Daughter, 7, reports parents’ death from overdose at school

Daughter, 7, reports parents' death from overdose at school

MCKEESPORT, PA (WPXI/CNN) – Police found two parents dead inside their home, after an alleged drug overdose.

Their 7-year-old daughter went to school Tuesday and told officials that something was wrong.

Jessica Lally and her boyfriend Chris were addicted to heroin, according to Jessica’s sister Courtney Lally.

They were also the parents of four young kids.

The oldest of which was the one who notified authorities.

“That’s like the hardest thing because that’s a 7-year-old. That’s a 7-year-old that did that,” Lally said.

Police went to the home and found Jessica and Chris both dead from a heroin overdose, their three other kids were inside the home.

“She loved her kids. She did. She loved her mom, she loved me, she loved us,” Lally said.

Since February, Courtney had been trying to get police involved and even reached out to local media.

She sent pictures of the deplorable home Jessica and Chris lived into police.

Jessica was infuriated and moved to a different town.

“I feel like if I wouldn’t have done that it would have been way different and we could have made up months ago and she’d be here today,” Lally said.

Courtney will now go to court to try to get custody of her nieces and nephews.

She had a message for others fighting to help their loved ones who are in the throes of addiction.

“Just don’t stop trying. Keep pushing it. Make them understand you love them and you’re doing this because you love them,” Lally said.

According to police, it looked like no foul play was involved.

The medical examiner says autopsies will still be conducted to determine official causes of death.

Earlier this week, another suspected overdose occurred on the same street, both incidents are being investigated.