Indiana woman allegedly offered meth for sale in wrong-number text to police officer

Drug busted

NEW WHITELAND, Ind. (UPI) — Authorities in Indiana said they arrested a woman accused of sending a police officer a wrong-number text offering meth for sale.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office said Shelby Eicks, 20, allegedly sent a text message offering to sell and deliver meth to a number belonging to a New Whiteland Police Department officer.

Undercover detectives exchanged messages with Eicks and she allegedly sold them half an ounce of methamphetamine for $575 at a fast food restaurant Sept. 10.

 The detectives scheduled a second meeting with Eicks for Sept. 15, and she arrived at the location with an offer to sell 17 prescription pain pills to the investigators for $135.

Eicks was arrested on charges of dealing methamphetamine and dealing a controlled substance.