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News : Trenton City Council Accepts Bid; Addresses Various Issues
Posted by Randy on 2013/11/26 10:28:31 (795 reads) News by the same author

The Trenton City Council, on a 5 to 1 vote, approved a bid from Rapid Removal Disposal to provide residential trash collection service during the next 5 years. Jim Bush was the only councilman to vote no.

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Rapid Removal, which is based at Trenton, was chosen, even though Waste Corporation of Missouri---called WCA---submitted a lower bid.

WCA, which has an office at Chillicothe, currently provides residential trash collection service at Trenton.

The other bidder, Advanced Disposal Services of Bethany, submitted the high bid.

WCA currently charges $10.28 a month for the trash service. Its bid for each of the next 5 years was lower than what it now charges. The decrease was attributed by WCA to an agreement with Advance Disposal which cut WCA's hauling expenses in half. Another reason cited by WCA Site Manager, Terry McKiddy, was competition from Rapid Removal.

WCA's bid was lower than Rapid Removal's quote of $10.80 a year in each of the 1st 2 years, $8.04 in year 3, $11.64 in year 4, and $12.48 in the 5th year. That means WCA's bid was $53.76 less than Rapid Removal during the 5 year period.

Rapid Removal's bid, accepted by the Trenton City Council, was $10.15 a month in each of the 1st 3 years, $10.45 a month in the 4th year, and $10.76 a month in year 5.

Rapid Removal's charges for the 1st 3 years of the agreement are 13 cents a month less than what WCA currently charges. The charge in year 4 is 17 cents a month more than this year's cost. The charge in the 5th year is 48 cents a month more than the current rate.

The WCA sales pitch to continue providing trash service at Trenton was the savings it's offering to provide Trenton residents, especially at a time when water and sewer bills
will be going up.

Prior to the vote, councilmen asked questions to representatives of Rapid Removal and WCA, and to a much lesser extent---Advanced Disposal Services.

Payroll to persons at Trenton was described as Rapid Removal $322,000, Advanced Disposal $180,000, and WCA $100,000.

The number of employees at Trenton were described as Advanced with 4, WCA 2, and Rapid Removal more than those 2 companies, although specific number was not stated.

While Rapid Disposal has an office, 7 trucks, and plans for a transfer station--all at Trenton, WCA stores containers at Trenton, but keeps its trucks at Chillicothe.

No complaints were expressed about the service provided by any of the companies.

WCA was the lowest bidder among 3 companies submitting quotes this year---yet Rapid Removal was awarded the contract. 3 years ago, WCA was the highest among 3 bidders, but the City Council voted to remain with WCA as the residential trash service provider because of support shown by the public for WCA. At that time, Rapid Removal was a newcomer to north central Missouri. Rapid Removal, 3 years ago, submitted a bid that---over a 3 year period---was more than $32 less than the WCA quote.

Hope Haven will continue to provide residential collection of recyclables at Trenton during the next 5 years. Hope Haven tied with WCA for the lowest quote among 4 bidders. The current recycling service charge is $2.85. A price reduction is planned the next 2 years before returning to the current rate in 2016, then exceeding the current charge in 2017 and 2018.

The recycling monthly charges are $2.71 next year, $2.78 in 2015, the current charge of $2.85 in the year 2016, $2.92 in 2017, and $2.99 in 2018.

The vote to have Hope Haven continue the recycling was approved by all 6 councilmen voting. Councilman Elbert had not yet arrived at the meeting. Efforts are to be made to
encourage more Trenton residents participate in the recycling program.

The Trenton City Council approved an ordinance granting Terri Henderson a conditional use permit. It's to allow a 4 by 8 foot free-standing sign to be placed on her property at 3531 East 10th Street. That's in connection with her business----Chic Salvage. The vote was unanimous among the 6 councilmen present.

The Council, by a 7 to nothing margin, approved an ordinance authorizing a corrected Quit Claim Deed from the City to Rapid Removal Transfer Station . It involves a change in the way the name is listed. City Administrator, Kerry Sampson, said the Department of Natural Resources wanted the change. The action corrects a deed recorded in September. The land transfer involves 10 acres.

The Trenton City Council, by a 7 to nothing vote, approved an agreement with Olsson Associates to provide engineering services at a cost up to $50,000. It's part of efforts to make diesel powered electric generators meet Environmental Protection Agency air quality standards.

Once the cost of the upgrades are determined, the subject is to be brought back to the City Council for consideration. The upgrades currently are estimated at 1.4 to 1.5
million dollars.

The council approved a bid by Truitts Dirt Works to demolish structures at 6 locations. The bid of nearly $15,000 was the lowest of 3 received. The property owners at 5 of the 6 locations are to pay 1/2 of the demolition costs. The City is to pay the entire demolition charge of nearly $2500 at 914 East 17th Street because the property was condemned by the Building and Nuisance Board. The city has about
$13,000 that can be used towards the demolition projects.

The Trenton Building and Nuisance Board recommended Truitts Dirt Works be selected to remove the structures.

The Trenton City Council approved a bid from Jim's Building Supply of Trenton to carpet the City Hall basement where offices are located. The bid of nearly $4,000, including labor, is nearly $1200 more than the low bid submitted by Pulliam's Carpet Service of Laclede. A total of 3 bids were received. Councilman Jim Bush made the motion to select Jim's Building Supply for the carpet, adhesives, and labor. He said he'd like to see the money stay in Trenton.

The Trenton City Council approved a changeover from electric to natural gas for heating units in the bay area at the Fire and Ambulance Complex. 2 of the electric units have gone out. They're to be replaced with natural gas burning units. So are other electric heating units when they go bad. Natural gas units are less expensive.

The Council agreed to have city offices closed December 24th and December 31st. City workers still are to be paid for those days.

Persons wishing to run for the Trenton City Council in April can file at City Hall December 17th through January 21st. Councilmen with terms expiring in April are
Jacob Black in the 1st ward, Kenneth Ewing in the 2nd ward, Chuck Elliott in the 3rd , and
Larry Huffstutter in the 4th ward.

Among other news from last night's Trenton City Council meeting, it was announced
Eastview Manor Care Center was purchased by a St. Louis firm. The company was to talk with City officials, and also meet with the public, regarding plans for operational changes.

Police Chief, Tommy Wright, said there were 2 applicants for a police officer position. He hopes to have a recommendation by the next council meeting.

Councilman Chuck Elliott said it's hoped money will be budgeted for security measures at City Hall.

Building Inspector Donnie Vandevender, said a Building Permit was issued for foundation work at the planned Lamplighter Apartments. Vandevender also said it will be what he called a very nice apartment complex.

Trenton Municipal Utilities Director, Chad Davis, noted 24 to 36 hours notice is to be given to areas where smoke testing is to be conducted. It's in connection with a sewer system study.

The Trenton City Council met nearly 2 hours last night before holding a closed session regarding legal matters.

The Trenton Building and Nuisance Board met prior to the City Council session. Members voted to move toward condemning a property at 1314 Tindall. Technically, it's called Certificate of Existence of a Dangerous Building.

Real estate agent, Greg Freeman, attended the Building and Nuisance Board meeting and expressed concern about what he described as a lot of bad looking homes---including on 9th street. He noted the importance of first impressions when persons are considering where to locate. Freeman suggested the condition of homes at Trenton are contributing to persons locating at Chillicothe---although he said there are bad looking houses there as well, just not along Highway 65. Freeman said he's purchased 2 houses at Trenton. He said 1 them is not salvageable and asked for consideration for tearing it down.

Committee member and City Councilman, Larry Huffstutter, indicated the structure would be placed on a list. However, he said other houses in Trenton are in worse shape.

Huffstutter said the Community Development Block Grant, which paid a portion of demolition costs, helped Trenton make improvements in recent years. Huffstutter said people have told him the improvements look good and there's a need to keep going. He said he appreciates the Building and Nuisance Board, Police Chief Tommy Wright for dealing with nuisances, the City Council, and others standing behind efforts to make improvements.

Later, during the City Council meeting, Huffstutter thanked City Administrator, Kerry Sampson, City Clerk, Cindy Simpson, and Green Hills Regional Planning Commission for their part in the demolition grant process. The grant money has been used up. Trenton has received 2 Community Development Block Grants over the years for demolition work. Although being awarded 2 is described as unusual, it's likely no others will be granted anytime soon. Mayor Nick McHargue said don't give up on seeking another grant. Doctor McHargue also suggested church groups might be contacted to seek painting and other work on homes.

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