David Manus Jr. receives 7-year prison sentence

A Trenton man, David Wayne Manus Jr. received a seven-year sentence to the Department of Corrections in connection with the abduction of a 9-year-old Trenton girl in October of 2015.

Manus pleaded guilty in court on Thursday, June 23 to charges of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child as well as sexual misconduct by exposing himself, both charges are class C felonies.

He was sentenced to serve seven years on each charge, with the sentence to run concurrently.

Manus, is a registered sex offender from a 2003 incident involving statutory rape with a person under the age of fourteen.

He coaxed a 9-year-old Trenton girl on her way to the bus stop on Mabel street in Trenton into getting into his vehicle by telling her he knew her parents and asking if she wanted a ride to school.

After getting into his vehicle, Manus took the girl to a conservation area near the Thompson River by the now-defunct Charlie Dye Bridge. Manus then exposed himself to the girl.

Court documents state that the girl then became upset, Manus covered himself with a towel, and drove the girl to the driveway of the Hodge Presbyterian Church, off Cedar street, letting her out of the vehicle.