Fight at Missouri school caught on film, family considering transferring girl to new school

Fight at Paseo Academy caught on film, family considering transferring girl to new school

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Amouri’a Johnson, a freshman at Paseo Academy, says she’s had trouble fitting in despite making good grades. 

She says all semester long, she’s been being picked on and bullied. 

Johnson says it reached a violent climax on Monday when a different group of students jumped her. Another student captured the video of several girls and a boy beating the 14-year-old girl. 

“I did hit her first, but I felt like I had to since the first day of school,” Johnson said. 

Her family was shocked when they saw the video. 

“I don’t care what the problem is,” said Veronica Johnson, Amouri’a’s mother. “A boy should never put his hands on a female like that.” 

On Tuesday, the student is home from school and her parents cannot believe this could happen to their daughter. 

“In this video, you saw no teachers, no principal or security,” Veronica Johnson said. 

Amouri’a’s mother and father said the school should have taken their daughter out of class after the first fight to keep things from progressing. 

Amouri’a has been suspended for two days and her parents are considering pulling her from the school. 

“It’s not worth it,” Veronic said. “She could have hit her head, been unconscious, been dead, anything. I don’t want her there.”

The Kansas City Public School District issued a statement on the matter to KCTV5 News. 

It reads in full: 

There was a fight between two students on Monday afternoon, Oct. 17 at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts. School staff responded and the fight was ended. An investigation is being conducted and the students will be disciplined in accordance with the policies, procedures and consequences explained in the Kansas City Public Schools 2016-2017 Student Code of Conduct.
This incident is not a common occurrence at Paseo Academy this school year. KCPS and Paseo Academy staff will take every available measure to prevent similar incidents in the future.

A top priority of KCPS is to foster a positive environment where high-level teaching and learning occurs. Incidents like this one happen at high schools across the U.S. and illustrate the importance of ongoing efforts to teach young people how to treat each other with respect and how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Superintendent Mark Bedell and his team are working hard to develop short- and long-term solutions, including:

·         A comprehensive and innovative mentorship program
·         Effective anti-bully initiatives at every school
·         Trauma-sensitive schools training, resources and procedures for staff

The Johnson family is meeting with the administration at Paseo Academy.