Grove Missouri762
2014/3/1 13:23:59MoDot Issues "No Travel Advisory" For Upcoming Winter Storm976
2014/2/28 10:49:11Snow Ordinance To Go Into Effect, Sidewalk Ordinance To Be Enforced305
2014/2/28 9:23:29Associate Division Circuit Court News570
2014/2/28 5:40:57Livingston County Sheriff Makes Arrest Involving Multiple Sex Charges997
2014/2/28 4:42:45Chillicothe Fire Department To Host Storm Spotter Training170
2014/2/28 4:40:00Unionville Man Arrested On Nine Charges683
2014/2/27 9:44:29A Busy Day For The Associate Division Of Grundy County Circuit Court673
2014/2/27 9:40:41Schools/Organizations Receive Grant From GEC Community Foundation189
2014/2/27 9:37:10Governor Jay Nixon Visits Area Schools281
2014/2/27 9:31:45Princeton Site Of Health Insurance Marketplace Meeting March 7th167
2014/2/27 7:27:06New Food Labels Would Highlight Calories And Sugar167
2014/2/27 6:33:08Area Agency On Aging To Hold Health Insurance Seminar166
2014/2/27 5:42:08Community Betterment Meeting Slated For April 23rd139
2014/2/27 5:38:12One Death In Multiple Vehicle Accidents710
2014/2/27 5:33:59Missouri Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Traffiking With Learning Disabled Teen522
2014/2/27 4:59:04Two Meth Lab Busts In Separate Locations In Mid Missouri903
2014/2/27 4:51:46Mike Lair Hospitalized Due To Undisclosed Illness470
2014/2/27 4:44:59Woman Pleads Guilty In Heroin Overdose Death, Gets 10 Years453
2014/2/27 4:29:25Couples Rare Coin Find Could Be Worth 10 Million Dollars431
2014/2/27 4:20:48Special Prosecutor Assigned For 3rd Murder Trial In Woodworth Case425
2014/2/27 4:16:33Earned Income Tax Credit Exceeds Two Million Dollars In Grundy County257
2014/2/26 10:58:10Trenton Students Place 2nd At Academic Bowl187
2014/2/26 10:32:46Veterans Assistance Set For Two Dates In Trenton161
2014/2/26 10:27:48Trenton Board Of Public Works Meets450
2014/2/26 9:24:18Autism Topic Of On Call With Dr. G134
2014/2/26 6:44:13Tiny Houses Help Address Nation's Homeless Problem179
2014/2/26 6:36:52Missouri Executes Michael Taylor For 1989 Murder Of Teenager 220
2014/2/26 5:00:00Another Former Unionville Police Officer Arrested For Child Porn591
2014/2/26 4:33:03Swan Lake Wildlife Refuge Opens Public Comment Period163
2014/2/26 4:24:07Grundy County Farmer Supports 4-H Through Donation446
2014/2/26 4:17:50NCMC Trustees Approve Rate Increase Next Academic Year171
2014/2/26 4:05:33City Council Addresses Various Issues231
2014/2/25 10:20:05Candidates File For Office295
2014/2/25 10:16:12Spickard Board Of Education Meets141
2014/2/25 4:52:13Springfield Woman Sentenced To Prison In Death Of 2 Month Old Infant261
2014/2/25 4:50:00Trailer Filled With Alligators Wrecks On I-55364
2014/2/25 4:40:32Man Wants His Dog Back After Being Charged With Unlawful Sex With Animal583
2014/2/25 4:32:02Whiteman AFB Says Airman Found Dead At Home445
2014/2/25 4:24:32Vets Benefits Bill Should Win Initial Senate Vote184
2014/2/25 4:17:18Polio-Like Disease Appears In California Children212
2014/2/24 10:28:14Trenton Chamber Of Commerce Annual Meeting Topic Of Open Line174
2014/2/24 10:14:3912 Year Old Trapped By Silage820
2014/2/24 10:07:16Chillicothe City Council Set To Meet Tonight137
2014/2/24 10:03:40Storm Spotter Training Set For March 19th171
2014/2/24 9:57:55Swan Lake Wildlife Refuge Set To Open March 1st148
2014/2/24 6:39:12Fire Destroys Beverlin Home In Laredo631
2014/2/24 5:27:59Columbia Firefighter Dies In Structural Collapse186
2014/2/24 4:54:41Weekly Work Announcement By MoDot151
2014/2/24 4:49:24Overland Park Senate Hopeful In Trouble Over Facebook Posts202
2014/2/24 4:40:00EPA Wood-Stove Proposal Prompts Rural Backlash351
2014/2/24 4:35:41Livingston County Sheriff Completes Investigations Resulting In Arrests746
2014/2/24 4:28:46Pattonsburg Teen To Appear In Court On Child Porn Charges682
2014/2/24 4:10:50Former Unionville Police Officer Arrested On Sex Charge524
2014/2/22 17:36:14Man charged In Death Of Fan At Arrowhead Stadium286
2014/2/22 17:32:31Coach Charged In Hailey Owen's Death To Plead Not Guilty446
2014/2/22 17:28:34Students Spend Much Of Thursday On Lockdown363
2014/2/22 17:23:1330 Arrested In All-Star Weekend Sex Trafficking603
2014/2/21 6:50:00Two Cameron Men Injured In Accident Near Maysville189
2014/2/21 5:36:55Mo. Republican Wants Work Requirement for Medicaid Recipients244
2014/2/21 4:50:00Bill Outlines Higher Standards For High School Graduation177
2014/2/21 4:48:18Columbia Man Pleads Guilty On Two Child Sex Charges247
2014/2/21 4:44:57Man Who Fled Australia Arrested for Child Porn in St. Charles Co.197
2014/2/21 4:34:29Mexican Made Meth Invades Missouri285
2014/2/21 4:31:14Missouri Legal Pot Supporters To Delay Campaign186
2014/2/21 4:30:00Kids Get Booze Filled Chocolates At Preschool Party300
2014/2/21 4:24:14Police: 4 Dead, 2 Injured In California shooting239
2014/2/21 4:20:45Colorado, Utah Move To Hike Smoking Age To 21204
2014/2/21 4:17:23Missouri Coach Charged In Girl's Death Heads To Court400
2014/2/20 10:30:00Grand River Networks Attacked By Hackers985
2014/2/20 10:12:53Trenton FFA Officers Featured on Open Line201
2014/2/20 8:10:00Ex-Navy Seals Found Dead On Maersk Alabama 343
2014/2/20 4:53:19Missing Harrison County Girl Found1153
2014/2/20 4:38:53Milk Could Hit Record High Price340
2014/2/20 4:24:01Floor Collapses At Miss. Church Center; 35 Injured190
2014/2/20 4:20:00Two 16 Year Old Teens Arrested In Platte City School Vandalism298
2014/2/20 4:07:32California Ticket Wins $425 Million Dollar Jackpot332
2014/2/20 4:03:04Neighbors Were Unable To Stop Missouri Girl's Abduction251
2014/2/20 4:00:30Bryan Adkison Sentenced To Two Years In Ohio413
2014/2/19 6:40:00FBLA Winners Announced From District 19 Contest242
2014/2/19 4:59:03Girl Claims She Contracted HIV In Sexual Assault577
2014/2/19 4:46:33Grundy County Nursing Home District Meets302
2014/2/19 4:40:00Grundy County Sheriff Arrests Trenton Residents1754
2014/2/19 4:25:54Jeff Berti Named NWTF 2013 National Enforcement Officer Of The Year231
2014/2/19 4:14:42Police Can't Verify 19 Year Old Wife's Killing Claims399
2014/2/19 4:09:55Five Things To Know About The Powerball Jackpot376
2014/2/18 9:29:43Princeton R-5 Board Of Education Tackles A Variety Of Issues414
2014/2/18 9:21:34Division One, Grundy County Circuit Court News512
2014/2/18 5:40:00Megan Taylor Guffey Found In Daviess County544
2014/2/18 4:50:00Man Died Of Natural Causes In University Of Missouri Dorm337
2014/2/18 4:27:57Colorado Pot Aids Kids With Seizures, Worries Doctors232
2014/2/18 4:24:37Older Americans Early Winners Under Health Care Law184
2014/2/18 4:20:41Oklahoma Pharmacy Won't Provide Drug For Execution181
2014/2/18 4:15:37Mo. Senate Begins Debate On Gun Nullification Bill163
2014/2/18 4:08:15Chillicothe Police Activity Report275
2014/2/17 10:11:24Spickard School Board Report256
2014/2/17 10:08:49Dinner And Auction To Be Held At Bishop Hogan In Chillicothe276
2014/2/17 10:00:00North Carolina Man Arrested On Multiple Charges In Daviess County503
2014/2/17 9:47:21North Mercer School Board Report219
2014/2/17 9:32:07Water System At Jameson Topic Of Public Meeting230
2014/2/17 4:52:29Chart-Topping Missouri Nuns To Release Lent Album240
2014/2/17 4:47:57MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri249
2014/2/14 10:51:274-H Members Make Blankets at 4-H Energizer235
2014/2/14 10:50:00St. Joseph Truckers Plead Guilty To Transporting An Individual For Prostitution496
2014/2/14 10:33:25Grundy R-5 School Board Holds Lengthy Meeting550
2014/2/14 10:23:18Trenton City Council Votes To Finance Projects285
2014/2/14 10:07:05March 14 Deadline For Schools To Can Litter Through Trash-Can Contest223
2014/2/14 9:47:21NCMC Hosts Math Exploration Day202
2014/2/14 9:41:27Prom Dress Consignment Sale To Be Held At Princeton347
2014/2/14 9:33:09Jamesport School Board Meeting Report369
2014/2/14 9:24:36August Primary Filing Period Begins February 25185
2014/2/14 6:37:21 ‘The Waltons’ Patriarch Ralph Waite Dies At 85197
2014/2/14 4:54:50Mo. House Endorses Propane Price Investigation207
2014/2/14 4:48:15Driver Sideswipes Bus Carrying Disabled Students263
2014/2/14 4:45:46Gov. Nixon Would Vote to Repeal Gay Marriage Ban159
2014/2/14 4:42:25Taxpayers Could Receive Refund Under Missouri Senate Bill331
2014/2/14 4:25:25Soldiers May Soon Be Eating Pizza In The Field201
2014/2/14 4:19:22Chillicothe Couple Plead Guilty To Theft, Money Laundering, False Tax Return669
2014/2/13 9:43:33First Christian Church Class To Hold Benefit For Women's Shelter237
2014/2/13 9:39:23Laredo Board Of Education Addresses Variety Of Topics173
2014/2/13 9:35:07North Central Missouri College Payroll Tops $6.5 Million249
2014/2/13 9:31:06Mental Health Center To Offer Free Parenting Class144
2014/2/13 9:24:22Trenton Park Board Meeting Report157
2014/2/13 9:19:16Trenton Chamber Of Commerce Honors Area Businesses197
2014/2/13 8:40:00Winter Storm Pax Devastates South; Now Moving Up East Coast400
2014/2/13 7:42:38City Of Chillicothe Hires Three Police Officers257
2014/2/13 4:57:25Missouri Woman Accused Of Bigamy722
2014/2/13 4:52:46Stepfather Charged For Killing Girl Over Cake368
2014/2/13 4:50:11Information For Veterans And Family Members173
2014/2/13 4:45:49New Hospital Opens At Chillicothe Today221
2014/2/13 4:41:29Wright Memorial Hospital Foundation Launches New Campaign288
2014/2/13 4:37:22Data From Car In Mo. River Inconclusive1029
2014/2/13 4:21:03Two Men Indicted For Counterfeit $50, $100 Bills377
2014/2/12 10:52:57Newborn Aftercare Topic Of Dr. G172
2014/2/12 10:44:44 Fire At Hoffman And Reed Destroys End Loader495
2014/2/12 10:38:12Newtown-Harris Board Of Education Meeting Report244
2014/2/12 10:35:35Sullivan County Emergency Management Receives Generator197
2014/2/12 10:30:26Laredo And Princeton Residents Charged In Grundy County751
2014/2/12 10:17:16Pleasant View R-6 Board Of Ed Meeting Report342
2014/2/12 10:13:00Gene Kauffman Scholarship Foundation Provides Scholarships For North Mercer, Princeton Grads281
2014/2/12 10:02:24Grundy County Commission Meeting Report161
2014/2/12 9:59:09Jamesport City Council Meeting Report138
2014/2/12 9:55:48Pool Repairs Complete At Gallatin152
2014/2/12 9:49:29Trenton City Council Tackles Variety Of Issues At Latest Meeting277
2014/2/12 9:40:00Trenton Resident Charged With Receiving Stolen Property591
2014/2/12 7:27:02Mammograms May Not Prevent Breast Cancer Deaths177
2014/2/12 4:47:17Computer Glitch Sets Gas Price At 1 Cent Per Gallon343
2014/2/12 4:25:173rd Defendant Pleads Guilty In Joplin Murder243
2014/2/12 4:20:54Maryville Tables Ordinances On Alchohol188
2014/2/11 10:21:37Trenton R-9 Board Of Education To Consider Salary Proposals260
2014/2/11 9:36:44Law Enforcement Busy Over The Weekend551
2014/2/11 6:40:00University Mississippi Delays Construction After Discovering 1000 Bodies On Site373
2014/2/11 6:32:58Republican Hanaway To Run For Governor In 2016166
2014/2/11 5:43:32More Missouri Students To Get Aid Applying For College173
2014/2/11 4:52:08Florida Trooper Who Stopped Cop Sues After Harassment253
2014/2/11 4:48:33Drone Use Highlights Questions For Journalists; Body Captured On Video297
2014/2/11 4:41:30More Than 8000 Century Farms And Growing171
2014/2/11 4:36:27Putnam County Extension Information Night Slated For February 19139
2014/2/11 4:30:15Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Awards Presented To Area Businesses236
2014/2/11 4:10:00Lifeflight Puts New Helicopters Into Service204
2014/2/11 4:00:00Shirley Temple, Iconic Child Star, Dies At 85212
2014/2/10 10:30:00Trenton City Council To Meet Tonight 162
2014/2/10 10:21:02North 65 Center In Trenton To Hold Fundraiser209
2014/2/10 10:12:11"Heart Check" Mark On Food Packaging Considered A Better Food Option150
2014/2/10 10:02:26Fund Raiser Set For Green Hills Women's Shelter737
2014/2/10 9:51:06Better Woman Conference Topic of Open Line133
2014/2/10 6:50:00Olympic Skating Boots Made By Hand In Missouri321
2014/2/10 6:30:54First Bionic Hand With Real Feeling161
2014/2/10 5:25:13Criminal Code Proposal Could Lower Drug Penalties163
2014/2/10 4:44:01Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty In Missouri Girls Death412
2014/2/10 4:29:12Man Who Killed Friend For Heroin Gets Life In Prison211
2014/2/10 4:24:59New Machine Gives "Real-Time" View Of Tumors While Delivering Treatment170
2014/2/10 4:18:49Missouri Woman Has Trouble Convincing Bank She's Alive291
2014/2/7 9:22:11St. Louis Man Charged With Animal Abuse After Fatally Striking Kitten807
2014/2/7 9:20:00Good Samaritans Stop Domestic Violence Attack On KC Highway444
2014/2/7 9:15:21Mo. Senate Passes Mammogram Notice Legislation255
2014/2/7 9:11:49Boonville Woman Sentenced In Infant's Death303
2014/2/7 6:31:30LIHEAP Receives More Funding To Assist Households278
2014/2/7 4:55:03Nurse Steals Morphine From Patients, Dilutes It With Mouthwash780
2014/2/7 4:50:26Suspect In Custody After Robbery, Ramming Sheriff's Car757
2014/2/7 4:43:38Obama Signing Farm Bill That Trims Food Stamps303
2014/2/7 4:40:575 Year Old Dies From Being Forced To Drink Soda791
2014/2/7 4:36:53Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report454
2014/2/6 10:57:18Princeton City Council Meeting Report612
2014/2/6 10:32:25Trenton R-9 School Year Adjusted Due To Snow Days892
2014/2/6 9:41:43Events Postponed At Princeton563
2014/2/6 6:37:23Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney To Request Special Prosecutor In Woodworth Case379
2014/2/6 4:38:16Judge Rules Against Headlight-Flashing Law634
2014/2/6 4:30:50G. I. Joe, Worlds First Action Figure Turns 50275
2014/2/6 4:20:00Paris, MO Experiences Rare Frost Quake 490
2014/2/6 4:11:44Kirksville Police Investigate Counterfeit Currency686
2014/2/5 8:00:11Facebook Read Daily More Than The Bible291
2014/2/5 7:50:42Snow Heads Northeast After Midwest Slammed347
2014/2/5 7:47:10Administration Drills Down To Find The Uninsured283
2014/2/5 7:42:18UN Committee Blasts Vatican On Sex Abuse, Abortion679
2014/2/5 7:37:59CVS First National Chain To Stop Selling Tobacco Products667
2014/2/4 6:32:23Trenton To Activate Snow Routes 277
2014/2/4 5:40:00Teens $3.00 Dare Sparks Search Of Possible Drowning Victim1051
2014/2/4 5:33:01Trenton Resident Facing Charges Of Property Damage958
2014/2/4 4:56:01Chillicothe Activates Snow Routes205
2014/2/4 4:51:09Infant Dies Due To Injuries Sustained In Head-On Crash Friday847
2014/2/3 18:50:14MoDOT Issues "No Travel" Advisory For Upcoming Storm1271
2014/2/3 11:02:50Two Trenton Residents Charged With 39 To 41 Counts Of Sex Related Charges Involving Children3262
2014/2/3 10:01:46Northeast Missouri Health Council To Hold Meeting At Unionville632
2014/2/3 9:12:02Green Hills Animal Shelter Topic Of Open Line259
2014/2/3 7:40:20Legislation Would Allow Missouri Students More Digital Learning Opportunities509
2014/2/3 5:44:35Legislation Would Allow Juveniles Sentenced To Life New Sentence Hearing200
2014/2/3 4:36:07School Shootings Continue Despite Safety Emphasis593
2014/2/3 4:27:02MoDOT Maintenance Schedule For North Missouri195
2014/2/3 4:22:13Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report362
2014/2/1 9:29:11Chili & Soup Supper Benefit for Chris Smiley & Kellie Vivone402
2014/2/1 9:02:45Missouri Company Recalls Chicken Salad 742
2014/2/1 8:57:30Man Gets 2 Years In Prison For St. Joseph, Missouri Scam323
2014/1/31 6:42:05Births Up At Wright Memorial Hospital387
2014/1/31 6:30:00Trenton Man Arrested On Multiple Charges1460
2014/1/31 4:40:06Special Olympics Missouri Raising Funds For Move250
2014/1/31 4:30:00Ahead Of Super Bowl, Police Target Sex Ring363
2014/1/31 4:20:00Lawyers: Missouri Moving Too Quickly On Executions614
2014/1/30 7:42:41KCP&L Warns Customers Of Scam533
2014/1/30 6:43:08House Passes Farm Bill, Crop Subsidies Preserved743
2014/1/30 4:58:48Maryville To Look at Open Container Law407
2014/1/30 4:30:05Teen Killer Wants To Undo Guilty Plea694
2014/1/30 4:30:00Judge's Ruling Bars Chillicothe Man From Being Prosecuted For 3rd Time1266
2014/1/30 4:26:13Missouri Executes Man After Appeals Denied863
2014/1/30 4:22:23Chillicothe Police Department Blotter347
2014/1/29 10:50:00Grundy County Commission Addresses Several Issues At Latest Meeting398
2014/1/29 9:28:04Dr. Neil Nuttall Announces Plans To Retire499
2014/1/29 9:25:44Two Resign From Chillicothe Police Department936
2014/1/29 5:20:00Spickard/Laredo School Districts Cut Off From Propane Supplier; Contracts Not Honored1603
2014/1/29 5:00:00St. Charles Mother Charged In 10 Week Old Infant Death585
2014/1/29 4:40:00Maryville Raises Bar-Entry Age To 21218
2014/1/29 4:40:00Americans React To Obama's Address To The Nation338
2014/1/29 4:30:00Chillicothe Couple Indicted On Charges Of Fraud 1410
2014/1/29 4:20:00NCMC Busy With Many Projects193
2014/1/28 10:40:00Sex Offender Walks Away From Facility; Attempts Rape Later That Day797
2014/1/28 9:10:00Three Milan Residents Arrested After Large Meth Discovery1130
2014/1/28 6:50:00Woman Killed On I-29 While Looking For Items That Blew Out Of Pickup639
2014/1/28 6:34:53Three To Be Inducted Into NCMC Hall Of Fame423
2014/1/28 5:47:42Folk Singer Pete Seeger Dies In NY323
2014/1/28 5:36:22Investigation Begins Into Rising Propane Prices643
2014/1/28 4:50:00Body Pulled From Missouri River Identified718
2014/1/28 4:36:37One Dead In Southeast Missouri Shooting; Brother Arrested435
2014/1/28 4:25:24Toddler Loves Selfies: Parenting In An Iphone Age220
2014/1/28 4:21:05Student Attempts Suicide By Fire At Denver Area School242
2014/1/27 15:50:00Four Area Residents Arrested, Two On Drug Related Charges1624
2014/1/27 9:20:00NCRS To Provide Grant For Caldwell County355
2014/1/27 9:15:45Boil Advisory In Place For Mercer Residents209
2014/1/27 9:13:32Saturday Fire In Mercer Destroys Structure539
2014/1/27 7:37:05Missouri Highways And Transportation Commission To Stop Adding Projects230
2014/1/27 4:50:48Missouri Fugitive Dies In Washington; Buried In Back Yard779
2014/1/27 4:44:23Missouri Marine Earns Commendation304
2014/1/27 4:41:28Coroner Rules In Missouri Police Chief's Death618
2014/1/27 4:37:37Modern Conveniences Help Farmers Fight Cold217
2014/1/27 4:22:54The New Face Of Food Stamps: Working Class Americans495
2014/1/27 4:20:002 Injured During Shooting At Concert In Cape Girardeau285
2014/1/27 4:18:20Restored Fighter Plane Salutes Flying Tigers186
2014/1/27 4:15:43Brain Dead, Pregnant Woman Taken Off Life Support378
2014/1/27 4:13:37Maryland Mall To Reopen Today With Memorials, More Security198
2014/1/27 4:04:56Weekly Work Schedule For MoDOT136
2014/1/24 7:44:50Marty Bonnett Honored By Special Olympics Organization379
2014/1/24 7:34:06Naked Woman Stabs Blowtorch-Wielding Attacker In Eye With Screwdriver624
2014/1/24 4:43:1550 Employees Escape Southwest Missouri Fire407
2014/1/24 4:30:00Body Of Missing Missouri Man Found1158
2014/1/24 4:23:24Texas Family Asks To End Life Support For Pregnant Woman; Fetus Abnormal1232
2014/1/24 4:12:39Massive Pileup On I-94 Kills 3, More Than 20 Hurt406
2014/1/24 4:07:37Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report410
2014/1/24 4:02:56DNR Informs Rains Natural Meats Of Decision522
2014/1/23 10:10:00St. Joseph Man Wakes Up To Find Stolen Car In Garage497
2014/1/23 10:00:00Legislation To Create The Crime Of ‘Revenge Porn’ Brought Back For 2014 Session1810
2014/1/23 9:50:00Health Screenings To Be Held At North 65 Center In Trenton251
2014/1/23 9:36:39Mo. House Panel Mulls Medicaid Asset Limit Changes290
2014/1/23 9:20:003 Dead And 30 Missing After Fire In Quebec Senior Home588
2014/1/23 7:22:12Paintings By Mary Nasser To Be Displayed At Dorris Rider Gallery215
2014/1/23 4:51:31St. Joseph Residents To Vote On Indoor Smoking Ban318
2014/1/23 4:46:23Grundy County Sheriff Arrests Four1433
2014/1/22 10:59:24New Hedrick Medical Center Holds Open House261
2014/1/22 10:50:14Nursing Home Board Meeting Report207
2014/1/22 10:36:09Pregnancy Education Seminar Offered At Wright Memorial Hospital246
2014/1/22 10:23:42Trenton City Officials To Explore Ideas For Harris Avenue379
2014/1/22 10:08:42Health Center Announces New Rates for Blood Draw Clinics350
2014/1/22 10:01:25Voters To Decide On Tax On Out Of State Vehicle Purchases273
2014/1/22 9:54:54Filing Deadline For April Elections Passes268
2014/1/22 9:10:00Flu Is The Topic Of "On Call With Dr. G"187
2014/1/22 6:37:33Benefit Planned For Mercer Family510
2014/1/22 5:12:20Propane Prices Highest Since 1990; Shortage Deepens496
2014/1/22 4:58:04Jury Convicts KC Man Of PCP Trafficking, Illegal Firearms258
2014/1/22 4:53:50Springfield Man Indicted For Producing Child Porn297
2014/1/22 4:43:12Police Search For Motive In Deadly Shooting794
2014/1/22 4:33:36Two Sisters Receive Lung Transplant From Same Donor269
2014/1/22 4:26:16$25,000 Dollar Transformers Stolen; Copper Value Likely Behind Theft379
2014/1/22 4:18:55Woman Sentenced To Prison Term For Cocaine Distribution506
2014/1/22 4:12:46Ex-Fighter Pilot Enters Basic Training In Missouri At Age 52254
2014/1/21 10:10:00Bayer Healthcare To Invest $6.5 Million In St. Joseph1939
2014/1/21 10:00:00University Of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe Featured On KTTN256
2014/1/21 8:01:42Benefit For Family Of Man Who Died At Arrowhead289
2014/1/21 4:44:18Sex Abuse Files On 30 Chicago Priests Going Public243
2014/1/21 4:40:00Classes To Resume At PA University After Shooting183
2014/1/21 4:30:00Laredo City Council Meeting Report320
2014/1/21 4:28:17Teens In Custody For Burglary At Galt1160
2014/1/20 10:20:00Man Rescued After Falling Through Ice While Trying To Save Dog576
2014/1/20 10:07:22Father Charged With Armed Criminal Action After Shooting Son708
2014/1/20 9:54:35Wisconsin To Recognize Missouri Gun Permits356
2014/1/20 7:53:58Critics Target Missouri Sex Offender Treatment Program457
2014/1/20 7:39:13Missouri Bill Would Allow Execution By Firing Squad270
2014/1/20 7:29:59Mother Charged With Felony In Death Of Infant; Child Unrestrained In Vehicle738
2014/1/20 6:52:48Man Who Exposed Partners To HIV May Have More Victims617
2014/1/20 6:45:03Budget Blocks Commercial Horse Slaughter194
2014/1/20 4:55:38Livingston County Sheriff Reports Year End Summary For 2013216
2014/1/17 10:10:00Ribbon Cutting Set For January 23rd At Hedrick Medical Center283
2014/1/17 9:34:38Grundy County Sheriff Report865
2014/1/17 9:29:55 Trenton City Council's Administrative Committee To Meet With ConAgra263
2014/1/17 9:27:28Basics Of Investing Program At Livingston County Library193
2014/1/17 9:23:48Relay For Life Topic Of Rotary244
2014/1/17 8:03:36Coffee With A Cop Set For Tuesday263
2014/1/17 6:46:44Ex School Board Member Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Again; Makes Plea Deal638
2014/1/17 4:54:25Baby Teeth Jewelry Is The Next "Big Thing"364
2014/1/17 4:44:39New Hope For Diabetics; Google Contact Lens Monitors Blood Sugar Passively400
2014/1/17 4:33:14Controversial Ohio Execution Takes 25 Minutes244
2014/1/17 4:30:00Pennsylvania Home For Sale; Advertised As "Slightly Haunted"250
2014/1/16 5:39:313 Dead After Shooting At Indiana Grocery Store664
2014/1/16 5:29:12Sunnyview Foundation Meeting Report218
2014/1/16 4:38:25Patrick Courtney Trial Continued To October737
2014/1/16 4:31:20Gene Pattie Sentenced To Prison Term1620
2014/1/16 4:24:49Friends Of The Thompson House Fundraiser263
2014/1/15 10:55:13Chillicothe Firefighter Promoted338
2014/1/15 10:52:12Associate Division Circuit Court News582
2014/1/15 10:45:08Boards Of Education Meet354
2014/1/15 9:28:05Rains Natural Meats Responds To Front Range Equine Rescue News Release381
2014/1/15 6:48:45Vermont Among Top 10 States For Drug Abuse; Governor Addresses Issue266
2014/1/15 6:31:13Details Come To Light In Roswell Shooting; 12 Year Old In Custody486
2014/1/15 5:44:31Trenton Downtown Improvement Association Meets205
2014/1/15 4:47:10Missing 1 Year Old Found In Abandoned Car749
2014/1/15 4:43:39Teen Sentenced To Life In Prison In Death Of Classmate663
2014/1/15 4:40:00Two Die In Hail Of Gunfire At KC Intersection448
2014/1/15 4:27:03Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report332
2014/1/15 4:08:15Trenton R-9 School Board Education Meeting Report446
2014/1/14 10:10:00Shooter In Custody In New Mexico School Shooting473
2014/1/14 9:40:00Minister Commissioning Service Set For Sunday261
2014/1/14 9:31:23Fundraiser Planned For Children's Advocacy Center201
2014/1/14 9:23:31Trenton City Council Addresses Various Issues At Latest Meeting497
2014/1/14 9:19:02Chillicothe Mayor To Hold Meeting Wednesday189
2014/1/14 6:46:44Man Arrested After Posting Video Tour of "Pot" Garden Online379
2014/1/14 6:29:42Three From Moberly, Mo In Custody For Kidnapping In Idaho501
2014/1/14 4:41:24School District Closed Amid Water Billing Dispute273
2014/1/14 4:36:58Fatal Shooting Over Texting In Theater391
2014/1/14 4:20:00VFW Area Winners Announced238
2014/1/14 4:17:47Plane That Landed At Wrong Branson Airport Back In The Air256
2014/1/14 4:13:23St. Louis Archdiocese Wins Delay In Abuse Case146
2014/1/14 4:10:10Chillicothe Police Department Blotter379
2014/1/13 10:20:00Suspect Sought In Milan Robbery858
2014/1/13 10:01:42Missing 6 Month Old Missouri Baby Found697
2014/1/13 9:15:38NCMC Programs Topic Of Open Line149
2014/1/13 8:53:06Trenton Fire Department Reports On 2013 Activities246
2014/1/13 8:47:17Trenton City Sales Tax Receipts Up From Last Year233
2014/1/13 7:43:14High Court Case: Abortion Clinic Protest-Free Zone192
2014/1/13 7:33:39Japanese Firm Purchases Jim Beam For 13.62 Billion272
2014/1/13 5:46:44Missouri's Largest Wind Farm To Begin Construction925
2014/1/13 4:46:54Convicted Child Molester Faces Loss Of Mo. Teaching License745
2014/1/13 4:44:10Southwest Flight Lands At Wrong Missouri Airport391
2014/1/10 5:39:14St. Joseph Sex Offender Sentenced For Illegally Reentering U.S.399
2014/1/10 4:57:24Trucker Survives Hours In Subzero Temperature512
2014/1/10 4:45:19Weather Causes Shortfall In Blood Donations223
2014/1/10 4:25:20Court Orders Release Of Church Abuse Records407
2014/1/10 4:20:27Apartment Complex Fined In Disability Case426
2014/1/10 4:20:00Coroner Reports On Murder-Suicide Near Kirksville1272
2014/1/10 4:17:09Teen Accused Of Rape In Maryville Avoids Felony Charge434
2014/1/9 10:42:02Not Guilty Verdict Returned In Statutory Rape Case969
2014/1/9 8:35:53Fire Destroys Trailer At Chillicothe402
2014/1/9 8:31:21Trenton Park Board Meeting Results199
2014/1/9 8:30:00Trenton Police Department Dubs National DWI Campaign A Success209
2014/1/9 7:53:12Chief's Tea And Brunch Set For April208
2014/1/9 5:50:00Carrollton Man Sentenced To Life In Prison755
2014/1/9 4:46:00Sailor Missing In Copter Crash That Killed 2339
2014/1/9 4:10:00Sex Offender Arrested In Chillicothe923
2014/1/8 10:47:07Trenton Police Department Topic Of Open Line307
2014/1/8 10:06:16Chillicothe Seeks Businesses to Operate Concessions290
2014/1/8 10:02:10Trenton Planning And Zoning Commission Approves Request270
2014/1/8 9:53:424th Candidate Files For Seat On Trenton R-9 Board Of Education 378
2014/1/8 8:16:04Teen At Center Of Maryville Rape Case Recovering From Suicide Attempt620
2014/1/8 5:24:18Missouri Man Sentenced In Death Of 3 Year Old Son650
2014/1/8 4:58:00St. Joseph Fails To Pass Smoking Ban383
2014/1/8 4:53:37Missouri Man Sentenced To Prison In Stalking Case510
2014/1/8 4:50:49Bill Introduced To Raise Speed Limit396
2014/1/7 8:01:21Lee's Summit Man Pleads Guilty To Cyberstalking\Child Pornography Charges378
2014/1/7 7:40:43HiSET Replaces GED358
2014/1/7 7:33:34Wright Memorial Hospital Foundation Receives Gift287
2014/1/7 6:40:00Chillicothe Police Department Blotter462
2014/1/7 5:40:00Livingston County High School Senior Wins Oratorical Contest267
2014/1/6 4:30:00Liberty Mans Tortured Body Found At Smithville Lake; Two Arrested1108
2014/1/6 4:10:00Polar Vortex The Cause Of Dangerous Temps488
2014/1/5 15:34:21Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe During Cold Weather546
2014/1/5 10:59:11MoDOT Issues "No Travel Advisory"1003
2013/12/18 14:46:01Dr. G Discusses Teenage Pregnancy206
2013/12/17 10:20:00Arson Suspected In Catfish Place Fire4884
2013/12/17 10:06:31New Highway Patrol Trooper Assigned To The Area760
2013/12/17 10:00:00Three Arrested By Grundy County Sheriff1734
2013/12/17 9:30:00Trenton Cinema To Offer Free Film On Saturday507
2013/12/17 9:30:00Mike Lair Recent Guest On Open Line187
2013/12/17 7:43:25Man Sentenced In Drowning Of Son548
2013/12/17 5:13:03Android Tablet Delivered By UPS Left In Trash Can578
2013/12/17 4:50:04Missouri Mother Admits Smothering Infant Son673
2013/12/17 4:46:01Man Dies After Being Dragged, Then Run Over1187
2013/12/17 4:36:19Chillicothe Police Department Blotter428
2013/12/16 10:20:00Five Children Treated And Released In Bus Accident Near Cameron345
2013/12/16 10:20:00Grundy County Circuit Court News; Division One843
2013/12/16 10:08:32Grundy County Sales Tax Down Slightly180
2013/12/16 9:58:58Jameson Read Pleads Not Guilty To All Charges522
2013/12/16 6:40:52Yearbook Case Can Proceed Against Missouri Teen578
2013/12/16 6:30:44Missouri Prison Program Donates 163 Tons Of Produce229
2013/12/16 5:30:00Missouri State University Taking A Look At Nerf Guns Involving Campus Game358
2013/12/16 5:24:35Appeals Court Vacates Ban On Domestic Horse Slaughter351
2013/12/16 4:55:10TSA Strips Sock Monkey Of Fake Sidearm At Lambert Field278
2013/12/12 10:06:58Former Million Dollar Mansion To Be Burned To The Ground1155
2013/12/12 10:00:00Various Cases Heard In Associate Division Of Grundy County Circuit Court736
2013/12/12 9:58:29KCP&L Makes Donation To Advocacy Center299
2013/12/12 9:45:53Fire Causes Extensive Damage To Chillicothe Home507
2013/12/12 9:32:38WCA Hearing Against City Of Trenton Postponed300
2013/12/12 7:41:07Missouri Farm Bureau Adopts Major Policy Positions For 2014469
2013/12/12 7:40:00Missouri National Guard 1-129th Field Artillery Soldier Helps Save Lives461
2013/12/12 7:35:30Patrol Joins Investigation Into Fire That Killed Two Young Boys784
2013/12/12 7:27:18Trial Date Set For Gene Pattie820
2013/12/12 6:37:38Missouri Carries Out 2nd Execution In Three Weeks407
2013/12/12 6:30:12Man Charged With Operating "Revenge" Porn Website 636
2013/12/12 6:22:02$1.8 Million Dollar Cigarette Conspiracy Bust In Overland Park624
2013/12/11 10:30:00Trenton Board Of Education Tackles Variety Of Topics At Meeting375
2013/12/11 10:25:21Missouri National Guard Among Best In Nation242
2013/12/11 10:18:36Scholarships Available For THS Students296
2013/12/11 10:08:24Tri-State Beef Conference Set For January344
2013/12/11 9:38:39City Of Trenton Files Motion To Dismiss WCA Lawsuit399
2013/12/11 9:30:00Chillicothe Council Approves Fire Department Promotions262
2013/12/11 9:28:42City Of Trenton Seeks Bids291
2013/12/11 9:26:48Serve Link Promotes RN To Director Of Nursing333
2013/12/11 9:24:23Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report229
2013/12/11 9:20:00Milan Elks To Host Free Christmas Lunch214
2013/12/11 6:40:00Fire Destroys Home Near Spickard889
2013/12/10 10:40:00Taxes May Be Key To Expanding Highway 13 At Hamilton250
2013/12/10 10:20:00Princeton Board Of Education Hires Special Ed Professional413
2013/12/10 10:15:03Church Youth Leader Sentenced For Sexual Exploitation Of Children583
2013/12/10 10:02:09KC Company Pleads Guilty To Transporting Hazardous Waste329
2013/12/10 8:49:10Trash Provider For City Of Trenton Main Topic Of Council Meeting569
2013/12/10 7:34:31Chillicothe Police Department Blotter279
2013/12/10 6:39:09Federal Government To Move 900 Employees To Downtown KC298
2013/12/10 4:55:44Woman Sentenced To Overdose Death Of Infant Son753
2013/12/10 4:43:55Vespers Program Rescheduled 263
2013/12/10 4:38:30Fire Destroys Chillicothe Home596
2013/12/10 4:10:00Antarctica Sets Record Of 135.8 Below Zero293
2013/12/9 10:20:00Waste Corporation Of Missouri Files Suit Against City Of Trenton591
2013/12/9 9:17:21Holiday Hoops Topic Of Open Line192
2013/12/9 8:56:58Chillicothe City Council Slated To Meet Tonight199
2013/12/9 8:53:46Trenton City Council To Meet This Evening203
2013/12/9 8:45:31Princeton City Council Report204
2013/12/6 10:33:24 Details Of Rapid Removal Trash Service In Trenton619
2013/12/6 10:28:56Local National Guard Collecting Non-Perishables For Food Pantry275
2013/12/6 6:45:21MoDOT Addresses Weekly Rotary Meeting276
2013/12/6 6:34:12Holiday Hoops Teams Up With Corporate Sponsors294
2013/12/6 5:32:30KC Man Involved In $725,000 Fraud Scheme436
2013/12/5 15:06:23Nelson Mandella Dead At 95820
2013/12/5 9:55:53Special Prosecutor Requested In Ryan Vencill Case721
2013/12/5 9:49:19Trenton Park Board Tackles Various Topics231
2013/12/5 9:42:41GEC Foundation Awards Grants To Schools And Projects240
2013/12/5 4:50:00Topless Woman Chases Peeping Tom Through Store650
2013/12/5 4:40:29Man Killed In Fire; Space Heater Blamed838
2013/12/5 4:10:00KC Police Involved In High Speed Chase With Stolen Fed Ex Truck396
2013/12/4 9:27:22Senator Blunt To Host Listening Post In Grundy County260
2013/12/4 9:13:36Teen Sexuality Topic Of Dr. G.303
2013/12/4 8:08:05Attorney General Warns Consumers About Counterfeit Tickets300
2013/12/4 7:31:14Woman Charged In 1990 Murder Of Smithville, Missouri Man1233
2013/12/4 7:27:41Wright Memorial Hospital Foundation Board Report315
2013/12/4 6:30:21Unemployment Rate Down In Grundy County246
2013/12/4 4:49:30Leadership NW Missouri Applications Now Being Accepted277
2013/12/3 10:34:32Livingston County Library To Hold English Tea299
2013/12/3 10:30:00Green City Man Arrested On Motor Vehicle Theft779
2013/12/3 10:10:00Deer Meat Arrives At Local Food Pantry247
2013/12/3 9:59:16Gene Watson To Perform At Chillicothe December 8235
2013/12/3 9:40:00Volunteers Needed For Holiday Hoops Event225
2013/12/3 6:45:39Sheriff Receives Reports Of Theft And Vandalism South Of Trenton642
2013/12/3 6:38:32Trenton Park Board Meeting Set232
2013/12/3 5:45:27Recycle Event At North Mercer School201
2013/12/3 4:50:15National Guard Gives Back To Local Community234
2013/12/3 4:46:04Trenton Fire Department Sponsors Toy Drive258
2013/12/2 10:16:42New Health Care Law Topic Of Seminar To Be Held In Princeton217
2013/12/2 10:09:34Christmas Activities Topic Of Open Line206
2013/12/2 9:52:54Musical Christmas Cards Offered In Trenton277
2013/12/2 9:47:31Milan Resident Injured In Accident Involving Cow542
2013/12/2 9:45:54Fire Damages Combine South Of Spickard387
2013/12/2 9:42:41Chillicothe Library To Hold Program193
2013/12/2 9:35:24Chillicothe Police Department Promotes One To Sergeant250
2013/12/2 9:30:56Fire Damages Filling Station At Humphreys497
2013/12/2 9:25:26Expo Set For December 7 At Princeton228
2013/12/2 9:13:40Christmas Contest Announced At Princeton205
2013/12/2 6:51:37Veterans Benefit Held Today At Hy-Vee 321
2013/12/2 5:39:22Man Dies in Arrowhead Stadium Parking Lot555
2013/12/2 4:54:12Huntsville Police Chief Dies Of Gunshot Wound554
2013/12/2 4:39:02MoDOT Schedule This Week In North Missouri270
2013/12/2 4:15:30Trenton Cinema Owners To Build Theater At Excelsior Springs533
2013/11/29 7:30:00Bone Marrow Registry Drive Scheduled At Putnam County School373
2013/11/29 6:40:00Warning Tickets Issued Across Chillicothe571
2013/11/29 5:06:18KC Receives Bid Requirements For GOP Convention291
2013/11/29 4:40:00Fire Kills 14 Month Old Child; Space Heater Blamed773
2013/11/29 4:35:04Chillicothe Police Department Blotter406
2013/11/29 4:30:00Livingston County Sheriff Report For November; One Arrested On Oxycontin Theft889
2013/11/27 10:54:45Boys Scouts/Patriot Guard Riders Visit Local Veterans Home476
2013/11/27 6:27:41Local Boy Makes Good At National Barbecue Competition646
2013/11/27 5:52:41Drunken Driver In Double Fatality Granted Probation In Southern State University Football Players Death481
2013/11/27 4:57:12Parents Sought After Foster Children Kidnapped704
2013/11/27 4:42:35Bids Sought To Operate Trenton License Bureau346
2013/11/27 4:36:18NCMC Board Of Trustees Meeting Report282
2013/11/27 4:30:25Grundy County Looks To Provide Affordable Health Insurance To Employees356
2013/11/26 10:28:31Trenton City Council Accepts Bid; Addresses Various Issues615
2013/11/26 6:33:24Kwanza Humphrey Art Exhibit On Display At Dorris Rider Gallery365
2013/11/26 5:40:40Christmas Activities Slated For December 6 in Trenton355
2013/11/26 4:50:00Gladstone Man Indicted On Charges Of Child Porn502
2013/11/26 4:46:52Missouri Man Sentenced In Child Porn Case; 25 Year Prison Sentence666
2013/11/26 4:37:19Airport Chaplains Let Fliers Connect With The Heavens333
2013/11/26 4:25:55Drunk Driver Kills Illinois Man In Wrong-Way Crash485
2013/11/26 4:20:00Earthquake Rattles Bonne Terre, Missouri7112
2013/11/25 10:07:34Trenton Sales Tax Receipts Up Slightly179
2013/11/25 9:54:45Extending City Utilities Among Topics Of Meeting265
2013/11/25 9:30:00Coffee With A Cop Slated For Wednesday213
2013/11/25 9:25:28Missouri Seatbelt Use Below Par Compared To National Average217
2013/11/25 9:18:03Chillicothe Holiday Parade Results255
2013/11/25 9:12:55Hospice Care Topic Of Open Line162
2013/11/25 4:55:33Teen Pleads Guilty To Running Over, Killing 2 Year Old902
2013/11/25 4:50:4719 Year Old Woman Shot In KC Motel Found In Independance573
2013/11/21 10:10:00Christmas Craft Show And Festival At Jamesport360
2013/11/21 8:47:253 Women Rescued After Being Held Captive For 30 Years903
2013/11/21 6:33:25North Korea Detains 85 Year Old U.S. War Veteran320
2013/11/21 5:20:00Officers Cleared Of Fatal Shooting; Suspect Wanted On Putnam County Warrant959
2013/11/21 4:55:01Police Identify Man Killed By Train In St. Joseph 733
2013/11/21 4:48:28Murder Suspect Faces Charges In Second Homicide637
2013/11/20 10:36:00Trenton Board Of Public Works Approves Rate Increases324
2013/11/20 10:10:06Livingston County Sheriff's Department Gears Up For Secret Santa Program319
2013/11/20 9:38:29Teenage Adolescence Topic Of Dr. G271
2013/11/20 8:01:34Joseph Paul Franklin Executed At Bonne Terre Prison495
2013/11/20 5:58:36Platte County Football Player Charged With Assault After Hitting Another Player438
2013/11/20 4:58:39Mother Of Emaciated Missouri Child Pleads Guilty757
2013/11/20 4:54:32Missouri Man Gets 25 Year Prison Sentence For Murder Of Ray County Woman548
2013/11/20 4:42:00Fire Department Responds To Calls As Smoke Testing Begins On Sewers418
2013/11/19 10:18:50Deer Harvest Down Down 12% From 2012 Opening Weekend455
2013/11/19 8:27:52Botched ACA Rollout Hammers Obama; Job Disapproval Reaches a Career High496
2013/11/19 6:18:29Spickard Board Of Ed Sets Filing Dates For Election223
2013/11/19 5:53:14Bethany Woman Injured In Daviess County Accident396
2013/11/19 4:45:43Options Running Out For Death Row Inmate As Execution Approaches610
2013/11/19 4:33:05KC Police Shoot Carjacking Suspect321
2013/11/19 4:25:35Apology Made For "Trail Of Tears" Banner 407
2013/11/19 4:17:44Airport Advisory Board To Meet171
2013/11/18 11:00:00Young Trenton Man Arrested On Burglary Charges1006
2013/11/18 11:00:00Santa To Arrive In Princeton Saturday Morning258
2013/11/18 10:10:44Locust Creek Bridge To Be Replaced In Linn County288
2013/11/18 10:06:06TMU Restores Power To Customers; Poles Damaged By Wind345
2013/11/18 9:50:00Cases Heard In Division One Of Grundy County Court819
2013/11/18 9:37:05Festival Of Trees And Christmas Parade Topic Of Open Line271
2013/11/18 9:00:00Trenton Resident Charged With Child Abuse1306
2013/11/18 8:46:20Bids Sought For License Offices In Chillicothe And Brookfield 210
2013/11/18 6:30:00Man Gets Four Year Prison Sentence For Killing Cat998
2013/11/18 5:53:1580 Tornadoes Rip Through Midwest; Six Dead365
2013/11/18 5:20:00Man Killed At Railroad Tracks In St. Joseph678
2013/11/18 4:55:18Grundy R-5 School Board Report217
2013/11/18 4:50:14Jamesport School Board Meeting Results222
2013/11/18 4:39:24Road Work November 18 through The 22217
2013/11/15 14:35:30GRM Announces Grant Recipients294
2013/11/15 14:32:28Hearing Held On Demolition Projects318
2013/11/15 14:29:05Trenton High School Counselor Honored416
2013/11/15 14:27:18Share The Harvest Assists Local Food Pantry302
2013/11/15 14:24:51Cases Heard In Associate Division Of Grundy County648
2013/11/15 14:00:00Heater Replacement Suggestions Forwarded To City Council238
2013/11/15 13:57:55Fingerprinting/Photos Taking Place At S.M. Rissler Today288
2013/11/15 13:50:00Chillicothe Police Department Announces New Hire384
2013/11/15 13:48:27Chillicothe Receives Portion Of Block Grant187
2013/11/15 9:11:02Milan Father And Son To Appear On Syndicated Radio Program348
2013/11/15 5:39:29American Farm Bureau Says Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal Down From Last Year308
2013/11/15 4:45:37Mercer County Court News563
2013/11/15 4:40:56Yet Another Scam Targets Livingston County Residents478
2013/11/14 9:18:13North Mercer Board Of Education Meeting Report235
2013/11/14 9:15:42Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report449
2013/11/14 9:11:53Newtown-Harris Board Of Education Meeting Report328
2013/11/14 8:54:43Jamesport City Council Meeting Results260
2013/11/14 8:50:47Princeton Board Of Education Meeting Results254
2013/11/14 8:42:52Trenton Resident Injured In Livingston County Accident659
2013/11/14 8:36:14S.M. Rissler Principal To Spend The Day Reading299
2013/11/14 8:28:00Spickard Resident Charged With Burglary772
2013/11/14 8:25:04Jameson Read Bound Over To Division One Of Circuit Court497
2013/11/14 7:34:00Chillicothe Police Department Seeks Assistance From Public2001
2013/11/14 6:39:33Police Probe Shooting Of 3 Outside PA. High School464
2013/11/14 6:33:43Some States Move To Save Cursive In The Classroom309
2013/11/13 5:50:00Tips From The CDC To Keep You Safe This Winter353
2013/11/13 5:40:09Missouri Officials Urge Winter Preparation397
2013/11/13 5:28:47Firefighters Respond To Fire South Of Chillicothe663
2013/11/13 5:00:00MU Study Finds Abuse Knowledge Gap Among Surgeons226
2013/11/13 4:43:54Hawaii Governer To Sign State's Gay Marriage Bill215
2013/11/13 4:40:27Teen Pleads Guilty In Miss US Teen Extortion Case354
2013/11/13 4:17:01Trenton R-9 Hears Proposal To Provide Wireless Devices In Classroom420
2013/11/12 10:17:45Miley Cyrus Smokes Joint On Stage At MTV EMA Awards781
2013/11/12 9:51:41Dog Brings Home Human Leg643
2013/11/12 6:50:00Porn Publisher Larry Flynt Wants Man Who Shot Him Spared440
2013/11/12 5:40:00Chillicothe Community Choir Presents Musical245
2013/11/12 5:20:00Prescription Drug Abuse On The Rise In St. Joseph359
2013/11/12 4:54:23Minimum Wage To Rise To $7.50 In January329
2013/11/12 4:50:007 Year Old Makes 911 Call In Parents' Deaths; Murder-Suicide Suspected1574
2013/11/12 4:44:33Woman Steals Patrol Car, Rams Deputies Cars730
2013/11/11 9:56:13Jenkins Town House Lighting Slated For November 22 In Chillicothe273
2013/11/11 9:40:12American Legion And National Guard Topic Of Open Line319
2013/11/11 9:30:27Santa To Visit Princeton263
2013/11/11 9:20:00"Warm Hands. Warm Hearts." Theme Of Kirksville Christmas Parade300
2013/11/11 9:16:21Chillicothe City Council To Meet Tuesday 202
2013/11/11 6:40:00Services Set For Robert And Judith Darby842
2013/11/11 4:51:24Veterans Assistance Available At Hy-Vee Today300
2013/11/11 4:45:50NCMC Receives Donation354
2013/11/8 17:45:24Spickard Fire Claims Lives Of Bob And Judith Darby1379
2013/11/8 7:44:08Trenton R-9 Board To Meet522
2013/11/8 7:25:16Man Dangles Child From Overpass1317
2013/11/8 4:48:12Livingston County Sheriff Warns Of New Scam In Livingston County587
2013/11/8 4:44:02Fund Raiser Set To Benefit Safe Haven Center In Chillicothe406
2013/11/8 4:36:02Cameron Police Respond To "Shots Fired" Call1022
2013/11/7 9:49:26Grundy R-5 Students Nominated For TIP Program528
2013/11/7 9:44:56NCMC Instructor Receives Appointment To Board Of Directors300
2013/11/7 9:35:24Trenton Park Board Meeting Results419
2013/11/7 9:30:00Princeton City Council Meeting Report463
2013/11/7 9:24:39Empire District Gas Rates To Increase440
2013/11/7 9:20:05FFA Members Compete At Gallatin280
2013/11/7 6:44:30Police Find Dead Newborn Encased In Concrete1021
2013/11/7 6:41:17Missouri Lawmaker Charged With Stealing453
2013/11/7 5:30:00Men Identified In Fatal Kirksville Plane Crash1278
2013/11/6 10:17:18Brookfield Sex Offender Faces New Charges700
2013/11/6 10:00:07Dog-O-Thon Slated For Saturday At Trenton435
2013/11/6 9:46:46Trenton Board Of Public Works Meeting Results307
2013/11/6 9:44:21Grand Marshalls Announced For Holiday Parade At Chillicothe627
2013/11/6 9:40:00Public Hearing Set For Trenton; Block Grant Performance Evaluation406
2013/11/6 9:38:15Diabetes Workshop Scheduled For Chillicothe373
2013/11/6 9:35:08Linn County Election Results439
2013/11/6 9:31:02Diabetes Topic Of "On Call With Dr. G."229
2013/11/6 9:19:16Electric Rates Could Increase If Coal No Longer Used To Generate Electricity478
2013/11/6 9:14:39Friends Of The Livingston County Library Sponsor Event 218
2013/11/6 9:11:19Repair Work On Bridge East Of Chillicothe Begins Today208
2013/11/6 7:43:12Voters Approve Ambulance Tax391
2013/11/6 6:39:44Trenton Fire Department Responds To McDonalds852
2013/11/6 5:39:2613 Marines Get Impromptu Welcome At Chicago412
2013/11/6 5:27:56New York Mom Who Killed Kids Seeks Piece Of Their Estate437
2013/11/6 4:49:05Illinois Set To Be 15th State To Allow Gay Marriage390
2013/11/6 4:43:59Carrollton Man Pays Fine For Illegal Logging578
2013/11/6 4:21:26Two Dead In Kirksville Plane Crash1075
2013/11/5 10:30:00Linneus Man Pleads Guilty To Sexual Exploitation Of A Child 711
2013/11/5 10:25:05Missouri Medicaid To Receive $26 million Through Drug Settlement278
2013/11/5 10:18:21Missouri Man Sentenced To 7 Years For Bat Attack On Son657
2013/11/5 7:34:53Rains Processing Prepares To Open499
2013/11/5 7:26:05Woman Killed On Gun Range In Accidental Shooting1400
2013/11/5 6:06:16Share The Harvest Gears Up For Hunting Season378
2013/11/5 5:50:00American Legion Post Fundraiser Set For Saturday231
2013/11/5 5:39:41Veterans Day Assemblies Set For Trenton Schools412
2013/11/5 4:57:01TMS Honor Choir To Perform At Platte City272
2013/11/5 4:40:00Missouri Livestock Symposium Comes to Kirksville Next Month383
2013/11/5 4:30:00Chariton County Man Charged In Murder Of Father661
2013/11/4 10:50:00Trenton Teen Arrested On DWI And Open Container Charges1202
2013/11/4 10:30:00Scholarship Applications Now Open For Princeton & North Mercer Female Grads240
2013/11/4 10:17:57NCMC Opens Production For Public Auditions216
2013/11/4 10:03:21Livingston County Sheriff Responds To Domestic Violence Call545
2013/11/4 9:37:16Grundy County Commission Sets Salaries315
2013/11/4 9:23:43Trenton Food Drive Nets 2100 Pounds Of Food228
2013/11/4 9:15:404th Annual Women's Expo Set For Saturday November 9228
2013/11/4 9:08:15Bids Sought To Demolish Six Properties352
2013/11/4 9:06:15Bethany Woman Hurt In Friday Night Accident350
2013/11/4 7:37:36Lawsuit Settled For 1.3 Million In Child Porn Case; Priest Serving 50 Years627
2013/11/4 7:00:00Prisoner Mistakenly Released From Daviess/Dekalb County Jail865
2013/11/4 6:43:04Turkey Harvest Third Smallest On Record268
2013/11/4 6:37:45National FFA Results462
2013/10/31 7:40:00Woman To Give Out Letters To "Obese" Trick Or Treaters405
2013/10/31 6:50:08Trenton Police Department Offers Safety Tips For Trick Or Treaters280
2013/10/31 4:55:14Most Realistic Halloween Costume Ever518
2013/10/31 4:40:00College Professor Gets Tricked, Not Treated, By Squirrel322
2013/10/31 4:20:00Body Under Door Turns Out To Be Halloween Decoration; 911 Called556
2013/10/31 4:10:00Woman Claiming To Be A Vampire Attacks Man630
2013/10/30 9:30:06Arrests Made In Chillicothe Drug Investigation1011
2013/10/30 9:21:17Chillicothe Boofest Set For Thursday377
2013/10/30 6:43:01Dates Set For Veterans' Information 298
2013/10/30 4:55:50Trenton School District Vies For Grant; Vote Via Internet359
2013/10/29 10:56:49Squirrel Cage Jail At Gallatin To Offer "Haunted Tours" Halloween Night482
2013/10/29 10:30:004 Year Old Missouri Girl Killed In Target Shooting Accident1865
2013/10/29 10:16:58Trenton City Council Meeting Report351
2013/10/29 10:14:23Trenton Building And Nuisance Board Report385
2013/10/29 9:50:28KC Doctor Surrenders Medical License; Sexual Improprieties Suspected704
2013/10/29 7:40:00Minnesota Woman's Body Found In Shallow Grave732
2013/10/29 5:53:32Missouri Department Of Insurance Offers Assistance467
2013/10/29 4:52:36Ike Skelton Dies At 81264
2013/10/29 4:44:26Abortion Controversy Continues; Texas Clinic Stays Open196
2013/10/29 4:39:10Texas Man Sentenced For Transporting Minor To Joplin For Prostitution328
2013/10/28 10:46:41Estate Planning Seminar To Be Held At Trenton317
2013/10/28 10:44:08Trenton Man Arrested1006
2013/10/28 10:40:00Suddenlink To Raise Service Prices774
2013/10/28 10:14:28Trenton Chamber Trick Or Treat Night Tonight At Rock Barn330
2013/10/28 10:00:34Crowder State Park To Featured Guided Hikes253
2013/10/28 9:53:32Highway Patrol Helicopter Experiences Engine Failure During Training296
2013/10/28 9:19:12Trenton Downtown Improvement Association Tax Credits Topic Of Open Line179
2013/10/28 8:55:45City Sales Tax Receipts Up During First Half Of Year263
2013/10/28 8:52:46Trenton Building And Nuisance Board/City Council To Meet280
2013/10/28 8:06:40Chillicothe Man Arrested After Fire Department Responds To Residence682
2013/10/28 7:53:04Board Of Public Works To Hold Meetings197
2013/10/28 6:54:26Unionville Man Sentenced On Child Porn Charges491
2013/10/28 4:39:284H Awards Presented218
2013/10/28 4:26:09GHCAA To Sell Real Estate And Vehhicles443
2013/10/28 4:21:39"Trenton's Great Neighbors" Topic Of Rotary214
2013/10/25 6:50:00Missouri Woman Accused Of Hiring Help To Abduct Daughter855
2013/10/25 6:36:29Prominent Attorney To Represent Teen Accused Of Rape In Maryville734
2013/10/25 4:30:00Chillicothe Woman Arrested Involving Sexual Misconduct Of A Child1002
2013/10/25 4:29:34Sandy Hatte Pleads Guilty To Reduced Charge738
2013/10/24 10:44:14County Commission Seeks Bids For Snow Removal309
2013/10/24 10:41:16Associate Division Grundy County Circuit Court Hears Cases625
2013/10/24 10:39:12Grundy County Salary Commission To Meet248
2013/10/24 10:36:20Driving Impairment Program Held At NCMC220
2013/10/24 10:34:15Area Postal Services Change Mail Pickup Times395
2013/10/24 10:30:00Sanitary System To Receive Smoke Testing250
2013/10/24 6:23:07Chillicothe Police Department Warns Residents Of New Scam465
2013/10/24 6:10:00Drug Bust Results in 24 Thousand Packets Of Drugs963
2013/10/24 5:36:00Retired Mo. State Trooper Sentenced In Child Molestation Case946
2013/10/24 4:20:00Princeton Boys Plead Guilty; Gene Pattie Update1007
2013/10/23 10:42:31Missouri Community Betterment Conference Awards 29 Communities324
2013/10/23 10:33:21Mercer County Receives Grant281
2013/10/23 10:02:31City Of Trenton To Distribute Surveys265
2013/10/23 9:56:15High Blood Pressure Topic of "On Call With Dr. G"294
2013/10/23 9:40:00"Justice For Daisy" Rally Held In Maryville354
2013/10/23 7:30:00Firefighters Respond To Fire Southwest Of Trenton576
2013/10/23 6:45:02Skin Cancer Screenings To Be Offered At Grundy County Health Department267
2013/10/23 6:34:47Salvation Army Announces Dates For Assistance266
2013/10/23 6:26:34North Central Missouri College Board Of Trustees Meeting Report322
2013/10/23 5:40:00Community Cleanup To Be Held At Humphreys211
2013/10/23 5:40:00Grundy County Assessor To Begin Field Reviews213
2013/10/23 5:27:54Fast-Food Chains Costing Taxpayers The Most Money385
2013/10/21 11:00:00Missouri Day Car Show Results484
2013/10/21 10:50:58Missouri Day Quilt Show Winners382
2013/10/21 10:40:58Green Hills Animal Shelter Topic Of Open Line257
2013/10/21 10:36:34Divison One Of Circuit Court Hears Cases677
2013/10/21 10:33:34Gilman City Board Of Education Approves Health Insurance Policy311
2013/10/21 10:31:30Grundy County Commissioners To Meet231
2013/10/21 10:28:56Chillicothe Parks And Recreation Board To Meet238
2013/10/21 10:26:44Macon Top Winner In Band Competition At Missouri Day364
2013/10/21 10:23:37Missouri Day Parade Results514
2013/10/21 6:40:00Bacteria Found In Breast Milk Sold On The Internet302
2013/10/21 5:36:00Six Arrested After 30 Pounds Of Methampheteamine Seized1302
2013/10/21 4:57:48One Charged In Grundy County With Burglary755
2013/10/21 4:10:00MoDOT Weekly Maintenance Schedule267
2013/10/18 4:50:33Events Kick Off Missouri Day Weekend617
2013/10/18 4:40:00Accident At Hoffman & Reed Sends Two To Hospital1600
2013/10/17 9:40:00Thompson House To Feature Tours During Missouri Day Festival420
2013/10/17 7:33:45Chillicothe Police Blotter412
2013/10/17 6:00:00City Of Maryville Fearful Of Reprisal577
2013/10/17 5:38:18Kirksville Police Investigate Burglaries343
2013/10/17 4:57:47Harrison County Woman Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charge In Death Of Infant750
2013/10/17 4:40:00Maryville Rape Case Could Reopen407
2013/10/17 4:38:24Man Struck By Pickup In Chillicothe514
2013/10/16 10:13:36Missouri Day Parade Topic Of Open Line391
2013/10/16 9:52:41Mercer County Health Fair Set For November 2347
2013/10/16 7:33:01National Teen Driver Safety Week Begins October 20287
2013/10/16 6:30:00Emergency Response Plans To Be Tested Thursday293
2013/10/16 6:30:00Marching Festival Topic Of Open Line273
2013/10/16 4:47:22Court Gives Approval To Anti-Missouri License Plate494
2013/10/16 4:36:47WW2 Marines From Missouri And Louisiana To Be Buried Friday415
2013/10/16 4:23:59Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Calls For Review Of Maryville Rape Case630
2013/10/15 7:40:00Trenton Schools To Hold Parent Teacher Conferences325
2013/10/15 7:39:42Programs Available To Veterans Are Many368
2013/10/15 4:44:17Green Hills Community Action Agency Holds Meeting265
2013/10/15 4:40:00Princeton Chamber Of Commerce Meets246
2013/10/15 4:38:13Spickard School Receives Grant288
2013/10/15 4:23:06Highway 36 Heritage Alliance To Meet245
2013/10/14 10:40:14Chillicothe City Council To Meet189
2013/10/14 9:37:36Laredo Board Of Education229
2013/10/14 9:35:19Marching Festival Topic Of Open Line218
2013/10/14 9:29:51Jamesport Tri-County Board Of Education324
2013/10/14 9:27:46Newtown Harris PTO To Hold Carnival215
2013/10/14 9:23:46Thompson House Open For Tours284
2013/10/14 9:18:33Grundy R-5 Board Of Education 215
2013/10/14 9:14:29County Commission Meets Tuesday Morning241
2013/10/14 6:35:48Three Harrisonville Children Missing; Sheriff Asking For Help849
2013/10/14 4:51:53Social Security Increase Lowest In Decades368
2013/10/14 4:50:00South Dakota Ranchers Reeling From Cattle Loss281
2013/10/14 4:40:00NCMC Gala Held Saturday Night; Attendees Receive Surprise434
2013/10/14 4:36:20Weekly MoDOT Schedule232
2013/10/11 7:31:47Auction To Benefit Dream Factory Set For Oct 18325
2013/10/11 7:20:31Grant Allows Walking Trail Construction To Begin383
2013/10/11 5:35:35Kahoka Man Arrested On Charges Of Incest And Sodomy611
2013/10/11 5:25:17Fall Driving Tour At Poosey Conservation Area486
2013/10/11 5:00:00Residential Collection Event To Be Held At Trenton306
2013/10/11 4:49:24Earthquake Preparedness Drill Set For October 17326
2013/10/11 4:42:14Beef Producers Seminar Set For November 21 In Stanberry370
2013/10/10 10:21:39Bluegrass Festival Set For October 24 - 261326
2013/10/10 10:11:22Blacksmithing Demonstration Set For Grundy County Museum337
2013/10/10 10:06:14Public Service Commission Approves Agreement234
2013/10/10 9:55:38Flu Vaccine Available On Walk In Basis396
2013/10/10 9:51:20Mo Department Of Agriculture Topic Of Hearing383
2013/10/10 9:33:56North Mercer Board Of Education Meeting Results419
2013/10/10 9:31:00Pleasant View Board Of Education Meeting Report469
2013/10/10 9:24:32Princeton City Council Meeting Report475
2013/10/10 7:20:00Mo. State Fair Queen To Appear In Mo. Day Parade600
2013/10/9 11:19:30Livingston County Sheriff Reports On Activities516
2013/10/9 9:30:00Breast Cancer Awareness Topic Of Dr. G347
2013/10/9 7:41:38Veterans Denied Disability If Shutdown Continues400
2013/10/9 6:40:00Chillicothe Police Blotter512
2013/10/9 6:26:33Final Week For Flag Sponsorship355
2013/10/9 5:54:56Chapel Dedication Set At Wright Memorial Hospital407
2013/10/9 4:57:02Senator Blunt To Hold Listening Post299
2013/10/9 4:44:38Government Shutdown Affects Local Organization748
2013/10/9 4:41:13Trenton R-9 Board Of Education Meeting Report457
2013/10/9 4:28:28Laredo School Board To Meet210
2013/10/8 11:10:12Local DAWGS Organization Receives Check From KTTN422
2013/10/8 9:30:00"Putt Putt Mutt" Benefit Set For October 26529
2013/10/8 9:14:4854 Bands To Take Part In Missouri Day Marching Festival361
2013/10/8 9:09:53Domestic Violence Month Topic Of Open Line205
2013/10/8 8:10:10Bottle Thrown Into Sea In California With Note Found In Guam316
2013/10/8 7:30:00Planning And Zoning Recommends Approval From McDonalds385
2013/10/8 7:26:21Officers Selected For Sunnyview Foundation Board226
2013/10/8 6:52:09New $100.00 Bill To Begin Circulation396
2013/10/8 5:20:00Miss Rodeo Missouri Featured At Missouri Day Parade471
2013/10/8 4:54:13Kansas City Man Sentenced To 14 Years For Al-Qaida Support348
2013/10/8 4:40:00Urine Smuggled For Drug Testing In Livingston County Positive For Meth1700
2013/10/8 4:33:32Government Shutdown Hits Closer To Home872
2013/10/8 4:24:37Six Charged In Schuyler County; Bond Set At 100 Thousand 698
2013/10/8 4:11:20Cemetery Walk Slated For October 20th244
2013/10/8 4:02:15Spickard Woman Faces Five Felony Counts656
2013/10/7 10:50:48Infant Motrin Drops Recalled389
2013/10/7 10:26:16Chili Cook-Off Results428
2013/10/7 9:44:50Band Competition Results In "Mixed Results"350
2013/10/7 9:42:39Trenton Board Of Education Meeting Tuesday Evening227
2013/10/7 9:36:21Signs Not Allowed In Chillicothe476
2013/10/7 9:28:43Area Firefighter Remembered In Maryland402
2013/10/7 9:22:25Mercer Music Boosters Sponsor Carnival239
2013/10/7 9:17:22Missouri Day Festival Topic Of Open Line375
2013/10/7 6:25:19Wright Run Results From Saturday379
2013/10/7 4:30:00Two Arrested On Drug Charges; Two Violate Probation1156
2013/10/7 4:19:13Two Livingston County Men Convicted In Illegal Sales Of Wildlife Pelts644
2013/10/4 10:38:53Man Fakes His Own Death943
2013/10/4 9:53:35Solid Waste Collection Scheduled For Area Residents377
2013/10/4 9:41:31Princeton Homecoming Activities272
2013/10/4 9:35:06Road And Bridge Contracts Awarded279
2013/10/4 9:25:46Veterans Center Counselor At VFW Hall Today260
2013/10/4 6:45:20Free Eye Care Clinic Slated For October 25401
2013/10/4 5:37:02Trenton Board Of Education To Meet Tuesday 272
2013/10/3 19:06:01Livingston County Sheriff Releases Update On Activities590
2013/10/3 10:10:00Livingston County Library To Hold Pumpkin Decorating Contest289
2013/10/3 10:09:20Family Dollar Store To Open In November468
2013/10/3 10:02:43Concert Set For Friday Evening At First Baptist Church279
2013/10/3 7:29:58Stanberry Man Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder564
2013/10/3 7:10:00Miss Missouri To Appear In Mo. Day Parade531
2013/10/3 4:57:27Settlement Reached Involving Priest Convicted Of Child Porn352
2013/10/3 4:48:07Chillicothe Police Department Blotter325
2013/10/3 4:44:52Chillicothe Police Department Receives Grant179
2013/10/3 4:41:14Land Sells For Reported Sum Of Over $15,000 Per Acre718
2013/10/3 4:36:30Thirty Women Receive Scholarships305
2013/10/3 4:33:31Soiree Benefit To Be Held Tonight182
2013/10/2 10:24:55Author Tom Clancy Dead At 66277
2013/10/2 5:37:04780 Doses Of Flu Vaccine Distributed291
2013/10/2 4:40:33Gruncy County United Way Begins Fundraising Efforts210
2013/10/2 4:35:49Oklahoma Avenue Paving Project Still Underway219
2013/10/2 4:32:55Inmate Dies At Cameron Facility883
2013/10/1 11:04:52September Weather Summary187
2013/10/1 10:59:59Flu Shot Clinic October 4th In Sullivan County492
2013/10/1 10:57:35"Field Of Faith" Event To Be Held October 9231
2013/10/1 9:20:16"Leadership Trenton" Topic Of Open Line262
2013/10/1 7:40:28Mo. Director Of Agriculture Featured At Mo. Day Parade268
2013/10/1 6:50:00Columbia Man Sentenced To Life In Prison; No Parole527
2013/10/1 5:50:00Missouri Couple Accused Of Killing Ex's And Two Children967
2013/10/1 4:49:16Government Shuts Down: 800,000 To Go Without Pay414
2013/10/1 4:39:44Forecast For Deer Season407
2013/10/1 4:32:55Aaron Huffstutter To Join WMH Physician's Group331
2013/10/1 4:23:03Two Chosen To Receive Awards266
2013/10/1 4:20:00Board Of Public Works Report250
2013/10/1 4:10:00Two Sentenced In Grundy County Circuit Court770
2013/9/30 10:55:03Street Repairs Scheduled For Oklahoma Avenue212
2013/9/30 10:06:38NCMC Gala Topic Of Open Line208
2013/9/30 9:54:49Livingston County Health Center Announces Changes229
2013/9/30 6:51:31Drug Infused Candy Found In Joplin Area499
2013/9/30 6:30:23Carrollton Band Day Results393
2013/9/30 4:07:19Missouri Unemployment Rate Up From July260
2013/9/27 6:40:55St. Joseph Man Killed With Baseball Bat To Head1080
2013/9/27 6:40:00Casino's Target Gamers Of The 80s391
2013/9/27 6:24:31Small Game Hunting Forecast For Missouri405
2013/9/27 5:52:05Fall Turkey Hunting Forecast447
2013/9/27 5:20:00Missouri Day Opening Ceremonies358
2013/9/27 4:56:58Trenton Resident Arrested; Another To Face Charges977
2013/9/27 4:52:46Missouri Photo Workshop Topic Of Rotary318
2013/9/27 4:40:00Detective Eric Menconi To Lead Parade936
2013/9/27 4:33:39Tax Cuts Are Only Half The Story307
2013/9/27 4:26:06Government Deadlines Fast Approaching239
2013/9/26 11:01:34Museum In Chillicothe To Hold "National Museum Day"237
2013/9/26 9:53:01Chamber Of Commerce Seeks Items For Decorations229
2013/9/26 9:40:00Putnam County Health Department To Hold Flu Clinic276
2013/9/26 9:39:18Trenton City Council To Hold Special Meeting345
2013/9/26 7:33:39Trenton To Compete In Carrollton Band Day315
2013/9/26 6:30:59Moberly Man Arrested On Child Porn Charges528
2013/9/26 5:57:44Arizona Man Arrested In Daviess County531
2013/9/26 4:42:50Sex Offender Registers In Livingston County749
2013/9/26 4:40:00Woman Who Abducted Grandson Appears In Court550
2013/9/26 4:24:41Livingston County Sheriff Advises Residents Of Scam438
2013/9/25 10:21:12Shih Tzu Saves Kitten Then Adopts As Own489
2013/9/25 10:01:25Board Of Public Works Tackles A Variety Of Issues283
2013/9/25 9:54:25Law Enforcement Checks Seat Belts At Chillicothe261
2013/9/25 9:51:38Gallatin Residents To See 10% Increase In Electric Rates241
2013/9/25 9:48:53Heritage Days Events At Jamesport331
2013/9/25 9:37:48Dr. G. Talks About Depression231
2013/9/25 6:30:11Serve Link Celebrates 40th Anniversary196
2013/9/25 5:58:484th Annual Women’s Expo Planned263
2013/9/25 5:40:00Organizations Reach Agreement On Trenton Ballfields300
2013/9/24 9:37:53Chili Cookoff Topic Of Open Line260
2013/9/24 9:20:00Guatemalan National Pleads Guilty To ID Theft434
2013/9/24 9:16:10National Public Lands Day Recognized At Crowder Park222
2013/9/24 7:39:20Mayor's Coffee Set For Wednesday Morning At Chillicothe175
2013/9/24 7:33:06Two Arrested In Grundy County Over The Weekend922
2013/9/24 7:30:00Heritage Day At Jamesport September 28278
2013/9/24 6:44:22Overlay Work Begins Today On Iowa Boulevard157
2013/9/24 4:16:21Chillicothe Police Blotter421
2013/9/23 11:00:003200 Children Participate In "Backpack Buddies" Program341
2013/9/23 10:52:54Hay Baled During Drought Should Be Tested385
2013/9/23 10:42:26Tuna Does Las Vegas Comes To Chillicothe364
2013/9/23 10:38:13Chillicothe Park And Recreation Board To Meet231
2013/9/23 9:19:40Wright Run Topic Of Open Line221
2013/9/23 6:46:29Over 130 Entries For Missouri Day Parade And Growing322
2013/9/23 6:30:58Moses Miranda Arrested In Livingston County905
2013/9/23 6:08:14Man Possibly Exposes More Than 300 To HIV776
2013/9/23 5:26:51Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report321
2013/9/23 4:52:48MoDOT Work Schedule For Week Of September 23247
2013/9/20 10:25:26KTTN-FM Celebrates 35 Years Of Broadcasting440
2013/9/20 9:53:21Possible Scam Reported To Trenton Police Department704
2013/9/20 4:45:40“Remembering our Fallen” On Display In Princeton336
2013/9/20 4:36:56Homecoming Parade Today In Trenton524
2013/9/19 13:10:00Child Abducted In Florida 13 Years Ago Found In Livingston County8445
2013/9/19 11:11:42Names Released In Daytime Burglary Arrests; Third Person Sought1477
2013/9/19 11:04:15TPD And Highway Patrol Team Up For "Safe To Schools"464
2013/9/19 10:35:46Two Arrested In Daytime Burglaries; Charges Pending843
2013/9/19 5:27:32Antique Tractor Show Featured At Missouri Days496
2013/9/19 4:56:39PETA Comes To Maryville375
2013/9/19 4:40:00St. Joseph Police Take Over Investigation Of Body778
2013/9/19 4:37:06Pipeline Worker Found Dead In Moberly 817
2013/9/19 4:30:42Caldwell County Library To Host Open House227
2013/9/19 4:22:12Livingston County Sheriff Responds To Audit454
2013/9/18 10:37:19Laredo Board Of Education Meeting Report254
2013/9/18 10:30:00Homecoming Pep Rally Activities At THS352
2013/9/18 10:29:36Grundy County Nursing Home Board Report274
2013/9/18 10:10:00Wright Memorial Receives High Marks225
2013/9/18 6:30:00St. Joseph Woman's Body Found In Homemade Box891
2013/9/18 6:27:27Gas Prices Surpass $3.00 For 1000 Days278
2013/9/18 6:19:58Wright Memorial Foundation Meeting Report268
2013/9/18 4:54:09Macon County Woman Escapes Attempted Kidnapping534
2013/9/18 4:48:29Livingston County Sheriff Reports On Law Day431
2013/9/18 4:44:03Spickard Board Of Ed Report257
2013/9/18 4:14:58EMT Classes To Be Held At Trenton244
2013/9/18 4:09:45Additional Contests Announced For Mo Days291
2013/9/17 9:33:44Grundy County Community Coalition 2000 Topic Of Open Line190
2013/9/17 4:33:47Three Elected To Board At Stacy Center257
2013/9/17 4:23:48Missouri Day Quilt Contest Deadline Is Friday221
2013/9/17 4:10:00KTTN Radio Holds Reception Today For 35 Year Anniversary266
2013/9/16 11:10:00New Contest During October's Missouri Day Festival327
2013/9/16 11:05:55Old Time Harvest Days September 27th274
2013/9/16 11:02:10Sheriff's Association Soliciting Donations344
2013/9/16 10:33:51Calamity Jane Days Topic Of Open Line343
2013/9/16 6:50:00Inauguration Set For Dr. Joanna Anderson312
2013/9/16 5:28:25Obama To Visit Kansas City Friday346
2013/9/16 4:52:34Unionville Man Convicted Of Sex Crimes Against Children652
2013/9/13 10:37:28NCMC Holds Dedication Ceremony228
2013/9/13 9:50:14St. Joseph Woman Sentenced In $5 Million Dollar Conspiracy654
2013/9/13 9:33:07NCMC Maintains Military Friendly Status319
2013/9/13 9:30:00Wright Memorial To Offer Cost Reduced Health Screenings262
2013/9/13 9:26:37Grundy County Drive-Thru Flu Clinic Set314
2013/9/13 9:20:00Grand Marshal Announced For Missouri Days Parade540
2013/9/13 6:40:00Gallatin Chautauqua And Spickard Fall Festival Events370
2013/9/13 4:55:14Burn Ban Lifted In Trenton172
2013/9/13 4:40:00Grundy County Sheriff Charges Two759
2013/9/13 4:40:00Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report408
2013/9/13 4:35:24Braymer Paving Project Begins Next Week173
2013/9/13 4:33:46Associate Division Court News At Trenton347
2013/9/13 4:31:31Emergency Haying And Grazing Approved209
2013/9/13 4:28:13Resurfacing Project Scheduled At Cameron186
2013/9/13 4:26:47Jameson Read Court Date Scheduled393
2013/9/13 4:23:56Jamesport Tri-County Meeting Report191
2013/9/13 4:22:47Newtown Harris Meeting Report213
2013/9/13 4:21:14North Mercer Meeting Report231
2013/9/13 4:17:52Issues To Be Resolved With Hope Haven Trash283
2013/9/13 4:10:00Pleasant View Meeting Report216
2013/9/12 5:40:00Chillicothe Teen Arrested In Burglary1044
2013/9/12 4:15:20New Daviess County Clerk Appointed223
2013/9/11 9:22:41Circumcision Topic Of Dr. G239
2013/9/11 5:58:04VA Representative Seeks Input From Vets226
2013/9/11 4:55:599/11 Remembered340
2013/9/11 4:20:00Trenton R-9 Board Of Education Report538
2013/9/10 9:50:0024 Missourians Arrested On Federal Charges 1353
2013/9/10 9:34:01Trenton City Council Meeting Report359
2013/9/10 8:05:40CORRECTION To R-6 KEYS 199
2013/9/10 6:18:36Heat Once Again Causes Some Schools To Dismiss Early275
2013/9/10 5:37:27Loose Gorilla Closes Highway?514
2013/9/10 4:56:01Mammogram Debate Rages On232
2013/9/10 4:39:22Chillicothe Police Blotter308
2013/9/10 4:26:28Trenton Man Arrested850
2013/9/9 9:10:00Homecoming Activities Set For THS392
2013/9/9 9:08:02Spickard Fall Festival Topic Of Open Line246
2013/9/9 8:12:33Heat Causes Jamesport Tri-County To Dismiss Early253
2013/9/9 7:54:51Drought Intensifies Across North Missouri273
2013/9/9 7:39:49St. Louis Girl Wins Showdown254
2013/9/9 6:43:19Work On Emergency Operations Center Continues161
2013/9/9 4:30:00Grundy R-5 Dismisses Early272
2013/9/9 4:18:44Spickard Aldermen Meet215
2013/9/6 10:58:27 Flags Ordered At Half Staff for Joe Darr653
2013/9/6 10:34:29Rapid Removal To Build New Facility At Trenton785
2013/9/6 9:40:06Princeton Board Of Education To Meet296
2013/9/6 6:40:29Trenton Park Board Meeting Report363
2013/9/6 4:40:00Professor Makes Possible Threat At Maryville University670
2013/9/5 10:30:00Livingston County Sheriff Arrests Two989
2013/9/5 10:11:55NCMC Ranks In Top 10 Colleges346
2013/9/5 10:09:10Laredo Board Of Aldermen Meeting Report233
2013/9/5 10:04:09Career Fair Scheduled At Chillicothe252
2013/9/5 9:58:40Grundy R-5 Board Of Education256
2013/9/5 7:20:00Art Show At Chillicothe 278
2013/9/4 9:20:07Patriot Guard Escort Video802
2013/9/4 6:26:34Boil Orders Issued For Trenton and County PWSD459
2013/9/4 5:20:00Governer Orders Flags To Fly At Half Staff617
2013/9/4 4:49:02Chula Street Fair Set To Kick Off September 21394
2013/9/4 4:42:03Planning And Zoning Hears Several Requests194
2013/9/4 4:39:11Trenton Man Arrested823
2013/9/4 4:37:20Grundy County Commissioners Meet With MoDOT285
2013/9/4 4:33:38Water Outage Affects TMU Customers345
2013/9/4 4:30:00Upcoming Red Cross Blood Drives222
2013/9/4 4:28:18New Grundy County Assessor Sworn In359
2013/9/3 12:20:00Patriot Guard To Escort Private Jonathon Hostetter Home11793
2013/9/3 9:57:06Firefighters Collect For Muscular Dystrophy210
2013/9/3 9:46:58Plans For 2014 THS Alumni Reunion Set324
2013/9/3 9:19:59MOPS Topic Of Open Line208
2013/9/3 4:40:00MoDot Schedule For First Week Of September273
2013/9/3 4:27:38Man Arrested In Kirksville Shooting637
2013/9/3 4:10:00Livingingston County Sheriff Activity Report363
2013/8/30 7:50:00Drought Returns To North Missouri321
2013/8/30 7:45:44Chautauqua In The Park Opens September 7 In Chillicothe467
2013/8/30 6:43:34Event Schedule For Northwest Missouri State Fair At Bethany448
2013/8/30 4:55:19Milan C-2 School Receives Grant369
2013/8/29 9:26:18Local Artists Showcase Six Now On Display279
2013/8/29 9:15:57Associate Division Of Circuit Court At Trenton Report567
2013/8/29 7:40:00Fair Begins In Bethany301
2013/8/29 7:39:02Chillicothe Police Respond To Animal Neglect Call411
2013/8/29 7:28:13Chillicothe Police Blotter388
2013/8/29 4:52:01Galt Board Of Aldermen Meeting Report2116
2013/8/28 9:56:57Gallatin Aldermen Approve Tax Levy231
2013/8/28 7:20:56Court Date Postponed For Trenton Man Charged With Murder741
2013/8/28 6:44:4970 Year Prison Sentence Handed Down To Sex Offender637
2013/8/28 6:23:02Several Schools Dismiss Early Due To Heat593
2013/8/28 4:58:27Poker Run Breaks Out Of Jail This Weekend362
2013/8/28 4:46:47NCMC Board Of Trustees Meeting Report278
2013/8/27 10:16:17PTSD Topic Of Open Line310
2013/8/27 8:42:59City Of Trenton Nuisance Board Report562
2013/8/27 6:33:48Missouri Day Parade To Be Largest Ever576
2013/8/27 4:50:00Winston and Gilman City To Dismiss Early Due To Heat270
2013/8/27 4:30:39NCMC Trustees To Meet205
2013/8/27 4:14:03Grundy R-5 And Jamesport Dismiss School Early Due To Heat320
2013/8/26 9:55:03Dates Set For Veteran Assistance259
2013/8/26 9:49:37Jamesport Tri County To Dismiss Classes Early381
2013/8/26 9:05:33THS Alumni Weekend Topic Of Open Line245
2013/8/26 6:30:00Macon Police Looking For Man In Attempted Child Abduction483
2013/8/26 6:28:43Trenton Hy-Vee Employee Receives Honor580
2013/8/26 4:53:16North Central Missouri Mental Health Holds Parenting Classes305
2013/8/26 4:23:42Jonathon Michael Dean Hostetter Killed Friday In Afghanistan1676
2013/8/24 15:53:39Highway Patrol Confirms Body Of 12 Year Old Adriaunna Horton647
2013/8/23 10:20:31Kirksville Man Deemed Incompetent To Stand Trial In January Murder443
2013/8/23 7:10:00Kirksville Police Respond To "Man With A Gun" Call574
2013/8/23 6:41:21Ridgeway Man Receives 66 Year Prison Sentence1111
2013/8/23 4:58:47Fish Fry Today In Jamesport350
2013/8/23 4:33:54Chillicothe Police Blotter319
2013/8/23 4:24:30Former Area Resident Indicted On Child Porn Charges1159
2013/8/22 10:54:14Grundy County Museum Opens New Exhibit285
2013/8/22 10:43:23Highway Patrol Provides Summary Of New Laws Effective August 28, 20131756
2013/8/22 10:18:19Grand River Mutual Board Of Directors Re-Elected285
2013/8/22 6:39:07University Of Missouri Extension To Offer Programs289
2013/8/22 5:37:36Test Tube Babies: A Simpler, Cheaper Technique?305
2013/8/22 4:58:2423 Injured In Bus Accident597
2013/8/22 4:45:38Livingston County Sheriff Activity Report389
2013/8/22 4:40:32Livingston County Sheriff Reports On Budget257
2013/8/21 19:33:06Body Of Missing 12 Year Old Adrianna Horton Possibly Found959
2013/8/21 10:10:00"Military Past And Present" Theme Of Calamity Jane Days614
2013/8/21 7:53:25Retired Marine Receives Ribbons At State Fair274
2013/8/21 7:27:19Grundy County Commission Adopts Higher Tax Levy325
2013/8/21 6:34:18Adrianna Horton Still Missing; Man Arrested In Case714
2013/8/21 5:49:19Two Of Three Teens To Be Tried As Adults In "Thrill Kill" Of Christopher Lane609
2013/8/21 4:55:46Emergency Responder Appreciation Dinner 304
2013/8/21 4:51:12Enrollment Down At Trenton And Grundy R-5 Schools367
2013/8/21 4:47:37Local Artists Showcase At NCMC266
2013/8/21 4:44:10Properties To Go On The Auction Block453
2013/8/21 4:39:18Enrollment At Gilman City Down207
2013/8/20 19:30:00Escapee Killed After Breaking Into A Home936
2013/8/20 9:04:14"Remembering Our Fallen Heroes" Topic Of Open Line290
2013/8/20 8:44:27Bored Teens Gun Down College Baseball Player742
2013/8/20 7:30:24Chillicothe Police Blotter456
2013/8/20 5:37:17Spickard School Board Meeting Report263
2013/8/20 4:49:54Corrections Officer Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges752
2013/8/20 4:14:43Bone Marrow Drive At Bethany505
2013/8/20 4:05:58Mercer Homecoming Activities573
2013/8/19 18:00:00Taylor County Iowa Deputy Shot By Escapee560
2013/8/19 9:16:05Grundy County Museum Topic Of Open Line288
2013/8/19 8:54:11Dockery Church Cancels Services; Supports Community915
2013/8/19 8:20:00Bills May Assist Teachers Who Spend Cash Out Of Pocket281
2013/8/19 7:25:44Missouri State Fair Sale Of Champions Results477
2013/8/19 4:16:12John Michael Montgomery To Perform At Fair616
2013/8/16 7:25:10Distinguished Alumni Class Of 2013 563
2013/8/16 6:45:03Missouri Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence 859
2013/8/16 6:33:07Church Fire At Edina, Missouri558
2013/8/16 5:41:50Pipeline Construction Across Missouri Set To Begin534
2013/8/16 4:40:37Chillicothe Police Blotter449
2013/8/16 4:40:00Missouri Supreme Court Sets Dates To Execute Two561
2013/8/16 4:37:50Livingston County Jail Features Evening Tour312
2013/8/16 4:21:43Work Rescheduled By Grundy Electric256
2013/8/16 4:16:09Trenton Residents Arrested843
2013/8/16 4:13:34Quilt Show Featured At Missouri Days1577
2013/8/15 6:26:06Missouri Sheriffs To Begin Issuing Conceal Carry Permits538
2013/8/15 4:52:09Board Of Economic Development Indicates Things Are Looking Good308
2013/8/15 4:43:23Trenton R-9 Board Of Education Report494
2013/8/15 4:37:33Grundy Electric Announces Planned Outage432
2013/8/14 12:20:00Elijah McPike Found Dead In Jail Cell2188
2013/8/14 4:47:58Grand Champion Barrow Winner At Missouri State Fair418
2013/8/13 11:04:08Grand Champion Meat Goat Winner At State Fair367
2013/8/13 9:49:10Trenton City Council Meeting Report589
2013/8/13 6:26:35Missouri Department Of Conservation Seeks Public Input358
2013/8/13 5:57:37Youth In The Outdoors Day352
2013/8/13 4:51:16Tractor Pull Cancelled462
2013/8/13 4:45:21Farm Bureau Announces Dates For Annual Meeting279
2013/8/13 4:39:40Princeton Announces Dates For School Enrollment318
2013/8/13 4:35:37Trenton Man Arrested1080
2013/8/12 11:00:36Miss Warren County Crowned 2013 Missouri State Fair Queen385
2013/8/12 10:57:23Alum To Take Over Small Business And Tech Center387
2013/8/12 10:40:00Pickup Stolen Near Kingston, Possible Brian Adkison Connection1113
2013/8/12 10:09:39Fire Damages Home West Of Trenton803
2013/8/12 9:52:02Upcoming Business Seminars Topic Of Open Line230
2013/8/12 4:48:17Two Recognized At Missouri State Fair498
2013/8/12 4:43:39Chillicothe Forms Community Choir248
2013/8/11 10:50:00Brian Adkison Escapes From Caldwell County Jail1343
2013/8/10 14:05:37Newtown Man Gets Prison On Sexual Misconduct Charges983
2013/8/10 8:50:00Bailey Summers Returned To Harrison County2009
2013/8/9 10:54:12Livingston County Library Hires New Children's Librarian408
2013/8/9 10:48:22Missouri Day Parade Topic Of Rotary465
2013/8/9 10:44:19Grundy Electric Cooperative Holds Annual Meeting400
2013/8/9 10:30:00Former Trenton Residents Give Back To Community488
2013/8/9 10:11:48Union Pacific To Upgrade Infrastructure346
2013/8/9 9:55:25Grundy R-5 Student Registration Announced286
2013/8/9 9:40:32Community Entertainment Set For Milan431
2013/8/9 8:07:07Missouri Department Of Agriculture Announces Photo Contest Winners489
2013/8/9 7:42:58Ketcham Center To Close For Maintenance263
2013/8/9 7:40:00Laredo Board Of Aldermen Meet202
2013/8/9 7:30:20Youth Pastors Set Activities At Fairgrounds258
2013/8/9 5:40:00Freshman Orientation Set At Trenton High School317
2013/8/8 10:45:41Life Lessons Taught By 4-H Hall Of Fame Leader339
2013/8/8 10:39:59Review School Bus Safety Rules Before School Starts304
2013/8/8 10:33:32Thompson Field Day, September 17 At Spickard288
2013/8/8 10:26:59Senator Blunt's Staff To Hold Listening Post 271
2013/8/8 9:56:03Mercer County Court News1084
2013/8/8 9:40:00Trenton Park Board Meeting Report408
2013/8/8 6:31:41Grundy County Commission To Meet On Property Tax Levy254
2013/8/8 5:42:00Trenton Receives Grant To Assist In Farmers Market Pavillion362
2013/8/8 4:35:53Laredo Board Of Education To Meet196
2013/8/8 4:28:41Farmers Electric Members Raise 46 Thousand Dollars240
2013/8/7 8:10:00Bones Found Not Human556
2013/8/7 5:41:55Princeton City Council Meeting Results304
2013/8/7 4:41:46Kirksville Police Department Announces Promotions440
2013/8/7 4:10:00Rains Meats Horse Slaughter Permit Delayed511
2013/8/6 16:15:12Livingston County Sheriff Arrests Child Molester Among Others1375
2013/8/6 10:53:09Sullivan County Health Department Offers T-DAP And CPR 371
2013/8/6 10:40:00Meeting On Medicaid To Be Held In Cameron246
2013/8/6 10:40:00Public Hearing On Tax Levy Set 263
2013/8/6 10:34:26Park Board Moves Location Of Meeting276
2013/8/6 7:24:32Trenton Planning And Zoning Meeting Results347
2013/8/6 4:20:00Trenton Police Seek Assistance Identifying Men1296
2013/8/6 4:10:23Chillicothe Police Blotter818
2013/8/5 17:12:17Marshall Man Electrocuted628
2013/8/5 10:42:03Trenton Woman Arrested1261
2013/8/5 9:10:00"Honoring Our Military" Theme Of Calamity Jane Days532
2013/8/5 9:09:45Backpack Buddies Topic Of Open Line266
2013/8/5 7:37:14Trenton Planing And Zoning Commission To Meet345
2013/8/5 6:21:15Beef Show Results From NCM Fair297
2013/8/5 6:20:0024 Mile Road Project In Daviess County274
2013/8/5 5:38:13Medication Drop Box Now Available262
2013/8/5 5:10:00Trenton R-9 District Student Registration Schedule707
2013/8/5 4:49:20MoDOT Road Work Schedule This Week268
2013/8/3 11:54:41Father And Daughter Charged In Standoff Wednesday995
2013/8/3 11:10:07Ribbons Results For Rock Barn Displays At NCM Fair489
2013/8/3 10:50:00Livingston County Sheriff Makes Multiple Arrests1494
2013/8/3 10:33:13Former Tindall Resident Wins Showdown930
2013/8/2 5:20:00Swine Show Results From The North Central Mo. Fair323
2013/8/2 4:54:19Dairy, Rabbits And Poultry Results From The NCM Fair386
2013/8/2 4:44:04Trenton Rotary Club News313
2013/8/2 4:37:46Friday Activities At The North Central Mo Fair330
2013/8/2 4:27:20July Weather Summary At Trenton276
2013/8/1 6:45:47Albany Man Arrested On False Claims Of Kidnapping717
2013/8/1 6:10:00Business Seminars Planned267
2013/8/1 5:30:00North Central Missouri Fair Goat Show Results369
2013/8/1 4:51:48Great Britain Resident Arrested784
2013/7/31 10:30:05Mitch Gallagher Featured At North Central Missouri Fair395
2013/7/31 10:19:13MU Field Day Set For September In Linneus607
2013/7/31 10:12:07IBC North America And Clean Tide Container Open Plants In Chillicothe757
2013/7/31 9:51:02Cyclospora Cases Confirmed In Missouri718
2013/7/31 8:45:16Dr. G. Discusses Vasectomy 287
2013/7/31 7:30:544-H Achievement Day Results273
2013/7/31 6:50:00Heat Stroke Prevention Tips1206
2013/7/31 6:20:00North Central Missouri Fair Schedule For Wednesday394
2013/7/31 5:40:00Trenton Police Department To Hold Citizens Academy229
2013/7/31 5:39:43Chillicothe Receives Awards199
2013/7/30 7:36:28Health Departments Offer Free TDAPs425
2013/7/30 6:40:57Cainsville Youth Wins Scholarship495
2013/7/30 4:16:35Sales Taxes Waived For Back To School419
2013/7/29 10:58:52Felony Charges Filed Against Chillicothe Man1115
2013/7/29 10:42:08Trenton Man Jailed On Sodomy Charges1574
2013/7/29 10:36:05TMU: Water Outage Tuesday 865
2013/7/29 10:30:11NCMC Holds Training Course274
2013/7/29 10:17:23North Central Missouri Fair Queen Contest497
2013/7/29 9:53:01Mercer Woman Faces Multiple Charges1209
2013/7/29 9:48:04Mercer County Sheriff's Department Receives Honors496
2013/7/29 9:39:17Jameson Picnic Going Strong For 122 Years571
2013/7/29 9:11:35North Central Missouri College Foundation Topic Of Open Line290
2013/7/29 6:41:37Trenton City Council Meets On Taxes252
2013/7/29 6:07:06Weekly Schedule Of Road Repairs From MoDOT247
2013/7/29 4:55:47Possible Phone Scam In Trenton603
2013/7/29 4:40:00Charges Pending Against Chillicothe Man671
2013/7/27 9:58:26Drought Conditions Return To Missouri362
2013/7/27 8:55:48Attempted Kidnapping Investigation In Chillicothe1123
2013/7/26 7:37:10Backpack Program Helps Feed Missouri Kids306
2013/7/26 6:45:17Livingston County Sheriff Adds Feature To Website403
2013/7/26 6:27:01Jamesport Junior Livestock Show Activities337
2013/7/26 6:20:36Unemployment Rates In North Missouri309
2013/7/26 5:23:22Agriculture Field Day Scheduled250
2013/7/26 4:56:39Insects Create Problem For Alfalfa Fields274
2013/7/26 4:51:56MU College Of Agriculture To Hold Field Day231
2013/7/26 4:43:56New Iphone App Helps Cattle Producers280
2013/7/25 19:33:01Clark County Circuit Clerk Under Investigation666
2013/7/25 10:51:22Trenton Man Granted Change Of Venue On Charges443
2013/7/25 10:50:00Trenton Man Facing Murder Charges Appears In Court1005
2013/7/25 10:40:00Drug Bust In Macon, Missouri1083
2013/7/25 10:27:37Queen City Man Arrested For Choking Woman517
2013/7/25 9:57:52Livingston County Health Center To Offer Wellness/Weight Loss Program284
2013/7/25 8:00:00Ice Cream Social Featured At Jamesport252
2013/7/25 7:05:24Man Arrested For Paying Mother For Sex1406
2013/7/25 6:50:00Kirksville Police Seek Fugitive877
2013/7/25 6:29:37NRCS Presents Seminar 215
2013/7/25 5:42:31Board Of Public Works Meets197
2013/7/25 4:49:30Boil Advisory Issued385
2013/7/25 4:44:29Museum Announces Rope Making Demonstration204
2013/7/25 4:40:13Two Trenton Residents Charged In Grundy County853
2013/7/25 4:34:49Circuit Court News405
2013/7/24 5:43:04Trenton Downtown Improvement Association 506
2013/7/24 5:38:30NCMC Board Of Trustees Meet324
2013/7/24 5:26:48Poker Run To Benefit Diabetes388
2013/7/24 4:51:44Gallatin Residents See Increase In Electric Rates283
2013/7/24 4:47:21Chillicothe Resident Charged In Grundy County830
2013/7/24 4:40:00Trenton Police Department Launces New Campaign533
2013/7/23 10:58:14Northeast Missouri Man's Trial Date Set792
2013/7/23 7:36:16Demoliton Projects To Begin In Trenton569
2013/7/23 6:40:00Back To School Safety Fair Set For Mercer County385
2013/7/23 4:54:32Trenton Man And Son Sentenced In Illegal Fireworks Charge871
2013/7/23 4:50:00Trenton Man Arrested On Firearms Charge1061
2013/7/23 4:45:05NCMC To Offer Tuition-Free Industrial Training374
2013/7/23 4:41:53NCMC To Hold Organization Fair406
2013/7/23 4:37:31Harrison County Man Pleads Guilty To Child Abuse744
2013/7/22 10:00:00NCMC Board Of Trustees To Meet 299
2013/7/22 9:14:41North Central Mo Fair Topic Of Open Line366
2013/7/22 6:46:413 Year Old And Woman Injured When Train Hits Vehicle853
2013/7/22 4:39:58North Kansas City Man Seriously Injured In Accident611
2013/7/22 4:34:36Health Department Holds Food Training265
2013/7/21 8:37:21Teen Threatens To Throw Woman From Bridge1279
2013/7/19 10:37:56North Central Mo. Fair Topic Of Rotary Club Meeting457
2013/7/19 10:24:11Habitat For Humanity To Host Ceremony588
2013/7/19 10:02:51Livingston County Sheriff Reports On Activities537
2013/7/19 10:00:00Governer Nixon Appoints New Prosecutor493
2013/7/19 9:52:23Quarterback Club Offers Grandparent Lines266
2013/7/19 4:50:00James Bowe - Ryan Vencill Appear In Court1537
2013/7/18 10:39:01Grundy County Health Department Offers Free Vaccine345
2013/7/18 10:14:19Livingston County Health Center Announces Walk/Run348
2013/7/18 10:10:00Identity Of Man Confirmed In Burning Vehicle1280
2013/7/18 4:58:31Mercer and Livingston County Fair Events345
2013/7/18 4:48:38Mo Counties Working Toward Certification317
2013/7/17 17:30:00Trenton Man Arrested In Kirksville 1479
2013/7/17 9:37:28Dr. G Discusses Vaccines For Children359
2013/7/17 6:52:19NCMC To Hold Pinning Ceremony603
2013/7/17 4:39:52Mercer And Livingston County Fair Activities403
2013/7/17 4:34:01Board Of Equalization Makes No Changes417
2013/7/17 4:17:07Three Princeton Teens Face 19 Felony Charges1712
2013/7/16 10:00:00Laredo Board Of Education Meets322
2013/7/16 9:50:00Princeton Escapee Captured In California978
2013/7/16 9:50:00Spickard Board Of Education Meets360
2013/7/16 9:47:28Jamesport Livestock Show And Fair409
2013/7/16 9:15:09Kansas Man Arrested In Caldwell County811
2013/7/16 8:08:44Tim King Retiring From Kirksville Police Department.587
2013/7/16 7:34:03North Central Mo. Fair Queen Candidates Announced1071
2013/7/16 6:40:00Shooting Accident Injures 13 Year Old1021
2013/7/16 4:41:17Street Work Planned In Trenton306
2013/7/16 4:38:10Grundy County Circuit Court News690
2013/7/16 4:32:58Grundy County Prosecutor Drops Charges1004
2013/7/15 10:46:49Chillicothe Police Department Activities Report538
2013/7/15 10:11:42Self Defense Classes For Women In Livingston County321
2013/7/15 9:18:27Missouri State Fair Topic Of Open Line340
2013/7/15 8:57:25Blood Drive Hosted By WMH337
2013/7/15 4:50:00Man Sentenced To Life In Prison914
2013/7/15 4:38:06Area Residents Participate In Patrol Academy504
2013/7/15 4:30:00Three Charged In Grundy County1158
2013/7/12 16:30:00Arrests Made In Felony Assault At Humphreys2967
2013/7/12 9:50:00Blake Valbracht Released From Custody1646
2013/7/12 9:17:41Calamity Jane Day Plans Announced1397
2013/7/12 4:50:00Chamber Sponsors Annual Poker Run369
2013/7/12 4:40:00Garden Tractor Pull Saturday Night453
2013/7/12 4:29:38Sex Offender Arrested At Chillicothe1298
2013/7/11 10:53:13KCPL Seeks Increase358
2013/7/11 10:44:14Health Department Presents Program On Diabetes330
2013/7/11 10:30:00Trenton Chamber Holds Food Drive322
2013/7/11 10:14:22Cases Heard In Circuit Court977
2013/7/11 4:40:00Edina Teen Dies1218
2013/7/11 4:32:21Chillicothe Woman Indicted On Embezzlement1188
2013/7/10 20:20:00MoDOT Reveals Five Year Plan490
2013/7/10 9:39:46Missouri Day Flags Available For Sponsorship368
2013/7/10 9:10:00Livingston County Sheriff Responds To Unusual Call1445
2013/7/10 7:30:05House Bill 322 Signed By Governer Jay Nixon575
2013/7/10 6:40:00Edina Teen Shot In Head1141
2013/7/10 5:52:47County Commission News443
2013/7/10 5:26:24Princeton Board Of Education Meets354
2013/7/10 4:52:07North Mercer Board Meets619
2013/7/10 4:45:09Highway Patrol Graduates New Class474
2013/7/9 19:20:00Lunch Price Increase For Trenton R-9 District645
2013/7/9 6:19:14Highway Patrol Reports On Holiday Traffic477
2013/7/9 5:40:15Galt Fair Kicks Off Thursday390
2013/7/9 5:36:05Trenton City Council Meets478
2013/7/8 10:50:00Details Released In Weekend Homicide At Trenton2848
2013/7/8 10:34:30Chillicothe Man Faces Murder Charge In Las Vegas2503
2013/7/8 9:22:41Wright Memorial Hosital Foundation Topic Of Open Line355
2013/7/8 7:39:17Courter Theater In Gallatin Holds Auditions474
2013/7/8 4:33:38Sullivan County Man Arrested On Firearms Charges1555
2013/7/6 8:51:20Smithville Lake Victims Identified932
2013/7/5 13:29:45Moberly Teen Faces Felony Charges770
2013/7/5 13:22:48Macon Elementary School Undergoing Renovations411
2013/7/5 7:29:342 Die At Smithville Lake874
2013/7/5 6:54:41Updates On Activity At Livingston County Sheriff's Office750
2013/7/5 6:36:55Public Tours Announced At Livingston County Jail359
2013/7/4 10:30:00Two Arrested In Trenton For Sale Of Illegal Fireworks1953
2013/7/3 17:00:44Gallatin Processor Proposes Horse Slaughterhouse 655
2013/7/3 16:30:0017 Year Old Sent To Prison For Texting While Driving1817
2013/7/3 10:49:14Grocery Prices In Missouri Under National Average367
2013/7/3 9:45:14Well Child Visits Topic Of Dr. G327
2013/7/3 5:42:48Gene Pattie Makes Court Appearance1099
2013/7/3 5:21:39Showers And Warm Weather Improve Crops294
2013/7/3 4:43:44Missouri State Highway Patrol Hiring612
2013/7/3 4:19:37Trenton Man Charged In Adair County1042
2013/7/2 4:10:00Gilman City Woman Wins 1 Million Dollars2043
2013/7/1 19:40:22Two Teens Injured In Fireworks Accident1130
2013/7/1 9:48:0219 Firefighters Die In Arizona Blaze245
2013/7/1 9:31:29Acquatic Center To Hold Water Baby Classes310
2013/7/1 9:26:19NCMC Announces New Scholarship359
2013/7/1 9:14:09July 4th Activities Topic of Open Line292
2013/7/1 4:45:02MoDot Road Work July 1 Through July 5th316
2013/6/30 9:15:58Car Show Held At Cameron285
2013/6/29 10:04:23Farmers Bailing Hay Hope To Get "Bailed" Out By Weather 449
2013/6/29 9:13:25Man Who Dies In Courtroom Committed Suicide1141
2013/6/29 9:07:39Sullivan County Fair Comes To A Close263
2013/6/29 8:57:51Grand Jury Indicts Man On Child Porn Charges556
2013/6/29 8:49:05Sullivan County Man Arrested On Sodomy Charges785
2013/6/28 10:23:18Deadline Approaching On Mo. State Fair Entries308
2013/6/28 10:20:28Missouri State Fair Announces Free Entertainment445
2013/6/28 10:20:00Man Dies After Conviction On Sodomy1308
2013/6/28 9:40:19Two Knox County Men Face Felony Charges, Including Kidnapping443
2013/6/27 16:15:15Maryville Man Charged With Arson481
2013/6/27 16:02:49Macon Man Dies In Fire562
2013/6/27 15:40:00Macon Man Sentenced To 37 Years On Sex Charges643
2013/6/27 8:01:55St. Joseph Woman Sentenced In Five Million Dollar Conspiracy604
2013/6/27 7:40:59I-35 Construction Project At Cameron272
2013/6/27 4:52:36Novinger Man Charged With Rape Faces Additional Charges508
2013/6/26 12:56:18Supreme Court Votes On Landmark Decision For Gay Rights310
2013/6/26 10:49:08Trenton Board Of Public Works Meets227
2013/6/26 7:33:26University Of Missouri Student Captures Fair Queen510
2013/6/26 6:30:00Livingston And Daviess County Health Centers Promote Vaccinations321
2013/6/26 6:21:19Gallatin Board Of Aldermen Meet263
2013/6/26 4:34:42Newtown Man Indicted On Child Porn Charges687
2013/6/25 9:31:17Livingston County Health Center Provides Tips For Summer Heat406
2013/6/25 9:18:19Stacy Center In Princeton Topic Of Open Line281
2013/6/25 8:48:07Trenton City Council Approves Beer Sales At Fair625
2013/6/25 6:46:12Summer Reading Program At Jewett Norris Library247
2013/6/25 6:37:55Missouri Department Of Economic Development In Chillicothe246
2013/6/25 5:40:00Fire Marshall On Fireworks Safety287
2013/6/25 4:58:10Higbee Woman Touted As Hero801
2013/6/25 4:47:47Smithsonian Loans Exhibit To Chillicothe437
2013/6/25 4:40:12Galt Man Among Those Facing Charges On Meth/Firearms708
2013/6/25 4:20:00Chillicothe Glow Run Tops $9,000347
2013/6/24 14:50:00Man Arrested In Death Of 13 Year Old Macala Shelton1177
2013/6/24 14:40:51Novinger Man Arrested For Rape843
2013/6/24 10:00:00Gallatin, Princeton, Gilman City To Hold Independence Day Celebrations465
2013/6/24 9:47:214th Of July Celebration Activities At Trenton794
2013/6/24 9:15:40Pencil Convention Comes To Trenton325
2013/6/24 7:30:0013 Year Old Macala Shelton's Body Found915
2013/6/24 5:51:02Ghost Hunters’ Missouri Episodes To Air On TV737
2013/6/24 5:39:32Chillicothe Police Arrest Two Over Weekend1001
2013/6/24 4:56:47Road Work Schedule For Week Of June 24292
2013/6/22 15:06:35Supermoon Peaks Sunday June 23812
2013/6/22 9:53:37Convicted Murderer Tony King Back In Court664
2013/6/22 9:20:00Schuyler County EMT Charged With Assault549
2013/6/22 8:49:54Scams Continue In Livingston County426
2013/6/22 8:40:00Eleven Sentenced In Methamphetamine Charges604
2013/6/21 20:00:25Update: Brian Adkison Arrest Details982
2013/6/21 10:10:00Kirksville Officers Recognized356
2013/6/21 9:27:03NCMC Board Of Trustees Meets434
2013/6/21 6:53:08Great American Backyard Campout282
2013/6/21 6:24:07Manhunt Continues For Brian Adkison836
2013/6/21 4:55:42Twins Arrested In Livingston County1261
2013/6/20 14:40:00Unionville Man Gets Probation On Sex Offense505
2013/6/20 10:50:00North Missouri Center For Youth/Families Fundraiser388
2013/6/20 9:48:59Police Chief Tommy Wright Discusses Ordinances475
2013/6/20 6:40:00GHRPC To Hold Meeting270
2013/6/20 6:35:07NCMC To Hold June Meeting252
2013/6/20 5:36:13Name Released In Investigation981
2013/6/20 5:30:00MoDOT Uses Robots To Mow Roadways366
2013/6/20 4:49:13Northeast Missouri Man Charged With Child Molestation835
2013/6/20 4:20:00Tony King Charged With Murder1302
2013/6/20 4:17:15Livingston County Sheriff Report399
2013/6/19 16:10:00Galt Community Fair Seeks Donations365
2013/6/19 15:29:11Search For Wanted Kidnapper Goes Cold801
2013/6/19 15:10:00Breckenridge Water Outage To End279
2013/6/19 10:51:41Second Harvest To Begin Pilot Project360
2013/6/19 10:30:00Suspect Captured In Burning Home/Wife770
2013/6/19 10:10:00First "On Call With Dr. G" Airs307
2013/6/19 7:25:45Update: Firefighters Respond To Blaze On East 9th In Trenton807
2013/6/19 6:40:00Daviess County Students Win Video Competition352
2013/6/19 5:42:10OATS To Begin Charging For Rides404
2013/6/19 5:30:00Two Hurt In Accident At Galt838
2013/6/18 14:45:44Individual Impersonating Electric Company Employee In Joplin340
2013/6/18 11:40:00Trenton Farmers Market Opens Saturday 313
2013/6/18 10:54:28Power Outage Scheduled For Unionville519
2013/6/18 9:08:07House Of Prayer Rescue Mission Topic Of Open Line245
2013/6/18 8:40:00Spickard Board Of Education Meets310
2013/6/18 7:50:00Kingsville Teen Drowns513
2013/6/18 5:59:26Update: Authorities Continue Looking For Brian Adkison911
2013/6/18 5:41:39Kirksville Police Looking For Fugitive1049
2013/6/18 5:30:00Gooseberry Festival 5K Run Results400
2013/6/18 4:53:23Circuit Court Has Busy Day602
2013/6/18 4:30:00Chillicothe Student Earns Position On State Rodeo Team490
2013/6/17 13:00:00New Ag Scholarship At NCMC 287
2013/6/17 12:20:00Texaco Country Showdown Rescheduled303
2013/6/17 10:42:42Conservation Department Accepting Applications380
2013/6/17 10:25:59Macon Man Struck By Lightning588
2013/6/17 10:00:00Trenton Chamber To Hold Quarterly Luncheon242
2013/6/17 9:54:24Kirksville Resident Injured In Accident371
2013/6/17 9:47:47Two Injured In Daviess County Accident470
2013/6/17 9:20:37Police Chief Tommy Wright, and Ralph Boots On Open Line280
2013/6/17 6:20:00Road Work Scheduled For June 17 Through June 21292
2013/6/17 5:40:00Tickets On Sale For Missouri State Fair Concerts402
2013/6/17 5:10:00Three Injured In Daviess County Accident500
2013/6/16 10:10:00Missing Hamilton Woman Found3371
2013/6/15 19:02:11Interim Police Chief Appointed At Cameron348
2013/6/15 11:40:00Hamilton Woman Involved In Accident821
2013/6/15 11:00:00Three Injured In Accident At Cameron497
2013/6/15 10:10:00One Injured In Accident At Gallatin463
2013/6/14 10:30:00Mizzou Football Players In Fender Bender395
2013/6/14 9:29:26Livingston County Sheriff's Office Report Of Activities684
2013/6/14 7:00:00Vans Collide North of Breckenridge333
2013/6/14 6:44:53Boil Advisory For Portions Of Sullivan County270
2013/6/14 6:23:53Fatal Accident Near Savannah548
2013/6/14 5:40:40Train Strikes Car Injures Higbee Woman482
2013/6/14 4:55:19Excelsior Springs Implements Smoking Ban295
2013/6/13 10:30:00Nursing Home Board To Meet263
2013/6/13 9:57:58Jamesport Tri-County Board Meets326
2013/6/13 8:50:00Prosecuting Attorney Assigned To Grundy County783
2013/6/13 7:33:35Jamesport City Council Meets295
2013/6/13 7:20:35Gooseberry Ice Cream At Grundy County Museum255
2013/6/13 6:53:36Busy Day For Circuit Court At Trenton669
2013/6/13 6:30:00Choc And Chalk To Be Held In Chillicothe267
2013/6/13 4:58:24Update: Inmate Found Dead Tuesday Morning610
2013/6/13 4:40:00Galt Man/U.S. Veteran Nominated By Royals For Recognition406
2013/6/12 14:10:00Trenton Police Department Seeks Input427
2013/6/12 13:31:16Livingston County Sheriff Busy With Court400
2013/6/12 10:19:42Blood Drive Set For Chillicothe222
2013/6/12 9:21:06Massive Storms May Hit Iowa East To Coast873
2013/6/12 6:23:58Jameson To Hold Annual Fish Fry676
2013/6/12 5:20:00Accused Sex Offender Dies In Buchanan County Jail Cell946
2013/6/12 5:00:00Spickard Man Arrested On Felony Assault760
2013/6/12 4:50:26FFA Members Atttend Speaking Academy406
2013/6/12 4:41:52Princeton Board Of Education Meets276
2013/6/12 4:38:31North Mercer Board Of Education Meets342
2013/6/12 4:34:05Gallatin Board Of Alderman Meet277
2013/6/11 16:35:01Man Arrested On Four Counts Of Sexual Misconduct860
2013/6/11 9:10:00Appointments And Ordinances Highlight Meeting Of Trenton City Council386
2013/6/11 8:10:07All Girls To Have Access To Morning After Pill312
2013/6/11 7:31:38Twinkies To Return To Store Shelves407
2013/6/11 6:20:00Cameron Police Chief Resigns676
2013/6/11 4:26:24Trenton Police Dispatched To 790 Calls In May368
2013/6/10 16:00:00Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor6362
2013/6/10 9:14:59Camp Rainbow Topic Of Open Line308
2013/6/10 8:52:14Chillicothe Police Busy Over Weekend438
2013/6/10 8:44:317th District State Representative To Supply Flags295
2013/6/10 7:20:00Chillicothe Shelter Transfers Management380
2013/6/10 6:49:35North Mercer Board Of Education Set To Meet335
2013/6/10 6:10:00Road Projects In North Missouri329
2013/6/10 4:56:56Trenton City Sales Tax Down249
2013/6/9 10:47:35No Parking At Cameron Airport For Airshow Sunday319
2013/6/9 10:36:34Body Of Shooting Victim Found In Grand River1307
2013/6/8 14:10:00Morning After Pill To Be Available To Minors Without Prescription365
2013/6/8 14:06:39Man Killed While Attempting To Steal Copper1015
2013/6/7 7:50:00Boil Order Issued 362
2013/6/7 7:40:00Princeton Board Of Education To Meet314
2013/6/7 7:34:46Laredo Board Of Education To Meet Monday Evening308
2013/6/7 7:25:41New Aquatic Center Opens At Chillicothe365
2013/6/7 6:39:23Mercer County Fair Schedule Set608
2013/6/7 6:23:30Scams Occuring In Trenton Area603
2013/6/7 4:38:57Busy Week For Chillicothe Police369
2013/6/7 4:29:44Chillicothe Police Department Receives Grant295
2013/6/6 11:00:00American Red Cross Swimming Lessons359
2013/6/6 10:36:16First Baptist Church Celebrates 175 Years295
2013/6/6 9:30:00Tunes Under The Moon at Chillicothe370
2013/6/6 9:28:40Couple Arrested For Stealing Flowers From Graves816
2013/6/6 7:50:00MoDOT plans road work520
2013/6/6 7:32:20Chillicothe Farmers Market Holding "Tune Up"307
2013/6/6 7:30:00Fun Day To Be Held At Crowder State Park260
2013/6/6 6:52:38Trenton Park Board Meets301
2013/6/6 5:42:14Daviess County Commission Meets In Gallatin243
2013/6/6 5:36:10Chillicothe Police Report Activities276
2013/6/6 4:58:06Salesman In Livingston County Selling "Lightning Rods"495
2013/6/6 3:50:00Homeless Man Gets 20 Years In Prison425
2013/6/5 13:59:04Authorities Seek Northwest Missouri Man On Warrants900
2013/6/5 13:50:00Police Arrest Chillicothe Woman After Robbery Hoax844
2013/6/5 13:50:00Roundabout Opera For Kids On Summer Break257
2013/6/5 12:40:05Livingston County Sheriff's Office Has Busy Week421
2013/6/5 6:37:16Assistance Available To Farmers293
2013/6/5 4:43:34Woman Jailed After Stabbing Incident964
2013/6/5 4:25:09Trenton To Host Revival For Men344
2013/6/5 4:20:00Two Arrested By Grundy County Sheriff1167
2013/6/4 6:40:00Trenton Residents Arrested On Burglary Charges606
2013/6/4 6:27:10Park Board Agenda Set280
2013/6/4 4:47:06Unionville Continues Cleanup423
2013/6/4 4:43:14Woman Released, Arrested Yet Again On Meth Charges901
2013/6/4 4:39:18Man Tazed After Traffic Stop694
2013/6/3 10:50:00Relay For Life Raises Twenty Five Thousand Dollars320
2013/6/3 10:29:37Gooseberry Festival Topic Of Open Line288
2013/6/3 10:15:38May Sees Above Normal Precipitation In Trenton310
2013/6/3 9:45:48Gooseberry Festival Set For June 14, 15 And 161041
2013/6/3 7:58:18North Central Missouri Red Cross Assist Moore Oklahoma530
2013/6/1 10:50:00Trenton Man Arrested In Livingston County1002
2013/5/30 6:10:00Fifty Officers Involved In Chase1376
2013/5/30 5:40:00Hamilton Theater League To Present Music Through The Decades322
2013/5/30 5:37:04Hamilton Chamber Of Commerce Meets250
2013/5/30 4:50:00Livingston County Deputy Involved In Auto Accident565
2013/5/30 4:37:06Suspect Surrenders To Livingston County Sheriff900
2013/5/29 10:20:00Livingston County Sheriff's Office Busy Over Holiday Weekend588
2013/5/29 9:58:44Flags Stolen From Chillicothe Cemetery360
2013/5/29 9:07:34Mike Lair Featured On Open Line248
2013/5/28 8:52:05Princeton Chamber Sets July 4th Plans328
2013/5/28 8:50:00Winston School Board Votes To Increase Teacher Salaries385
2013/5/24 9:46:02Livingston County Sheriffs Office Releases Recent Activities708
2013/5/24 9:30:00Update: Training Assists Officer In Walking Away From Accident405
2013/5/24 7:42:10Update On Hedrick Medical Center Construction348
2013/5/24 7:25:37Man Arrested after allegedly Impersonating a Deputy Sheriff417
2013/5/24 6:48:19Budget bill includes money for new lake in North-Central Missouri427
2013/5/24 6:22:12Eighteen Year Old Arrested For Prostitution1250
2013/5/23 7:40:00Trenton Police Department Seeks Input On Truck Traffic Within Trenton302
2013/5/23 7:30:00Livingston County Sheriff's Deputy Involved In Auto Accident678
2013/5/23 5:40:00Jamesport Man Accused Of Impersonating Deputy383
2013/5/20 9:12:58Museum Topic Of Open Line Program289
2013/5/18 7:35:23Northeast Missouri School Superintendent Arrested For Stealing And Forgery806
2013/5/17 13:51:10Construction Continues On Amphitheater In Milan.713
2013/5/16 8:54:42"Funny Money" Passed In Macon, Mo.336
2013/5/16 8:40:00Iowa Driver Licenses Online Without A Vision Test370
2013/5/16 8:33:58Research Looks At Teens270
2013/5/15 8:42:57Bill Makes It Tougher For Electrion Recounts In Missouri352
2013/5/15 7:04:56NTSB Pushes For Stricter DUI Limits265
2013/5/13 18:36:50Man Facing Federal Charges Disappears667
2013/5/13 18:35:35Traffic Stop Ends In Meth Bust512
2013/5/13 17:00:00Well Known Mercer Coach And Wife Assaulted; One Person Arrested 4387
2013/5/13 9:09:19University Extension Topic Of Open Line285
2013/5/11 8:25:59State of the art long term living facility opens in Macon307
2013/5/11 8:22:16Green City Woman Faces Federal Fraud Charges559
2013/5/11 8:18:12Prince Harry Visits Arlington291
2013/5/10 8:29:54Two Dead, Nine Hurt In Four Car Crash On Interstate 29478
2013/5/10 6:20:50Sullivan County Man Arrested For Child Porn670
2013/5/6 9:57:27Breast Cancer Topic Of Open Line357
2013/5/6 7:36:28KTTN Streaming Server Back Online415
2013/5/4 6:47:56Alleged killers face even more charges 401
2013/5/4 6:46:46Man charged with sex crime now facing weapons charges373
2013/5/4 6:45:13Suspect's text message: I'm gonna blow the place up479
2013/4/29 9:08:41Community Action Agency Topic Of Open Line267
2013/4/22 9:06:23Trenton Community Garage Sales/Community Pride Topic Of Open Line321
2013/4/16 9:09:12North Missouri Center For Youth Topic Of Open Line292
2013/4/15 9:08:07Second Harvest/Community Food Bank Topic Of Open Line308
2013/4/9 9:04:14Soccer Stars Topic Of Open Line304
2013/4/8 9:06:29Public Health Month Topic Of Open Line288
2013/4/3 9:08:19Guns-N-Hoses Charity Topic Of Open Line329
2013/4/2 9:10:00Upcoming Women Conference Topic Of Open Line340
2013/4/1 9:20:00Walking Trail And Memorial Garden Open Line Topic321
2013/3/26 9:20:00Grand River Valley Choir Topic Of Open Line318
2013/3/25 9:11:05Local Use Tax Topic Of Open Line356
2013/3/19 9:11:24Helping Hands Benefit Topic Of Open Line400
2013/3/18 9:25:13Mike Lair Open Line Guest358
2013/3/11 9:52:21Nuisance Law/Building Code Open Line Topics376
2013/3/5 9:28:57Roundabout Opera For Kids Open Line Topic430
2013/3/4 10:10:00Severe Weather Awareness Week Topic Of Open Line338
2013/2/25 9:29:55Student Scholarship Campaign Topic Of Open Line342
2013/2/18 9:58:49FFA Activities Topic Of Open Line379
2013/1/31 9:50:00Friends of the Library/Arts hold event337
2013/1/29 9:20:00Trenton Chamber Of Commerce holds annual banquet363
2013/1/22 6:31:49Grundy County Health Department To Hold Stop Smoking Class266
2013/1/15 6:52:06Grundy County Food Pantry Featured On Open Line319
2013/1/8 9:50:00Sixth Annual Wellness Challenge set to begin372
2013/1/3 7:30:00Open Line interview with John Anthony and Mike Lair345
2012/6/7 6:40:00Gallatin Resident Qualifies For Professional Golf Event765
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News On The Web
2014/3/11 8:30:002 Year Old Found Wandering, Clutching His Mom's Suicide Note1339
2013/9/25 6:40:00Teen Grows Pink Pumpkins To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness974
2013/9/24 10:55:32Two Year Old Dies In Dog Mauling1266
2013/9/9 6:54:36Truck Decal Declared As "Most Offensive"1043
2013/9/4 4:50:00Brian Adkison Spotted In Ohio433
2013/5/31 7:39:37Amelia Earhart Plane Found In Six Hundred Feet Of Water?189
2013/5/31 5:54:28Budget Cuts Cause Military To Lose Meals In Afghanistan232
2013/5/31 5:46:15President Obama Receives Threats125
2013/5/31 4:52:06Muslim's Allowed Time For Prayer In School303
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Road Work
2014/1/20 4:37:44MoDOT Schedule For North Missouri201
2014/1/13 4:24:47MoDOT Schedule For North Missouri181
2014/1/6 4:12:50MoDOT Weekly Road Work Schedule276
2013/12/16 4:40:41MoDOT Schedule For North Missouri263
2013/12/9 4:22:48MoDOT Weekly Maintenance Schedule234
2013/11/25 4:46:50Weekly Road Work Schedule From MoDOT203
2013/11/11 4:22:14MoDOT Road Work Schedule288
2013/11/4 7:24:46Road Work Schedule For Week Of November 4221
2013/10/28 4:49:36MoDOT Weekly Maintenance Schedule239
2013/10/24 5:55:54Bridge Repair Near Chillicothe Set For November 6317
2013/10/16 7:25:59Route V In Chillicothe Closes For Road Work304
2013/10/7 4:52:01Weekly Schedule Of MoDOT Maintenance304
2013/9/30 4:16:50Weekly MoDOT Repair/Maintenance Schedule251
2013/9/23 10:50:01Road Work At Braymer Set To Begin209
2013/9/16 11:10:00I-35, North of Cameron, Scheduled For Resurfacing Work203
2013/9/16 10:59:14Iowa Boulevard Work Postponed Due To Weather195
2013/9/16 4:28:00MoDOT's Road Repair Schedule This Week212
2013/9/9 9:24:59Bridge Repairs To Resume In Livingston County551
2013/9/9 9:19:20Paving To Begin On Highway 69 And 36246
2013/9/9 4:39:22Road Work In North Missouri244
2013/8/27 10:42:26Route A Project In Braymer Delayed By MoDOT205
2013/8/26 5:44:57MoDOT Announces Work This Week In North Missouri291
2013/8/22 6:17:50Road Work On Iowa Boulevard In Trenton266
2013/8/19 9:34:19Pavement Repairs On Highway 6 In Adair County219
2013/8/12 10:05:15MoDOT Delays Work In Cameron251
2013/8/12 9:50:00MoDOT Road Work This Week277
2013/8/8 6:04:31Route C In Grundy County Closed Today247
2013/8/7 6:44:56Interstate 35 Work In Daviess County256
2013/7/31 6:34:03Culvert Work In Mercer County238
2013/7/22 5:30:00MoDOT Announces Road Work For This Week311
2013/7/15 7:37:53MoDOT Announces Road Work340
2013/7/8 9:20:00Weekly Work Announcement By MoDot431
2013/6/4 6:30:25Road Work Scheduled In Trenton298
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2014/8/26 4:10:00Chiefs Make Push To Bring Super Bowl To Arrowhead Stadium77
2014/6/20 6:40:00Chiefs Training Camp Set For July 24th At St. Joseph142
2014/5/28 9:40:00Trenton Blue Jays Announce Season Schedule428
2014/5/12 4:20:03Sam Finds Comfortable Spot Landing In St. Louis174
2014/5/9 4:47:45Chiefs Draft Auburn DE Dee Ford In First Round248
2014/4/15 9:35:41TAMA Activities And Good Friday Service Topic Of Open Line195
2014/3/14 4:21:09Meadville Wins Against Macks Creek At Columbia321
2013/12/16 10:04:35Elks Hoop Shoot Results409
2013/12/3 8:26:12Seattle Fans Reclaim Record From KC For Crowd Noise227
2013/10/31 6:40:00Holiday Hoops Returns To NCMC For 9th Year422
2013/10/29 5:21:38World Series Ratings Up But Behind NFL210
2013/10/1 9:34:23I-35 Speedway Releases Point Standings293
2013/8/27 4:20:09New Car Top Prize At Local Golf Tournament365
2013/7/31 9:20:00Are You Ready For Some Football?499
2013/7/22 8:20:00Morrison Arrested For Barking At Police Dog644
2013/7/4 18:30:14Royals Defeat Indians 10 to 7256
2013/7/1 10:20:44Trenton Blue Jays Win 2 Of 3283
2013/6/27 4:46:52Michaelis To Have Number Retired450
2013/6/25 6:55:23Chicago Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup305
2013/6/13 16:23:26"Left Turn Leffler" Dies In Car Crash758
2013/5/14 19:46:29Akeem Jordan gets first chance to start along side Derrick Johnson on Chiefs’ defense 561
2013/5/14 16:05:26University Of Missouri To Build New Softball Stadium338
Total of 22 articles 7605
2014/9/17 5:45:06Update On Investigation Involving Discharge Of A Firearm In Chillicothe421
2014/6/9 9:16:05Jeremy Orona Arrested After Officer Involved Shooting498
2014/5/8 4:30:00Human Remains Discovered In Missouri Trailer Park490
2014/3/11 4:00:00Traffic Accident Near Jameson Now Includes 4 Injuries642
2014/2/19 5:40:00Body Of Missing 10 Year Old Found; Suspect Charged925
2014/1/15 6:20:00Controversy On Horse Slaughter Continues556
2013/11/7 11:10:00Two Confirmed Dead In Early Morning Fire At Spickard2267
2013/10/9 4:23:23Jameson Read Case Continued; Related Cases Scheduled To Appear744
2013/9/20 10:54:00Sheriff Cox Releases Update In Abduction Case1220
2013/9/20 8:23:15Bomb Threat At Milan School1265
2013/7/18 4:40:00Bond Set In Kirksville Arrest532
2013/7/15 6:30:00Additional Details In Vencill Assault Case 2912
2013/6/20 3:30:00Name Released In Investigation857
Total of 13 articles 13329
2014/9/3 4:30:00August Weather Summary For Trenton68
2013/7/25 15:36:06The Facts About Lightning367
2013/6/27 8:10:00Severe Thunderstorm Watch Until 4 pm 347
2013/6/10 5:20:00Wettest Spring In Over 100 Years329
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