11-year-old arrested for allegedly bringing gun on school bus and pointing it at another student

School Bus

MOBILE COUNTY, AL (WALA/KCTV) –It was a scary school bus ride in Mobile County after a student pulled out a gun.

MCPSS Superintendent Martha Peek said a Scarborough Middle School student has been arrested for bringing a handgun on the school bus and pointing it at another student’s head. It happened after school on Tuesday while the students were riding the bus home.

We’re told it was two sixth graders – a brother and sister – who took the handgun from their grandfather. It’s assumed that one of those students had that gun all day on campus before getting on the bus to head home.

We’re told that the gun wasn’t loaded, but it’s still very scary for parents to hear. Two parents are pressing charges.

“He felt something touch the back of his head and he thought it was scissors to cut his hair. Come to find out it was a revolver to the back of his head,” said mother, Ashley Edmond.

Edmond and her fiancé, Phillip Martin, said their 11 year-old-son looked down the barrel of a revolver that was held by another 11-year-old. They said the child had been bullying their son since the start of school and now they are pressing charges.

“He was terrified – shaking and screaming at me saying ‘I will never get back on the bus again! I will never get back on the bus’ like he was terrified and in shock,” said Edmond. “My 11-year-old had a gun to his head and what if there would’ve been bullets in it?”

We’re told that student then passed the gun around on the bus to other students. They said the child kept spinning the chamber and pulling the trigger.

“The students began horse playing with it,” confirmed Superintendent Peek.

Peek said the two students who brought the gun are suspended and could be expelled. The school system is also interviewing more students that were playing with the gun – those students could also face the same punishment.

“Weapons are not acceptable and they need to be left at home under parent supervision,” said Peek.

Meanwhile, the student who pointed the gun was arrested and is facing “menacing” charges. He’s currently at the Strickland Youth Center.

As for Edmond, she already started transferring her son to another school.

“Don’t ever ever ever push to the side and think that what your child says is a joke, because it’s not.”

Another big question – was the bus driver aware that this was going on? We’re hearing conflicting reports from parents and school officials. We will keep you updated as more details become available.