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Weather : Overnight Rains Leave Flooding, Storm Damage, Overflowing Gauges
Posted by Tom on 2014/9/10 8:50:00 (190 reads)

A strong early fall cold front brought record rainfall, damaging wind gusts, and scattered tornado reports to the area on Tuesday night.

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Weather : Heavy Rain, Severe Weather Possible By Thursday Afternoon
Posted by Tom on 2014/5/8 8:10:00 (350 reads)

The National Weather Service is tracking a cold front that will be pushing through eastern Kansas and western Missouri today, with chances of severe weather expected to be on the increase during the front's passage.
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Weather : Strong Line Of Thunderstorms Rakes Area
Posted by Tom on 2014/4/28 10:10:00 (235 reads)

While the tornadic storms predicted by the National Weather Service stayed well south of northern Missouri, a strong line of thunderstorms rolled through the region just past the noon hour on Sunday, bringing hail, high winds, and sporadic damage reports.

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Weather : Trenton Reports Back-To-Back "White Christmases"
Posted by Tom on 2013/12/27 10:25:49 (322 reads)

People in the Trenton area experienced their second consecutive “White Christmas” on Tuesday. It was the sixth out of the last seven years to have a “white Christmas” in Trenton.

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Weather : Severe Thunderstorm Watch Until 4 pm
Posted by Randy on 2013/6/27 8:10:00 (398 reads)

The National Weather Service Severe Weather Prediction Center has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for portions of North and Northwest Missouri until 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

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Weather : MO severe weather drill scheduled for March 5th
Posted by Tom on 2013/2/28 8:02:25 (502 reads)

The annual Missouri severe weather drill is scheduled for 1:30 PM on Tuesday, March 5th. As in the past, a tornado warning TEST will be issued across the state. If the weather is inclement on March 5th, the test will be postponed until Thursday, March 7th.

Weather : Winter storm expected to hammer Iowa, northern Missouri
Posted by Tom on 2012/12/19 11:40:00 (475 reads)

A winter storm warning has been issued for 6 o'clock tonight (Wednesday night) until 12 noon on Thursday, for the threat and likelihood of snow and blowing snow across the NORTHERN portions of our listening area. This warning affects these counties: WORTH, GENTRY, HARRISON, MERCER, DEKALB, DAVIESS, AND GRUNDY]. This area is specifically, north of a line from St. Joseph to Kirksville.

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Weather : Much of Missouri declared in "SEVERE" drought
Posted by Tom on 2012/7/12 10:28:24 (415 reads)

This week’s drought monitor index report, released this (Thursday) morning, shows numerous counties across Missouri with severe drought conditions. There are exceptions in a couple far-reaching areas of the state. The map shows several counties of southeastern Missouri in an EXTREME drought as they have been drier for a longer period of time.

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Weather : With triple digit heat on the way, here is advice to "Stay Cool"
Posted by Tom on 2012/6/26 14:10:00 (499 reads)

With high temperatures again expected to threaten, or surpass, the century mark on Wednesday through Friday, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has some advice on dealing with the "extreme heat".

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Weather : August Weather Summary For Trenton
Posted by Randy on 2014/9/3 4:30:00 (119 reads)

The August weather summary for Trenton shows highs averaging below normal, lows above average, and rainfall considerably above average.
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Weather : Early Summer Heat To Be Followed By Thursday Severe Threat
Posted by Tom on 2014/5/6 9:40:00 (340 reads)

The National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill is warning of the "potential" for severe weather on Thursday, with a cold front sweeping heat and humidity from northern Missouri.

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Weather : Tornado Near Trenton Damages Homes, Properties
Posted by Tom on 2014/3/28 6:50:00 (1131 reads)

No injuries were reported from a storm cell that moved through northern Daviess County and Grundy County on Thursday afternoon, bringing funnel cloud and tornado sightings and damage in both counties before weakening.

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Weather : The Facts About Lightning
Posted by Randy on 2013/7/25 15:36:06 (428 reads)

If you hear thunder, lightning is near. Just because it’s not raining, doesn’t mean you aren’t in danger. Most people are struck by lightning before or after the thunderstorm.

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Weather : Wettest Spring In Over 100 Years
Posted by Randy on 2013/6/10 5:20:00 (362 reads)

This is the coolest Spring in Missouri in nearly 30 years. This year had the 17th wettest May in Missouri since 1895.

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Weather : 2012 Weather In Review -- "A Most Interesting Year"
Posted by John on 2013/1/4 7:10:00 (420 reads)

Weather-wise, 2012 will be most remembered for drought—a lack of rain and some very hot summer temperatures. Trenton statistics demonstrate the year was unique—the least amount of precipitation in the last 25 years at Trenton. Twenty-two different dates saw daytime high temperatures climbing above 100 degrees.

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Weather : North Missouri receives much-needed rain
Posted by Tom on 2012/7/26 11:56:40 (652 reads)

While not a "drought buster", the listening area received beneficial rainfall overnight Wednesday, into Thursday. Click on "read more" to see the official rainfall totals from across northern Missouri:

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Weather : Hot, dry weather bring drought concerns and burning bans
Posted by Tom on 2012/6/29 9:30:00 (689 reads)

As the month of June comes to a close, the city of Trenton has received just 4.67 inches of rain over the months of May and June, a number that is less than half of what is normal for those two months (normally the wettest two months of the year). Normal rainfall is normally in the area of TEN inches.

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Weather : National Weather Service to update text alert warnings
Posted by Tom on 2012/6/1 9:47:11 (655 reads)

A new type of text alert could be coming to your cellphone beginning this month. Mike Lear's report includes an interview with a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill:

Click here to listen to Mike Lear's report

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