Fertility doctor accused of using his own sperm

Donald Cline

INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN/CNN) – A retired doctor is accused of using his own sperm to help women at his clinic become pregnant.

Dr. Donald Cline, 77, told patients he used sperm donated by medical students. According to court records, he allegedly used his own sperm when he didn’t have a donor sample.

He allegedly did that about 50 times and lied about it.

“I want to know every sibling that I have,” said “Carrie, one of the donor children. “I don’t think that is ever going to be a possibility.”

The case turned criminal in 2014 because some of doctor Cline’s donor children sent official complaints.

“I just want validation,” said an unnamed donor child. “I want to find out as much truth as I can, but I know deep down that we will never ever know the complete truth as to how many siblings we have.”

Prosecutors said that in response to the complaint, Cline denied using his own sample for insemination, but DNA evidence proves otherwise.

“From our perspective, the moment it got elevated to an investigation by the state of Indiana into the allegations, it was his obligation, to tell the truth and he lied,” said Tim DeLaney, deputy prosecutor.