Gilman City teen arrested with bonds totaling $60K on one felony, two misdemeanors


A Gilman City resident has been arrested in Grundy County on charges that include one felony and two misdemeanors.

Bonds for 19-year-old Quamaine Butler total $60,000 cash and he is to appear December 12th in Associate Division of the circuit court on charges of assault in the fourth degree; peace disturbance; and property damage.

On November 30th, Butler is accused of making physical contact with another person knowing that individual would consider the conduct offensive or provocative.

Butler, in the peace disturbance charge, is accused of creating alarm to others.

The property damage charge is listed as a felony because, authorities say, damages total at least $750 dollars to a passenger door of a 2005 Pontiac belonging to Jerry and Christie Bontrager.

The court information says Butler is accused of pushing the alleged victim of assault, into the car.