Galt Aldermen: New members sworn in, new contract signed with KCP&L

At a meeting of the Galt Board of Aldermen, three members took the oath of office.

They are Victor Tunnell two year term in the north ward; George Griff two year term in the south ward; and Bill Jackson for a one year unexpired term in the south ward.

A motion was made to change the Galt ordinance to Aldermen at Large with the designation no longer of a North or South ward Aldermen. The ordinance will be presented for a second reading and voted on next month.

A new contract has been signed with KCP&L. City Clerk Mary Young noted there’s a 70 percent increase over the next five years which, she stated, will¬†be passed on eventually to electric customers of Galt.

Any action about the raise in costs was tabled until the next meeting of the board of aldermen at Galt.