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This category is for breaking news and announcements.
BULLETIN! : Update : Missouri House Speaker Resigns
Posted by Tom on 2015/5/14 13:55:17 (295 reads)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. --- The Associated Press is reporting the resignation of the Missouri Speaker of the House. John J. Diehl Jr. is facing harsh criticism for his role in a scandal involving sexually charged texts with an intern.
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BULLETIN! : Silver Advisory Issued For Michigan Man, Traveling To Cameron
Posted by Tom on 2015/3/18 11:50:00 (183 reads)

UPDATE: Advisory was cancelled on Thursday night
The Cameron Police Department has issued an Endangered Silver Advisory, for a missing man believed to be traveling from Tecumseh, Michigan to Cameron, Missouri for a funeral.
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BULLETIN! : Water Outage Reported In Mercer
Posted by Tom on 2015/1/20 13:24:12 (134 reads)

A water main break in Mercer has caused the entire town to have water shut off while repairs were made on Tuesday.
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BULLETIN! : New LOCATION And TIME Announced For Saturday's Trenton/Lincoln Prep Game
Posted by Tom on 2013/9/30 20:20:00 (579 reads)

Trenton High School has announced a change in the LOCATION and the TIME for Saturday's varsity football game in Kansas City!

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BULLETIN! : Bailey Summers Found In Kansas City, Kansas
Posted by Randy on 2013/8/9 18:53:17 (4040 reads)

Kansas City, Kan. police believe they have found missing Missouri teen Bailey Summers and the man suspected of traveling with her.

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BULLETIN! : Brian Adkison Captured
Posted by Randy on 2013/6/21 7:40:00 (1443 reads)

The search for Brian Adkison is over after Morgan County authorities captured him in Morgan County Friday afternoon.

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BULLETIN! : Pursuit Continues For Brian Adkison
Posted by Randy on 2013/6/17 15:00:00 (1703 reads)

Police have abandoned the search on foot, however, they have resumed in vehicles as they continue to look for Brian Adkinson.

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BULLETIN! : Des Moines Utility To Spend 1.9 Billion Dollars On Wind Energy
Posted by Randy on 2013/5/11 8:13:33 (419 reads)

In a report from the Associated Press.

DES MOINES, IOWA (AP) -- Gov. Terry Branstad and MidAmerican Energy are announcing plans to spend $1.9 billion to install 656 wind turbines in Iowa by the end of 2015.

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BULLETIN! : KCPL Representative Discusses Local Power Outages
Posted by Randy on 2013/5/3 8:15:43 (678 reads)

A representative of KCP&L spoke with John Anthony about the power outages effecting residents in North Missouri this morning.

Power should be restored some time today.

Click Here To Listen To The Entire Interview

BULLETIN! : February snowstorm brings "State of Emergency" to Missouri
Posted by John on 2013/2/21 9:20:00 (537 reads)

Governor Jay Nixon today declared a state of emergency in Missouri in response to severe winter weather that began early this morning, bringing hazardous travel and the possibility of power outages.

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BULLETIN! : Mercer experiences boil advisory
Posted by Tom on 2012/12/5 12:30:00 (533 reads)

The city of Mercer says water customers at Mercer will be WITHOUT service while a water main leak is located and repaired. There also will be a precautionary boil advisory at Mercer UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE for drinking and cooking water. The North Mercer School District dismissed classes at 1:15 on Wednesday afternoon because of the water outage.

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BULLETIN! : Gilman City put under water advisory
Posted by Tom on 2012/9/19 17:43:31 (606 reads)

The Gilman City community has been placed under a precautionary boil water advisory until further notice. The city clerk's office said the advisory was issued on Tuesday due to a broken water main in Gilman City.

BULLETIN! : Trenton man arrested, to be charged in Jamesport bank robbery
Posted by John on 2012/8/23 8:40:00 (1306 reads)

David M. Ketchmark, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced this (Thursday) morning that a rural Trenton man has been charged in federal court for the robbery of a Jamesport bank earlier this month.

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BULLETIN! : $40K raised for Area Youth Benefit Fund to help pay medical bills for children
Posted by John on 2012/8/7 8:47:34 (541 reads)

The 20th annual dinner-auction and golf tournament for Farmers’ Electric’s Area Youth Benefit Fund (AYBF) raised just under $40,000 this year.

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BULLETIN! : Endangered person advisory issued by Caldwell County authorities
Posted by Tom on 2012/6/18 8:05:02 (648 reads)

An Endangered Person Advisory remains in effect for a 50 year old rural Lathrop woman who has been missing since early Friday morning from her residence near the Caldwell and Clinton County line.

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BULLETIN! : Amber Alert Issued For 13-Year Old, Missing From Henry County
Posted by Tom on 2015/3/30 13:20:00 (359 reads)

An AMBER Alert was issued just before 2 o'clock on Monday afternoon for Hannah Kennish, a 13-year old girl from Montrose, Missouri, a small community in Henry County.
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BULLETIN! : Burn Ban Issued In Trenton
Posted by Tom on 2015/3/18 11:22:11 (136 reads)

Trenton's fire chief has announced a burn ban is in effect for the City of Trenton.
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BULLETIN! : Endangered Person Advisory Issued For Daviess County Girl
Posted by Randy on 2014/2/17 6:20:00 (2336 reads)

The Daviess County Sheriff's Office has issued an Endangered Person Advisory for a missing person incident that occurred at Hwy DD and Hwy 69 in Daviess County at 2:00 am on February 15, 2014.
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BULLETIN! : Students Evacuated At Milan
Posted by Randy on 2013/9/20 8:10:08 (1238 reads)

KTTN has been asked to announce there is an evacuation underway at the Milan school and Green Hills Head Start. No specific reason has been cited at this time.

Parents are asked to come and pickup their students at the bus barn in Milan. You are to take proper identification with you.

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BULLETIN! : Authorities Continue Search For Endangerd/Missing 15 Year Old
Posted by Randy on 2013/8/9 3:50:00 (1596 reads)

The Harrison County Sheriff's Department has issued an Endangered Missing Person alert for a 15-year-old girl. Authorities want to find Bailey Ann Summers.

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BULLETIN! : Trenton Fire Fighters Battling Blaze On Ninth Street
Posted by Randy on 2013/6/18 16:55:52 (2234 reads)

Trenton fire fighters are battling a blaze on east ninth street.

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Photo Credit: Jessica Nickel

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BULLETIN! : Bridge Closed In Linn County
Posted by Randy on 2013/6/7 6:50:00 (448 reads)

A Linn county Route B bridge West of Linneus has been closed following an inspection by the Missouri Department Of Transportation.

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BULLETIN! : Three Inmates Walk Away From Lansing Correctional Facility
Posted by Randy on 2013/5/10 8:27:29 (493 reads)

LANSING, Kan. - Three inmates walked away from a minimum security section of the Lansing Correctional Facility Friday morning.

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BULLETIN! : KTTN/KGOZ Streaming Servers Moved
Posted by Randy on 2013/5/1 4:22:44 (585 reads)

The KTTN and KGOZ Streaming service that is used has been moved to a new data center. This means, new (IP addresses) have been assigned to our machines at the data center.

This may take a few days to filter out over the internet and return our servers to being back "On Air."

BULLETIN! : Woodworth murder conviction overturned by Missouri Supreme Court
Posted by John on 2013/1/8 13:00:00 (841 reads)

It appears a Chillicothe man — Mark Woodworth - has won his appeal on a Livingston county murder case dating back to the 1990’s. Woodworth, convicted of murder, assault, burglary and armed criminal action for the killing of his neighbor Katherine Robertson and the serious assault of her husband Lyndel— sought relief from the Supreme Court of Missouri.

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BULLETIN! : Trenton icon passes away
Posted by Randy on 2012/11/29 6:30:00 (569 reads)

While details have yet to be released, it is confirmed that a Trenton icon has passed.

Arrangements for 66-year old Leonard Lame are pending.

BULLETIN! : Tri-County, due to heat, to close at 12:30 today
Posted by Tom on 2012/8/30 11:06:03 (877 reads)

The Jamesport Tri-County School District has announced that they will be dismissing classes early on Thursday afternoon because of the hot temperatures.

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BULLETIN! : Jamesport bank robbed on Wednesday morning
Posted by John on 2012/8/8 15:30:00 (941 reads)

Authorities are investigating a bank robbery that occurred this (Wednesday) afternoon at Jamesport. The incident happened about 2 o'clock at the Home Exchange Bank.

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Posted by John on 2012/7/2 13:00:00 (638 reads)

Unincorporated areas of Grundy county have been added to the announcement by the communities of Spickard AND GALT that are publicly announcing a burn BAN, effective immediately.

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BULLETIN! : PAR Broadcast Group begins VIDEO streaming of local events
Posted by Tom on 2012/5/29 13:35:16 (1105 reads)

An innovation new to the PAR Broadcast Group and KTTN is video streaming--the ability to cover a community or sports event in person, record, and upload to our station's web site.

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