Donald Trump supporter cited by city for too many lawn signs

Donald Trump supporter cited by city for too many lawn signs

HAVERHILL, Mass. (UPI) — A Donald Trump supporter from Massachusetts is facing a potential court date for his vast array of campaign signs that local officials said far exceed zoning laws.

Rick Early told the CBS affiliate in Boston he believes displaying the signs are his First Amendment right, but Haverhill, Mass., building Inspector Dick Osborne disagreed.

Osborne said city codes restrict property owners to 32 square feet of political advertising. Early’s massive Trump display is in excess of 300 square feet — and he said it isn’t going anywhere no matter what the city thinks.

“This is my property, and I have a constitutional right to express my opinions,” Early told WBZ-TV, Boston. “They’re not coming down. It’s free speech, maybe I’m offending the Hillary [Clinton] supporters, but that’s OK. They have their own property; I have my own property.”

Osborne said the zoning laws are enforced regardless of which candidate the signs support, and a Clinton supporter with a similar display would face the same consequences. Early has not been formally ticketed by the city, only warned that the signs must come down or he will face a fine.

Early said he will fight any fine in court if the city follows through on the threat.