$5.5 million released for East Locust Creek Reservoir

East Locust Creek Rervoir

The North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission finalized contract documents necessary to access $5.5 million that was recently released by the Natural Resources Conservation Service for the purpose of advancing engineering and lake bed preparation prior to construction.

The 2,350-acre water supply reservoir is situated on 4,300 acres of land that will be owned by the Commission to supply 7 Million gallons a day of water to 10 counties in north central Missouri. The Commission has closed on all but 6 of 81 parcels of ground needed. Recently, the Commission approved a Task Order to begin demolition of 63 structures, fill 17 cisterns and cap 1 well. Since its inception, the Commission has spent or is programmed to spend over $39 million in pursuit of the East Locust Creek Reservoir.

Brad Scott, General Manager of the Commission stated, “For nearly six years Senator Roy Blunt has provided unwavering attention to and support of the East Locust Creek Reservoir. We have briefed him and his staff over a dozen times and he has visited Milan to check on the status of the reservoir. He has kept this project ‘top of mind’ with executives at the NRCS, the USDA-Rural Development and with the Corps of Engineers. We are most grateful for his efforts and for our partners at the NRCS.”

Scott added, “Our success in Sullivan County has been a model of bipartisan, multi-jurisdictional support for critically needed water infrastructure. Senator Blunt has been ‘on-call’ to our project and has assisted at critical points along the way to keep the project moving forward. His ‘hands-on’ attention represents the best of what public service can be.”

The East Locust Creek Reservoir has also received direct or indirect support from the Environmental Protection Agency, The Corps of Engineers, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Missouri General Assembly and the Governor. Local funding for the project is being provided by a ½ cent county-wide sales tax and water rates.

Scott concluded, “Despite a challenging economy and tight revenues our elected representatives and partnering agencies have never lost faith in or focus on the project. We have received support when we most needed it. Senator Blunt’s efforts last year, once again, led to support for the project and we are grateful.