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News : Trenton R-9 Board Of Education Report
Posted by Randy on 2013/8/15 4:43:23 (545 reads) News by the same author

The Trenton R-9 Board Of Education recently met, discussing a variety of topics.

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The Trenton R-9 Board of Education wants to take a look at an agreement with two other entities regarding improvements to the Johnson ball field that are the same as done this year to the Griffin field‚ÄĒboth of which are in the Ebbe sports complex at Trenton.

This came after Park Superintendent Jason Shuler and Park Board President Don Altes presented information at last evenings' school board meeting. The project also would include upgrading the dugouts at Johnson field with Altes noting the Park Department committed to purchasing extra blocks to accommodate both fields. Superintendent Becky Albrecht anticipates having the Johnson field agreement for next months' board meeting. If it's like the one for Griffin, it'll include the Park Department and North Central Missouri College in what she called a good example of community cooperation.

Trenton R-9's cost for Griffin field improvements is just over 23 thousand dollars which she described as one half of the projects' cost. Similar costs are anticipated for Johnson Field. Johnson will be the only field at Trenton used for softball games this season as completion was delayed on the Griffin project. Shuler predicts dirt work and seeding at Johnson could be done once the softball season ends by mid October.

With classes beginning August 20th at Trenton, Director of Supportive Services Dennis Gutshall reviewed the new security system involving entry into the attendance centers, and the protocol regarding visitors during school hours. Each of four main entry doors (2 at THS; 1 TMS; 1 SMR) will be locked from 8 a-m until when school dismisses for the day. Visitors will have to press a buzzer and then speak with a secretary before being allowed entry. A surveilliance type of camera will take (still) pictures of visitors that secretaries can observe via a monitor at their desk It's an increase in security precautions being taken by the R-9 school district.

The lowest tax levy in at least nine years was adopted last evening by the Trenton R-9 board of education. It's due to an increase of one point eight million dollars in assessed valuation of the school district. (topping 75 million dollars ($75,556,001) The new rate is four dollars and 26 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation. Even with the tax levy being ten cents lower than last year, Superintendent Becky Albrecht anticipates Trenton R-9 will have a seven thousand dollar increase in the amount of local tax revenues generated. The unrestricted operating fund balance as of June 30th tops three million, 532 thousand dollars which is nearly 35 percent (34.7%) slightly lower than one year ago.

Members approved the annual secretary of the board report and will submit it to state officials.     Amendments were approved to the school budget changing the positive balance to nearly 131 thousand dollars. ($130,950). Revenues: $11,331,728; Expenses: $11,200,778)   

A report on food service showed it lost 26 thousand ($26,100) during the year. Dennis Gutshall noted much of that is due to rising costs of food to meet federal nutrition guidelines-specifically higher costs for more fruits and vegetables. Gutshall said he anticipated a loss this time while profits were realized each of the previous two years. Helping to meet higher costs for the coming school year will be the increase in lunch prices plus an extra six cents earned on federal reimbursement with free and reduced price meals. That led Board member David Whitaker to renew discussion on providing some ala cart menu items to supplement regular school lunches. Gutshall was asked to develop some costs for items like sandwiches and baked potatoes that students could have an option to purchase. It was noted students have an option now to visit the salad bar and to request a second entree of the day.

Two para-professionals submitted resignations which were accepted last evening by the Trenton R-9 board of education. Gayle Hall with the title one reading program has seven years employment with the district; and Jamie Beverlin at the high school has been with the district two years. The school board later met in executive session for personnel and a student matter.

Following the executive session, the Trenton R-9 school board approved several personnel matters. Ruby Walker resigned as coach of the middle school volleyball program. Taking her place will be Amanda Pickett. Seven employments were announced this morning. Only names and positions were released from the school district office. (details not available)
Marcia Gutshall of Trenton returns to Rissler school in the role of part time assistant elementary principal. Instructors hired are Barbara Elliott for third grade; Colleena Johnson for
Fifth grade; and Terri Figg for part time speech at Rissler school. Para-professionals hired were Kameron Cool at Trenton high school; Sarah Pauley at Trenton middle school; and Kathy Hollinger at the R-9 Success Center.The board approved recommendations for early graduation in December from three seniors who have met those requirements: Sierra Howery, Patricia Rose Russell; and Madison Stone. Part-time first semester attendance at T-H-S was approved for two students who plan to attend NCMC: Alexis Fender and Caitelyn Harris.  

The board accepted THS Principal Dan Weibers recommendation to select Sunday May 18th 2014 for the next Trenton high school graduation.

Trenton R-9 is custodian of the Frank Drake estate for the Jewett Norris Library. Interest on invested funds was approved to be paid for 27 hundred 77 dollars.  

Board of education goals were re-adopted with George Moore requesting consideration for the current board, with input from R-9 staff, to re-defining goals in the near future.   The summer school report shows enrollment of 184 students with an average of 85% daily attendance.

Testing from the beginning of summer school to the end, show an 82 percent gain in math and a 60 percent gain in communication arts by students in 2nd through 9th grades.   

Reports were given on summer maintenance projects, technology upgrades including fiber optics to increase internet speed; and House bill 253 that could be the target of a veto override attempt next month. Board member conflict of interest policy and the special education plan and determination were adopted. All seven board of education members attended the meeting Tuesday night.

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