2 Trenton residents arrested on check charges and failure to appear

Grundy County Sheriff, Trenton, Missouri

Two arrests are in reports from the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the arrests involves alleged bad checks and a forged check issued to Trenton businesses back in 2007.

48-year-old Rodney Wallace Cranor of Trenton was arrested today on multiple counts involving checks. There are three warrants. One is for forgery on a check purportedly made by Kelli Stewart.

Another warrant involves three counts of issuing checks allegedly without a bank account or insufficient funds. They are listed as felony counts due to an aggregate sum of $500 or more. The other warrant is a misdemeanor for passing bad checks.

Bonds total $6,100 cash with Cranor to appear September 27th in the associate division of Grundy County circuit court.

A Trenton teenager, 18-year-old Hayden Robert McGill, was arrested Monday on a warrant accusing him of failure to appear in circuit court for a hearing September 15th.

McGills’ original charges were second-degree burglary for the alleged purpose of stealing last year. Authorities say the incidents involved two locations in Trenton last Halloween (October 31, 2015) at 1313 Lord and at an apartment at 1916 East 13th.

Bond for McGill is $15,000 cash pending his appearance October 13th in division one of Grundy County circuit court.

McGill was placed on probation in January. That probation has been suspended pending further order of the circuit court.