‘Hitler rules’ written on flier at University of Missouri dorm

(Columbia Missourian) – Gateway Hall staff discovered anti-Semitic graffiti early Monday in the residence hall, according to a statement released by the Department of Residential Life.

It was the second time this school year that Nazi-related graffiti was found in the dorm.

Someone wrote “Hitler Rules” in purple on a flier on the first floor, likely between 12:30 and 2 a.m., according to the statement. The graffiti has been removed and was reported to MU Police Department and the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX.

On Tuesday morning, MU Interim Chancellor Hank Foley and Interim Vice Chancellor for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Chuck Henson issued a statement saying they are “angry to hear about yet another anti-Semitic incident in one of our residence halls over the weekend.

“This type of vandalism attacks everyone,” the statement continued. “Our core values — including that of Respect — must become more than words on paper or a banner. They are the foundation of who we desire to be as a campus community and the way we all need to conduct ourselves.”

The previous incident was Oct. 24, when someone drew a swastika with human feces in a Gateway Hall bathroom.

That incident came four days after an MU student pleaded guilty to second-degree property damage for burning swastikas and posting the word “Heil” and a triangle with an eye in a Mark Twain Hall stairwell in April 2015.

The new incident is being investigated by the MU Police Department and the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX. Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to call the department at 882-7201.