Grand River Valley Choir and Orchestra performs during Gooseberry Festival

Grand River Valley Choir and Orchestra

The Grand River Valley Choir and Orchestra, which was formed in 2009, presented its 16th concert Saturday night in Trenton.

George Brundage is the choral conductor, Buddy Hannaford the orchestral conductor, and Cathie Lowrey plays organ and piano for the organization.

The volunteer singers and instrumental performers included 28 in the choir and 15 in the orchestra from area communities.

Brundage thanked participants and Virginia Brassfield-Briegel of Trenton for underwriting the costs of the program and also encouraged others to participate in the Grand River Valley Choir and Orchestra

The group has two main concerts a year which are a Christmas program and a Summer concert during Trenton’s Gooseberry Festival weekend. The group practices weekly with rehearsals beginning eight to ten weeks prior to a concert date.

The group relies primarily on donations for such things as music rental or purchase and organizational costs.