Brian Adkison acquitted on kidnapping charges in Livingston County trial

Brian Adkison

At the conclusion of a jury trial in Chillicothe, Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox reports the defendant was acquitted on kidnapping charges allegedly involving a Hamilton woman.

Brian Adkison of Columbia was on trial for three days at Livingston County’s Courthouse as the case had been moved to Livingston County on a change of venue from Caldwell County.

Cox said the sheriff’s office provided courtroom security and prisoner transportation during the lengthy trial last week.

Sheriff Cox, in a news release Thursday, reported the defendant did not testify during the trial. After deliberation, the jury acquitted Adkison for the alleged kidnapping which reportedly involved an ex-girlfriend.

Sheriff Cox also noted what the jury had not been able to hear as evidence or testimony is that the suspect had been convicted on charges of forcible rape in July of 2015 when a trial was held in Boone County.

The sheriff reported the defendant has been returned to the Missouri department of corrections to continue serving a 15 year Boone County sentence that began in October 2015.