Female inmate claiming to be HIV positive bites Independence police officer

Police Badge and Lights

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – A female inmate who claims to be HIV positive allegedly bit an Independence police officer earlier this month. 

The incident happened on Sept. 12 inside the Independence Police Department’s Detention Unit, according to court documents. 

A police officer was requested to help shackle and handcuff the inmate to her bed while maintenance was being performed in her cell. 

Detention personnel told the officer she was being uncooperative. 

An officer approached the inmate, instructing her to lay on her bed. According to documents, she began screaming at the police officer and detention personnel. 

The officer placed his hands on her in an effort to restrain her. 

It was then when the 33-year-old woman allegedly bit the officer in his upper left thigh. The bite mark broke the skin, resulting in bleeding. 

After biting the officer, she claimed that she’s HIV positive. 

A police report was filed.