5 vehicles damaged in crash south of Trenton

Traffic accident

The Highway Patrol reports five vehicles were damaged near Trenton when a car attempted to pass a pickup that was slowing to make a turn into a private drive.

After the pickup was hit, the car struck three unoccupied vehicles parked in the lot of the Auto Shawp on Highway 65, one mile south of Trenton.

The only injury reported was to the driver of the southbound pickup, 70-year-old Larry Saul of Galt. He sustained what the highway patrol called minor injuries and was taken by private vehicle to Wright Memorial Hospital.

The driver of a southbound car was 18-year-old Brittany Hedrick of Brookfield.

According to the patrol, both the pickup and car were southbound on 65 before 12 noon with Saul slowing his pickup to make a left turn. At the time, the car began overtaking the pickup and a collision occurred. After impact, the pickup went off 65, struck an embankment before coming to a stop. The car also went off the east side of the highway, struck a utility pole, then three parked cars.

Both drivers were using seat belts in the accident at 11:48 am Monday,

The moving car and pickup, along with one of the parked cars, were listed as demolished. Damage was minor to a second parked car and extensive to the third.

Each of the cars had been parked facing north in the business lot.