Disney scanning toddler’s fingers to stop ticket fraud

Disney scanning toddler's fingers to stop fraud

(CNN) – Disney World is tightening up on ticket fraud.

The theme park now requires young children to have their fingers scanned before entering the Florida park.

Disney World rolled out the ticket verification process for children between the ages of 3 and 9 in August.

Older guests have already been scanning their fingers to prevent people from sharing tickets that can cost up to $124 a day, depending on the season.

The system scans a finger and converts the image into a unique numerical value tied to the ticket.

The park doesn’t store fingerprints and discards the scan immediately, according to the park website.

Parents who do not want to have their children’s fingers scanned can have their fingers scanned instead.

Guests who do not want to participate in the finger scan can visit the park’s guest relations department.

The scanning process isn’t being used in Disneyland in California